Navigating Honkai Star Rail's Roster: A Tier List Breakdown

Honkai: Star Rail Character Tier List Analysis
Last updated:
April 2, 2024

Honkai: Star Rail unit ratings are always evolving, and the 2.0 update introduced significant changes in character rankings due to its new relics and planar ornaments.

This in-depth article provides an updated tier list based on version 2.1, combining our personal gameplay experience, theory crafting, and comparisons between characters within the game.

It's important to remember that this list is subjective and can vary based on individual gameplay styles and preferences.

Let's jump right in!

The Comprehensive Honkai Star Rail Tier List in 2.1

Tier List TLDR

D-Tier: Physical Trailblazer, Arlan

C-Tier: March 7th, Herta, Dan Heng, Sushang

B-Tier: Fire Trailblazer, Yanqing, Welt, Hook, Luka, Misha, Gallagher

A-Tier: Bailu, Himeko, Natasha, Serval, Qingque, Yukong, Sampo, Xueyi

S-Tier: Clara, Jing Yuan, Gepard, Asta, Lynx, Guinaifen, Topaz, Blade, Kafka, Hanya, Argenti

SS-Tier: Bronya, Seele, Pela, Fu Xuan, Silver Wolf, Tingyun, Imbibitor Lunae, Jingliu, Huohuo, Luocha, Ruan Mei, Dr. Ratio, Black Swan, Sparkle, Acheron

D-Tier Characters

physical trailblazer headshot in honkai star rail

Physical Trailblazer

Initially a viable DPS option due to limited character choices, Physical Trailblazer has become one of the least effective characters post-update.

Outshined by newer, more powerful characters, their utility in high-level content is minimal.

Might still find limited use in early-game content or for players with very restricted character options.

arlan headshot in honkai star rail


Arlan seemed promising initially but suffered from post-release nerfs that drastically reduced effectiveness.

Lacks the firepower or utility to compete in mid to high-level play.

Could potentially find niche use in specific team compositions or as a placeholder while building a stronger roster.

C-Tier Characters

march 7th headshot in honkai star rail

March 7th

Initially useful in early-game content, particularly in combination with Fire Trailblazer for team sustainability.

As the game has evolved, other characters have performed way better, pushing March 7th down the ranks.

Could be used in specific scenarios or by players who have not yet expanded their character pool.

herta headshot in honkai star rail


Primarily serves as a farming unit, helping to clear low-tier calyxes and speeding up the farming process.

With the game’s autoplay feature, the need for specialized farming units like Herta is reduced.

May still be useful for players looking to optimize farming efficiency manually.

sushang headshot in honkai star rail


Sushang is a character whose worth extends beyond her initial C-Tier rating at E0.

Her value can be magnified through strategic play, thoughtful investment, and synergy with other characters.

dan heng headshot in honkai star rail

Dan Hen

His damage output is decent, particularly considering his accessibility to all players.

However, maximizing Dan Heng's potential requires significant investment, a common trait among primary damage dealers in HSR.

And still it will fall short against other top-tier damage dealers.

B-Tier Characters

fire trailblazer headshot in honkai star rail

Fire Trailblazer

Once a more viable option, the Fire Trailblazer now struggles to keep up with the game's evolving demands.

Can be used in early to mid-level play, but lacks the impact needed for higher-level content.

Ideal for players who have not yet expanded their character pool or for specific early-game challenges.

welt headshot in honkai star rail


Offers a good amount of damage for a support character, which is uncommon in his category.

Falls short in higher-level play, particularly in the Memory of Chaos (MOC) challenges.

Can be a valuable addition to teams lacking in support characters or where additional damage from a support role is beneficial.

Want to maximize Welt's potential? Learn more about him in our in-depth guide.

yanqing headshot in honkai star rail


Relies on not taking damage to maximize effectiveness, which can be difficult to maintain in fast-paced battles.

Other characters in the same category offer more damage and resilience.

Might find use in specific team compositions that can protect him and allow his damage potential to flourish.

Here's an in-depth guide to fully master your Yanqing.

hook headshot in honkai star rail


A solid four-star DPS character who performs adequately but isn’t game-changing.

Useful for players in the early stages of the game or those lacking higher-tier DPS options.

luka headshot in honkai star rail


Known for his bleed effect, dealing percentage HP damage based on the enemy.

Effective in team compositions focusing on DOT, especially when paired with characters like Kafka.

Look into our comprehensive Luka guide to learn more about him.

in game misha headshot in honkai star rail


Misha, a four-star ice-element character from the Destruction path, shines for his unique freezing capabilities and high damage potential, especially when facing ice-weak enemies.

Find out more about how she stands out in the meta with our complete Misha guide.

in game gallagher headshot in honkai star rail


As a beacon of sustain, Gallagher combines healing proficiency with tactical debuffing, offering a dual advantage of recovery and enemy weakening.

His capability to enhance team resilience through targeted heals and increase break damage against debuffed foes solidifies his role as a versatile and crucial support in any team composition.

Learn how to optimize Gallagher's skills for your team's advantage in our Gallagher guide.

A-Tier Characters

bailu headshot in honkai star rail


Known for powerful healing abilities and damage reduction features thanks to invigoration.

Offers an emergency heal, which can be crucial in tight situations. Her revive passive is less useful with a well-built team.

Improve your healing potential and support capabilities with this comprehensive Bailu guide.

himeko headshot in honkai star rail


Could rise in ranking with the introduction of new wave combat content.

Offers decent performance but is outshined by other characters in her role.

Want to maximize her and unlock her full potential? Look into our Himeko comprehensive guide.

serval headshot in honkai star rail


Focuses on damage-over-time effects but has been outclassed by newer DOT characters.

Remains a viable option but isn’t the first choice for most team compositions.

Even so, learn more about Serval's damage capabilities with this detailed character guide.

sampo headshot in honkai star rail


Sampo's mastery in DoT abilities, coupled with his Wind Shear talent, positions him as a crucial asset in team setups that emphasize sustained and burst damage.

His synergistic relationship with characters like Kafka further enhances his appeal.

Want to add him to your team? Read our comprehensive Sampo guide to gain insights on how to play him better.

natasha headshot in honkai star rail


Offers significant healing and a valuable cleanse ability, which is crucial in many game scenarios.

As a four-star character, she delivers strong performance, especially for new or free-to-play gamers.

qingque headshot in honkai star rail


She is recognized for her unexpected and substantial damage output.

Despite her classification as an Erudition character, she has a damage potential that rivals top-tier DPS characters.

Learn more on how to master Qingque, and reach her maximum damage output!

yukong headshot in honkai star rail


Requires a deep understanding of speed tuning and gameplay mechanics for optimal use.

Effective for achieving high-damage outputs, particularly valuable in specific team setups.

Here's a comprehensive Yukong guide to have deeper understanding with her mechanics.

xueyi headshot in honkai star rail


Xueyi, while not quite reaching the heights of Ruan Mei, holds a respectable position in the A-tier for single-target blast and AoE.

With the right build, focusing on break effect, she is a strong 4-star DPS unit.

Discover her unique abilities and strategic uses in our detailed Xueyi guide.

S-Tier Characters

clara headshot in honkai star rail


Known for her adaptability, Clara can fit into various team compositions, either as a tank or a DPS.

Her straightforward gameplay mechanics make her a favorite among players seeking effective yet uncomplicated characters.

Optimize Clara's role as a tank or DPS with this in-depth guide.

jing yuan headshot in honkai star rail

Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan is a notable character, primarily recognized for his damage potential in AOE scenarios.

With the new 1.5 update and the new relic sets focused on follow-up attacks, he's seen a surge in popularity and efficieny in late game content.

Learn more about Jing Yuan's damage potential, and how to maximize it with this guide.

gepard headshot in honkai star rail


Exceptional at shielding the entire team and can sustain his shield effectively, offering robust protection.

Reaches full potential when fully invested, making him crucial for high-level MOC challenges.

Learn more through our in-depth Gepard guide on how you can fully invest him into a strong support tank and shielder.

asta headshot in honkai star rail


As a support, Asta excels by boosting the entire team’s attack and speed, enhancing overall team performance.

Useful in a wide range of scenarios, making her an asset in both early and advanced stages of the game.

Explore our detailed Asta guide to maximize her overall support performance.

lynx headshot in honkai star rail


Offers solid healing and the ability to taunt enemies, funneling damage away from weaker team members.

Her Quantum type provides an advantage over Natasha, making her a more favorable choice in many scenarios.

Unlock her full potential with our in-depth Lynx guide.

guinaifen headshot in honkai star rail


She distinguished by her fire-based damage-over-time (DOT) abilities and vulnerability application.

She excels in adding a substantial amount of fire DOT, which can significantly boost the team's overall damage output.

She pairs well with Kafka, but slightly overshadowed by other choices.

Need more insights on her? Check out our detailed guide.

topaz headshot in honkai star rail


Enhances follow-up attack units, and her damage output is commendable.

Works best in teams where her ability to uplift other characters can be fully used.

Dive into our expert Topaz guide for advanced tips and strategies.

blade headshot in honkai star rail


Offers solid damage output and self-sustain, ideal for both casual and more dedicated players.

Slightly restricted in terms of buff compatibility, requiring thoughtful team composition to maximize effectiveness.

Get the full breakdown of his abilities in our in-depth Blade guide.

kafka headshot in honkai star rail


Thrives in teams with other DOT characters, elevating their performance significantly.

With the right team setup and follow-up attack buffs, Kafka’s effectiveness could rival SS-tier characters.

Master her skills with our complete Kafka guide.

in game hanya headshot in honkai star rail


Hanya stands out as a Physical Harmony unit, a rare and valuable combination.

She offers a unique mix of speed and energy management, making her a valuable addition to any player's roster.

Get more insights on how you can up Hanya's support capabilities in our in-depth guide.

in game argenti headshot in honkai star rail


Argenti's AoE skill hits multiple targets and it's essential for charging his ultimate and handling groups of enemies effectively.

Want to learn more about his kit? Read more with our comprehensive Argenti guide.

SS-Tier Characters

bronya headshot in honkai star rail


Bronya stands out for her ability to enhance any DPS character in the game, making her invaluable across various team compositions.

Offers both significant damage bonuses and critical damage buffs, solidifying her as one of the game's most powerful characters.

Your ultimate guide to mastering Bronya awaits.

pela headshot in honkai star rail


Pela's standout feature is her ability to shred enemy defenses, a critical aspect in increasing the overall damage output of the team.

This defense reduction capability makes her a valuable asset in various combat scenarios, particularly those requiring high damage output against tough opponents.

Get the full breakdown of her abilities in our complete Pela guide.

seele headshot in honkai star rail


Known for her fast and potent single-target damage, especially effective in dealing with ads.

Currently a top-tier choice, though her standing could be challenged in scenarios involving multiple elite enemies.

Elevate your gameplay with our comprehensive Seele character analysis.

fu xuan headshot in honkai star rail

Fu Xuan

Fu Xuan stands out as a transformative character, primarily due to her exceptional healing and support abilities.

Her role as a healer extends beyond mere health restoration, as she brings a suite of abilities that significantly enhance team sustainability and performance.

Step up your game with our detailed Fu Xuan guide.

silverwolf headshot in honkai star rail

Silver Wolf

She is renowned for her exceptional single-target damage capabilities and her role in enabling mono Quantum team archetypes.

Her skill set is adapted for maximizing damage output, particularly against single, high-value targets.

Achieve mastery over her with our extensive Silver Wolf guide.

tingyun headshot in honkai star rail


She is highly regarded for her exceptional support capabilities.

She specializes in providing substantial attack buffs and managing team energy effectively, making her an essential asset for various team compositions.

Optimize your character's support capabilities with our complete Tingyun guide.

imbibitor lunae headshot in honkai star rail

Imbibitor Lunae

Offers incredible damage output, but requires skillful management due to high skill point costs.

Best suited for experienced players who can fully leverage his capabilities.

Navigate Dan Heng IL's complexities with our thorough Imbibitor Lunae guide.

jingliu headshot in honkai star rail


Similar to Imbibitor Lunae in damage potential but without the high skill point requirements.

Requires a good healer on the team to maximize her potential.

Ready to master Jingliu? Our detailed guide has all the info you need.

huohuo headshot in honkai star rail


Provides massive attack boosts, energy restoration, and passive healing, making her a multifaceted asset.

Her unlimited cleanse capability is particularly valuable, addressing a critical need in the game.

Enhance your understanding of her with our in-depth Huohuo guide.

in game luocha headshot in honkai star rail


His abilities are particularly noteworthy, offering passive healing and buff removal capabilities.

Luocha's skill set allows him to be predominantly skill point positive, only requiring point expenditure in critical situations, while his automatic healing can be a game-changer.

Read more about him and fully optimize his potential in our comprehensive Luocha guide.

in game ruan mei headshot in honkai star rail

Ruan Mei

Ruan Mei, a versatile and powerful character, has earned her place in the SS-tier.

Ruan Mei's abilities make her not just a strong choice but a universal asset in any team composition, thanks to her wide range of buffs and impressive performance in both Memory of Chaos and Simulated Universe.

Get insights into her best support builds and optimal usage in our detailed Ruan Mei guide.

in game dr ratio headshot in honkai star rail

Dr. Ratio

The free 5-star character is a DPS monster rivaling Imbibitor Lunae.

His abilities revolve around debuffs and follow-up attacks, and with the right setup, he can consistently deal massive amounts of damage to a single target.

Check out our in-depth Dr. Ratio guide featuring his best build and team compositions.

in game black swan headshot in honkai star rail

Black Swan

Black Swan emerges as a complex yet highly effective character, bringing to the table a damage-over-time (DoT) playstyle centered around her unique Arcana mechanic.

Her effectiveness is maximized in teams designed around DoT mechanics and sustained damage.

Learn how to optimize her performance through our extensive Black Swan guide.

in game sparkle headshot in honkai star rail


She has become the best support unit in the game, even surpassing Bronya in SP management.

With her incredible offensive buffs, Sparkle significantly enhances a character's performance by accelerating their actions by 50%.

Her ability to remain completely Skill Point (SP) positive, even with frequent skill use, is thanks to her Ultimate. This exceptional SP generation capability allows for easy integration into any team composition.

Sparkle's consistent utility ensures she will always be a valuable asset to any team.

in game acheron headshot in honkai star rail


Acheron, a Lightning Nihility powerhouse, revolutionizes the battlefield with her unique ultimate-charging mechanic driven by debuffs, marking her as a CRIT Hypercarry of unparalleled strength.

Her synergy with characters that apply debuffs, alongside her eidolons enhancing her formidable abilities, highlights her status as an essential asset for any team seeking dominance through precision and overwhelming force.

Gain insights into mastering Acheron's abilities with our full in-depth Acheron guide.

Conclusion: The Fluid Nature of Character Rankings

This tier list reflects the current state of Honkai: Star Rail 2.1, showcasing a diverse range of characters, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

It's crucial to remember that as the game evolves and new content is released, these rankings are subject to change.

You should consider your playstyle, team composition, and the specific challenges you face in the game when selecting characters.