Mastering Seele: The Ultimate Guide

Mastering Seele in Honkai Star Rail: A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Honkai Star Rail is introducing a plethora of compelling characters, each with their unique strengths, skills, and abilities.

In this guide, we turn our focus to Seele, an incredibly potent character who stands out, even a couple months after her debut.

Mastering Seele in Honkai Star Rail: A Comprehensive Guide

Seele's Details Honkai Star Rail

The Unmatched Power of Seele

Seele has proven her prowess time and again, despite multiple nerfs from the beta.

The effectiveness of this character can be compared to a cleaning service that clears up your kitchen mess, annihilating all enemies with multiple consecutive attacks.

This guide will empower you with everything you need to know about Seele, from her abilities to her optimal build and best teams.

Maximizing Seele's Talents

Seele is equipped with a unique talent that set her apart on the battlefield, the Resurgence buff, triggered every time she lands a deadly attack.

Seele's Resurgence Talent Honkai Star Rail

This buff gives her a substantial damage bonus for the rest of her turn and provides an additional attack, effectively doubling her attack power within a single turn.

Enemies defeated in the extra turn provided by Resurgence will not trigger another Resurgence state.

Navigating Seele's Playstyle

Seele's playstyle allows to exploit buffs and maximize energy gain effectively.

By navigating her Resurgence window and timing her ultimate ability, you can avoid overcapping on energy and enjoy a boosted damage bonus.

This tactic involves killing an enemy, cueing up her ultimate ability, and then using the ultimate to eliminate another foe.

This results in a sequence of two Resurgence attacks, simultaneously maintaining buffs and freeing up energy for the next ultimate.

Seele's Traces and Technique

Seele's traces significantly enhance her performance once unlocked.

For instance, the Lacerate trace provides Seele Quantum penetration, enabling her to cut through enemy resistance and inflict more damage during her buffed state.

The other notable traces include Rippling Waves and Nightshade, which improve her action list position and help evade attacks, respectively.

Seele's Rippling Waves Ability Honkai Star Rail

Seele's technique grants her invisibility outside combat and lets her enter battles with the Resurgence's 40% damage buff. However, it doesn't count as an extra attack.

When leveling up her kit, prioritize her skill, ultimate, and talent to maximize her damage and bonuses.

Building for Seele: Early Game vs. Late Game

In the early game, focus on boosting Seele's attack and break effect stats by leveling up her hands.

Break effect proves particularly potent early on as it amplifies the damage enemies take when their toughness is broken.

As you progress in the game, these early relics will be replaced, so focus on maximizing attack and break effect stats for now.

In the late game, a more nuanced approach to building Seele's stats is necessary.

The ideal build includes crit rate on the body and attack percent on her boots.

Why Speed Isn't the Best Choice for Seele

One might assume that maximizing Seele's speed would be beneficial, allowing her to act more frequently and therefore deal more damage. However, it's essential to understand the mechanics of Star Rail.

Seele is designed to eliminate smaller enemies swiftly while still being capable of dealing high single-target damage. To fulfill this role, she needs to have the power to knock out enemies in one or two hits, rather than getting a couple of extra attacks over several cycles.

In Star Rail, speed has diminishing returns due to how action value works. While speed could marginally increase damage in single target scenarios over eight-turn cycles, it costs more skill points to use. This could disrupt your skill economy. Plus, you're less likely to activate your Resurgence buff if you can't eliminate enemies in one hit.

Lastly, if you manage to get Seele to E2, you can almost cap out her speed for her light cone anyway. Therefore, putting resources into attack percent over speed on her boots is a more effective strategy.

Best Relics and Planar Ornaments for Seele

Building the correct set of relics and planar ornaments for Seele will vastly enhance her overall power and effectiveness on the battlefield.

Seele's Relic Build Honkai Star Rail


For early game players, the primary focus should be on developing relics that provide flat attack boosts. The specific set doesn't matter too much at this stage, as long as they improve her attack and break effect stats.

For late-game players, the recommended relic set is the four-piece Genius of Brilliant Stars. This set not only provides a 10% Quantum damage boost but also allows Seele to ignore up to 20% of enemy defense, facilitating one-shot kills to activate her Resurgence buff.

Another late-game option would be Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters if she's paired with teammates that can consistently apply 3 debuffs to the enemy team.

In terms of the stats on the relics themselves, the optimal build for Seele in the late game would be:

  • Crit rate on the body piece, to complement the significant crit damage boost she gets from her traces.
  • Attack percent on her boots, to maximize her ability to one-shot enemies.

Planar Ornaments

As for planar ornaments, four solid choices are Firmament Frontline Glamoth, Space Sealing Station, Rutilant Arena and Inert Salsotto.

  • Space Sealing Station provides a substantial attack bonus based on your speed stat.
  • Rutilant Arena provides an increase to her CRIT Rate by 8%. When current CRIT Rate reaches 70% or higher, her Basic ATK and Skill DMG increase by 20%.
  • Inert Salsotto works similar to Rutilant Arena, but when current CRIT Rate reaches 50% or higher, her Ultimate and follow-up attack DMG increases by 15%.
  • Firmament Frontline Glamoth if you can reach the 135-160 speed thresholds.

For your Planar Sphere main stats, Quantum damage boost is recommended as it provides a better increase than attack here. And your Link Rope should be focused on ATK%.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Seele

ATK: 3,000+

Speed: 115

Crit Rate: 90%+

Crit DMG: 170%+

Best Light Cones for Seele

The right light cone can significantly augment Seele's power on the battlefield.

  • Signature Light Cone: This is Seele's best light cone as it provides her with free stacks of damage bonus on her attacks as well as a significant amount of crit rate.
  • Sleep Like the Dead: A solid alternative, this light cone provides unconditioned crit damage and additional crit rate depending on how recently you crit.
  • Cruising in the Stellar Sea: A free-to-play friendly light cone, it offers crit rate by default and even more crit rate against enemies that are below 50% HP. It also provides an attack buff after defeating an enemy.

All these options complement Seele's role as an executioner, maximizing her potential to deal massive damage and activate her Resurgence buff consistently.

Sleep Like the Dead Light Cone Honkai Star Rail

Diving Deeper into Team Compositions

Selecting the right team composition is crucial when playing with Seele.

It's about striking a balance between attack power and support, ensuring Seele can maximize her damage while staying alive on the battlefield.

The Power Duo: Seele and Bronya

Seele's Example Team Composition Honkai Star Rail

When paired with Bronya, Seele becomes a relentless force on the battlefield.

Bronya's unique ability to adjust Seele's position in the attack priority can create a deadly chain of attacks.

This synergy enables Seele to attack, activate Resurgence, use her ultimate, and then repeat the process again after Bronya moves her up in the action list.

Adding the Tactical Support: Tingyun

Tingyun, another potent companion for Seele, can provide substantial attack and damage bonus to Seele's kit.

This is particularly beneficial given Seele's goal to eliminate enemies in as few hits as possible.

The damage amplification from Tingyun's buffs allows Seele to be more effective in achieving this.

Moreover, Tingyun can also donate energy to either Seele or Bronya with her ultimate, ensuring the number of buffs remains high.

Balancing with Healers: Bailu, Luocha or Natasha

Running such an aggressive team can make it extremely vulnerable. To counteract this, a healer is necessary.

Bailu, with her substantial healing and a lifesaving revive ability, is a great choice.

Luocha doesn't need skill points to heal, making him an outstanding option for Seele.

Natasha, another solid option, can provide significant healing as well.

Fully investing in your chosen healer is the key to keep this high-risk, high-reward team alive.

Seele's Eidolons

Seele's Eidolons contribute significantly to her overall power and efficiency on the battlefield. Here's an in-depth look at what each one brings to the table:

Seele's First Eidolon Honkai Star Rail

  • Eidolon 1: It amplifies her executioner playstyle, giving her a crit rate boost against enemies who have 80% or less HP. While this may not seem very useful against smaller enemies that Seele can one-shot, it's a handy buff against tougher enemies like bosses, making her more potent in those scenarios.
  • Eidolon 2: Allows Seele to hold up to two stacks of her speed boost at a time. This is particularly useful as it allows her to hit max stacks on her signature light cone without needing any speed sub-stats or buffs.
  • Eidolon 4: This Eidolon aids Seele's energy management. When she defeats an enemy, she recovers 15 energy, which is particularly useful since her ultimate costs 120 energy. This way, she only needs to attack three times and kill twice out of the three to be able to ult instead of four times.
  • Eidolon 6: After Seele ults, she gives the enemy a DoT (Damage over Time) debuff, making them take 15% of her ult damage whenever they're hit by anyone on your team. The effect only lasts for one turn but can stack up to be a pretty substantial amount of damage if your team manages to hit the enemy within that turn.

As a general rule, it's crucial to remember that these boosts are incremental and require a significant amount of investment.

For players who are considering spending money on the game, it's recommended to stop at Eidolon 2 or 3 and then invest in her signature light cone to increase her damage without spending excessively.

Here's a E0 Seele guide:


In conclusion, Seele is an incredibly versatile and powerful character.

Mastering her abilities, playstyle, and the right build can significantly impact your game, giving you the upper hand in battles.

While there is always the potential for future power creeps, Seele's current power level sets her apart as one of the most formidable characters in Honkai Star Rail.