The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Topaz & Numby in Honkai: Star Rail

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Topaz & Numby in Honkai: Star Rail
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Topaz and Numby are coming to shift the current Follow-Up Attack landscape in Honkai: Star Rail.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover Topaz and Numby's kit, optimal builds, and team synergy.

Let's dive in!

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Topaz & Numby in Honkai: Star Rail

Topaz and Numby Character Summary Honkai Star Rail

Topaz serves dual roles in the game. She is a 5-star Fire unit that follows the path of the Hunt.

Her unique skill debuff "Proof of Debt" amplifies follow-up attack damage, making her a powerful support.

At the same time, her own damage output shouldn't be underestimated, allowing her to function as a DPS character as well.

Breaking Down Topaz's Ability Kit

Topaz and Numby Ability Kit Honkai Star Rail

Topaz's Talent: How Numby Works

Numby starts with a fixed speed of 80, which may seem slow. This speed isn't influenced by Topaz's own speed stats.

This means speed buffs or debuffs targeting Topaz don't affect Numby.

Numby's actions get a 50% advance forward boost every time a follow-up attack is done by Topaz or her teammates. Her skill and basic attack (when Ascension 2 is unlocked) count as a follow-up attacks.

This results in Numby getting multiple turns, allowing it to contribute significantly during battles.

Topaz's Skill Debuff: Proof of Debt

This debuff can last indefinitely on a target and can be moved to another target when Topaz uses her skill again. The "Proof of Debt" debuff is not a straightforward damage multiplier but rather a vulnerability debuff.

If a target with the debuff dies or if the skill hasn't been used, a random enemy will receive the debuff.

Proof of Debt can massively benefit all allies focusing on follow-up attacks.

Numby Transformation: Topaz's Ultimate

Topaz's ultimate doesn't deal damage but evolves Numby into "Super Numby," enhancing its damage output by more than double.

Super Numby's actions can also be advanced when any ally hits the Proof of Debt target, increasing its impact on the game.

However, this state only lasts 2 Numby turns.

When it comes to trace priority, you should aim to level up her Skill first, followed by her Talent, and Crit and Fire DMG minor traces.

Energy Management and Skill Rotations

Topaz's ultimate requires 130 energy.

She generates 60 extra energy upon Numby's first attack in battle when using her technique.


  • Front-loading: Use the extra energy to cast or recast her ultimate quickly. This allows Numby to deal heavy damage early in the battle.
  • Energy Conservation: With her Ascension-6 ability, Topaz gains 10 additional energy whenever Numby attacks while in the "Windfall Bonanza" state. This is crucial for achieving 3- and 4-turn ultimate rotation.

Four-turn Rotation

  • SP-Negative: Four skills guarantee an ultimate.
  • SP-Neutral: One or two skills and basic attacks to fill the rotation. Extra energy sources are needed for the ultimate.

Three-turn Rotation

  • Skill Spamming: Quick and powerful, but may require external energy sources.
  • Energy Rope: Helps get the ultimate a turn earlier, but generally not advisable due to the trade-off in damage per action.

Topaz's Best Eidolons

Eidolon 1: Crit Damage Amplifier

Increases Crit Damage taken by targets with "Proof of Debt," but only for FUA.

This Eidolon not only boosts Topaz's damage but also enhances the entire team's FUA capabilities.

Eidolon 4: The Underestimated Gem

One of the best Eidolons for Topaz.

She gains a 20% Advance Forward boost after Numby's turn begins.

Eidolon 6: The Ultimate Enhancer

Amplifies Numby's fire damage in its enhanced ultimate state, while also granting one extra attack.

Makes Topaz’s ultimate significantly more impactful.

Building the Perfect Topaz & Numby

Main Stats and Substats

Body Piece: For the body piece, aim for either Crit Rate or Crit Damage, depending on what you need to maintain a 1:2 ratio between Crit Rate and Crit Damage.

Boots: For boots, it's a bit more complex. Topaz lacks innate sources of ATK% in her kit. Although speed doesn't benefit Numby directly, if Topaz is faster, Numby benefits indirectly. In long-term scenarios, ATK% can yield slightly more damage.

Planar Sphere: When it comes to the orb, fire damage has a slight edge over attack percentage. However, if you're using the Swordplay Lightcone, ATK% can be just as effective.

Link Rope: Again, ATK% comes on top of Energy Regeneration Rate so go for that.

Substats: You should first aim for Crit, then go for ATK% and finally Speed.

Relics: The Ideal Sets

Planar Ornaments

Inert Salsotto is the best option because of its compatibility with Topaz's focus on Crit and follow-up attacks. Just make sure to reach a 50% Crit Rate to meet the set's requirements.

A second good option is Firmament Frontline: Glamoth for its ATK boost if you can reach the 160 speed breakpoint. You could also go for the Space Sealing Station set if you can't reach 160 speed for an inferior ATK boost.

Main Relic Set

With the release of the new FUA relic set, The Ashblazing Grand Duke, Topaz can boost her follow-up attack damage and pairs extremely well with Numby mechanics.

Another viable set that released with 2.0 version, Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters, works well with Topaz's debuff kit, and with 3 debuffs on an enemy it will boost DMG dealt and Crit Stats.

Other set combinations that are worth include any two-piece ATK% set (Musketeer), Fire damage set (Lava-forging), or FUA set (Grand Duke).

Optimal Late Game Stats for Topaz

ATK: 2,500+

Speed: 135+

Crit Rate: 85%+

Crit DMG: 160%+

Lightcones: The Best and the Overlooked

Swordplay: The Four-Star Gem

Swordplay Lightcone offers an 80% damage bonus at S5, making it extremely valuable.

Its downside of having to ramp up stacks isn't an issue for Topaz due to her multiple hits on a single target (7 hits per skill + 7/8 hits per Numby attack).

Cruising in the Stellar Sea: F2P Top Option

The best light cone for F2P players as you can get it to S5 by just playing.

Gives massive bonuses like Crit Rate and ATK% increase.

The downside is that you need to secure a kill to get its full potential, which can be problematic for Topaz and her single target attacks.

Battle Pass Lightcone: The Sleeper Pick

It might not offer the best damage output, but its Crit value is decent, and it synergizes well with Topaz's multiple-hit mechanics to dispel enemy buffs.

Topaz's Signature Lightcone: Worrisome, Blissful

Topaz and Numby Best in Slot Lightcone Worrisome, Blissful Honkai Star Rail

This Lightcone synergizes well with Topaz as it increases Crit Rate and Follow-up Attack damage.

It also applies a debuff that increases Crit Damage dealt to attacked enemies by everyone, amplifying its utility in FUA-focused teams.

Team Compositions: Finding the Perfect Fit for Topaz

Top Recommended DPS Partners

  1. Clara: Provides both single-target and AOE damage, offers team survivability through taunts.
  2. Himeko: Ideal for enemies weak to fire, shares high compatibility with Topaz's favorite support, Asta.
  3. Jing Yuan: Compatible with Topaz’s FUA mechanics, good for single-target scenarios.

Support Characters: Harmony over Nihility

  1. Asta: Offers universal benefits through ATK% and Speed buffs.
  2. Tingyun: Best suited for hyper-carry DPS teams rather than dual DPS setups.
  3. Bronya: Strong ultimate but not the most compatible for dual DPS setups.
  4. Silver Wolf/Pela: Their defense shred falls short compared to damage buffers.

Sustain Team Slot

  1. Fu Xuan: Provides survivability while also adding a 12% Crit Rate bonus.
  2. Luocha: Offers extra healing and more skill points to the team, still the best healer in the game.
  3. Lynx: Her skill has a taunt that synergizes well with Clara.

Auto-Battle Behavior: Blessing or Curse?

Topaz and Numby Battle Team Composition Honkai Star Rail


Auto-battle is useful for less complex battles where you just need to get through quickly.


Skill Priority: Auto-battle often uses Topaz’s skill over basic attacks, which isn't always optimal for SP management.

Targeting: The AI might not mark the intended target, affecting not just Topaz but the whole team's damage output.

Support Misalignment: There's a chance that your supports might prioritize buffing Topaz over the intended DPS unit in the team.

Wrapping It Up: Endless Possibilities

Topaz is a versatile character, still waiting for her dream team.

The lack of strict optimization is actually a let down, but makes team comp experimentation highly rewarding.

Whether you invest in her via Eidolons or via her Signature Light Cone, you can't go wrong!