Top-Tier Healing with Luocha: A Comprehensive Guide and Build

Top-Tier Healing with Luocha: A Comprehensive Guide and Build
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

This latest patch has seen an influx of 5-star characters, and if you've been diligently saving up for Luocha, kudos to your willpower.

You are indeed someone who knows their priorities in the game, and that's commendable.

This article aims to provide an in-depth guide on how to master Luocha and his many intriguing builds.

Top-Tier Healing with Luocha: A Comprehensive Guide and Build

Meet Luocha

Luocha Character Details Honkai Star Rail

Luocha is an intriguing healer who stands out from the regular crowd of abundance characters in the game.

He scales on attack, which means not only is he healing off a stat other than HP, but he's also doing more damage than other healers.

But what truly sets him apart is his ability to auto heal.

His talent revolves around stacks of Abyss flower, which Luocha gains for using his skills or ultimate.

When Luocha has two stacks of Abyss flower, a field is deployed. Any ally that attacks an enemy within this field gets healed based on Luocha's attack.

When you get the Sanctified Trace, all allies that were not initially healed by the talent also receive a smaller heal.

In effect, for two turns while the field is up, every character has a significant window to be healed.

Luocha's ultimate ability is another factor that sets him apart. The ability to cleanse enemies on a large scale is incredibly powerful. The idea that an ultimate can remove a debuff from every enemy at once can significantly change the dynamics of a battle.

Death Wish Luocha's Ultimate Honkai Star Rail

Building Luocha

The Basics

There are multiple ways to build Luocha, and your choice largely depends on your team's needs and your preferred playstyle.

Here are a few essentials to keep in mind while building Luocha:

  • Firstly, understand that Luocha is attack scaling.
  • Secondly, he's an auto-healer, thanks to his Abyss flower ability.

Skills and Healing

Luocha's skill heals are robust and add an additional layer of safety to your team.

His skill has an auto heal that can trigger up to once every two turns to heal an ally below 50% HP, granting an Abyss flower stack and giving Luocha 30 energy back.

In terms of gameplay, a standard approach would be to use basic attack, basic attack, and skill. This combination will keep you skill point positive and allow you to use his ultimate once every three turns with the right build setup.

Building Options

When it comes to the specifics of your build, you have a multitude of options:

  1. Relics: Luocha has a bit of flexibility with his relics. In our experience, a four-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat is the best all-around option for him. It provides an attack boost on the two-piece which aids with his healing and damage, and the four-piece gives him speed and basic attack damage. Another viable option is mixing a 2-pice Musketeer set plus a 2-piece Wandering Cloud set for extra speed and outgoing healing.
  2. Planetary Set: There are lots of great sets for Luocha that can support other team members, like Broken Keel or Fleet of the Ageless. If you run the Broken Keel, make sure you get to 30% in Effect RES.
  3. Main Stats: For his body piece, you have the option of running Outgoing Healing or go for ATK%. For his boots, you should choose Speed.
  4. Sphere and Rope: For his sphere, go for Imaginary DMG or ATK%, and for rope, opt for Energy Regen Rate to get his ultimate up sooner.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Luocha

ATK: 2,500+

Speed: 135+

Energy Regen: 20%+

Team Building with Luocha

Luocha is a versatile character and can fit well into many teams.

However, there are a few specific combinations that can maximize his abilities:

  1. Luocha and Clara: Clara is a tank character who can dish out a ton of damage when taking the right hits. Luocha can automatically heal Clara up without casting a skill, making this combination quite powerful.
  2. Luocha and Yukong: Yukong's attack buff can help out Luocha a lot, increasing both his personal damage and his heals.
  3. Luocha, Seele, and Tingyun: By running Seele and Tingyun alongside Luocha, you get either imaginary break or quantum break, depending on the content you're in.

Luocha's Eidolons

Finally, if you're considering pulling for extra copies of Luocha, there are a few key points to consider.

His first Eidolon is a 20% party-wide attack buff while his field is up, which can be a significant asset for your team.

However, his Eidolon 2, while technically enhancing his healing output and providing a shield in some scenarios, might not be as beneficial as you'd think. This is because Luocha already heals so much that adding more healing or a shield doesn't make a huge practical difference.

His Eidolon 6, however, can be quite game-changing as it reduces enemies' resistance to all elements by 20% for two turns whenever he uses his ultimate.

Luocha's Eidolon 6 Honkai Star Rail

That being said, Luocha is such a good unit that he performs remarkably well even at E0, so whether to pull for his Eidolons largely depends on your individual preference and playstyle.

In conclusion, Luocha is a solid character who can provide excellent healing and damage support to your team. Whether you want to build him for energy recharge, focus on his damage output, or optimize his healing abilities, the choice is yours. Now, let's get back to the game and let Luocha work his magic!