The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Welt's Potential

The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Welt's Potential
Last updated:
February 9, 2024

Don't underestimate the power of Welt Yang in Honkai: Star Rail!

With the right strategies, relics, teams, and lightcones, you'll find that this seemingly tricky character is actually a powerhouse.

Let's go deeper into how you can build and use him effectively.

The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Welt's Potential in Honkai Star Rail

Welt's Details Honkai Star Rail

Who is Welt in Honkai Star Rail?

Welt is a formidable character whose strength revolves around his ability to manipulate turns.

His uniqueness lies in his imaginary type, a rarity in the game's initial stages (although we already got Luocha, Yukong and we'll get Imbibitor Lunae soon).

His skill set is primarily designed to slow and stop enemies, providing your team with an advantage in all kinds of battles.

However, achieving maximum effectiveness with Welt requires a deep understanding of his abilities, as well as the optimal ways to use them.

Check out the Welt experience:

The Power of Welt: A Deep Dive

Welt's Abilities Honkai Star Rail

At the core of Welt's effectiveness are his skills that revolve around slowing and stopping enemies.

Skills and Talents: Welt's skill is a three-hit attack with a base chance to slow enemies. This may initially seem underwhelming, but his talent provides additional damage against enemies that are slowed, significantly enhancing his damage output. The combination of his skill and talent can nearly double Welt's total damage against enemies that are slowed or imprisoned.

Dual Role: Welt's ability set allows him to serve two roles effectively: a damage dealer and a support character. His damage-dealing potential is impressive, but his capability to slow and stop enemies also makes him a valuable support character. His skills make him a versatile addition to any team, as he can dish out high damage while simultaneously providing support.

The Ultimate: Welt's ultimate skill not only delivers a solid amount of damage but also has a base chance to imprison enemies, which delays their actions significantly. This skill, combined with his other abilities, enables him to keep enemies debuffed for extended periods, giving your team a huge advantage.

Welt's Ultimate Honkai Star Rail

Traces: Welt's traces further enhance his effectiveness. For instance, "Retribution" increases the damage taken by enemies, while "Judgment" refunds some of the energy used for his ultimate. These abilities make him more efficient in both damaging enemies and managing his energy consumption.

Downsides: Despite his many strengths, Welt has a few downsides. Notably, his ability to slow down enemies doesn't affect the cycles of certain game modes like Forgotten Hall or Memory of Chaos. Also, he uses a lot of skill points, which may be considered a drawback in certain team compositions.

The Impact of Eidolons on Welt's Performance

Eidolons are powerful beings that significantly enhance a character's abilities.

Although Welt is already a formidable unit, the right Eidolons can elevate him to an even higher level.

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of Welt's Eidolons and their impact:

Welt's First Eidolon Honkai Star Rail

E1 Eidolon: Enhanced Abilities

Welt's E1 Eidolon enhances his abilities, dealing additional damage with his skill or basic attack.

While it provides a noticeable damage boost, it's not as impactful as it might initially appear.

E2 Eidolon: Energy Boost

Welt's E2 Eidolon is one of his most potent enhancements. It allows Welt to gain three energy every time his talent is triggered. This mechanism means that every skill used on slowed enemies provides an additional 9 energy.

This boost is so significant that if you're using an Energy Regen (ER) rope against three enemies, you can get Welt's ultimate up every two turns.

If you don't have an ER rope, you can still get the ultimate once every three turns, considering Welt's traces and other energy sources.

This Eidolon makes it feasible to run an ATK% rope instead, resulting in substantial damage gains.

E3 & E4 Eidolons: More Damage and Effect Hit Rate

The E3 Eidolon brings straightforward enhancements to Welt's skill and basic attack, leading to more damage.

The E4 Eidolon increases his skill's base chance to inflict slow, making it more viable to build crit on Welt and thus increasing his overall damage.

E5 & E6 Eidolons: Increased Damage and Energy

Welt's E5 Eidolon levels his ultimate and talent, leading to a considerable increase in damage.

The E6 Eidolon adds another hit to his skill, which means an extra talent proc, significantly more damage, and with E2, another three energy.

In conclusion, Welt's Eidolons can substantially boost his performance.

Although he's impressive without them, having these Eidolons makes him an even more formidable force.

Crafting the Perfect Welt Build

What Relic Sets Suit Welt Best?

Building Welt effectively is crucial in maximizing his potential. For new players, focusing on anything that boosts attack is a good starting point.

As you progress and reach Trailblazer rank 40, you'll want to start farming for relics. This is where things can get a bit complicated.

After extensive testing, two sets stand out for Welt: Wastelander of Banditry and Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters.

The Wastelander set boosts your Imaginary damage, Crit Rate and damage against imprisoned enemies, making it a perfect fit for Welt's skill set.

The Pioneer Diver set boosts overall damage and crit stats when enemies have 3 debuffs on them, which is easy to achieve when Welt is on the battlefield.

Some might wonder why the Thief set, which increases break effect, isn't recommended. While it's true that the break effect can extend the duration of enemy imprisonment, its value diminishes in late-game content. As enemies become faster, it becomes increasingly challenging to gain significant value from the break effect. Focusing on getting more ultimates is a more efficient strategy.

Welt's Best Relic and Planetary Sets Honkai Star Rail

Best Planetary Set for Welt

When it comes to planetary choices, Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise and Firmament Frontline Glamoth/Space Sealing Station are both excellent options.

The Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise set provides a beneficial Effect Hit Rate and bonus ATK%, making it a good choice if you're focusing on Welt's ability to inflict imprisonment on his opponents.

On the other hand, the damage boosting sets provide extra damage if Welt's Speed is above 120/135/160, which can be advantageous if you're leaning more towards enhancing the overall damage output of your Welt.

Best Relic Main Stats and Substats

Welt's best build typically includes either Crit Rate or Effect Hit Rate on the body, Speed boots, an Imaginary DMG sphere, and an Energy Regeneration rope.

The Speed Boots are an essential part of this build. They provide Welt with an additional attack over three turn cycles, which results in a significant increase in damage due to his talent for bonus damage. More importantly, the extra attack speeds up the charging of his ultimate.

The choice between Crit Rate or Effect Hit Rate on the body depends on the resistance of your enemies and how much EHR you already have. For crit stats, Welt can deliver astonishingly high damage for a support unit. However, for enemies with more resistance, Effect Hit Rate becomes more valuable. Welt's optimal EHR from relics should be around 50%, after that you should focus on his other stats.

For sub-stats, focus on Crit and Effect Hit Rate. EHR affects the effectiveness of your entire kit, making it crucial for imprisoning and slowing down enemies. Speed and ATK% are also beneficial.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Welt

ATK: 2,500+

Speed: 135+

Effect Hit Rate: 40%+

Crit Rate: 50%+

Crit DMG: 100%+

Optimal Light Cones for Welt

Choosing the right Light Cone for Welt can greatly impact his effectiveness in Honkai Star Rail.

This decision is often influenced by mathematical calculations of potential damage output. There are several Light Cones that suit Welt's potential.

Welt's Signature Light Cone Honkai Star Rail
  1. Loop (3-Star Light Cone): As a free-to-play option, the Loop Light Cone is a surprisingly powerful choice. Its unique feature is providing Welt with a substantial damage bonus based on whether enemies are slowed. At S5, this damage bonus is so high that it outperforms some of the 4-star Light Cone options.
  2. In the Name of the World (5-Star Light Cone): This Light Cone, specifically designed to work with Welt's kit, provides high base stats. However, it doesn't enhance the Effect Hit Rate of his ultimate. Keeping this in mind, you can make a strong case for building Crit Rate and Crit Damage with this light cone and significantly boosting its damage output.
  3. Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat (4-Star Light Cone): This cone allows Welt to shred enemy defense, benefiting the entire team. Even though Welt's personal damage won't be at its highest, the overall damage will be greater than with many other Light Cones, making it a top choice.
  4. Eyes of the Prey (4-Star Light Cone): One of Welt's best options, it provides an Effect Hit Rate, allowing you to build crit on his body piece. Building crit on Welt results in a significant damage increase.
  5. Incessant Rain (5-Star Light Cone): Silver Wolf's Signature Light Cone is probably the best choice for Welt, as it increases EHR, the Crit Rate if enemy has 3+ debuffs and a random enemy gets an increased damage debuff.

Comprehensive Guide to Team Building for Welt

Crafting a team around Welt is a complex task due to his unique abilities and need for skill points.

Here are some in-depth insights and tips to consider when creating the best team to support Welt.

The Skill Point Challenge

Welt is a unit that consumes a lot of skill points.

It's crucial to pair him with characters that can generate these points efficiently.

Potential Teammates

Welt's Team Composition Example Honkai Star Rail
  1. Pela: Pela is a character that doesn't always consume skill points and can even generate quite a few. She has a two-turn defense shred from her ultimate. Paired with Welt's ability to extend the duration of this shred by slowing down enemies, they make a formidable duo.
  2. Fire MC: Fire MC has an enhanced basic attack, which means they can deal considerable damage without using a skill point. You don't have to use their skill every turn, which is beneficial in generating a lot of skill points for the team.
  3. Natasha: Another character who goes skill point positive, Natasha can work well with Welt as she generates skill points, helping Welt to use his skills more frequently.

The Fourth Slot Dilemma

The challenge comes in choosing the fourth slot.

You have to decide if you want a character that generates or consumes skill points.

Since Welt isn't a dedicated damage dealer, you can opt to run another damage dealer like Serval or Seele in this slot, but keep in mind they are also skill point hungry.

Welt Struggling in Battle Honkai Star Rail

Other Team Building Tips

  • Speed Buff with Asta: Asta can buff your team's speed, allowing you to move before enemies, a benefit that synergizes well with Welt's ability to slow down enemies. Also, Asta has an attack buff that can increase Welt's damage.
  • Mono Imaginary Team: If you pair Welt with Yukong, Luocha and Silver Wolf, you can use Welt as a Main DPS in a full Imaginary team that can work against any enemy, even if they're not weak to the Imaginary element.

Remember, team building for Welt isn't an exact science. It's about understanding his strengths and pairing him with characters that can complement his abilities while mitigating his weaknesses. The best team for Welt will depend on various factors, including the specific game content you're tackling and the characters you have at your disposal.


Welt Chilling in Stargazer Navalia Honkai Star Rail

In Honkai Star Rail, Welt is a force to be reckoned with.

With the right build, team, and understanding of his abilities, you can harness his power to dominate your battles.

This guide has equipped you with the knowledge to maximize Welt's potential.

Now, it's time for you to apply it and see the results for yourself.