Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Bailu

Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Bailu in Honkai: Star Rail
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Bailu is an exceptional character in Honkai: Star Rail, known for her remarkable healing abilities.

While she might not tower over other characters in stature, she compensates with substantial healing prowess.

This comprehensive guide aims to help you optimize Bailu's potential as a support character by going through her kit, her best relics, and light cone builds, team compositions, and general tips.

Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Bailu in Honkai: Star Rail

Bailu's Details Honkai Star Rail

Bailu's Abilities and Traits

As a five-star abundance lightning character, Bailu offers extraordinary durability to your team with her potent and persistent healing abilities.

She provides more than just healing, contributing to your team's efficiency in combat.

Bailu's Healing Mechanism

Bailu's skill heals an initial target, with the amount healed being a function of her HP.

This healing then bounces to two additional random party members, but at slightly reduced potency with each bounce.

While the randomness of her healing distribution can sometimes lead to less than ideal scenarios, the potential for multi-target healing is invaluable against enemies with Area of Effect (AOE) attacks.

Bailu's Ultimate and Invigoration Buff

Bailu's ultimate offers a reliable team-wide heal, an essential tool in emergency situations.

It also applies an invigoration buff to your party members for two turns. This buff allows allies to regain some HP when hit by an enemy, acting as a reactive and persistent source of healing.

It's particularly effective against AOE attacks and continues to work even if Bailu is temporarily disabled.

Unique Aspects of Bailu's Healing

Bailu's healing isn't solely dependent on her turn.

Her invigoration buff provides a consistent source of healing, even during the enemy's turn.

This ability can be seen as a form of instant damage mitigation, or in some cases, complete damage nullification.

Bailu's Talent: Gourdful of Elixir

A unique aspect of Bailu's kit is her revive talent, which can bring back to life and heal any party member once per battle (excluding herself).

This talent acts as a safety net against unexpected attacks or missteps, allowing for a more aggressive playstyle while it's active.

However, it's crucial to keep Bailu healthy to ensure she can revive others when needed.

Bailu's Role in Skill Point Generation

Bailu also serves as a skill point generator.

Since her ultimate and invigoration healing can generally sustain your team, her skill can be reserved for critical situations.

This allows Bailu to generate skill points and energy via her basic attack, benefiting your overall skill point economy.

Bailu's Ascension Bonus Abilities

Bailu's utilities enhance as she ascends.

Her Ascension 2 ability increases an ally's max HP when they are healed above their normal max HP, enhancing your team's overall survivability.

Ascension 4 allows invigoration to trigger one more time, providing more potential damage mitigation and reactive healing.

Ascension 6 makes her invigoration buff offer a 10% damage reduction, reducing the damage your team receives.

Bailu's A6 Ability Honkai Star Rail

Bailu's minor traces offer HP, defense, and effect resistance, all valuable for her healing and survivability.

When leveling her traces, prioritize her ultimate talent, then skill. Her basic attack can remain unleveled.

Bailu's Eidolons

Bailu's Eidolons provide additional boosts to her abilities:

Bailu's Eidolons Honkai Star Rail

  1. E1: Allows an ally affected by Invigoration to regenerate 8 energy if they're at full HP when it ends. This is a great addition to her base kit as it can help generate energy for your teammates.
  2. E2: Increases Bailu's outgoing healing by 15% for two turns after casting her ultimate, which effectively means stronger healing.
  3. E3: Increases Bailu's skill and talent levels, further enhancing her healing and support abilities.
  4. E4: Makes Bailu's skill bounce give the affected characters a 10% damage bonus. This can stack up to 3 times and last for two turns. It further rounds out her support value as she now buffs damage too. If the skill only bounces on one target, preferably your DPS, at least they get even more damage bonus.
  5. E5: Increases Bailu's ultimate and basic attack levels, making her more effective in combat.
  6. E6: Gives Bailu one more extra revive per battle. This needs no explanation for how helpful that is, considering Bailu's important role in reviving teammates.

Each of Bailu's Eidolons offers unique benefits, from enhancing her healing capabilities and buffing damage to granting additional revives. All of them can be unlocked by pulling in gacha banners (both Standard and Time Limited ones) to maximize Bailu's support role in the team.

Best Relic and Light Cone Build for Bailu

The key to maximizing Bailu's abilities lies in carefully selecting her relics and light cone.

Best Relic Set for Bailu

When it comes to full sets for Bailu, there are two primary options that can enhance her abilities effectively.

Bailu's Best Relic and Ornament Sets Honkai Star Rail

  1. Messenger Traversing Hackerspace (4 pieces): This set boosts speed and after using her ultimate, all allies' speed increases by 12%.
  2. Passerby of Wandering Cloud (4 pieces): This set boosts healing and provides one extra skill point at the start of the battle. This additional skill point can help with early setups, making it a solid choice for Bailu.
  3. Musketeer of Wild Wheat (4 pieces): This might seem like an offensive set. However, the most significant advantage it offers is a speed bonus. This helps Bailu meet speed breakpoints and enhance her action frequency, ultimately improving her long-term skill point and energy generation. This set is particularly beneficial in longer battles.

The choice between these two might eventually depend on the quality and stats of the available pieces.

Best Planar Ornaments for Bailu

For planar ornaments, the Fleet of the Ageless set stands out as the best choice for Bailu.

This set increases HP by 12%, but more importantly, if Bailu reaches 120 speed, it provides a team-wide 8% attack bonus. This bonus is another reason why using speed boots on Bailu is highly recommended.

Other viable options include Broken Keel for teamwide crit buffs, Penacony for extra ERR and lightning damage, and Sprightly Vonwacq for ERR and Advance Forward mechanics.

Bailu's Relic Best Stats

For the body piece, an outgoing healing boost is the best choice, followed by HP. The feet piece should ideally have speed to allow her to generate energy and skill points more efficiently. However, if you don't have a speed piece or find external speed buffs sufficient, HP is an acceptable alternative.

The planar sphere should ideally be HP, and for the link rope, you can choose between HP and energy regeneration rate (ERR). More HP boosts her personal survivability and raw healing power, while ERR can reduce her turns per ult by at least one turn.

For sub-stats, prioritize speed, HP, effect resistance, and defense. Effect resistance helps reduce the chance of an enemy debuffing Bailu, and more defense aids in her survival.

To summarize, the key to optimizing Bailu's performance is to focus on her speed. This allows her to move sooner, get in more actions and cycles, helping her generate energy for herself and skill points for your team. It also helps Bailu reach the speed requirement of her best planar ornament set, Fleet of the Ageless.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Bailu

HP: 6,000+

Speed: 135+

Energy Regen: 20%+

Bailu's Light Cone Build

Bailu has numerous light cone options across all rarities, each with distinct utilities. Some viable choices include Cornucopia for pure healing power, Fine Fruit for team energy utility, and Multiplications for advancing forward her next action. Four-star options focus on enhancing Bailu's personal abilities and healing, such as Post-op Conversation and Perfect Timing.

However, there are other light cones that offer effects beyond healing. For example, Quid Pro Quo regenerates energy for your teammates, Shared Feeling buffs Bailu's healing and regenerates a small amount of energy for all allies, and Time Waits For No One provides superior healing and additional damage output. The choice depends on what's available to you and whether you want a light cone that focuses on her, one that adds more team support utility, or something in between.

Bailu's Light Cone Honkai Star Rail

Ideal Team Compositions and General Tips

As a healer support, Bailu is highly flexible in terms of team composition. She can function as a solo survival support, especially effective against AOE damage.

Her healing bounce and invigoration are particularly potent in such scenarios.

In terms of positioning, it's best to place Bailu next to someone with high aggro or taunting abilities, or generally in a center slot to absorb splash damage from her left and right allies. Given her high HP, she's well-equipped to absorb splash damage and generate some energy in the process.

Bailu's Team Composition Example Honkai Star Rail

Bailu will remain relevant for a long time to come, making her an excellent healer and a valuable addition to your team for general content and Memory of Chaos.