A Comprehensive Guide to Ruan Mei in Honkai: Star Rail

A Comprehensive Guide to Ruan Mei in Honkai: Star Rail
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Ruan Mei emerges as a transformative character in the universe of Honkai: Star Rail, bringing a unique blend of abilities that changes team strategies and combat dynamics.

As an Ice Harmony character, she not only enhances her team's damage output but also introduces new mechanics.

This guide goes deep into her abilities, relics, light cones, and team synergy, offering insights into maximizing her potential.

Let's dive in!

A Comprehensive Guide to Ruan Mei in Honkai: Star Rail

Ruan Mei's Game-Changing Abilities

in game ruan mei abilities preview in honkai star rail

Ruan Mei's introduction in Honkai: Star Rail brings a suite of abilities that are set to significantly impact gameplay dynamics.

Let's go deeper into these abilities and their strategic implications:

String Sings Slow Swirls Skill

Damage Bonus and Weakness Break Efficiency

Ruan Mei’s skill increases all teammates' damage bonus by 32% at Talent level 10, significantly enhancing their offensive capabilities.

Additionally, it boosts the team's weakness break efficiency by 50%, making it easier to break enemies and extend their vulnerability period.

Strategic Use

This skill is central to Ruan Mei's role as a support unit, enabling her to facilitate quicker enemy breaks and increased team damage.

Ultimate Ability

Two-Turn Field: Ruan Mei's ultimate creates a field that lasts for two turns, offering substantial team buffs.

Resistance Penetration: Within this field, all characters gain a 25% resistance penetration at level 10, a substantial boost comparable to high-end abilities of other characters.

Additional Effects: The field also causes enemies hit by attacks to receive a debuff, delaying their action recovery after being broken, which effectively extends the duration of their vulnerability.

Talent and Traces

Speed Buffs

Ruan Mei's talent increases the speed of her teammates (excluding herself) by 10%, enabling them to act more frequently in battle.

Damage Boost Based on Break Effect

One of her major traces allows her to gain an additional 6% damage bonus for every 10% break effect over 120%, up to a maximum of 36%.

This means, with an optimal build at 180% break effect, she can provide up to 68% extra damage to all allies.

Key Eidolons and Their Impact

in game Eidolon 6 ruan mei review in honkai star rail

E1 Eidolon

Amplifies Ruan Mei's ultimate by adding a 20% defense ignore capability.

This Eidolon significantly enhances the team's ability to penetrate enemy defenses, making it particularly effective against tougher opponents.

E2 Eidolon

Provides a 40% attack buff when hitting enemies with their weakness broken.

Further increases the team's damage output, especially when Ruan Mei's ability to break enemy weaknesses is used effectively.

E6 Eidolon

Increases the duration of her ultimate's field by one turn, allowing for three turns of enhanced team performance.

Boosts the damage multiplier for breaking enemy weaknesses, enhancing Ruan Mei's contribution to the team's damage output.

Balancing Eidolons with Ruan Mei's Role

Prioritizing Eidolons that boost team damage capabilities aligns well with Ruan Mei's primary role as a support unit.

Eidolons that prolong the effects of her abilities, like the extended field duration, ensure that her buffs remain active for a more significant portion of the battle.

Best Lightcones

in game ruan mei signature light cone in honkai star rail

Meshing Cogs (3-Star Light Cone)

A viable option for players without access to higher-tier light cones, providing a similar energy bonus.

Provides 8 energy when the wearer attacks or is attacked at S5.

This light cone is particularly beneficial for Ruan Mei as it facilitates quicker energy accumulation, allowing for more frequent use of her powerful skills and ultimate.

While it mainly affects her survivability minimally, the energy gain component plays a crucial role in maintaining a steady flow of attacks.

Memories of the Past

Offers an impressive 28% break effect increase at S1, escalating to 56% at S5.

It regenerates 4 energy when the wearer attacks, which increases to 8 at S5.

This light cone not only meets the break effect threshold needed for Ruan Mei but also ensures consistent energy regeneration, enhancing her combat efficiency.

Planetary Rendezvous

A viable option for teams with ice characters, like Jingliu, amplifying ice-based damage.

This cone is particularly effective in ice-themed teams, maximizing the elemental damage output.

Past Self in Mirror (Signature Light Cone)

Combined with Ruan Mei's kit, the light cone can yield up to a 92% total damage bonus, greatly boosting the team's offensive power.

The main challenge is the light cone's reliance on Ruan Mei's ultimate.

Without a consistent three-turn ultimate cycle, its effectiveness can be unpredictable.

But the Battle Isn't Over

This cone increases energy regeneration by 10% but is not as effective for Ruan Mei due to her specific skill mechanics.

Its benefits are more tailored to characters whose abilities directly target allies, which is not the case for Ruan Mei.

Choosing the Right Light Cone

Balancing Energy and Break Effect: The choice between these light cones depends on whether the focus is on enhancing Ruan Mei's energy regeneration for more frequent skill use or maximizing her break effect for stronger attacks.

Team Composition Considerations: The selection should also consider the overall team composition, especially when synergizing with ice characters.

Best Relics Build

in game ruan mei relic options in honkai star rail

Achieving Optimal Break Effect

The primary objective in building Ruan Mei's relics is to reach a break effect of 180%.

This threshold maximizes her damage output and the effectiveness of her skills.

Strategic Relic Options

Messenger Traversing Hackerspace Set

Ideal for increasing Ruan Mei's speed.

A faster Ruan Mei can synchronize better with the team's rotation, enhancing the effectiveness of her skills and ultimate.

If achieving the 180% break effect threshold is challenging, the Thief of Shooting Meteor set can be a viable option for its break effect bonus.

Thief of Shooting Meteor Set

Provides an extra 32% break effect for the four-piece set.

The revised set effect potentially allows energy gain whenever any character applies weakness break, aiding in her rotation and energy management.

Planer Ornament Sets

The Talia: Kingdom of Banditry Set

Offers an additional break effect bonus if Ruan Mei reaches a specific speed threshold, boosting her damage potential.

Enhances Ruan Mei's ability to apply breaks more effectively.

Penacony, Land of the Dreams and Broken Keel Set

These sets can be considered depending on the team's composition and specific needs, like increasing overall team attack or crit damage.

Focus on Substats

Look for relics with high break effect substats to reach the crucial 180% break effect mark.

While focusing on the break effect, also aim for a balance with other important stats like effect resistance to prevent Ruan Mei from being stunned or incapacitated.

Balancing Break Effect with Energy Regeneration

Energy Regeneration Link Rope: An alternative to the break effect link rope, focusing on reducing the time between Ruan Mei's ultimates.

Importance of Substats: Achieving the break effect target partially through substats allows for more flexibility in relic selection, especially when considering energy regeneration.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Ruan Mei

Speed: 135+

Break Effect: 180%+

Energy Regeneration: 20%+

Ruan Mei's Team Synergy

in game ruan mei team combat with sushang natasha in honkai star rail

Core Considerations for Team Synergy

Ruan Mei’s abilities, especially her Overtone skill and ultimate, offer team-wide buffs, making her an excellent support character for a variety of team setups.

Her unique ability to increase weakness break efficiency makes her an invaluable asset in teams focusing on exploiting enemy weaknesses.

Ideal Team Compositions

Dual DPS Team

Pair Ruan Mei with two damage-dealing characters like Jingliu and Blade.

Ruan Mei’s buffs significantly enhance the damage output of these DPS characters.

Her ability to increase damage bonus and resistance penetration synergizes well with characters that have high raw damage potential.

Single DPS Focus

Focus on maximizing the potential of one primary damage dealer, such as Jingliu, with Ruan Mei’s buffs.

This composition allows the DPS character to benefit greatly from Ruan Mei's damage and break efficiency buffs, turning them into a primary damage source while other team members provide support.

Balanced Teams with Supportive Characters

Include characters that can boost the team's speed and attack or provide additional toughness damage.

These characters help in building up Ruan Mei’s buffs more effectively and maintain a balanced approach between offense and defense.

Break-Focused Teams

Use Ruan Mei's weakness break efficiency in teams geared towards breaking enemy defenses quickly.

Characters who can capitalize on broken enemies or who have abilities that complement the break strategy.

Factors to Consider in Team Building

  • Synergy with Buffs: Choose characters whose abilities are amplified by Ruan Mei’s damage and break efficiency buffs.
  • Balancing Roles: Ensure a good mix of DPS, support, and if necessary, healing, to maintain team sustainability.
  • Speed Coordination: Consider the speed of team members to synchronize attacks and maximize the benefit of Ruan Mei’s buffs.


in game ruan mei summary overview in honkai star rail

Ruan Mei is not just a strong addition to Honkai: Star Rail but a game-changing character.

Her unique abilities and buffs enable new strategies and team compositions, making her a must-have for players looking to elevate their gameplay.