The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Xueyi in Honkai: Star Rail

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Xueyi in Honkai: Star Rail
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Xueyi emerges as a standout Quantum Destruction character in Honkai: Star Rail, known for her exceptional ability to accumulate Karma stacks and break enemy toughness.

This guide goes into her abilities, Eidolons, relics, planar ornaments, and team synergies, offering insights into how to maximize her formidable potential in battle.

Let's dive in!

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Xueyi in Honkai: Star Rail

Understanding Xueyi's Unique Abilities

in game xueyi abilities preview in honkai star rail

Ultimate Ability

Elemental Ignorance

Xueyi's ultimate ability stands out due to its capacity to ignore enemy toughness, effectively ignoring elemental weaknesses.

This feature allows her to deal damage consistently, regardless of the enemy’s elemental type.

Versatility in Combat

This ability makes her a valuable asset across different Memory of Chaos metas, providing flexibility in team composition and strategy.

Karma Stacks

Xueyi’s Karma stacks are key to her combat strategy.

These stacks are accumulated whenever she or her teammates inflict toughness damage on enemies.

Upon reaching maximum Karma stacks, Xueyi unleashes a follow-up attack.

This mechanic not only amplifies her damage output but also enhances her role as a breaker in the team.

Key Components of Xueyi's Kit

Quantum Damage Focus

Her basic attack and skill are mostly Quantum damage-oriented, contributing to solid damage output in battles.

Skill Point Efficiency

In matchups where her elemental attacks are unfavorable, Xueyi can become skill point positive, allowing for strategic flexibility in skill usage.

Talent and Enhanced Follow-up Attack

With the addition of her E2 Eidolon, Xueyi’s follow-up attack gains the ability to ignore enemy weaknesses.

This enhancement transforms her into a 'colorless breaker,' capable of effectively targeting any enemy regardless of their elemental weakness.

This aspect of her kit also introduces a self-healing mechanism, increasing her survivability in combat.

Best Lightcones

in game xueyi free to play light cone in honkai star rail

On the Fall of an Aeon

Provides a substantial attack bonus, which is crucial for Xueyi's damage output.

Particularly effective for Xueyi as it complements her ability to inflict weakness breaks on enemies, aligning well with her role as a breaker.

This light cone is more accessible to players, making it a practical choice for those who may not have access to rarer light cones.

A Secret Vow

Offers a 40% damage increase, a solid boost for Xueyi's overall damage potential.

Suitable for players looking for a more generalized enhancement to Xueyi’s abilities, without focusing on a specific aspect of her kit.

Something Irreplaceable

Particularly useful for Xueyi, providing self-healing when she is hit by an enemy, enhancing her survivability in combat.

An additional benefit that can synergize well with her follow-up attacks, especially in scenarios where she can secure enemy defeats.

Choosing the Right Light Cone for Xueyi

Balance Between Damage and Sustain: The choice of light cone should balance between enhancing Xueyi's Quantum damage and providing her with sustainability in battles.

Consideration of Team Composition: The selected light cone should also complement the overall team strategy, whether it focuses on maximizing Xueyi’s damage or her role as a colorless breaker.

Xueyi's Best Relics and Planar Ornaments

in game xueyi relics build in honkai star rail

Key Relics for Xueyi

Genius of Brilliant Stars

This set is specifically tailored to enhance Quantum damage, aligning perfectly with Xueyi's damage type.

It also provides a 10% defense ignore bonus, which synergizes well with Xueyi’s ability to deal damage across various enemy types.

When paired with characters like Silver Wolf who can induce Quantum weaknesses, this set becomes even more effective.

Thief of Shooting Meteor Set

This set provides a substantial 32% break effect bonus, which enhances Xueyi’s ability to weaken enemy defenses.

Particularly useful when Xueyi is used in a sub-DPS role or as a primary toughness breaker, ensuring that she can consistently break enemy weaknesses.

Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters

Assuming you can consistently keep 3 debuffs on the enemy, this set can boost her damage and Crit Stats to rival the Quantum set, and even surpass its potential against enemies without a Quantum weakness.

Planar Ornaments and Their Impacts

Talia: Kingdom of Banditry

Offers additional break effect if Xueyi reaches a certain speed threshold (145 speed), contributing to her damage potential.

This planar ornament set is particularly useful if you can balance Xueyi's speed with her damage output.

Balancing Relics and Planar Ornaments

The primary goal in building Xueyi’s relics is to maximize her break effect, as it directly increases her damage output.

While focusing on break effect, it’s important not to neglect critical rate and damage, as these stats are crucial for maximizing her overall damage potential.

Balancing her substats to ensure a healthy mix of break effect, attack percentage, critical rate, and critical damage is key.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Xueyi

ATK: 2,200+

Speed: 135+

Break Effect: 120%+

Crit Rate: 65%+

Crit DMG: 130%+

Overview of Xueyi's Key Eidolons

in game xueyi eidolons (E6) details in honkai star rail

E1 Eidolon

Increases the damage dealt by Xueyi's follow-up attack by 40%.

This significantly boosts the potency of her Karma stack-triggered attacks, making her more lethal in her damage output.

E2 Eidolon

Allows Xueyi's Talent follow-up attack to ignore enemy weaknesses, effectively turning it into a colorless breaking effect.

This enhancement makes Xueyi exceptionally versatile, allowing her to target any enemy effectively, regardless of their elemental weakness.

E4 Eidolon

Boosts Xueyi’s break effect by 40% for two turns after using her ultimate.

Enhances her role in breaking down enemy defenses, synergizing well with her overall break-focused strategy.

E6 Eidolon

Decreases the maximum number of Karma stacks required for her follow-up attack from eight to six.

This reduction allows Xueyi to trigger her powerful follow-up attacks more frequently, significantly enhancing her combat effectiveness.

Optimizing Xueyi with Eidolons

Focus on Damage and Break Efficiency: Prioritizing Eidolons that enhance Xueyi's damage output and break efficiency aligns with her primary role as a damage dealer and breaker.

Eidolon Selection Strategy: Players should choose Eidolons based on their specific team composition and battle strategy, focusing on either amplifying Xueyi’s damage potential or her ability to consistently break enemy weaknesses.

Xueyi's Team Synergy

in game team combat with hanya pela and natasha in honkai star rail

Speed and Attack Boosters

Characters like Hanya and Asta are ideal, as they can increase Xueyi's speed and attack power.

Speed boosters help Xueyi reach critical speed thresholds for planar ornaments, enhancing her break effect.

Mono Quantum Teams

Combine Xueyi with other Quantum characters, such as Silver Wolf.

This setup benefits from enhanced synergy, as Silver Wolf can draw Quantum weaknesses, allowing Xueyi to exploit these with increased efficiency.

Ideal for situations where Quantum damage is particularly effective or when facing enemies with a Quantum weakness.

Flexible Free-to-Play Friendly Teams

For more accessible options, pair Xueyi with characters like Natasha and Tingyun.

This team can adapt to focus on single-target or AoE damage, depending on the chosen fourth member.

This composition is suitable for players who may not have access to a wide range of characters.

Break-Focused Teams

Use Xueyi in teams that emphasize breaking enemy defenses.

Characters that can quickly apply and exploit weakness breaks pair well with Xueyi.

To capitalize on Xueyi’s ability to break enemy weaknesses consistently, enhancing the team's overall damage potential.

Factors to Consider in Team Building with Xueyi

Elemental Versatility: Xueyi's ability to ignore elemental weaknesses makes her a valuable asset against various enemy types.

Balancing Roles: Ensure a mix of DPS, support, and potentially healing, to maintain team sustainability and maximize effectiveness.

Synergy with Quantum Damage: In Mono Quantum teams, consider how other characters can enhance or benefit from Quantum damage.


in game xueyi overview in honkai star rail

Xueyi stands as a powerhouse in Honkai: Star Rail, with her extraordinary damage potential and unique mechanics.

By understanding and leveraging her abilities, building her correctly with the right relics and light cones, and forming strategic team compositions, you can unlock her full potential, making her a formidable force in the game's meta.

Keep an eye out for more insights on damage mechanics and character analysis to further enhance your gameplay experience with Xueyi.