The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Jingliu in Honkai: Star Rail

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Jingliu in Honkai: Star Rail
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Looking to dominate in Honkai: Star Rail with Jingliu? You're in the right place.

This comprehensive guide will go deep into the ins and outs of Jingliu's gameplay mechanics, best builds, and team compositions.

We'll cover how to optimize her for maximum damage output and break down her unique skill set as a top-tier DPS unit.

Let's dive right in!

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Jingliu in Honkai: Star Rail

Jingliu Abilities Summary Honkai Star Rail

The Power of Jingliu: Why She's a Game-Changer

Unmatched DPS Capability

Jingliu isn't just another character; she's a damage-dealing powerhouse.

Players who have had the chance to unlock and use her will agree that she is unparalleled in her ability to dish out damage.

Following The Path of Destruction

Jingliu excels in causing massive damage not only to enemies but also to her own teammates.

This unique trait makes her a double-edged sword but also a thrilling character to master.

The Mechanics: Understanding Jingliu's Skill Set

Special State: 2-stack Syzygy

Jingliu's Talent Crescent Transmigration Honkai Star Rail

This enhanced state is where Jingliu truly shines.

She gains a whopping 50% Crit Rate and approximately 2,000 extra ATK in this state.

The catch? Every attack she lands will drain 4% of her allies' max HP.

To enter this state, she needs to accumulate two stacks of "Syzygy", which can be obtained through her non-enhanced skill or her technique.

The Skills: Normal vs Enhanced

Jingliu's Skill Moon on Glacial River Honkai Star Rail

Jingliu has two versions of her skill.

The normal one grants her one "Syzygy" stack, while the enhanced version becomes a powerful three-target blast.

This upgraded skill is more potent and doesn't consume skill points, but it will deplete her allies' HP and one "Syzygy" stack.

The Ultimate: Unleashing Mayhem

Jingliu's Ultimate Florephemeral Dreamflux Honkai Star Rail

Her ultimate ability is another three-target blast that surpasses even her enhanced skill.

Importantly, it generates a "Syzygy" stack rather than consuming one, which is crucial for maintaining her special state.

Quick Tips on Trace Priorities

  • Focus on leveling her skill and talent first.
  • Crit damage and speed traces should be next.
  • Ignore her basic attack; if you're using it, you're likely off-rotation.

Understanding Jingliu's Eidolons

Jingliu's Eidolons add layers of complexity and potential to her gameplay.

Her two most relevant Eidolons are:

Eidolon One: Single-Target Specialization

Jingliu's First Eidolon Moon Crashes Tianguan Gate Honkai Star Rail

Don't be misled by the wording of this Eidolon.

It doesn't double the damage but adds an extra 100% motion value to the main target.

This Eidolon boosts her single-target damage by about 37%. However, the trigger condition requires only one target, making it less versatile.

E6 Eidolon: Enhanced State Extension

At E6, Jingliu extends her special state, allowing her to potentially cast two ultimates in one rotation.

This is the only scenario where an energy regeneration rope might outweigh an attack percent rope.

Building the Perfect Jingliu: Equipment and Stats

Main Stats and Substats

  • Body Piece: Prioritize Crit Damage, given Jingliu's inherent crit rate boost.
  • Boots: Speed is crucial. With speed boosts, you can easily pass the golden 134-speed breakpoint.
  • Sphere: An Ice Damage sphere is non-negotiable, offering the most significant boost to Jingliu.
  • Rope: Attack percent is generally the way to go, unless you find a way to fit two ultimates in one rotation without her E6.
  • Substats: As other DPS units, you should focus on Crit > Speed > ATK%. You can also build her by stacking HP%, DEF% and Effect RES as she will be targeted more than usual by being a Destruction unit.

Relic Sets

  • Planar Set: Rutilant Arena is the top choice, and you should aim to get an ice damage bonus sphere. You'll easily reach that 70% Crit Rate threshold thanks to her 50% increase in Crit Rate when in enhanced mode. Another viable option would be Firmament Frontline Glamoth if you can reach those 135/160 Speed thresholds.
  • Four-Piece Relic Set: Various options exist, like the four-piece Ice set or the 2-piece Ice set + 2-piece Speed set. But surprisingly, the best relic set for her is the 4-piece Quantum set Genius of Brilliant Stars. Another viable option after the 2.0 update is the Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters set, which surpasses the quantum set if Jingliu's team can consistently apply 3 debuffs to the enemy team.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Jingliu

ATK: 2,500+

Speed: 135+

Crit Rate: 60%+

Crit DMG: 150%+

Best Light Cones

Jingliu Signature Sight Cone I Shall Be My Own Sword Honkai Star Rail

  • Free-to-Play: Herta's Shop light cone "Fall of Aeon" at S5 is a good option, followed by 4-star light cones Secret Vow and Under the Blue.
  • Best in Slot: Jingliu's signature light cone, "I Shall Be My Own Sword," is exceptional, offering a synergy with her team-wide HP consumption mechanic. Other great gacha LC's include Dan Heng IL, Clara and Blade signature light cones.

Team Composition: Finding the Right Allies

Jingliu Trial Team Composition Honkai Star Rail

The Hyper Carry Route

If you're going all-in with Jing Liu as your main damage dealer, Bronya is an ideal partner.

This duo maximizes skill point utilization and provides a much-needed damage boost.

For sustain, Luocha is the perfect fit, and for defense shredding, Pela or Silver Wolf work well with her.

More Accessible Hyper Carry Teams

  1. Asta or Tingyun: Good alternatives to Bronya, offering unique advantages.
  2. Defense Shredder: Stick with Pela or Silver Wolf.
  3. Sustain: Here, you have flexibility. Just ensure the sustain unit can deal with Jingliu's HP drain on allies. Viable options include Lynx, Fu Xuan, Bailu or Gepard.

Flexible Combinations

Jingliu's versatility allows her to be paired with other efficient DPS units.

Blade is an excellent choice as he benefits from Jing Liu's HP consumption.

The key here is to match enemy weaknesses for the most effective team composition, so your second DPS can also be Seele (which will get a rerun this patch), Clara or other budget options.


Jingliu Character Summary Honkai Star Rail

Mastering Jingliu isn't a walk in the park, but the payoff is tremendous.

Whether you're going the hyper-carry route or opting for a balanced team, understanding her mechanics is crucial.

By following this guide, you'll be well on your way to unleashing Jingliu's full potential in Honkai: Star Rail.