Maximizing Hanya in Honkai Star Rail: A Comprehensive Guide

Maximizing Hanya in Honkai Star Rail: A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Welcome to the ultimate guide for mastering Hanya, a character who may appear as a 4-star but performs at a 5-star level.

In this guide, we'll explore every aspect of Hanya's abilities, from her basic attacks to her unique skills and ultimate moves.

Additionally, we'll cover the ideal relics, light cones, and team synergies to maximize her potential.

Let's dive in!

Maximizing Hanya in Honkai Star Rail: A Comprehensive Guide

Overview of Hanya

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Hanya, a 4-star character in Honkai Star Rail, defies expectations with her performance comparable to a 5-star unit.

She is a Physical Harmony unit, a unique combination in the game.

Her distinct abilities and high-speed stats make her a valuable addition to various team compositions, especially those requiring speed and energy management.

Detailed Stats Analysis

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Level 80 Stats

  • HP: 917 - Low survivability, making her susceptible to quick take-downs if not protected.
  • Attack: 564 - Decent attack stat, but not her primary focus.
  • Defense: 352 - Low defense reinforces the need for strategic placement in teams to avoid early knockouts.
  • Speed: 110 - A standout stat, giving her the highest starting speed in the game before gear. This enables quick rotations and fast application of her skills.
  • Energy Cost: 140 - Relatively high, suggesting the need for efficient energy management strategies.

Trace Priority

Trace Bonuses: Focus on enhancing her speed (9 additional speed points), attack (28% increase), and HP (10% boost). The speed bonus is particularly crucial as it directly affects her overall performance and ability rotation speed.

Passives: Her ascension passives offer additional buffs and SP (Skill Points) recovery mechanisms, further enhancing her utility in battles.

Basic Attack & Skill Mechanics

Basic Attack

Simple yet effective single target physical damage, primarily used to complement her skill rotations.

Skill - Samsara, Locked

  • Inflicts damage and applies 'Burden', a debuff that activates her unique skill point recovery mechanism.
  • For every 2 Basic ATKs, Skills, or Ultimates on an enemy with 'Burden', allies recover 1 Skill Point.
  • Her skill counts as a trigger for the '4 Attack' condition, allowing quicker accumulation of skill points.
  • She can trigger this twice before Burden gets dispelled, but reusing the skill on the same target refreshes the debuff and potentially wastes skill points.

Hanya's Talent: Sanction

Sanction activates when an ally targets an enemy affected by Hanya’s 'Burden' debuff with a Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate.

It grants a substantial 30% DMG buff for two turns, which effectively lasts for three turns due to its activation mechanics.

This buff is applied before the ally's attack, enhancing its immediate effectiveness.

Strategic Use: This talent is crucial in maximizing team damage output. It turns Hanya into a powerful support unit, amplifying the impact of other team members' attacks against 'Burdened' enemies.

Ultimate Ability: Ten-Lords’ Decree, All Shall Obey

Speed Increase

Hanya boosts an ally’s speed based on a percentage of her own speed at the time of casting.

This makes her own speed stat critical for maximizing this effect.

Attack Boost

The ultimate also increases an ally’s ATK by up to 60% at level 10, providing a significant enhancement to their damage output.

The ultimate has a duration of 2 turns, but it effectively lasts for 3 turns.

It doesn’t tick down on the turn it’s applied if used during an ally’s turn, extending its active period.

Energy Cost

At 140 energy, strategic energy management is essential to make regular use of this powerful ability.

Traces and Ascension Passives

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First Ascension Passive

Grants allies a 10% ATK bonus when they trigger Skill Point recovery.

This passive synergizes with her skill mechanism but is a bit tricky to use effectively.

Second Passive

It ensures a minimum of 1 SP gain from an enemy marked with 'Burden', which is crucial for maintaining her skill rotation and energy efficiency.

Final Passive

Provides additional energy whenever her SP recovery is triggered, up to 4 bonus energy per skill usage, which is vital for her high-energy-cost abilities.

Trace Bonuses

  • Speed: Her traces add 9 speed, pushing her total pre-gear speed to 119. This is crucial for her rotations and the effectiveness of her ultimate.
  • Attack and HP: The 28% attack increase and 10% HP boost aid her survivability and overall damage output, though speed remains the priority.

Recommended Relics

in game hanya relics and planar ornaments in honkai star rail

Hackerspace Set

Effect: Increases speed, which is crucial for Hanya’s skill rotations and ultimate effectiveness.

The speed boost from Hackerspace not only enhances Hanya's turn frequency but also increases the speed buff she provides through her ultimate.

A 4-piece Hackerspace set is standard, offering a consistent speed boost.

Defensive Relics

To strengthen Hanya’s survivability given her low base defense and HP.

Pairing 2 pieces of a defensive set with Hackerspace can provide a balance between speed and durability.

Break Effect Relics

Using break effect relics can capitalize on Hanya’s frequent attacks, contributing to the team’s overall damage output.

More suited for teams focusing on breaking enemy defenses or when Hanya’s role extends beyond just support.

Best Planar Ornaments

Choosing the right planar ornaments can further enhance Hanya's capabilities:

Broken Keel

Effect: Offers higher effective resistance and boosts team critical damage.

Ideal for teams that rely on critical hits for maximum damage output.

Fleet of the Ageless

Effect: Beneficial for most teams thanks to its teamwide 8% ATK buff, also beneficial for teams that use damage over time (DoT) effects.

Complements Hanya’s role in sustaining longer battles where DoT can multiply.


Effect: Helps tune the first move for a speedy ultimate deployment for DPS units.

Excellent for ensuring that Hanya’s buffs are applied at the most strategic moments in battle.


Effect: Works well alongside a Physical DPS unit, boosting their effectiveness.

Enhances Hanya’s role in a team with a strong Physical DPS focus.

Hanya's Main Stats & Stat Goals

Main Stat Focus

Speed (Boots): Always prioritize speed, as it influences her turn frequency and the effectiveness of her buffs.

Tank Stats (Body Chest and Orb): Enhance her HP and defense to ensure she can withstand enemy attacks.

Stat Goals

HP: Aim for around 3.5k HP to provide adequate survivability.

Defense: Target approximately 1.2k Defense to reduce incoming damage.

Speed: Achieving around 165 Speed is ideal. This ensures she acts quickly, providing timely buffs and skill rotations.

Energy Rope: If not using an energy rope, light cones like Meshing Cogs or Memories of the Past are necessary to maintain her high energy demands. Aim for at least 20%.

Eidolon Analysis

in game hanya eidolon details in honkai star rail

E1 - Forward Momentum

Effect: Grants a 15% advance forward when an ally with Hanya's ultimate buff secures a kill, limited to once per turn.

This Eidolon can be beneficial in battles where frequent kills are expected.

It allows Hanya to generate more Skill Points (SP) by advancing her turns quicker.

Best used in teams where quick eliminations are common, enhancing Hanya’s SP generation and thus her ability to sustain buffs.

E2 - Speed Boost

Effect: Grants Hanya a 20% speed increase after using her skill.

This Eidolon is crucial as it directly impacts the potency of her ultimate.

The increased speed translates to a stronger speed buff for the allied unit.

Highly recommended for maximizing Hanya's buffing capabilities, especially in synergy with her ultimate's speed snapshot mechanic.

E4 - Prolonged Ultimate

Effect: Enhances the utility of her ultimate by extending the buff for an extra turn.

Allows for a more relaxed rotation while maintaining her ultimate's buff, providing flexibility in skill usage.

Improves Hanya's performance when the game's AI controls her actions, making her a more viable choice for automated battles.

E6 - Burden Amplification

Effect: Increases the DMG% bonus from Burden by an extra 10%.

This Eidolon strengthens Hanya's ability to strengthen team damage, making it a significant addition for teams focusing on high damage output.

Recommended Light Cones

in game hanya memories of the past light cone in honkai star rail

But the Battle Isn’t Over

Effect: Tuning the ally's action following Hanya's turn.

This cone is useful when Hanya's ally is fast due to her ultimate buff. However, if the ally becomes too fast, it might not be as effective.

The energy benefit is less than Meshing Cogs, and the SP generation might be redundant with Hanya's already strong SP generation.

Dance Dance Dance

This cone can be effective in auto play, but it may not synergize well with Hanya’s goal of continuously buffing a DPS.

The cone might result in Hanya being too fast for the DPS, potentially interrupting the desired rotation.

Planetary Rendezvous

Exceptionally effective with a Physical DPS in the team.

Amplifies the damage output of the DPS, aligning well with Hanya’s role as a support.

Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds

While not the top choice, it can be a viable option if obtained and fits within the team’s strategy.

Memories of the Past or Meshing Cogs

Both cones provide crucial energy benefits, enabling a more efficient 3-turn rotation for Hanya.

Particularly useful for maintaining a consistent energy supply for Hanya’s high-cost ultimate.

Can be a good fit, especially in a break build setup.

Choosing the Right Cone

Team Dynamics: The choice of the light cone should be influenced by the overall team composition and the role Hanya is expected to play. For teams relying heavily on physical DPS, "Planetary Rendezvous" can be a game-changer.

Rotation and Energy Needs: In scenarios where maintaining a consistent rotation and energy management is critical, "Meshing Cogs" or "Memories of the Past" are excellent choices.

Play Style: If Hanya is used more in auto play modes, "Dance Dance Dance" could be considered for its automation-friendly benefits.

Strong Synergies

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SP-Intensive Teams

Hanya's skill point generation is an advantage for teams that heavily rely on using skills frequently, like the SP-hungry Imbibitor Lunae.

Her ability to replenish SP efficiently allows for more frequent and strategic skill usage by her teammates.

Dual DPS Teams

Hanya excels in dual DPS setups, where she can amplify the damage output of both DPS characters.

Her buffs, especially the ATK% and DMG% increases, significantly boost the overall damage potential of the team.

Speed-Centric Teams

Teams that capitalize on speed to outspeed opponents benefit immensely from Hanya's speed buffs and high base speed.

Her ultimate, which increases an ally's speed based on her own, can be crucial in controlling the battle tempo.

Physical DPS Teams

Hanya's synergy with physical DPS units is notable, particularly when using light cones like "Planetary Rendezvous."

Effective Hanya Teams

in game hanya team setup in honkai star rail

Clara & Topaz Dual DPS Team

In a team with Clara and Topaz, Hanya replaces the need for another buffer like Asta.

She can specifically boost Topaz's speed while increasing the DMG% for both DPS units, enhancing their effectiveness.

Jingliu & Blade Dual DPS Team

In a setup with Jingliu and Blade, Hanya can use her ultimate on Jingliu, allowing for a faster entry into her Spectral state.

Her talent buffs both DPS units, and the team benefits from her SP management.

Jing Yuan Team

Hanya can be a key component in a Jing Yuan-centric team, boosting his speed to ensure he takes two turns before his "Lightning Lord" ability activates.

This setup allows Jing Yuan to perform flawlessly, benefiting from the continuous speed and attack buffs provided by Hanya.

Argenti Team

Paired with Argenti, Hanya can enhance his capabilities, particularly if he's built for ATK% to maximize his ultimate's damage output.

The synergy with Argenti works well, especially when considering the speed bonus from Hanya’s ultimate.

Pros and Cons of Hanya

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Exceptional Speed

Hanya's high base speed allows her to take turns more frequently, enabling faster application of her skills and buffs.

Speed directly enhances the effectiveness of her ultimate, making her a crucial asset for speed-based team strategies.

Skill Point Generation

Her unique ability to generate skill points through the 'Burden' debuff is invaluable for SP-intensive teams.

This effect allows for more frequent skill usage by teammates, enhancing the team's overall combat efficiency.

Versatile Buffing Capabilities

Hanya provides a range of buffs, including ATK% and DMG% increases, benefiting various team compositions.

Her talent offers a substantial damage boost to allies, significantly enhancing their damage output.

Sustainable Ultimate Buffs

With the right setup, Hanya can maintain her ultimate buffs indefinitely, providing consistent support throughout battles.

This ability makes her particularly effective in longer fights where sustained buffing is crucial.

High Synergy in Dual DPS Teams

Her abilities make her a great fit for dual DPS setups, where she can strengthen the damage of both DPS units.

Harmony Path Compatibility

As a Harmony unit, Hanya can use a variety of light cones effectively, increasing her versatility in team compositions.


Low Survivability

Her low base HP and defense make her vulnerable to being quickly taken out by enemies, especially against high-damage bosses.

This vulnerability needs careful team positioning and possibly the use of defensive relics to ensure her longevity in battle.

Complex Skill Management

Hanya's skill set, particularly her SP generation mechanism, requires strategic usage to avoid wasting potential skill points.

Her effectiveness is heavily dependent on the player's ability to manage her rotations and skill applications correctly.

High Energy Cost

Her ultimate has a high energy cost, requiring efficient energy management and specific relics or light cones to maintain consistent usage.

This aspect can limit her versatility in teams that cannot help her energy demands.

Dependency on Eidolons for Optimal Performance

To fully realize her potential, Hanya needs Eidolons, which might require significant investment in pulling for her.

Restrictive Synergies in Certain Team Compositions

While versatile, she may not synergize well with all types of teams, particularly those not reliant on speed or SP management.

Her buffing abilities might be underused in teams where her unique skill set does not align with the team's strategy.

Final Thoughts

Hanya is a powerful and versatile unit in Honkai Star Rail, providing substantial buffs and energy management.

With the right relics, light cones, and team composition, she can be a game-changer in battles.

Whether you're running a single DPS or a dual DPS team, Hanya's unique skill set will provide a significant advantage.

Remember to focus on her speed and survivability to maximize her potential in combat.