Misha's Guide: Building for Maximum Ice Damage

Misha's Guide: Building for Maximum Ice Damage
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Misha emerges as a prime choice for players lacking Jingliu, offering substantial ice coverage, particularly in Memory of Chaos.

Excelling even at E0, Misha's build and team addition are straightforward, so if you don't have Jingliu you'll still have a powerful ice-based character in your roster.

This guide dives into the his best builds to maximize Misha's potential, from critical stats and relics to light cones and team compositions.

Let's jump right in!

Misha's Guide: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Understanding Misha's Skill Set

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Basic Attack: E—Excuse Me, Please!

This basic attack is straightforward, dealing ice damage equivalent to 100% of Misha's ATK to a single enemy.

It's a reliable source of damage, especially when other abilities are on cooldown.

Ideal for consistent damage output and energy gain, serving as a foundation for Misha's more complex abilities.

Skill: R—Room Service

Not only does it deal significant Ice DMG to a primary target and adjacent enemies, but it crucially increases the Hits Per Action for Misha's next Ultimate, enhancing its damage potential.

This skill is key for setting up devastating Ultimate attacks, especially against clustered enemies or when targeting a primary threat with splash damage to its neighbors.

Ultimate: G—Gonna Be Late!

With a base of 3 Hits Per Action, this Ultimate scales in damage potential based on the Skill Points consumed prior to its execution, up to a maximum of 10 Hits Per Action.

Each hit carries a chance to freeze the target, rendering them inactive and susceptible to additional ice damage at the start of their turn.

This control aspect is essential for reducing enemy attacks and setting up follow-up strategies.

Talent: Horological Escapement

By regenerating energy and adding hits to the next Ultimate per Skill Point used by any ally, this talent synergizes perfectly with Misha's overall kit, encouraging skill use among teammates to maximize Misha's Ultimate efficacy.

This talent allows for strategic planning around Skill Point usage, emphasizing the importance of timing and coordination within the team to optimize Misha's Ultimate's impact.

Technique: Wait, You Are So Beautiful!

By creating a dimension that stops enemy actions, this technique not only provides crowd control but also increases the Hits Per Action for Misha's next Ultimate, further increasing his damage output.

The dimension's ability to stop enemy actions even before battle begins offers a preemptive advantage, ensuring Misha can capitalize on the increased Ultimate boost from the start.

Talent Priority


Given its significant damage potential and the ability to freeze enemies, prioritizing Misha's ultimate can drastically increase his effectiveness in battles.

The multi-hit nature of this ability, coupled with the chance to freeze, makes it a cornerstone of his kit.


This skill not only deals direct damage but also enhances Misha's ultimate by increasing its hits per action.

Leveling up this skill ensures higher damage output and sets the stage for a devastating ultimate attack.


Misha's talent synergizes directly with his skill and ultimate by further increasing the hits per action for his ultimate every time an ally uses a skill point.

Additionally, it regenerates energy for Misha, allowing for more frequent use of his ultimate.

While not as immediately impactful as his ultimate or skill, this talent facilitates the rotation that enables Misha to reach his maximum damage potential.

Basic Attack

Lastly, Misha's basic attack should be the lowest priority.

While it contributes to his overall damage, the primary focus should be on maximizing the effectiveness of his skill and ultimate, which are the main drivers of his damage output.

Misha's Optimal Stats and Relics

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Relic Sets

Hunter of Glacial Forest Set

This set boosts ice damage by 10% and CRIT DMG by 25% when Misha uses his ultimate, aligning perfectly with his role as an ice damage dealer.

The CRIT DMG bonus complements his third Ascension passive, which increases CRIT DMG against frozen enemies.

Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters Set

While more situational, this set increases damage dealt to enemies by 12% and further boosts CRIT Rate and DMG when inflicting or targeting debuffed enemies.

This set becomes more effective in teams where Misha can reliably inflict debuffs or in synergy with other debuffing characters.

Two-Piece Combinations

For more flexibility or while farming for ideal sets, combining two pieces of Ice Damage Bonus sets with two pieces of Attack, DMG, or Speed sets can also work well, offering a balance of damage and critical hit potential.

Planar Ornaments

Inert Salsotto

Increases CRIT Rate by 8% and Ultimate and follow-up attack DMG by 15% when CRIT Rate reaches 50% or higher.

This ornament is ideal for boosting Misha's CRIT capability and enhancing the damage of his ultimate.

Rutilant Arena

Boosts CRIT Rate by 8% and increases Basic ATK and Skill DMG by 20% when CRIT Rate is 70% or higher.

While focusing more on CRIT Rate, it also enhances the damage of his skill, useful for setups prioritizing his skill usage.

Firmament Frontline: Glamoth

Increases ATK by 12% and further boosts DMG when Misha's speed is 135/160, fitting for players aiming to fine-tune speed to maximize his damage output and action frequency.

Space Sealing Station

Ideal for players focusing on ATK, it boosts ATK by 12% and grants an additional ATK increase when Misha's SPD reaches 120 or higher, complementing strategies that boosts Misha's speed for more frequent attacks.

Main Stats Priority

  • CRIT Rate (Body): Ensuring Misha has a high CRIT Rate is key to capitalize on his damage potential, especially considering his abilities that benefit from critical hits.
  • Speed (Boots): Speed is crucial for Misha to act more frequently in battle, allowing for quicker application of his freeze effects and more frequent use of his damaging skills and ultimate.
  • Ice Damage (Orb): An orb that increases ice damage directly boosts Misha’s elemental damage output, making his attacks hit harder against all foes, especially those weak to ice.
  • ATK% (Rope): Enhancing Misha's ATK stat increases the overall damage of his attacks, making this a reliable choice for his rope.

Substats Priority

  • Critical Rate and Critical Damage: After ensuring a solid CRIT Rate through his main stats, focusing on both CRIT Rate and CRIT Damage as substats further increases the impact of his critical hits. The balance between these two depends on reaching a CRIT Rate that ensures reliable critical hits, after which priority shifts towards maximizing CRIT Damage for greater damage spikes.
  • ATK%: Next in line, boosting ATK% through substats increases Misha’s damage output across all his abilities, making each hit pack a more significant punch.
  • Speed: Any additional speed on top of his boots helps Misha take turns more often, which is crucial for applying his freeze effects more frequently and cycling through his abilities faster.
  • Effect Hit Rate: Although not as critical due to Misha's innate abilities enhancing his freeze chances, having some effect hit rate can ensure his freeze effects land against enemies with higher resistance, making it a useful tertiary focus.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Misha

ATK: 2,300+

Speed: 135+

Crit DMG: 120%+

Crit Rate: 60%+

Light Cone Choices

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Best in Slot: On the Fall of an Aeon

This Light Cone significantly boosts Misha's attack, aligning perfectly with his role as a damage dealer.

Each time he inflicts a weakness break on enemies, it provides a damage boost, synergizing well with his ability to deal substantial ice damage and potentially break enemies' toughness bars.

The increased ATK% directly increases Misha's damage output, making his ice attacks and ultimate more devastating.

Alternative Choices

Under the Blue Sky

Useful for providing a significant attack boost and crit rate increase whenever Misha defeats an enemy.

This Light Cone is especially beneficial in battles where Misha can secure kills, maximizing his damage potential in prolonged fights or against multiple foes.

The Mole Welcomes You

Boosts Misha's attack when he lands a basic attack, skill or ultimate.

To fully use this light cone's potential, Misha needs to do a basic attack which may not be ideal.

Secret Vow

Offers a straightforward 20% damage boost, enhancing Misha's overall damage output without specific conditions.

Its simplicity makes it a versatile choice, suitable for various battle scenarios where additional effects or conditional boosts are not as reliable.

Nowhere to Run (Battle Pass Light Cone)

This Light Cone is a viable option if the primary choices are taken by other characters or not available.

It provides a decent attack boost and enhances survivability, although its full potential might not be as aligned with maximizing Misha's ice damage as other options.

Team Composition Strategies

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Core Strategy

Misha excels in teams that can exploit ice weaknesses, maximize his ultimate's hits, and ensure he frequently uses his skills for optimal damage.

His ability to freeze enemies adds a layer of control, making it crucial to pair him with characters who can either increase this control or benefit from the debuffs Misha applies.

Recommended Teammates


Provides defense shred and ice resistance reduction, making her an ideal partner for Misha.

Her ability to lower enemy defenses and specifically target ice weaknesses enhances Misha's damage output significantly.


Acts as an energy battery, crucial for enabling Misha to frequently use his 100-energy cost ultimate.

Tingyun's energy regeneration and attack buffs directly support Misha's DPS role.


As a sustain support, Huohuo complements Misha by providing skill point recovery and team-wide buffs.

Her healing ensures the team's longevity, while her buffs to attack and skill points enable Misha to maintain high DPS and ultimate frequency.


Silverwolf's debuffs synergize well with Misha's kit, especially if focusing on quantum weaknesses.

Her ability to apply multiple debuffs enhances Misha's damage through his E2 Ascension passive, which benefits from enemies having more debuffs.

Dual DPS

Consider pairing Misha with another DPS that complements ice damage or can target different elemental weaknesses.

This approach allows for versatility in tackling various enemy types and maximizing overall team damage output.

Synergistic Buffers

Characters like Ruan Mei offer team-wide buffs that can significantly boost Misha's damage potential.

Ruan Mei's buffs to damage and resistance penetration ensure that Misha's hits are more effective against tough enemies.

Using Sustain Units

Depending on the battle's difficulty and length, incorporating a sustain character like Lynx or Fu Xuan can be crucial.

They provide healing and additional utility, ensuring Misha and the team can withstand longer fights.

Misha's Eidolons Overview

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E1: Whimsicality of Fancy

Significantly boosts Misha's Ultimate's potential damage by increasing the Hits Per Action (HPA) based on the number of enemies on the field.

This Eidolon is crucial for maximizing damage output in both single-target and multi-target situations.

It ensures that Misha's Ultimate can reach its maximum hit count more easily, making it ideal for boss fights or clearing groups of enemies.

E2: Yearning of Youth

Adds a debuff utility to Misha's Ultimate, giving him a chance to reduce the target's defense before each hit lands.

This defensive reduction enhances the overall team's damage output, especially in prolonged battles where Misha's Ultimate is used multiple times.

The 24% base chance aligns well with his role as a DPS, making him more valuable in teams that lack consistent debuff applications.

E4: Visage of Kinship

Significantly increases the damage multiplier for each hit of the Ultimate by 6%, directly amplifying Misha's damage per hit.

This Eidolon is particularly effective in maximizing the efficiency of each Ultimate's action, especially when combined with E1 to achieve a high number of hits per Ultimate use.

E6: Estrangement of Dream

Provides a significant damage boost during Misha's Ultimate use and offers team-wide support by recovering a Skill Point the next time his Skill is used.

This Eidolon is invaluable for increasing Misha's damage during critical moments and enhancing the team's overall skill rotation efficiency.

Maximizing Misha's Ice Damage Potential

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Ultimate Optimization

Optimize Misha’s talent to increase hits per action on his ultimate by coordinating skill point usage among allies.

Maximizing the hit count before unleashing his ultimate is key to unleashing his full damage potential.

Freeze Strategy

Use Misha’s ability to freeze enemies strategically, especially for controlling powerful bosses or reducing damage from large groups.

Ensure his ultimate’s first hit, which has an increased freeze chance, targets the most threatening enemy.

Skill and Ultimate Rotation

Keep Misha’s skill and ultimate rotation tight and consistent.

Use his skill to boost the hit count of his next ultimate, and ensure he has enough energy to unleash his ultimate at maximum power.

Final Thoughts on Misha

Misha's straightforward build and relic guidelines, combined with his flexibility in team compositions, make him an invaluable asset if you're seeking ice element coverage.

By focusing on Crit Stats, Speed, and Ice Damage, and strategically pairing her with complementary teammates, you can maximize Misha's ice damage output, making her a formidable force in Memory of Chaos and beyond.