Building Luka in Honkai Star Rail: A Comprehensive Guide

Building Luka in Honkai Star Rail: A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
February 28, 2024

Welcome to the ultimate guide for building Luka in Honkai Star Rail.

Whether you're a veteran or a newbie to the game, this guide offers in-depth analysis, strategies, and insights to help you maximize Luka's capabilities.

We'll explore different ways to build Luka, focusing on his ATK% build and Effect Hit Rate build, light cones, relics, and team compositions.

Let's get to it!

Building Luka in Honkai Star Rail: A Comprehensive Guide

Luka Summary Honkai Star Rail

Introduction: Luka and Kafka Pairing

Luka just came out and pairs exceptionally well with Kafka.

There are two primary ways to build Luka.

Let's explore these options and how to enhance his basic attack:

Luka's Talent Description Honkai Star Rail

Attack Percent Build

Focuses on maximizing Luka's Attack.

Recommended to prioritize ATK% over Effect Hit Rate.

Uses abilities like Enhanced Basic Attack for added damage.

Effect Hit Rate Build

Requires 67% extra Effect Hit Rate to deal two additional attacks.

A secondary approach that can be effective but demands precise building.

Luka's Best Light Cones: A Closer Look

Building Luka in Honkai Star Rail requires not just understanding his abilities and playstyle, but also selecting the right light cones to enhance his performance.

Luka's Abilities Summary Honkai Star Rail

Light cones play a vital role in customizing Luka to your unique strategy.

Here, we'll go into the best light cones for Luka, focusing on both his ATK% build and Effect Hit Rate build.

For the Attack Percent Build

Good Night and Sleep Well

What It Does: This light cone amplifies the wearer's damage by 12% for each debuff/DoT on the target, stacking up to three times for a maximum of 36% at the base level.

Why It's the Best: It works particularly well for Luka's ATK% version, making it the top choice for this build.

Availability: 4-star Light Cone that can only be pulled through the gacha system, meaning it requires luck to obtain.

Eyes of the Prey
Luka's Eyes of the Prey Light Cone onkai Star Rail

What It Does: This cone boosts the wearer's effect hit rate by 20% and increases DoT by 24%.

Why It's Great: Though not as powerful as Good Night and Sleep Well, it's a versatile choice that ranks as his second best for the ATK% build.

Availability: Same as before, 4-star Light Cone only available through the gacha system.

For the Effect Hit Rate Build

Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat

What It Does: When the wearer lands a hit on an enemy not already ensnared, there's a 60% base chance to ensnare the target, decreasing their defense by 12% for a turn.

Why It's the Best: This cone synergizes exceptionally well with Luka's Ascension 6 ability, allowing for additional attacks. It's the top choice for the Effect Hit Rate build.

Additional Note: This cone is only optimal for the Effect Hit Rate version of Luka.

Runner-Up Cones

In the Name of the World

What It Does: Increases wearer's damage to debuffed enemies by 24% and attack by 24%, while also increasing Effect Hit Rate for this attack by 18%.

Why It's Useful: It's tailored to Luka's Effect Hit Rate build, as his skill will have a higher chance to inflict bleeding.


What It Does: Increases the Break Effect dealt by the wearer by 16% and their damage to enemies with shock or wind shear by 16%.

Why It's Useful: Though better suited for Kafka and Sampo, it's another good option that still benefits Luka in DoT team comps.

Check out what a F2P Luka is capable of:

Best Relics for Luka

When it comes to fine-tuning Luka's performance in Honkai Star Rail, the selection of relics is as critical as abilities and light cones.

These relics offer unique enhancements that amplify Luka's attributes, whether you're focusing on Attack Percent or Effect Hit Rate.

In this detailed analysis, we'll explore Luka's best relics for each build, highlighting the synergy and impact they offer.

For the Attack Percent Build

Luka's Best Relic Set Honkai Star Rail
The Physical Set

What It Does: Increases Physical Damage by 10% and the wearer's attack after each hit they take or attack they make, up to 25%.

Why It's an Option: It maximizes the attack percent build by heavily increasing Luka's attack and damage output.

Prisoner in Deep Confinement Set

What It Does: Increases ATK by 12% and for every DOT the enemy is afflicted with, he ignores 6% of the target's DEF (up to 3 times).

Why It's an Option: It maximizes the ATK% Luka build by increasing Luka's damage output by buffing himself and debuffing enemy DEF.

The Physical and Musketeer Set Combo

What It Does: Offers a pure attack buff, making it a viable option if you're looking for a split build with two pieces from the physical set and two from the Musketeer set.

Why It's an Option: Although not maximizing Attack percent like the full physical set, it's a potential alternative choice.

Space Sealing Station/Firmament Frontline Glamoth Planar Ornament Set

What It Does: These sets increase Luka's attack by 24%-30% when his speed reaches 120-160 respectively.

Why It's the Best: This set boosts Luka's physical damage and align with a strategy that focuses on ATK% and Speed.

Main Stat Focus: Physical Damage for the orb and ATK% for the rope, complemented by substats like ATK%, Speed, and possibly Crit Rate.

For the Effect Hit Rate Build

Same relic set as the ATK% build. For the Planetery Ornament Set you'll want:

Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise

What It Does: This set enhances Luka's Effect Hit Rate by 10%, and his Attack increases by an amount equal to 25% of his current Effect Hit Rate (up to 25%).

Why It's the Best: This set is tailored for Luka's Effect Hit Rate build, making sure that bleeding lands consistently.

Main Stat Focus: Physical Damage for the orb and ATK% for the rope, with substats including ATK%, Break Effect, Speed, and Effect Hit Rate.

Body Piece, Boots, and Planar Ornaments Stats

ATK% Build: Focus on ATK% for the main stat, then ATK%, Speed, Break Effect, and Crit Rate for substats.

Effect Hit Rate Build: Aim for Effect Hit Rate as main stat, with substats like ATK%, Speed, Break Effect, and Effect Hit Rate.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Luka

ATK: 2,500+

Speed: 135+

Effect Hit Rate: 67%

Break Effect: 120%

Team Compositions

Luka's Example Team Composition Honkai Star Rail

Building a Luka team inherently means pairing with Kafka.

This in-depth guide will explore some of the most effective team compositions for Luka, considering various roles and dynamics.

The Unbreakable Duo: Luka and Kafka

Luka and Kafka are almost inseparable, designed to work together seamlessly.

The pairing allows for various strategies, whether focusing on three DoT characters or balancing with a support unit and two DoT units.

Support Options: Enhancing Luka's Abilities

Asta offers a speed boost, complementing teams that already have speed built into them.

Tingyun provides a superior attack buff, potentially dealing more damage than Asta's speed bonus.

Pela & Silver Wolf are great for debuffing enemies, thus increasing the damage dealt by Luka's DoTs.

Healing Choices: Sustaining the Team

Bailu & Luocha ensure that the team doesn't get annihilated to damage, with Luocha offering near immortality.

Gepard is similar to Bailu and Luocha, he ensures the team's survival with his shields.

Natasha (F2P Alternative) is a viable option if other healers are unavailable, offering a strong break effect and working well on a DoT team.

Experimental Compositions: Luka, Kafka, and Sampo

An interesting possibility to explore is running Luka, Kafka, and Sampo simultaneously.

This combination offers a new dynamic of having three DoTs active at the same time.

Alternative Team Builds

Depending on the available characters and preferred playing style, the support and healer slots offer flexibility.

Characters like Pela, Silver Wolf, Bailu, Luocha, Gepard, and Natasha can be mixed and matched to create different dynamics.

Final Thoughts: Crafting the Perfect Luka

Luka's Details Honkai Star Rail

Building Luka in Honkai: Star Rail requires careful planning and a deep understanding of the game's mechanics.

Whether focusing on Attack percent or Effect Hit Rate, this guide has detailed the best strategies to create a versatile and powerful Luka.

Don't forget to experiment with different team compositions, and don't be afraid to craft and adapt based on your unique playstyle.