The Definitive Lynx Guide: Best Builds and Team Synergies

The Definitive Lynx Guide: Best Builds and Team Synergies
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

The introduction of Lynx completes the "Landau Trio" in Honkai Star Rail.

She is your go-to 4-star defensive support, always ready to back up her team with powerful healing and cleansing.

This guide will dive deep into how to optimize Lynx’s potential, covering her skills, Eidolons, Relic choices, Light Cone builds, and team synergies.

Let's dive in!

Ultimate Lynx Guide: Best Relics, Light Cones, and Teammates in Honkai Star Rail

Lynx Abilities Summary Honkai Star Rail

Lynx's Core Abilities

1. The Basics: Lynx's Role and Nature

Lynx is a four-star Quantum Abundance unit.

Her primary role?

Offering a comprehensive survival package that ranges from healing to debuff cleansing and aggro manipulation.

2. Attack Dynamics

Lynx's basic attack inflicts Quantum damage.

This damage scales only with your max HP, making attack stats non relevant for her.

Lynx Stat Details Honkai Star Rail

3. Skill: How Survival Response Works?

Lynx's Skill Salted Camping Cans Honkai Star Rail
  • Skill Healing Mechanism: Lynx’s skill restores health to one ally, the value being a mix of a portion of her own max HP and an added constant (similar to Bailu).
  • Survival Response: Post healing, the affected team member gains "Survival Response" for two turns. This increases their HP based on Lynx's health. If the target is a Destruction or Preservation unit, they become a more likely target for enemies.

4. The Ultimate: A Two-in-One Package

Lynx's Ultimate Animation Honkai Star Rail

Lynx’s ultimate provides healing to the entire team.

Plus, it has the added advantage of removing one debuff from every team member.

This is invaluable against enemies with AOE debuffing capabilities.

5. Talent and Technique

Lynx's Technique Animation Honkai Star Rail

Lynx’s talent offers consistent healing.

Any ally that benefits from her skill or ultimate gets a "healing over time" effect for two rounds.

If they're under the "Survival Response" effect, this healing amplifies.

This talent is granted to all allies when starting a battle after using her technique.

Ascension Abilities

Lynx’s ascension abilities improve her utility:

  1. Ascension 2: Regenerates 2 energy if an ally under "Survival Response" gets hit.
  2. Ascension 4: Boosts Lynx's CC debuff resistance by 35%.
  3. Ascension 6: Extends the healing-over-time effect provided by her talent by one turn.

Eidolons: Enhancing Lynx’s Support Role

Lynx is already a formidable support at E0.

However, specific Eidolons improve her viability:

  • E1: Enhances healing and continuous healing for allies below 50% HP.
  • E2: Adds debuff resistance to "Survival Response" targets for 1 time.
  • E4: Provides an attack boost based on Lynx's Max HP to allies affected by "Survival Response".
  • E6: Increases the Max HP bonus of "Survival Response" and adds 30% Effect Resistance.
Lynx's Eidolon 6 Dawn of Explorers' Chart Honkai Star Rail

Best Relic Sets for Lynx

Optimizing Main Stats

Body Piece

Outgoing Healing: For those aiming for the maximum healing output. This is particularly useful if you're looking for Lynx to be your primary healer.

HP%: A versatile choice that not only boosts Lynx's survivability but also enhances her "Survival Response" Max HP buff.

Feet Piece

Speed: A critical stat to allow Lynx to reach higher speed breakpoints. This results in faster skill point and energy generation, making sure she's always ready to use her healing skills.

Planar Sphere

HP%: It’s the go-to choice, further boosting her healing potential.

Link Rope

ERR (Energy Regeneration Rate): It reduces her ultimate's regen time, ensuring her powerful heal and cleanse ability is available more frequently.

HP%: As before, more HP improves her healing capabilities.

Relic Set Combos

Lynx Relic Set Example Build Honkai Star Rail
Two-piece Combos

Hackerspace, Wandering Cloud or Longevous Disciple: This gives you the flexibility to pick relics with the best main and sub-stats as all those 3 sets are good for her.

Full Sets

Messenger Traversing Hacker Space (4-piece): Provides a speed bonus for one turn when Lynx's ultimate is used, benefiting the entire team.

Passerby of Wandering Cloud (4-piece): Offers an extra skill point at the start of the battle. Paired with the Musketeer set, this relic set is efficient to farm.

Planar Ornaments

Fleet of the Ageless: Provides a team-wide attack bonus at 120 speed, making it a suitable choice for those looking to balance support and offense.

Broken Keel: Increases Lynx's effect resistance and provides a team-wide Crit Damage bonus. This is especially beneficial if you're using Lynx in a team where debuff resistance is crucial.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Lynx

Speed: 135+

Energy Regen: 20%+

Best Light Cones for Lynx

Three-star Options

Multiplication: A top choice for those on a budget. Since Lynx will often rely on basic attacks, this light cone ensures she benefits from faster turn cycling.

Four-star Options

Lynx's Light Cone Post-Op Conversation Honkai Star Rail

Perfect Timing: Enhances Lynx's effect resistance and provides a universal outgoing healing bonus. Great paired with Broken Keel. This light cone is also great for teams facing enemies with a lot of debuffs.

Post-Op Conversation: Boosts Lynx's energy regeneration rate and her ultimate's outgoing healing bonus. This makes her ultimate even more potent.

Quid Pro Quo: Available in the Forgotten Hall shop, it offers a unique energy mechanic, though its healing bonuses aren't as good.

Five-star Options

Time Waits for No One: While it has the highest base stats and offers a universal outgoing healing bonus, it's not recommended to spend Starlight currency on this. The three and four-star options already provide amazing benefits.

Best Teammates for Lynx

Lynx's Example Team Composition Honkai Star Rail

1. Characters Benefiting from HP Scaling

Blade: With skills scaling off HP, Blade becomes a formidable damage dealer when paired with Lynx. The increased HP from Lynx's Survival Response can significantly boost Blade's damage output.

2. Destruction Units with Follow-Up Attack Mechanics

Clara: Clara likes being targeted, as it triggers her follow-up attack mechanics. Lynx's aggro buff from the Survival Response can be used strategically to make Clara a more frequent target, allowing her to counter-attack more often.

Blade: As mentioned, Blade not only benefits from HP scaling but also has mechanics that get triggered when targeted. Lynx's aggro boost is immensely beneficial for him.

3. Preservation Units

Gepard & Fu Xuan: Preservation units like these are used to absorb a considerable amount of damage. Pairing them with Lynx can make them even more durable, especially with Lynx’s HP buffs. However, using both Lynx and another preservation unit might feel like overkill in terms of survival, but it's an option for those who prefer a more defensive approach.

4. Quantum Units

Silver Wolf: When paired with Lynx, the team can better control the elemental chances of triggering her weakness implant. This makes it easier to exploit enemy weaknesses and deal increased damage.

Seele or Qingque: If you're focusing on breaking Quantum weak enemies faster, having a Quantum DPS alongside Lynx can be beneficial.

5. General Use

Lynx, with her universal healing, Max HP buff, and debuff control, fits seamlessly into most teams.

Her versatility means that while there are units she synergizes exceptionally well with, she's also a solid choice for any team lacking a reliable healer or cleanser.

When integrating Lynx into your team, it's crucial to remember her strengths and how they can complement or boost the capabilities of other units.

Whether it's amplifying damage through HP scaling, providing debuff protection, or ensuring that specific units are targeted more frequently, understanding these dynamics will be key to crafting a well-synchronized team.

Auto-play Behavior of Lynx

Lynx's auto-play behavior mirrors that of Natasha and Bailu.

She reacts primarily based on teammates’ HP thresholds.

It's functional but lacks optimal decision-making healing and cleansing.

Concluding Thoughts

Lynx Character Summary Honkai Star Rail

Lynx is a gem of a support in Honkai Star Rail.

Her team-wide debuff cleanse and enhanced survival potential make her invaluable.

Whether you’re a veteran looking to diversify your team or a newbie in search of a reliable healer, Lynx is worth the investment.