Mastering Huohuo in Honkai Star Rail: A Complete Guide

Mastering Huohuo in Honkai Star Rail: A Complete Guide
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Huohuo, a 5-star wind unit released with Honkai: Star Rail's version 1.5, stands out with her exceptional abilities.

Combining Lynx's cleansing power, Luocha's out-of-turn healing, Bailu's on-demand healing, and Tingyun's energy and damage boost, she's a game-changer in any team composition.

This comprehensive guide covers her skillset, Eidolons, best Relic and Light Cone builds, team compositions, and gameplay strategies.

Let's dive in!

Mastering Huohuo in Honkai Star Rail: Our Ultimate Guide

Huohuo Skillset Honkai Star Rail

Huohuo's Kit, Traces, and Ascension Abilities: A Comprehensive Breakdown

Kit and Traces

Basic Attack: Deals wind damage based on Max HP.

Skill - Healing and Debuff Cleansing: Targets three allies, with the main target receiving more healing and immediate debuff removal.

Divine Provision Talent: Grants healing over time and debuff cleansing to allies when they start their turn or use their ultimate.

Ultimate - Energy and Attack Buffs: Costs 140 energy. Restores a percentage of allies' energy and increases attack for two turns.

Technique: Inflicts Horror-Struck on enemies, reducing their attack power at battle start by 25% for 2 turns.

Ascension Abilities

Ascension 2: Grants Divine Provision for one turn at battle start. Enhances immediate healing and cleansing capabilities.

Ascension 4: Increases Huohuo's Crowd Control debuff resistance by 35%.

Ascension 6: Regenerates one energy when Divine Provision triggers. Essential for faster ultimate recharge.

Trace Priority

Huohuo Ultimate Ability Description Honkai Star Rail

Ultimate Trace: Should be leveled first for enhanced energy and attack buffs.

Skill and Talent Traces: Important for improving healing multipliers. Secondary priority after the Ultimate Trace.

Basic Attack Trace: Less critical and can be left at lower levels to keep resources.

Huohuo's Eidolons

Eidolon 1 (E1)

Divine Provision Extension: Adds an extra turn to Divine Provision, boosting passive healing potential.

Speed Boost: Grants a 12% speed bonus to all allies while Divine Provision is active, aiding in faster turn cycles.

Eidolon 2 (E2)

Revive Mechanism: Offers up to two revives per battle when an ally falls while Divine Provision is active. This significantly enhances team survivability.

Eidolon 4 (E4)

Healing Boost: Strengthens healing effects on lower HP allies, providing better support in critical situations.

Eidolon 6 (E6)

Damage Buff: Allies receive a 50% damage increase for two turns after being healed by Huohuo, significantly boosting team damage output.

Relic Build: Stats & Sets

Key Stat Priorities

  • HP: Key to enhancing her healing abilities, as many scale with her Max HP.
  • Speed: Vital for ensuring faster turn cycling, skill point generation, and energy management.
  • Energy Regeneration Rate (ERR): Crucial for maintaining a consistent ultimate recharge cycle.
  • Effect Resistance: Helps in preventing debuffs on Huohuo, ensuring her consistent support capabilities.

Recommended Relic Sets

  • Two-Piece Combos: Focus on Speed (Hackerspace), HP (Longevous Disciple), or Outgoing Healing (Wandering Cloud) for flexibility in main and substats. Easier to farm than a full 4-pice set.
  • Four-Piece Set - Passerby of Wandering Cloud: Provides a healing bonus and an extra skill point at battle start, optimizing skill point management.
  • Four-Piece Set - Messenger Traversing Hacker Space: Offers team-wide speed bonus post-ultimate use, enhancing team dynamics.

Planar Ornaments

  • Fleet of the Ageless: Boosts HP and team-wide attack, beneficial for Huohuo's role.
  • Broken Keel: Enhances effect resistance and critical damage for the team, supporting both survival and offensive capabilities.

Optimizing Huohuo's Relic Build

  • Balancing Stats: Ensure a good mix of HP, speed, and ERR to maximize her effectiveness. You should aim for at least 6k HP, 135 Speed and 20% Energy Regen for optimal usage.
  • Set Synergy: Choose sets that complement her abilities and your team's requirements.
  • Substat Focus: Look for relics with desirable substats that align with her primary roles in healing and energy management.

Energy & Rotation Strategy

Energy Dynamics

Ultimate Recharge Time: Typically, Huohuo's ultimate recharges in four turns, with the help of her Ascension 6 ability and enough Energy Regeneration Rate (ERR).

SP Neutral Rotation: Alternating between her skill and basic attack guarantees a four-turn recharge and consistent Divine Provision uptime.

SP Positive Rotation: Involves using one skill and three basic attacks, reducing energy gain and resulting in Divine Provision downtime.

Maximizing Efficiency

ERR Importance: Achieving target ERR breakpoints is crucial for a consistent four-turn ultimate recharge.

Team Synergy: Combining her energy generation with characters like Tingyun optimizes team dynamics for faster rotations.

Huohuo's Light Cones: Enhancing Her Abilities

Best Light Cones for Huohuo

Hey, Over Here (4-star, Free Event Light Cone): Focuses on HP and outgoing healing enhancement. Ideal for improving Huohuo's healing capabilities.

Quid Pro Quo (Free-to-Play Friendly): Provides energy support to allies with less than 50% energy. Enhances Huohuo's role as an energy battery.

Perfect Timing (4-star, Gacha): Increases effect resistance and outgoing healing based on effect resistance. Balances debuff prevention and healing improvement.

Shared Feeling (Energy Generation Focus): Provides a team-wide energy boost when Huohuo casts her skill. A versatile option for improving healing and energy support.

Post-Op Conversation (4-star, Gacha): Increases ERR, which can lead to a 3-turn ultimate rotation at the expense of less healing and overall utility.

Time Waits for No One (5-star Standard): Offers substantial HP and universal outgoing healing bonuses. Ideal for maximizing healing power, though lower-tier options are also effective.

Night of Fright (Signature, 5-star): High base stats with energy regeneration rate (ERR) and additional healing. Best for enhancing overall healing and buffing. It's also the only Abundance light cone that increases allies' ATK, making it a solid choice to pull for.

Huohuo Best Light Cone Night of Fright Honkai Star Rail

Team Compositions with Huohuo

Hyper Carry Teams: Huohuo supports high DPS characters with low SP consumption. She pairs well with various DPS units like Jingliu and Jing Yuan, enhancing their abilities through her energy and attack boosts.

DOT (Damage Over Time) Teams: Huohuo's party-wide attack buff benefits DOT DPS units like Kafka, maximizing damage output.

Energy-Abundant Teams: Pairing with other energy generators like Tingyun creates a dynamic energy cycle, beneficial for frequent ultimate uses.

Mono Wind Teams: In a team with wind DPS like Blade, Huohuo's buffs are especially effective. This composition can be limited by the current roster but may expand with new releases.

Balanced Teams: Huohuo can fit into most team setups due to her universal healing, cleansing, and energy restoration abilities.

Huohuo's Auto-Battle Behavior

Healing Priority: Tends to use her basic attack when allies are healthy and her skill for healing when needed.

Ultimate Usage: Automatically uses her ultimate when ready, aiding in consistent energy management.

Skill Point Management: Occasionally, AI may mismanage skill points, leading to missed opportunities for healing or refreshing Divine Provision.

Positioning Considerations: Proper team placement maximizes energy gain from enemy AOE attacks and Huohuo's splash healing targets.

Pros and Cons of Huohuo

Huohuo Character Summary Honkai Star Rail


  • Versatility: Huohuo excels as a solo sustain support, suitable for various team compositions.
  • Healing and Cleansing: Offers robust healing and frequent debuff cleansing.
  • Buffing Abilities: Her hybrid role provides additional team buffs, enhancing overall team performance.
  • Energy Restoration: Her ultimate ability significantly helps in energy management for the team.


  • Lack of Emergency Healing: Huohuo doesn't have an instant healing or debuff removal except during ultimate use, which might be a drawback in critical situations.
  • SP Rotation: Her SP neutral rotation may not be ideal for SP-hungry teams, and an SP positive rotation leads to potential talent downtime.
  • Break Ability: Limited in breaking enemy toughness, which may be a minor issue depending on team composition.

Is Huohuo Worth Pulling?

Huohuo Warp Banner Honkai Star Rail

Existing Roster: If you already have robust sustain characters like Luocha or Fu Xuan, Huohuo might be of lower priority.

Roster Needs: For players lacking a strong sustain unit, especially a five-star, Huohuo is a valuable addition.

Team Dynamics: Her ability to fit into various team setups makes her a versatile choice.

Conclusion: The Value of Huohuo

Huohuo is an excellent sustain character, providing robust healing and unique buffing capabilities.

She’s an ideal choice for players looking to improve their roster with a versatile support unit.

Her abilities not only ensure survival but also enhance overall team performance, making her a valuable asset in most team compositions.