Mastering Dr. Ratio: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Dr. Ratio: A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Dr. Ratio, the new FREE 5-star Imaginary Hunt unit in Honkai: Star Rail, is a game-changer for players seeking to clear the toughest content.

This guide goes into the optimal ways to use and build this powerful character everyone can claim.

Let's dive in!

Mastering Dr. Ratio in Honkai: Star Rail: A Comprehensive Guide

Dr. Ratio's Skill Set and Combat Efficiency

in game dr. ratio abilities preview in honkai star rail

Skill: Intellectual Midwifery

Dr. Ratio's primary skill inflicts significant damage on a single target.

The skill’s potency is further enhanced by his talent, which grants a 40% fixed chance for a follow-up attack, increasing dramatically with each debuff on the enemy.

Follow-Up Attack Mechanism

Each debuff on the enemy increases the chance of a follow-up attack by 20%. With three debuffs, this ensures a guaranteed follow-up.

These follow-up attacks are crucial for maximizing Dr. Ratio’s damage output.

Ultimate Ability: Syllogistic Paradox

His ultimate skill not only deals heavy damage but also applies a unique debuff.

When a teammate attacks an enemy with this debuff, it triggers a follow-up attack from Dr. Ratio, compounding his damage potential.

Traces and Their Enhancement of Abilities

Increased Debuff Chance: One of Dr. Ratio’s traces increases the base chance to reduce enemy effect resistance, effectively granting him an additional debuff.

Crit Rate and Damage Buffs: Another trace boosts his crit rate and damage based on the number of debuffs on the enemy, stacking up to six times. This trace significantly amplifies his overall damage output.

Damage Boost: His A6 trace increases damage dealt up to 50%, depending on how many debuffs the enemy has.

Trace Leveling Priority

Talent Trace: Prioritize upgrading his talent trace for the most significant increase in damage. This trace directly impacts his follow-up attack potency and frequency, which is central to his overall effectiveness.

Skill Trace: Next, focus on the skill trace. Since Dr. Ratio’s primary damage comes from his skill, enhancing this trace boosts his immediate damage potential.

Ultimate Trace: Lastly, level up his ultimate trace. While important for applying debuffs and triggering follow-up attacks, it’s slightly less urgent compared to the talent and skill traces.

Best Relic Choices

in game dr. ratio relics and planar ornaments in honkai star rail

Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters

The new 2.0 set is the best in slot for Dr. Ratio if your team can inflict at least 3 debuffs to the enemy target.

This set increases DMG dealt by 12% and Crit Rate/Crit DMG by 4% and 12% respectively.

Due to Dr. Ratio debuff-focused playstyle, this set pairs extremely well with his kit and optimal team compositions.

It can even be used as a 2-piece set paired with other damage boosting sets like Ashblazing.

Wastelander of Banditry Desert Set

Ideal for its 10% imaginary damage boost, this set improves Dr. Ratio's damage significantly.

Particularly effective in scenarios where Dr. Ratio can consistently apply debuffs and imprisonment effects via toughness breaks.

Mixing 2-Piece Sets

Imaginary DMG + FUA damage: Combining two pieces of Ashblazing with Wastelander enhances both imaginary and follow-up damage. Suitable for a more generalized setup, providing a good balance between damage types.

ATK%, SPD, FUA DMG, Imaginary DMG: Mix your best pieces of Ashblazing, Wastelander, Hackerspace or Musketeer to create a solid build that boosts Dr. Ratio's damage potential.

Planar Ornaments

Inert Salsotto

Perfect for enhancing his ultimate and follow-up attacks.

The CRIT Rate threshold of 50% is relatively easy to achieve, making this set highly effective.

Firmament Frontline: Glamoth

This set is an excellent choice for boosting Dr. Ratio’s attack power if you can reach the 160 speed breakpoint.

The damage bonus at higher speed levels aligns well with his need for quick action turnover in battles.

Space Sealing Station

This set is another viable choice for increasing his attack power.

The additional ATK boost at a speed threshold of 120 is fairly easy to achieve. If you can't achieve 160 speed with Dr. Ratio, choose the set with the best stats.

Rutilant Arena

Given Dr. Ratio's reliance on critical hits for maximized damage, Rutilant Arena significantly enhances his crit rate potential.

This is especially effective if you've reached a 70% Crit Rate with his build. However, it only boosts basic attack and skill, making it a worse choice than Inert Salsotto for Dr. Ratio's playstyle.

Main Stats Priority

Focus on crit rate or crit damage for the body, depending on your other stats and light cones.

Speed boots are recommended for quicker turns, while an imaginary damage sphere and attack rope enhances his primary damage type.

For sphere you'll want to focus on either Imaginary DMG or ATK%, while Link Rope should be focused on ATK%.

Sub Stats Priority

Aim for a 1:2 ratio of crit rate to crit damage (75%-150% without self-buffs should be enough) and ensure at least 135 speed for optimal performance.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Dr. Ratio

ATK: 3,000+

Speed: 135+

Crit Rate: 75%+ (without self-buffs)

Crit DMG: 150%+ (without self-buffs)

Light Cone Recommendations

in game dr. ratio signature light cone details in honkai star rail

Baptism of Pure Thought (Signature Light Cone)

This light cone stands out as the best option for Dr. Ratio.

Offers substantial crit damage buffs and bonus ultimate damage, making it highly effective for maximizing his attack potential.

Cruising in the Stellar Sea (Free-to-Play Alternative)

A viable free-to-play option that provides good stat bonuses.

Enhances Dr. Ratio’s damage output and complements his skill set effectively.

Worrisome, Blissful (Topaz Light Cone)

Particularly useful for enhancing Dr. Ratio’s follow-up damage and crit rate.

A great choice if you’re focusing on maximizing the efficiency of his unique follow-up attack mechanism.

Alternative Light Cone Options

In the Night and Sleep Like the Dead: These light cones offer additional stat bonuses that can be beneficial depending on your specific build and team composition.

Sword Play (For Boss Fights): Good in theory against bosses but can lose effectiveness when switching targets. Suitable for scenarios with a primary focus on single-target damage.

Team Composition Strategies

in game dr. ratio team comp with tingyun gepard and pela in honkai star rail

Key Considerations for Team Building

Debuff Synergy: Include characters who can apply multiple debuffs, enhancing Dr. Ratio’s follow-up attack potential. Characters that lower enemy defenses or apply status effects can significantly increase Dr. Ratio’s damage output.

Supportive Characters: Bring supports that provide buffs to Dr. Ratio, such as increased attack or crit rate.Supports that can accelerate energy regeneration are beneficial for frequent use of his skills and ultimate.

Balancing Team Roles: While Dr. Ratio excels in damage, ensure the team has a balance of roles, including AoE attackers and sustain providers, to handle diverse combat scenarios.

Example Team Setups

Debuff-Heavy Team

Composition: Dr. Ratio, Silverwolf, Guinaifen, and Gepard

Silverwolf: Her ability to apply multiple debuffs aligns perfectly with Dr. Ratio’s follow-up mechanism.

Guinaifen: Provides burning debuffs (DOTs), adding more layers for Dr. Ratio’s follow-ups.

Gepard: Offers crowd control and sustain for the team, especially important for Dr. Ratio as a Hunt character.

Balanced DPS and Support Team

Composition: Dr. Ratio, Topaz, Ruan Mei, and Huohuo

Topaz: Applies debuffs and enhances Dr. Ratio's follow-up attacks.

Ruan Mei: Boosts damage output for both Topaz and Dr. Ratio, and provides additional debuffing capabilities.

Huohuo: Ensures team sustainability and can offer additional debuffs or buffs as needed.

High Damage Output Team

Composition: Dr. Ratio, Blade, Pela, and Guinaifen

Blade: Acts as a secondary DPS, especially effective in AoE situations.

Pela: Lowers enemy defenses, making them more vulnerable to Dr. Ratio’s attacks.

Guinaifen: Provides additional DOT debuffs and enhances the overall damage potential of the team.

Single-Target Focused Team

Composition: Dr. Ratio, Silverwolf, Tingyun, and Fu Xuan

Silverwolf: Offers a plethora of debuffs to trigger Dr. Ratio’s follow-ups.

Tingyun: Buffs attack and provides energy, aiding in Dr. Ratio’s skill and ultimate usage.

Fu Xuan: Protects Dr. Ratio from damage, crucial for his survival as a squishy Hunt character.

Eidolons and Their Impact

in game dr. ratio eidolons details in honkai star rail

E1 - Crit Buff Enhancement

Increases the maximum amount of crit rate and damage stacks Dr. Ratio can accumulate.

Enhances his overall damage output by improving critical hit capabilities.

This first Eidolon is pivotal for players looking to enhance Dr. Ratio's crit-focused attacks. It ensures that even with fewer debuffs, Dr. Ratio can hit harder and more critically.

E2 - Follow-Up Attack Enhancement

Boosts the damage of follow-up attacks based on the number of debuffs on the enemy.

Ensures that Dr. Ratio’s unique skill of landing follow-up hits is more lethal.

Particularly useful for maximizing the impact of Dr. Ratio’s follow-up attacks, this Eidolon makes him an amazing DPS against enemies with multiple debuffs.

E4 - Energy Regeneration

Grants additional energy for each follow-up attack triggered.

Facilitates more frequent use of his ultimate and skill, maintaining high damage output.

E6 - Ultimate Trigger Increase

Extends the number of triggers for the debuff from his ultimate, allowing more follow-up attacks.

Significantly boosts damage output, especially in long battles.

E4 and E6 are game-changers for Dr. Ratio, drastically increasing his energy management and follow-up attack frequency. They transform him into a relentless attacker, capable of sustained high damage.

Maximizing Dr. Ratio's Potential

in game dr. ratio character summary overview in honkai star rail

Skill Optimization

Dr. Ratio's primary strength lies in his skill and follow-up attacks.

Prioritize upgrading these abilities for maximum damage output.

Enhance his ability to apply debuffs. The more debuffs present on an enemy, the more effective his follow-up attacks become.

Strategic Relic Selection

Choose relics that provide a good balance between crit rate, crit damage, and attack.

This ensures Dr. Ratio consistently hits hard and critically.

Consider sets like Wastelander and Ashblazing, which enhance his debuffing capabilities and overall damage.

Light Cone Efficiency

Light cones like Baptism of Pure Thought increases Dr. Ratio's critical damage, significantly boosting his attack potency.

If premium options aren’t available, choose light cones that still offer beneficial stats like attack and speed.

Team Composition Synergy

Pair Dr. Ratio with characters who can apply multiple debuffs, increasing his follow-up attack mechanism.

Ensure the team covers various roles – DPS, support, debuffing – to handle a wide range of combat scenarios effectively.

Leveraging Eidolons

Focus on Eidolons that enhance critical hit capabilities and energy management (like E1, E4, and E6), as they have the most significant impact on his performance.

Adjust your playstyle based on the Eidolons you've unlocked. For example, with E6, prioritize using his ultimate more frequently.

Final Thoughts on Dr. Ratio

Dr. Ratio emerges as a top-tier DPS in Honkai: Star Rail, especially when properly built and integrated into a synergistic team.

By focusing on relics that enhance his strengths, selecting light cones that increases his critical and ultimate damage, and pairing him with characters that complement his debuff-centric playstyle, you can unleash the full potential of this free, yet incredibly powerful character.

Whether in simulated universes, memory of chaos, pure fiction, or standard missions, Dr. Ratio stands out as a versatile and devastating addition to any lineup.