Pela: The Underrated 4-Star Debuffer in Honkai Star Rail

Pela: The Underrated 4-Star Debuffer in Honkai Star Rail
Last updated:
February 28, 2024

Today we're diving deep into one of the game's most underrated characters, Pela.

Contrary to popular belief that Silver Wolf overshadows her, Pela's debuffing capabilities are exceptional for a 4-star unit—especially when paired with the right allies.

So, let's dive into how to maximize Pela's potential.

Pela: The Underrated Debuffer in Honkai Star Rail - A Comprehensive Guide and Best Build

The Pela vs. Silver Wolf Debate

First things first, let's settle the debate about Pela vs. Silver Wolf.

Unlike other games, where combining two debuffs might diminish their effectiveness, Honkai: Star Rail allows Pela and Silver Wolf's defense reductions to stack.

Yep, you read that right—they make an amazing debuffing duo!

Two Approaches to Playing Pela

Pela's Battle Details Honkai Star Rail

Pela is a support character focused on debuffing enemy defense, while amplifying the damage dealt by your other teammates.

Her skill also eliminates an enemy buff, making her really powerful against self-buffing bosses.

When it comes to playing Pela, you've got two primary strategies:

  1. Basic Approach: Use her basic attacks, skill and ultimate as you see fit to maximize debuff uptime.
  2. Advanced Approach: Accumulate enough energy regen stats to unleash her skill and ultimate back-to-back on the first turn.

Your choice between these approaches depends on the specific fight, your team composition and your Pela build.

Optimal Relics and Light Cones

Pela's Best F2P Light Cone Before the Tutorial Mission Starts Honkai Star Rail

Pela works well with a variety of light cones, but specially these two:

  • Before the Tutorial Mission Starts Light Cone: Ideal for using your ultimate on turn 1, and its 40% effect hit rate is no joke. If you didn't get this light cone when the event happened, the next one is your best bet for Pela.
  • Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat Light Cone: Adds an extra layer of debuffing, making Pela even more effective.

The takeaway? Opt for light cones that enhance her debuffing capabilities.

Other viable options include Silver Wolf's or Welt's signature light cones.

Traces and Skill Upgrades

Pela's traces can be a bit weird because they often focus on damage, which isn't her primary role.

Pela's Talent Ability Details Honkai Star Rail

Instead, focus on upgrading these first:

  • Major Trace for team-wide Effect Hit Rate
  • Talent for Energy Regeneration
  • Ultimate for Increased Defense Reduction

Best Relic and Planetary Sets

When it comes to relics and planetary sets, a few options stand out:

Pela's Example Relic Build Honkai Star Rail

  • 4-piece Musketeer Set: Versatile and easily farmable.
  • 4-piece Eagle of Twilight Line: Offers value through its Advanced Forward passive.
  • 2-piece Hackerspace + 2-pc Longevous Disciple: Offers a mix between Speed and HP%.

These options are quite similar and you should aim to farm the easiest one for you.

For planetary sets, Fleet of the Ageless is unbeatable for defense and team-wide ATK%, followed by Broken Keel if you can manage to get 30% Effect RES. Penacony is also a great set for its 5% ERR plus its boost to allies of the same element like Jingliu.

Regarding stats, you should aim for a 67% Effect Hit Rate approx from gear pieces to always apply her defense debuffs. After that, focus on survivability stats.

Your best bet would also be an Energy Regen rope, Speed boots and defensive main stats like HP% or DEF% to help survivability.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Pela

Speed: 135+

Energy Regen: 20%+

Effect Hit Rate: 67%+

Pela's Eidolons

While Pela's primary role is not damage dealing, her Eidolons somewhat go in that direction.

Let's go over them to better understand how they fit—or don't fit—into her overall playstyle.

The Energy Booster

Pela's first Eidolon gives five energy every time an enemy is defeated.

While this is great for boosting your overall energy pool, it's not always applicable since not all fights feature enemies that revive or respawn.

The Speed Enhancer

Her second Eidolon increases her speed for two turns.

This is handy for ensuring Pela takes her turn before your main damage dealers, further maximizing her debuffing capabilities.

The Ice Resistance Reducer

Pela's Best Eidolon E4 Full Analysis Honkai Star Rail

The real MVP among Pela's Eidolons is her fourth one.

This gem of an Eidolon provides a 100% base chance to reduce an enemy's ice resistance for two turns.

Given that Pela's is great at debuffing, this Eidolon aligns perfectly with her skillset.

The Odd One

The sixth Eidolon is where things get a bit weird.

It increases Pela's ice damage when hitting a debuffed enemy.

This seems out of place since Pela herself isn't known for her damage output.

Team Compositions

Pela's Example Team Composition Details Honkai Star Rail

Pela fits in multiple team setups, if not most of them.

For example, you could build an ice-focused team that includes Pela, Gepard, Yanqing, and Silver Wolf.

Most buffers/debuffers pair well with Pela, like Yukong, Bronya, Tingyun and Asta.

You should always aim to pair Pela with a main DPS like Dr. Ratio, Imbibitor Lunae, Seele or Blade in order to maximize their damage output.

Final Thoughts on Pela

Pela might be a 1.0 released character, but don't underestimate her debuffing power.

Whether running her alongside Silver Wolf or leveraging her in specialized teams, Pela offers immense value for all types of players.

And that's the wrap on our comprehensive Pela guide!