Comprehensive Argenti Guide for Honkai: Star Rail

Comprehensive Argenti Guide for Honkai: Star Rail
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

If you're looking for a straightforward and front-loaded damage dealer in Honkai: Star Rail, Argenti might just be your perfect choice.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about Argenti, including his kit, the best builds with Light Cones and Relics, and how to create the most effective team for him.

Let's dive in!

Comprehensive Argenti Guide for Honkai: Star Rail

Understanding Argenti's Kit

in game aptitude showcase ability details in honkai star rail

Basic Attack

Argenti's basic attack is a single-target attack.

While not as impressive as his other abilities, it serves as a reliable source of damage against individual enemies.


His skill is an AoE attack that hits all targets in its range.

This ability is crucial for charging his ultimate gauge and dealing with groups of enemies efficiently.


Argenti's ultimate is the centerpiece of his kit.

As mentioned earlier, he has two versions:

  • Half Energy Version (90 Energy): Ideal for clearing weaker enemies efficiently.
  • Full Energy Version (180 Energy): Reserved for high-level Elites and bosses, delivering massive AoE and single-target damage with 6 extra bounces dealing toughness damage.

Argenti's Talents & Traces

Argenti's talents further elevate his power on the battlefield:

Talent: Argenti gains energy and crit rate for each enemy hit by basic attacks, skills, or ultimate.

This effect stacks up to 10 times and have no time limit, making him a relentless force.

Traces: Argenti's traces offer valuable benefits.

Generosity (A4) grants 2 energy to himself whenever an enemy enters battle, providing a free 10 energy in waves with five enemies.

His other traces provide additional Talent stacks and bonus damage to enemies below 50% HP.

Optimizing Trace Investment

To effectively optimize Argenti's trace investment:

  • Focus on Ultimate and Skill: Start by prioritizing the Ultimate and Skill Traces. These are the most critical for ensuring Argenti's consistent and burst damage.
  • Balance Physical Damage and Attack Percent: After the Ultimate and Skill Traces, allocate resources to the Physical Damage Boost and Attack Percent Traces. These traces boost his overall damage capabilities.
  • Consider Talent and Basic Attack: While the Talent Trace provides critical rate and energy generation, and the Basic Attack Trace enhances his basic attack damage, they are of lower priority. Level them up once the more crucial traces are adequately invested in.
  • Plan for Ascension Traces: Don't forget to level up Argenti's Ascension Traces when they become available. They are prerequisites for other traces and offer valuable benefits.

Choosing the Right Relic Set

in game champion of streetwise boxing relic in honkai star rail

Champion of Streetwise Boxing Set - The Obvious Choice

The Champion of Streetwise Boxing Set stands out as the most obvious choice for Argenti, thanks to its synergy with his physical DPS role.

This relic set offers extra physical damage and can provide up to a 25% bonus to attack at maximum stacks.

While it's an excellent option for Argenti, there's a condition.

The four-piece effect of the Relic Set requires time to stack up.

You can only gain stacks by hitting enemies or getting hit, which might not be ideal for Argenti, considering that Erudition characters typically have low aggro value.

However, when you reach the maximum stack, it becomes his best-in-slot choice.

Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters

Assuming you can consistently keep 3 debuffs on the enemy, this set can boost his damage and Crit Stats.

A nice alternative 4-piece set but still not as good as the Boxing set.

Two-Piece Combos - Versatile Alternatives

If you prefer alternatives to the Champion of Streetwise Boxing Set, there are several two-piece relic combos that can work well for Argenti:

Two-Piece Physical with Two-Piece Attack

Combining two pieces of the Physical Set (Champion of Streetwise Boxing) provides a boost to physical damage, enhancing Argenti's damage potential.

This combo mixes two pieces of the Attack Set (Musketeer of Wild Wheat) with two pieces of physical set, offering a well-rounded stat boost.

Two-Piece Speed with Two-Piece Attack

If you value speed (Messenger Traversing Hackerspace) and attack, this combination offers versatility in battle.

Double Two-Piece Attack Combo

Utilizing two sets of the Attack Set (Musketeer of Wild Wheat and Prisoner in Deep Confinement) can provide a substantial attack boost, which complements Argenti's role as a physical DPS.

While these combinations can be effective, keep in mind that the Champion of Streetwise Boxing Set shines at maximum stacks, making it the top choice for Argenti if you can manage to stack it efficiently.

Choosing the Right Planar Ornaments

in game inert salsotto planar ornament in honkai star rail

Planar Ornaments play a vital role in enhancing Argenti's performance.

Here are four recommended choices:

Firmament Frontline Glamoth Set - ATK Boost

This new planar set might be the best in slot for Argenti, as it provides a 12% ATK bonus while also increasing overall damage when the wearer reaches 135/160 speed.

If you've already farmed this set with good substats, it's time to use it if you end up pulling for Argenti.

Inert Salsotto Set - Ultimate Damage Boost

Inert Salsotto is an excellent choice for Argenti, primarily for its bonus to ultimate damage.

While the follow-up attack damage may not be fully utilized by Argenti, the ultimate damage boost significantly increases his burst potential.

It's a solid pick for those looking to maximize Argenti's damage output.

Rutilant Arena Set - Skill Damage Boost

The Rutilant Arena Set is another viable option for Argenti, offering a skill damage boost.

Considering that Argenti's skill has impressive multipliers and deals AOE damage, this set complements his kit effectively.

It can be particularly useful in scenarios where skill damage is crucial.

Space Sealing Station Set - A Versatile Alternative

If you lack suitable pieces from the other sets, the Space Sealing Station Set can serve as a versatile alternative for any damage dealer, including Argenti.

While it may not specialize in a specific aspect of Argenti's kit, it can still provide valuable stat bonuses and enhance his overall performance.

Main Stats Recommendations

When it comes to the main stats for Argenti, prioritize the following stats:

  • Body Piece: Aim for a 1:2 ratio of crit rate to crit damage. Choose the body piece that aligns with your crit rate and crit damage needs.
  • Boots: Speed or attack percentage, depending on your preference.
  • Orb: Physical damage is the top choice for increasing damage output, although ATK% can also be an option.
  • Rope: Consider the content you're facing. ER rope is better for waves of lower-level enemies, while attack percentage rope shines against strong boss enemies.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Argenti

ATK: 3,000+

Speed: 135+

Crit Rate: 70%+

Crit DMG: 140%+

Best Light Cones

in game argenti light cone in honkai star rail

Signature - An Instant Before A Gaze (Best-in-Slot)

Argenti's ultimate Light Cone, "An Instant Before A Gaze," stands out as the best-in-slot choice.

This 5-star Light Cone offers a valuable increase in critical damage, which significantly increase Argenti's ability to land devastating critical hits.

However, the true brilliance of this Light Cone lies in its unique mechanic.

It enhances Argenti's ultimate damage based on the maximum energy cost.

For every point of energy, it grants approximately 0.36% damage increase, scaling up to a maximum of 180 energy points.

Notably, Argenti's energy pool is capped at 180, making this Light Cone specially made for his kit.

With this Light Cone equipped, Argenti enjoys an incredible 64% boost to his ultimate damage, making it an unique choice for maximizing his damage potential.

Jing Yuan Light Cone - Before Dawn

The Jing Yuan Light Cone also deserves special mention as an excellent option for Argenti.

While the follow-up attack damage may not find full utility in Argenti's kit, the rest of its passive benefits are highly advantageous.

This 5-star Light Cone provides valuable statistics that complement Argenti's role as a formidable physical DPS.

Himeko Light Cone - Night on the Milky Way

For those seeking an alternative approach, the Himeko Light Cone presents an intriguing choice.

It encourages gameplay against multiple enemies, and Argenti excels in such situations.

This 5-star Light Cone can be a great fit for Argenti's kit, allowing him to shine even brighter when facing multiple enemies.

4-Star Light Cones - Solid Alternatives

in game today is another peaceful day battle pass light cone in honkai star rail

Argenti's 4-star Light Cone options are not bad either, offering reliable alternatives for players who may not have access to the 5-star Light Cones.

Battle Pass Light Cone - Today is Another Peaceful Day

The Battle Pass Light Cone is a solid alternative to Argenti's signature Light Cone.

This 4-star Light Cone shares similarities with the signature in terms of damage increase based on energy.

However, it differentiates itself by buffing all damage, not just the ultimate.

For players who got the Battle Pass, this Light Cone serves as a near-perfect choice for Argenti, enhancing his overall damage potential.

Serval Light Cone - Make the World Clamor

The Serval Light Cone, while not as strong as Argenti's signature, still offers a solid damage boost.

It functions as a viable choice, especially for players who may not have access to the higher-tier Light Cones.

If you happen to have an S5 Serval Light Cone, it provides a similar damage boost as the signature, making it a valuable option.

Geniuses' Repose and Seriousness of Breakfast - Decent Options

Among the 4-star Light Cones, Geniuses' Repose and Seriousness of Breakfast are decent choices for Argenti.

While they may not shine as brightly as the 5-star or Battle Pass options, they can still contribute to his damage output.

Building Teams

in game asta and tingyun team in honkai star rail

Team composition for a DPS character like Argenti can be relatively straightforward, but a few standout characters can significantly enhance his performance.

Here, we'll discuss some exceptional team members who synergize exceptionally well with Argenti:

Huohuo - The Energy and Attack Boost

Huohuo shines as an exceptional support option for Argenti.

Her ability to provide both energy and attack boosts complements Argenti's kit perfectly.

Given that we recommended an Energy Regeneration (ER) Rope for Argenti's general build, having Huohuo on the team ensures that he receives the extra energy he needs.

Additionally, her healing and cleansing abilities further elevate her value.

The 20% energy boost and 40% attack boost from Huohuo are precisely what Argenti needs to shine.

Tingyun - The Energy Regenerator

Tingyun's inclusion in Argenti's team can make a world of difference.

Her remarkable energy regeneration and permanent uptime on her attack buff make her an ideal partner for Argenti.

Argenti's reliance on his skill, similar to how Jing Yuan often relies on his Lightning Lord Stacks, underscores the importance of skill point regeneration.

Tingyun steps in to provide that crucial support.

Her ability to generate extra skill points aligns perfectly with Argenti's need to prioritize his skill.

Other Support Options

While Huohuo and Tingyun are exceptional choices, you can explore alternative support characters based on your roster.

Characters like Luocha and Fu Xuan can serve as competent healer/shielder, and when paired with a Harmony character providing attack buffs, they contribute effectively to Argenti's damage output.

Asta and Bronya are also viable options, especially when Argenti requires additional skill point regeneration.

Hanya - The Skill Points and Speed Enthusiast

Keep an eye on Hanya, the upcoming 4-star Harmony character.

Hanya's focus on skill points and speed can make her a decent addition to Argenti's team.

Consider replacing Asta or Bronya with Hanya to experiment with her synergy once she becomes available.

Eidolons - A Glimpse at Argenti's Potential

in game argenti eidolons in honkai star rail

Argenti possesses several Eidolons that offer various benefits.

While Eidolons can enhance his performance, it's essential to note that they are not necessary for his effectiveness.

Here's a brief overview of Argenti's Eidolons:

E1 - Increasing Critical Damage

E1 enhances Argenti's critical damage by 4% with each stack of apotheosis.

While it initially provides 25% crit rate at Max Stacks, this Eidolon now adds an additional 40% crit damage.

This boost significantly improves Argenti's critical hit potential.

E2 - Bonus Attack under Specific Conditions

Argenti's E2 grants a 40% attack increase for one turn when there are three or more enemies on the field during his ultimate.

The exact timing of this attack increase is a bit vague. It's unclear whether the attack bonus applies before or after the ultimate hits its target.

Assuming it occurs before the hit, this Eidolon ability can enhance Argenti's ultimate damage output.

E4 - Apotheosis Stacking

E4 increases the initial stacking limit of apotheosis by two, allowing it to stack up to 12 times.

This, in combination with E1, grants Argenti a 30% crit rate and a remarkable 48% crit damage boost at Max Stacks.

E6 - Unholy Ultimate Power

Argenti's E6 is a game-changer, making his ultimate ignore 30% of the enemy targets' defense.

This applies to his fully AOE ultimate, ensuring that all targets receive reduced defense, resulting in a significant damage boost.

Light Cones vs. Eidolons: Which to Prioritize?

in game argenti warp light cone in honkai star rail

Now, let's address the question of whether to invest in Argenti's E1 and E2 or focus on obtaining his light cone.

While Argenti's Eidolons can offer a slight damage boost, prioritizing his light cone is the better choice.

A dedicated Erudition light cone significantly enhances his damage potential and can be used on multiple characters.

The Eidolons offer only a small increase in damage, making them less valuable in comparison.

In conclusion, Argenti's potential as a formidable DPS character in Honkai Star Rail is undeniable.

By following this comprehensive guide, you can build him effectively, select the best relics, form synergistic teams, and make informed choices regarding light cones and Eidolons.

Prepare to unleash the full power of E0 Argenti and dominate the battlefield with style!


In conclusion, Argenti offers a compelling kit as a physical DPS character in Honkai: Star Rail.

While he may not reach the super-busted status of some other characters like Jingliu, he still boasts a strong skill set that places him above many in terms of damage output.

Players considering Argenti can look forward to a versatile character with solid team synergy possibilities.

However, it's essential to manage expectations, especially with other formidable physical DPS characters like Clara and promising newcomers on the horizon.

If Argenti's playstyle resonates with you, don't hesitate to invest in him. Just remember that Eidolons are optional, and the decision to pull for them should align with your overall roster priorities.

Argenti may not be the ultimate powerhouse, but he certainly brings elegance and strength to the battlefield.

As always, the choice to pull Argenti and build a team around him ultimately rests with your preferences and objectives in Honkai: Star Rail.