Mastering Aetherium Wars - A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Aetherium Wars - A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
October 16, 2023

Honkai: Star Rail has rolled out its Aetherium Wars event, challenging players to craft the perfect team for victory.

Running from October 11 to November 13, this event not only offers a wealth of rewards like Stellar Jade and ascension materials but also introduces a new unit type: Aether Spirits.

This guide aims to take the guesswork out of team composition, helping you select the best Aether Spirits for optimal performance.

Mastering Aetherium Wars in Honkai: Star Rail - A Comprehensive Guide

Aetherium Wars Event Details Honkai Star Rail

How to Participate in the Aetherium Wars Event

Getting Started

To dive into the Aetherium Wars event, first complete the Trailblaze Continuance chapter titled "Future Market (II)".

Once that's out of the way, navigate to your Travel Log and click on the Aetherium Wars banner to kick off your first mission: "Let's Go! Aetherium Wars!"

Aetherium Wars Event Cutscene Honkai Star Rail

Unlocking Aether Spirits

You can acquire Aether Spirits by simply completing missions in the event.

Rest assured, there's no gacha system here—finish all the event quests, and you'll unlock every Aether Spirit available.

Understanding Aetherium Wars Combat Mechanics

The event retains the game's turn-based battle system but introduces Aether Spirits as team members.

Like standard characters, these Spirits come equipped with Basic Attacks, Skills, and Ultimates, all based on an Action Order and Skill Point system.

Building the Perfect Aetherium Wars Team

Aetherium Wars Team Setup Honkai Star Rail

Spirit Types and Counters

Aether Spirits are classified into three categories: humanoid (red), mechanical (blue), and aberrant (purple).

Each type has strengths and weaknesses against the others.

For instance, humanoid Spirits are effective against mechanical ones, mechanical Spirits have an advantage over aberrant types, and aberrant Spirits perform best against humanoids.

Always check your opponent's Spirit types when assembling your team.

The Roles of Aether Spirits
  • Attack-type: Focuses on high damage, either single-target or multi-target.
  • Defense-type: More resilient than attack-types and might offer support abilities like shields.
  • Support and Healing-type: Aids teammates by restoring HP, increasing attack power, or boosting speed.

The Top Aether Spirits for Aetherium Wars

Best Attack-Type Spirits

  • S-tier: Silvermane Lieutenant, Voidranger Trampler
  • A-tier: Everwinter Shadewalker, Incineration Shadewalker

Silvermane Lieutenant serves dual purposes: shielding allies and delivering strong follow-up attacks. It has earned its reputation as one of the best DPS Spirits in Aetherium Wars. Its Talent enables it to counterattack when enemies target allies protected by shields. Beyond its DPS capabilities, Silvermane Lieutenant is also highly proficient at providing shields for allies through its Skill and Ultimate. This dual role makes it a versatile addition to any team, capable of both offense and defense.

Voidranger Trampler is another exceptional DPS Spirit but specializes in high single-target damage. Its Skill can easily eliminate minor Aether Spirits, making it a valuable asset in battles that include multiple enemy types. The Spirit's Talent allows it to continue attacking as long as it successfully defeats an enemy.

Everwinter Shadewalker specializes in freezing opponents, while Incineration Shadewalker leans more towards inflicting burn damage.

Best Support and Healing-Type Spirits

  • S-tier: Trotter, Silvermane Soldier
  • A-tier: Obedient Dracolion, Silvermane Cannoneer

Trotter is your go-to healing Spirit, capable of both healing and boosting team damage. It excels in Area-of-Effect (AoE) healing, thanks to its skill set. When its Ultimate is activated, Warp Trotter not only heals allies but also generates Skill Points when using its Basic Attack. What sets Warp Trotter apart from other Aether Spirits is its four expansion chip slots, a feature currently unique to this Spirit. This allows for a greater degree of customization and adaptability on the battlefield.

Silvermane Soldier, on the other hand, provides a gradual team buff that strengthens over time.

Recommended Aetherium Wars Teams

Aetherium Wars Top Spirits Honkai Star Rail

Best Starter Team

  • Trotter (Aberrant)
  • Silvermane Lieutenant (Humanoid)
  • Silvermane Soldier (Humanoid)
  • Silvermane Cannoneer (Humanoid)

This team capitalizes on Silvermane Lieutenant's dual role as a shield-provider and damage-dealer.

Silvermane Soldier and Cannoneer add more shields and follow-up attacks into the mix, while Trotter serves as the team's healer.

Best DoT (Damage Over Time) Team

  • Trotter (Aberrant)
  • Aurumaton Gatekeeper (Mechanical)
  • Illumination Dragonfish (Mechanical) or Wooden Lupus (Aberrant)
  • Silvermane Cannoneer (Humanoid) or Silvermane Soldier (Humanoid)

This team relies on the Aurumaton Gatekeeper to summon Illumination Dragonfish, who then apply status effects on the enemy.

Depending on your preferences, you can either enhance this with more Dragonfish or opt for Wooden Lupus for additional status damage.

So, there you have it—our ultimate guide to acing the Aetherium Wars in Honkai: Star Rail.

Now it's your turn to put these strategies into practice and complete the event to get those sweet rewards!