Mastering Blade: Best Build and Team Synergies

Mastering Blade: Best Build and Team Synergies
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive guide of the latest addition to the Honkai: Star Rail universe, Blade.

As the first limited 5-star character introduced in the 1.2 patch, Blade brings a new dynamic to the game.

His distinctive DPS style is based on his HP, a significant change from typical characters whose damage is mainly attack-based.

This article provides an in-depth look at Blade's abilities, team synergies, and the optimal equipment for him.

Exploring Blade, the Unique DPS Character in Honkai: Star Rail

Blade's Details Honkai Star Rail

Understanding Blade's Unique Mechanics

Blade stands apart from the crowd with his playstyle revolving around a unique state called 'Hellscape State' and the enhanced basic attack associated with it.

When he uses his skill, he consumes 30% of his HP to enter the Hellscape State, increasing his damage output by approximately 43% at max level.

This state lasts three turns and cannot be reactivated until it runs its course.

Unlike Arlan's skill, Blade requires a skill point to enter this state. However, the turn does not end immediately, allowing for an immediate enhanced attack following the skill use.

Blade's enhanced attack, Forest of Swords, consumes around 10% of his HP, dealing damage which scales off a combination of his attack and HP.

The scaling, though, leans more towards his HP - at Talent max level, it's 44% of his attack and 110% of his HP. The enhanced attack also strikes adjacent enemies with lower potency, about 40% of the primary target.

Blade's Mechanics Honkai Star Rail

The Hellscape State: A Balance of Power and Sustainability

The Hellscape State stands out as a key mechanic in Blade's playstyle, not just because it enhances his attacks, but also because it navigates the fine line between power and sustainability.

As the state lasts three turns, he isn't skill point reliant, but it's important to have team members who can keep your skill point pool topped up with basic attacks.

Worth noting that if any ability that consumes HP would kill the character, it doesn't.

It will leave them with one HP, and Blade's abilities follow this rule.

A Closer Look at Blade's Ultimate

Blade's ultimate can set his current HP to 50%, then deals damage that scales off the sum of his attack, HP, and HP lost during the battle.

It has a dual effect: it can either heal or hurt himself.

If he's above 50% HP, it damages him, and if he's below 50%, it heals him.

This duality allows you to use the ultimate almost like an emergency heal if the situation calls for it.

Blade's Ultimate Honkai Star Rail

Blade's Talent: The Key to His Sustainability

The unique aspect of Blade's talent is that whenever he consumes his HP or takes damage, he gets a stack of charge.

Once five stacks are reached, he unleashes a follow-up attack with a scaling of about 48% of his attack and 121% of his HP at max level, then restores 25% of his HP.

This gives Blade substantial self-sustainability in battles.

This talent is triggered by any damage he takes or any of his abilities that consume HP, with the exception of his ultimate when used below 50% HP, as he will heal instead of taking damage.

Traces: Perfecting Blade's Playstyle

Blade's traces, which are predominantly about HP and Crit Rate, guide you towards building him for HP.

Furthermore, when his HP is 50% or lower, incoming healing increases by 20%, and when he hits a weakness broken enemy after using his enhanced attack, he restores HP equal to about 5% of HP plus 100.

Blade also receives a damage boost of 20% on his talent's follow-up attack.

These traces make Blade an efficient character in terms of both dealing damage and sustaining himself in battle.

Blade's Eidolon Guide: Unleashing the Deepest Cuts

Blade's Eidolons amplify his power, adding depth to his abilities and creating a character that is a force to be reckoned with. However, they're not a must to excel like he does.

Let's dive deep into what each of Blade's Eidolons brings to the table:

E1: Blade Cuts the Deepest in Hell

This Eidolon empowers Blade's Ultimate to deal additional damage to a single enemy target, proportional to Blade's total HP loss in the current battle.

The increased damage equals 150% of the HP Blade has lost, up to a limit of 90% of his Max HP.

After each Ultimate, the HP loss counter resets and starts accumulating again, adding a strategic layer to Blade's damage output.

Blade's Eidolon 1 Honkai Star Rail

E2: Ten Thousand Sorrows From One Broken Dream

With this Eidolon, Blade gets a significant boost to his critical hit rate when in the Hellscape state.

It increases his CRIT rate by 15%, making his attacks in this state even more deadly.

E3: Hardened Blade Bleeds Coldest Shade

This Eidolon augments Blade's Ultimate and Talent levels.

It adds +2 to both, with a maximum limit of Level 15, further enhancing the power of these abilities.

E4: Rejected by Death, Infected With Life

This Eidolon comes into play when Blade's current HP drops to 50% or lower of his Max HP.

It increases his Max HP by 20%, stacking up to 2 times, thus adding a layer of survivability to Blade's kit.

E5: Death By Ten Lords' Gaze

This Eidolon enhances Blade's Skill Level by +2 and his Basic ATK Level by +1, with maximum levels of 15 and 10, respectively.

This further bolsters Blade's offensive capabilities.

E6: Reborn Into an Empty Husk

The final Eidolon reduces the maximum number of Charge stacks to 4.

However, it significantly boosts the damage of the follow-up attack triggered by Blade's Talent by an additional 50% of his Max HP.

Team Synergies: Maximizing Blade's Potential

Blade is a powerhouse on his own, but pairing him with the right teammates can unlock even greater potential.

For instance, you need team members who use basic attacks regularly to keep your skill point pool topped up, as Blade's Hellscape State lasts three turns and doesn't regenerate skill points.

Luocha is an example of a character that synergizes well with Blade.

Luocha's auto-heal ability can be a lifesaver for Blade, keeping him in the fight and allowing him to deal more damage.

However, Luocha isn't a must-have.

Blade's high HP and healing abilities mean he can maintain a high level of sustainability with any healer in your team (Bailu or Natasha).

Bronya, as the best harmony support in the game, is still the best option to complement Blade and buff his damage output. Bronya enables Blade to use his "resurgence" effect to max his DPS.

Blade's Team Synergies Honkai Star Rail

Relic Sets: Enhancing Blade's Performance

The choice of relic sets can have a big impact on Blade's effectiveness.

The new relic set, Longevous Disciple, provides a 12% boost to his max HP and can increase his crit rate by up to 16% when he is hit or consumes his HP.

This set aligns perfectly with Blade's kit, pushing his HP-based damage and self-sustainability to new heights.

Another relic set released in 2.0, Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters, is a viable option if your team can consistently apply 3 debuffs on the enemy team for extra damage and crit stats. However, Longevous Disciple is still superior in terms of raw damage output.

The new planar ornament set, Rutilant Arena, is another excellent option, offering an extra 8% crit rate.

When Blade has a crit rate of 70% or higher, his basic attack and skill damage increase by 20%. This enhancement also applies to his enhanced 'Forest of Swords' attack.

Blade's Planar Ornament Honkai Star Rail

The right balance of stats can exponentially boost Blade's damage output and survival capabilities.

Here's a guide to Blade's best stats for his relic and ornament sets:


Your primary focus should be on CRIT DMG or CRIT Rate. These stats amplify the damage of his critical hits, which, when combined with the boosts from his Eidolons, make his attacks devastatingly powerful.


Speed or HP% are the most beneficial stats. Speed allows Blade to take actions more frequently, contributing to both his offense and defense. Alternatively, boosting his HP% increases his survivability and complements his abilities that scale with his HP.

Planar Sphere

Wind DMG is the clear choice. Blade's wind-based attacks benefit significantly from this stat.

Link Rope

HP% is the most beneficial stat. This increases Blade's overall health pool, enhancing his survivability and the effectiveness of his abilities tied to HP.


When prioritizing substats for Blade, the recommended order is CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG, followed by Speed, and then HP%.

Boosting CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG enhances Blade's overall damage output when landing critical hits. Speed improves his action frequency, and HP% bolsters his survival in battles.

Optimal Late Game Stats for Blade

HP: 6,000+

Speed: 135+

Crit Rate: 80%

Crit DMG: 160%+

Blade's Light Cone and Alternatives

Blade's Signature Light Cone is also worth considering.

It increases his crit rate and max HP, two key stats for Blade.

Moreover, after Blade is attacked or consumes his own HP, his damage increases, further amplifying his potential output.

This Light Cone may not be as flexible for other characters, but for Blade, it's a great fit.

Blade's Light Cone Honkai Star Rail

The best budget alternative is A Secret Vow, which grants extra DMG to Blade's already impressive damage output.‍

Should You Pull for Blade?

Whether or not you should pull for Blade largely depends on your current team composition and your playstyle preference.

If you already have a strong wind character maxed out like Dan Heng, you may not need Blade.

However, if you lack a wind character or you're keen on Blade's unique playstyle, he would be a worthwhile addition to your team.

Remember, Blade's playstyle is risky and requires specific team synergies to work well, particularly healers like Luocha and Bailu.

If you don't have these characters or a suitable alternative, Blade might not fit well in your team.

Final Thoughts: Harnessing the Power of Blade

Blade offers a fresh and engaging playstyle, focusing on HP-based damage and self-sustainability. His mechanics, while unique, are straightforward to understand and master.

Whether used alone or synergized with other characters, Blade brings a new tactical layer to the game.

While he's a fantastic addition to most team compositions, Blade isn't overly reliant on specific characters, making him a versatile choice for any player.

With the right understanding and use of his abilities, Blade is a formidable character that can redefine the way you approach battles in Honkai: Star Rail.