The Complete Guide to Mastering Fu Xuan in Honkai Star Rail

The Complete Guide to Mastering Fu Xuan in Honkai Star Rail
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Today, we're diving deep into Honkai Star Rail 1.3 with an in-depth guide on Fu Xuan, the game's first limited preservation unit.

Known for her unique skill set and defensive capabilities, Fu Xuan is a game-changer and will be your go-to survival support.

So let's get started!

Mastering Fu Xuan in Honkai Star Rail 1.3: Gameplay, Builds, and Team Synergy

Fu Xuan Character Summary Honkai Star Rail

Fu Xuan’s Skill Kit: A Swiss Army Knife for Survival

Basic Attack and Scaling

Fu Xuan's basic attack is quantum-based and scales entirely with her max HP.

This makes traditional attack stats irrelevant for her, focusing instead on her tanking capabilities.

Defensive Abilities

Fu Xuan's Skill Matrix of Prescience Honkai Star Rail

The core of Fu Xuan's gameplay is her 'Matrix of Prescience' field.

This field enhances the max HP and Crit Rate of your allies, based on a percentage of Fu Xuan’s max HP.

Also, 65% of the damage aimed at allies is redirected to Fu Xuan for three turns, which sets her apart from other preservation units.

Note: This damage redirection doesn't generate energy for Fu Xuan but is influenced by her defense and damage reduction stats.

Duration of Matrix Field

The Matrix field lasts for three turns, counting from Fu Xuan's turn.

It's important to refresh the Matrix field every third turn to avoid any downtime.

This ability also synergizes well with fast teammates or units with advanced forward mechanics, as the buff duration is tied to Fu Xuan's turns, not the allies'.

Talent and Self-Healing Mechanism

Fu Xuan's Talent Bleak Breeds Bliss Honkai Star Rail

Fu Xuan has a talent that reduces damage for the entire team.

Additionally, if her HP drops below 50%, she automatically triggers a self-healing effect.

Ascension Abilities and Rotations

Ascension Upgrades

Fu Xuan's A6 Bonus Ability Honkai Star Rail

  • A2: Generates an extra 20 energy when the Matrix field is active.
  • A4: Her ultimate also heals all other allies, with healing scaling on Fu Xuan's max HP.
  • A6: Provides a one-time CC debuff prevention when the Matrix is active.

Energy and Rotations

A general rotation to follow would be Skill → Basic Attack → Basic Attack.

Using her skill while the Matrix is active also triggers her A2 ability, granting her an extra 20 energy.

This allows for more flexible energy management.

Building Fu Xuan: Relics, Stats, and Light Cones

Recommended Stats

Fu Xuan Character Stats Honkai Star Rail

  • Body Piece: Focus on HP%, followed by DEF%
  • Feet: Speed is recommended for faster turn cycling, followed by HP%
  • Planar Sphere: Opt for HP% or DEF%
  • Rope: Energy Regeneration Rate (until 20% threshold) is generally better for faster ultimate charging, followed by HP%

You should prioritize HP% in most main relic stats (until 7,500 HP or so), and focus on getting as many DEF% substats as possible (until 1,500 DEF).

Reaching the 135 speed breakpoint is also advisable, and can be achieved by combining speed boots, the speed set and speed substats.

Relic Sets

Longevous Disciple Relic Set Honkai Star Rail

The most flexible option is to use two-piece combos from Longevous Disciple, Messenger Traversing Hackerspace, and Guard of Wuthering Snow sets.

A four-piece set generally ends up being redundant due to Fu Xuan's built-in self-healing mechanic.

For the Planar Ornament set, you should go for Fleet of the Ageless, which boosts HP% and buffs other allies' ATK.

Light Cone Options

Fu Xuan's Signature Light Cone She Already Shut Her Eyes Honkai Star Rail

  • Free-to-Play: "Texture of Memories" is an excellent choice. Not only does it offer solid base stats and effect resistance, but it also provides Fu Xuan with a damage-reducing shield.
  • Four-Star Alternatives: "Day One of My New Life" and "Landau’s Choice" are good picks.
  • Five-Star Gacha Option: Her signature light cone "She Already Shut Her Eyes" is the best but not mandatory. This cone enhances Fu Xuan's HP and ERR while also providing a damage boost for allies, and healing allies at the start of each wave (doesn't apply for boss phases). Another option would be Gepard's signature light cone.

Team Synergy: Who Works Best with Fu Xuan?

Fu Xuan is incredibly versatile. Her ability to offer team-wide buffs like increased HP, Crit Rate, and damage reduction makes her an amazing unit in virtually any team composition.

Fu Xuan's Example Party Composition Honkai Star Rail

She's especially good in quantum-focused teams, as she can also aid in breaking enemies more quickly in AoE scenarios due to her Quantum-based ultimate.

Fu Xuan has a unique synergy with units that benefit from receiving damage, such as Blade and Clara. This is because her damage redirection allows these units to trigger their special abilities while protecting them form crowd control (CC) abilities.

However, she may not be suitable for units that need to avoid damage, like Yanqing, who loses his Soulsteel Sync state upon taking damage.

Auto-Play Observations

Fu Xuan's Ultimate Animation Honkai Star Rail

Fu Xuan's auto-play performance is solid.

She consistently keeps the Matrix field active and uses her ultimate as soon as it's available, ensuring that both she and her team remain well-protected.

Eidolons: Should You Spend Money?

When it comes to spending money on the game, you might be tempted to go for Fu Xuan's Eidolons.

E1 Eidolon: Crit Damage

Fu Xuan's Eidolon 1 Dominus Pacis Honkai Star Rail

Her E1 Eidolon gives a 30% Crit Damage boost to your team, which is insane.

E2 Eidolon: The Safety Net

The E2 Eidolon for Fu Xuan acts like an instant revive for your team. If a team member is knocked down, they immediately recover 70% of their HP without actually getting knocked down.

This can affect multiple characters at the same time, but it only works once per battle. Having this kind of safety net is invaluable in high-difficulty fights.

E4 Eidolon: Energy Regen

The E4 Eidolon increases Fu Xuan's energy regeneration when allies get attacked. Faster energy regen means you can use her ultimate more often, maximizing her usefulness.

E6 Eidolon: The Ultimate Finisher

The E6 Eidolon massively buffs Fu Xuan's ultimate based on the HP lost by allies during the battle.

In long,fights, this could be the difference between victory and defeat.

However, the game is pretty easy even without these upgrades.

If you're a free-to-play player, you won't miss out on much by skipping Fu Xuan's Eidolons.

Final Thoughts: Is Fu Xuan Worth the Pull?

Fu Xuan's Abilities Summary Honkai Star Rail

Fu Xuan offers a unique blend of survival abilities that makes her an invaluable asset.

Whether you're a new player or someone who misses other 5-star supports like Luocha or Gepard, Fu Xuan is definitely a high-valuable character that you'd want on your team.

So there you have it!

That's your comprehensive guide to mastering Fu Xuan in Honkai Star Rail version 1.3.

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned player, this guide should cover everything you need to know to make the most out of this incredible quantum unit.