The Ultimate Genshin Impact Tier List Breakdown

The Ultimate Genshin Impact Tier List Breakdown
Last updated:
April 23, 2024

As Genshin Impact continues to evolve, the character meta shifts with each update.

This comprehensive tier list for early 2024 provides detailed insights into each of the 84 characters, helping you understand their strengths, weaknesses, and utility in various team compositions.

Let's dive in!

Genshin Impact In-Depth Tier List (2024 Edition)

Tier List TLDR

S-Tier: Bennett, Kazuha, Zhongli, Nahida

A-Tier: Xiangling, Alhaitham, Nilou, Faruzan, Xingqiu, Fischl, Noelle, Chongyun, Jean, Mona, Keqing, Diona, Childe, Ganyu, Xiao, Hu Tao, Rosaria, Shenhe, Yae Miko, Wanderer, Yaoyao, Dehya, Kirara, Lyney, Neuvillette, Wriothesley, Furina, Thoma, Yun Jin, Arataki Itto, Gorou, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Kuki Shinobu, Kujou Sara, Ayaka, Baizhu, Diluc, Eula, Yelan, Raiden Shogun, Yoimiya, Navia, Xianyun, Chiori

B-Tier: The Traveler (Dendro), Collei, Barbara, Razor, Beidou, Ningguang, Layla, Tighnari, Cyno, Mika, Charlotte, Venti, Sucrose, Sayu, Ayato, Klee, Albedo, Dori, Qiqi, Chevreuse, Gaming

C-Tier: Kaeya, Amber, Lisa, Heizou, Kaveh, Lynette, Freminet, Xinyan, Candace, Yanfei, Traveler (Electro), Traveler (Geo), Traveler (Hydro), Traveler (Anemo)

D-Tier: Aloy


in game bennett headshot in genshin impact


An invaluable support character known for his versatile Elemental Burst that heals and provides an attack bonus.

Ideal in almost any team for his dual role as healer and buffer.

Our complete Bennett guide offers an in-depth look at his abilities and the best ways to use him in-game.

in game kazuha headshot in genshin impact


Excels in crowd control and elemental damage amplification.

His abilities can gather enemies and boost the team’s Elemental Mastery, making him essential for elemental reaction setups.

Uncover the secrets to mastering his skills with our extensive Kazuha breakdown.

in game zhongli headshot in genshin impact


Offers the strongest shield in the game and petrifies enemies with his Elemental Burst, providing exceptional protection and crowd control.

Read our comprehensive Zhongli overview to learn about the best strategies and tips to master him.

in game nahida headshot in genshin impact


Known for her substantial off-field DPS and team Elemental Mastery buffs, making her crucial for maximizing elemental reaction damage.

Uncover the secrets to mastering her playstyle in our thorough in-depth Nahida guide.


in game xiangling headshot in genshin impact


A versatile Pyro user capable of both main DPS and support roles.

Her Pyronado is particularly effective for consistent Pyro application.

Unlock the full potential of her abilities with strategic tips and tricks in our detailed Xiangling guide.

in game alhaitham headshot in genshin impact


Known for his high Dendro DPS and stylish combat animations.

Alhaitham shines in his ability to consistently apply Dendro for elemental reactions.

Discover the full capabilities of his skillset in our thorough Alhaitham overview.

in game nilou headshot in genshin impact


Specializes in Bloom reactions, offering unique gameplay mechanics.

Uniquely effective in the Abyss with the right team, and provides strong Hydro application.

Uncover the secrets to mastering her gameplay with our complete and insightful Nilou guide.

in game faruzan headshot in genshin impact


A supportive Anemo character, enhancing the team's Anemo damage.

Understand her role and impact in the game with our comprehensive Faruzan guide.

in game xingqiu headshot in genshin impact


A versatile Hydro support known for his damage reduction, healing, and Hydro application.‍

Excellent at providing Hydro support for reaction-based teams, especially effective in Vaporize and Freeze compositions.

Our complete Xingqiu guide offers an in-depth look at his abilities and the best ways to deploy him in-game.

in game fischl headshot in genshin impact


An Electro character with great off-field DPS capabilities, perfect for reaction setups.‍

Get to know her full capabilities and strategic applications of in our detailed Fischl guide.

in game chongyun headshot in genshin impact


Offers tankiness and healing, making her a solid choice for teams needing survivability.‍

Capable of transitioning into a main DPS role, especially with high Constellations.

Find out how she can transform your gameplay with our complete Noelle guide.

in game chongyun headshot in genshin impact


Excels in Cryo application and can be a potent DPS in the right team composition.‍

Particularly useful in Melt and Freeze teams, and can significantly boost Cryo DPS in the right setup.

Find out how to make the most of his capabilities in our extensive Chongyun guide.

in game jean headshot in genshin impact


Provides team-wide healing and decent Anemo damage, useful in various scenarios.

Useful in various team compositions, and offers decent Anemo DPS.

Discover the full extent of her abilities and strategies in our detailed Jean guide.

in game mona headshot in genshin impact


‍Known for her high damage potential and ability to boost the team's overall damage output.‍

Especially effective in Vaporize setups, and offers valuable utility with her taunt and movement abilities.

Explore our in-depth Mona guide to understand how she can improve your gameplay.

in game keqing headshot in genshin impact


High Electro DPS with rapid movements, effective in dealing sustained damage, and versatile in Electro-reaction teams.

Check out our in-depth guide to mastering Keqing's diverse unique and roles.

in game diona headshot in genshin impact


Excellent support with her shielding and healing abilities, beneficial in Cryo reaction teams.

See how she can enhance your team's dynamics by reading our comprehensive Diona guide.

in game childe headshot in genshin impact


High burst Hydro DPS, particularly effective in Vaporize and Electro-Charged setups, and he offers unique ranged/melee combat style.

Explore the full range of his skills and gameplay impact in our extensive Childe guide.

in game ganyu headshot in genshin impact


Ganyu is an exceptional Cryo DPS, particularly with charged shots, excels in Freeze and Melt compositions, and offers strong AoE damage.

Find out more about optimizing her potential in various game modes in our all-encompassing Ganyu guide.

in game xiao headshot in genshin impact


He is an Anemo DPS with high burst potential but he requires careful management of health.

Excels in dealing with groups of enemies, and offers high mobility.

Gain insights into optimizing his performance in various game scenarios with our in-depth Xiao guide.

in game hu tao headshot in genshin impact

Hu Tao‍

She is a Pyro DPS known for her high-risk, high-reward gameplay style.

Effective in Vaporize teams, and offers significant burst damage.

Discover the full range of her abilities and strategies in our detailed Hu Tao guide.

in game rosaria headshot in genshin impact


Rosaria offers Cryo application and critical rate buffs, making her a valuable support character.

Dive deeper into her role and best practices in team compositions with our exhaustive Rosaria guide.

in game shenhe headshot in genshin impact


Shenhe boosts Cryo damage for the team, making her valuable in Cryo-centric compositions, and offers strong crowd control abilities.

Get to know the ins and outs of her abilities and how to use them effectively in our comprehensive Shenhe guide.

in game yae miko headshot in genshin impact

Yae Miko‍

She provides strong off-field Electro damage and efficient in triggering Electro reactions, and offers consistent damage output.

Uncover the secrets to mastering her unique skills in our thorough Yae Miko guide.

in game wanderer headshot in genshin impact


A Strong Anemo DPS with unique aerial combat, effective in crowd control, and he offers fast overworld traveling mechanics.

Unlock the full potential of Wanderer’s abilities with the strategic tips and tricks found in our detailed Wanderer guide.

in game yaoyao headshot in genshin impact


A Dendro healer with unique healing mechanics.

Particularly useful in teams requiring sustained healing and Dendro reactions.

Learn how to maximize her effectiveness with tips and tricks found in our complete Yaoyao guide.

in game dehya headshot in genshin impact


Offers Pyro DPS and has seen improvements with recent updates.

Dive into our extensive Dehya guide to uncover the secrets behind her powerful skill set.

in game kirara headshot in genshin impact


She offers Dendro support with a unique transformation ability, useful in teams focusing on Dendro reactions.

Gain a deeper understanding of her role and contributions to team dynamics with our complete Kirara guide.

in game lyney headshot in genshin impact


He provides consistent damage output, particularly effective with charged attacks, and offers a unique combat mechanic with combo points.

Read our comprehensive Lyney overview to learn about the best strategies and tips for her.

in game neuvillette headshot in genshin impact


Exceptional Hydro DPS, particularly effective in the Abyss, offers wide-ranging and consistent damage.

Explore his unique abilities and tactical advantages in our in-depth Neuvillette analysis.

in game wriothesley headshot in genshin impact


High Cryo DPS, especially effective in Freeze and Melt compositions, and offers a fun, dynamic playstyle.

Read more about his simple mechanics and potential as a Cryo DPS in this comprehensive Wriothesley guide.

in game furina headshot in genshin impact


Furina's key strength lies in her exceptional off-field DPS capabilities.

Her unique playstyle revolves around enhancing team damage output significantly, even without her ultimate.

Fully optimize her by reading our in-depth guide to Furina mastery.

in game thoma headshot in genshin impact


Thoma's strength lies in his ability to create strong shields scaled from his HP, providing valuable protection for the team.

He excels in teams that benefit from frequent Pyro application and require additional protection.

Gain insights into the optimal usage of his skills and abilities in our comprehensive Thoma guide.

in game yun jin headshot in genshin impact

Yun Jin

Yun Jin's forte is boosting the Normal Attack DMG of her teammates, making her a valuable asset in teams with characters that rely heavily on Normal Attacks.

Learn more about how to effectively use her strengths in our detailed Yun Jin guide.

in game arataki itto headshot in genshin impact

Arataki Itto

Itto's strength lies in his Geo DPS capabilities, with his Elemental Burst unleashing a powerful AoE attack.

High Geo damage output, especially effective against single targets.

Dive into our in-depth Itto analysis to understand how his unique skills can improve your gameplay.

in game gorou headshot in genshin impact


Gorou's skills boost his team's defense and Geo damage, making him a solid support in Geo-centric teams.

Best used in teams that capitalize on Geo constructs and resonance.

Explore his full range of abilities and strategic uses in our detailed Gorou breakdown.

in game kokomi headshot in genshin impact

Sangonomiya Kokomi

Kokomi excels in healing and Hydro application.

Her kit is designed to sustain the team while providing consistent Hydro reactions.

Explore her full potential and tactical applications in our extensive Kokomi guide.

in game kuki shinobu headshot in genshin impact

Kuki Shinobu

Kuki Shinobu stands out for her ability to heal while dealing Electro DMG, making her a versatile support character.

Her healing scales with her Max HP, allowing for significant sustain in combat.

Find out how she can transform your team's dynamics with our comprehensive Kuki Shinobu guide.

in game kujou sara headshot in genshin impact

Kujou Sara

She is highly valued for her ability to buff the ATK of teammates and apply Electro DMG reliably.

Her skills enable her to play a supportive role, setting up elemental reactions and boosting team damage output.

Get insights into her best tactics and approaches in our detailed Kujou Sara guide.

in game ayaka headshot in genshin impact


Known for her elegant and swift combat style, Ayaka excels in dishing out consistent Cryo damage and is perfect for Freeze and Melt team compositions.

Excellent at dealing sustained damage, especially when leveraging Cryo reactions.

Want to master her? Learn more about her through this in-depth Ayaka guide.

in game baizhu headshot in genshin impact


Ideal for teams needing consistent healing and Dendro reactions.

His kit includes abilities to provide sustained healing and boost team defenses.

Dive into our extensive Baizhu guide to understand how his unique skills can elevate your gameplay.

in game diluc headshot in genshin impact


Known for his high Pyro damage and powerful claymore strikes.

Ideal for aggressive playstyles focusing on high DPS output.

Get to know his full capabilities and strategic applications in our detailed Diluc guide.

in game eula headshot in genshin impact


Eula is known for her high Physical and Cryo damage.

Her Elemental Burst especially deals massive burst damage.

Find out more about optimizing her talents and abilities in our comprehensive Eula guide.

in game yelan headshot in genshin impact


Yelan's combat style revolves around fast-paced movement and high burst damage.

She is excellent at applying consistent Hydro for elemental reactions and can maneuver quickly on the battlefield.

Explore the detailed breakdown of her abilities and strategic value in our in-depth Yelan analysis.

in game raiden shogun headshot in genshin impact

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is unique for her ability to synergize with other characters' Elemental Bursts.

Strong in both dealing damage and supporting the team's energy needs.

Discover the full capabilities and strategic uses of Raiden Shogun in our detailed guide.

in game yoimiya headshot in genshin impact


Yoimiya is renowned for her exceptional Pyro bow skills and high damage output.

Her capabilities make her a formidable addition to any team composition, particularly for players focusing on Pyro damage.

Learn how to maximize her effectiveness in various game scenarios through our thorough Yoimiya guide.

in game Navia headshot in genshin impact


Navia's unique gameplay mechanics, involving the collection and use of crystallized shards, combined with her versatile combat abilities, make her a distinctive and potentially powerful character.

Learn more about her with our comprehensive Navia guide.

in game xianyun headshot in genshin impact


Xianyun stands out as a versatile Anemo support with strong burst DPS capabilities.

Her kit revolves around enabling and enhancing plunge attacks, making her a unique addition to teams that can exploit this mechanic.

Get to know her full potential and combat tips in our complete Xianyun guide.

in game chiori headshot in genshin impact


With her unique ability to summon Geo constructs and offer both on-field and off-field support, she provides sustained Geo damage and boosts team resistance through crystallize reactions.

Chiori's dual scaling from both ATK and DEF stats allows for flexible builds, fitting into various playstyles and team compositions.

Check how to maximize her potential with our comprehensive Chiori guide.


in game traveler headshot in genshin impact

Traveler - Dendro

While not a top-tier choice, the Traveler in Dendro form can be effective in elemental reaction teams due to their versatility in changing elements.

in game collei headshot in genshin impact


A free character with decent Dendro abilities.

She's a good early-game choice for players starting their journey in Teyvat.

Read our detailed Collei guide to understand the best strategies and approaches for using her unique talents.

in game barbara headshot in genshin impact


As a dedicated healer, she excels in keeping the team alive, especially effective with her constellations that enhance her healing capabilities.

in game razor headshot in genshin impact


A strong main DPS with Electro and physical attacks, known for his straightforward yet effective combat style.

Discover his full kit and strategic uses in our detailed Razor guide.

in game beidou headshot in genshin impact


Notable for her unique counter-attack mechanic and off-field Electro DPS.

Her Elemental Burst provides continuous Electro damage when switching characters.

Learn more about how to effectively use her strengths in our detailed Beidou guide.

in game ningguang headshot in genshin impact


Ningguang is known for her strong Geo damage and protective screen.

She can deal significant burst damage with her Elemental Burst.

Discover her full capabilities and strategic uses in our detailed Ningguang guide.

in game layla headshot in genshin impact


Provides Cryo application and decent shielding abilities.

Her skills are well-suited for defensive playstyles and teams that benefit from consistent Cryo presence, enhancing crowd control and reaction potential.

Find out how to make the most of her toolkit in various game scenarios in our extensive Layla guide.

in game tighnari headshot in genshin impact


Tighnari excels in Dendro-based DPS, especially effective in Bloom and Burning reactions.

His charged shots and Elemental Burst offer high damage output, making him a strong choice for ranged combat and elemental reactions.

Find out how to maximize her effectiveness with our comprehensive Tighnari guide.

in game cyno headshot in genshin impact


An Electro DPS with strong burst damage but requires energy management.

His playstyle is dynamic and effective for sustained damage output in various combat situations.

Explore his full potential and tactical applications in our extensive Cyno guide.

in game mika headshot in genshin impact


A healer who also buffs physical DPS and attack speed.

His unique ability to enhance physical damage makes him a valuable addition to physical DPS-oriented teams, providing both healing and offensive support.

Uncover the secrets to optimize his unique skills with insights found in our thorough Mika guide.

in game charlotte headshot in genshin impact


A decent healer, though not recommended due to clunky mechanics.

Her playstyle is suited for teams that require quick and substantial healing, especially in high-damage encounters.

Discover her full healing capabilities and strategic uses in our detailed Charlotte guide.

in game venti headshot in genshin impact


Offers excellent crowd control with his Anemo abilities, making him great for grouping enemies.‍

His Elemental Burst effectively gathers enemies, making him invaluable for AoE damage maximization and efficient battlefield control.

Learn about his optimal strategies and build paths in our in-depth Venti guide.

in game sucrose headshot in genshin impact


Sucrose excels at grouping enemies and spreading elemental effects, making her ideal for triggering elemental reactions.

Like other Anemo characters, Sucrose's direct damage output is limited compared to other elements.

Discover the full range of her power and gameplay tips in our extensive Sucrose guide.

in game sayu headshot in genshin impact


Sayu is unique for her mobility and the ability to provide healing while dealing Anemo DMG.

Her healing is tied to her ATK stat, which might require specific gear choices.

Discover the full extent of her abilities and strategies by diving into our detailed Sayu guide.

in game ayato headshot in genshin impact


Ayato specializes in fast Hydro attacks and AoE damage.

He's less effective in prolonged fights where his energy recharge isn't sufficient.

Learn about how to maximize his strengths and minimize his weaknesses in our extensive Ayato breakdown.

in game klee headshot in genshin impact


A powerful Pyro DPS known for her high burst damage and area-of-effect attacks.

Her explosive attacks are particularly effective in dealing with groups of enemies, making her a strong choice for Pyro-based damage and reactions.

Explore the depth of her abilities and strategies in our detailed Klee guide.

in game albedo headshot in genshin impact


Provides consistent Geo damage and boosts team Elemental Mastery.‍

His Elemental Skill is notable for its low energy cost and frequency, making him a great addition to teams needing supplemental Geo damage and elemental reaction support.

Explore the variations of his abilities and how to maximize their effectiveness in our in-depth Albedo guide.

in game dori headshot in genshin impact


Dori is unique in her ability to provide consistent energy regeneration to the team, which can be crucial for characters with high energy requirements.

The effectiveness of her energy regeneration is limited by the need for close proximity, which can be challenging in mobile fights.

Grasp the full potential of her kit and learn to deploy her effectively with our in-depth Dori guide.

in game qiqi headshot in genshin impact


Qiqi’s primary strength lies in her ability to provide substantial and consistent healing to the team.

She lacks the offensive capabilities that other characters might offer.

Get to know her full potential and strategies in our complete Qiqi breakdown.

in game chevreuse headshot in genshin impact


Chevreuse's kit is aligned to support roles, specifically enhancing Overload teams.

Her talents are designed to boost Pyro and Electro damage.

Dive into our complete guide to understand Chevreuse's role and how to effectively use her in your team.

in game gaming headshot in genshin impact


Gaming emerges as a formidable Pyro main DPS, particularly notable for his high damage output.

His unique combat style, focusing on skill-enhanced plunge attacks, sets him apart from other DPS characters.

Explore the best ways to use his toolkit in various game scenarios in our detailed Gaming guide.


in game kaeya headshot in genshin impact


Offers Cryo application but has better alternatives.

Kaeya's DPS potential is lower compared to other Cryo characters, and his Elemental Burst requires close combat, which can be risky against certain enemies.

Learn how to optimize hia skills for your team's advantage in our complete Kaeya guide.

in game amber headshot in genshin impact


Useful in early game stages but lacks effectiveness in higher-tier content.

She suffers from low damage output, and often gets outshined by other Pyro characters in terms of DPS and utility.

in game lisa headshot in genshin impact


An underrated Electro support with a defense shred ability.

Her skills require time to charge for maximum effect, which can be impractical in fast-paced battles.

Explore her unique strengths and tactical uses in our extensive Lisa guide.

in game heizou headshot in genshin impact


Offers solid Anemo damage and with a skill that can nuke enemies.

Heizou’s reliance on close-range combat can put him at risk against tougher opponents.

Additionally, his effectiveness may diminish without proper support from the team.

Discover the details of his abilities and how to effectively integrate him into your team with our extensive Heizou guide.

in game kaveh headshot in genshin impact


A character with a unique playstyle, though not a top-tier pick.

Kaveh's dependency on specific gameplay mechanics for maximum effectiveness can make him less versatile.

Dive deeper into his unique abilities and strategic uses with our detailed Kaveh guide.

in game lynette headshot in genshin impact


Lynette, as a free character, is easily accessible to all players.

Despite being a viable option, Lynette faces competition from other characters who may offer more in terms of damage output or utility.

Find out more about this her skill set and optimal usage in our all-encompassing Lynette review.

in game freminet headshot in genshin impact


‍Provides a mix of physical DPS and Cryo abilities.

Freminet's effectiveness may be reliant on specific team setups to maximize his potential.

Read our complete guide to harnessing Freminet's full potential in your gameplay strategy.

in game xinyan headshot in genshin impact


Xinyan excels in creating a shield that also deals Pyro DMG when formed, offering both protection and offensive capabilities.

Her focus on Physical DMG limits her synergy in teams centered around elemental reactions.

Understand the strategic advantages she offers and how to implement her in gameplay with our detailed Xinyan guide.

in game candace headshot in genshin impact


Works best in teams that benefit from her protective and Hydro-related abilities.

Offers limited offensive support compared to other Hydro characters.

Get to know her full potential and combat tips in our complete Candace guide.

in game yanfei headshot in genshin impact


She excels in dealing high single-target damage, perfect for taking down tougher enemies.

Relies heavily on building up her Burst for maximum damage output.

Uncover the variations of her abilities and how to strengthen them in competitive play in our detailed Yanfei guide.

in game traveler headshot in genshin impact

Traveler - Anemo, Geo, Electro, Hydro


Offers crowd control and swirl reactions, enhancing team elemental damage.

While versatile, the Anemo Traveler is often overshadowed by more specialized Anemo characters.


Generates shields, enhances crit rate, and provides Geo constructs for battlefield control.

The Geo Traveler's ability to bolster crit rate and provide defensive utility makes them a valuable asset in certain team compositions.


Can efficiently trigger Electro-based reactions like Electro-Charged or Overload.

The Electro Traveler offers useful reaction setups but may not be as impactful as other Electro characters in higher-tier gameplay.


Their unique channeled abilities provide interesting gameplay but lack the impact needed for higher tiers.

While currently not a top-tier choice, they hold the promise for unique utility and gameplay style, particularly if the game's meta evolves to favor their abilities.


in game aloy headshot in genshin impact


Aloy can quickly apply Cryo to enemies, making her useful for triggering elemental reactions like Freeze or Melt.

She falls behind other Cryo characters in terms of sustained damage output and utility.

Her skills require precise positioning to maximize damage, and she lacks the crowd control abilities of other Cryo users.

New Addition

in game arlecchino headshot in genshin impact


Arlecchino is highly regarded for her exceptional ability to self-sustain and unleash substantial damage through her unique Bond of Life mechanic.

Her adeptness at triggering powerful elemental reactions, combined with a versatile playstyle that balances aggressive offense and strategic healing, makes her a standout character in any team composition.

Discover the ultimate strategies and detailed breakdowns for mastering Arlecchino in our comprehensive guide.

Our Final Thoughts

This 2024 tier list for Genshin Impact reflects the dynamic nature of the game, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each character.

Use this guide to make informed decisions but also to experiment and find combinations that suit your playstyle and preferences.

As the game continues to expand, staying adaptable and open-minded is key to enjoying the diverse world of Teyvat.