Razor: The Ultimate DPS Guide for Genshin Impact

Razor: The Ultimate DPS Guide for Genshin Impact
Last updated:
February 15, 2024

Razor, Genshin Impact's wolf boy, remains one of the game's most formidable four-star characters, excelling as an on-field hyper carry.

This guide dives into Razor's talents, gameplay tips, artifact builds, best weapons, and team compositions, ensuring you maximize his DPS potential.

Let's jump right in!

The Ultimate Razor Guide: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Razor's Talents and Kit

in game razor talent elemental burst details in genshin impact

Normal Attacks: Steel Fang

Razor's normal attack sequence consists of a four-hit combo that delivers powerful slashes with his claymore.

These attacks are the core of his DPS output, with the fourth strike dealing significant damage.

Razor's claymore attacks also feature a small AoE, allowing him to hit multiple enemies when they are grouped together.

To optimize his damage output and maintain mobility, use dash or skill-canceling techniques after the third or fourth attack to reset the attack sequence or avoid enemy counterattacks.

Elemental Skill: Claw and Thunder

Razor's Elemental Skill can be used in two ways: a press and a hold.

Pressing the skill unleashes a swift slash that deals Electro damage and generates energy particles, while holding the skill performs a more powerful slash that deals higher Electro damage over a wider area.

Both versions generate Electro Sigils, which increase Razor's Energy Recharge rate and can be consumed for energy when using the hold version of the skill.

This skill is crucial for maintaining Razor's Elemental Burst uptime.

Elemental Burst: Lightning Fang

Razor's Elemental Burst transforms him into his wolf form, significantly increasing his attack speed and summoning an Electro wolf to fight alongside him.

While in this form, Razor's normal attacks become more rapid and deal additional Electro damage, though the focus remains on physical DPS.

The burst also applies Electro periodically to Razor, offering a self-cleansing mechanic and the potential for elemental reactions.

Exiting wolf form by switching characters ends the burst immediately, highlighting Razor's role as a selfish DPS who benefits from staying on the field.

Passive Talents

Awakening: Reduces Claw and Thunder's cooldown, offering more frequent use and energy generation.

Hunger: Increases Razor's Energy Recharge, enhancing his ability to sustain his Elemental Burst.

Wolvensprint: Reduces stamina consumption while sprinting, complementing Razor's melee combat style and improving mobility.

Talent Priority

Normal Attack

Razor's primary source of damage comes from his Normal Attacks, especially when he is in his Elemental Burst state, which significantly increases his attack speed and pairs his sword strikes with Electro damage from his wolf spirit.

Enhancing this talent maximizes his DPS output, making it essential if you're relying on Razor as your main damage dealer.

Elemental Burst

Razor’s Elemental Burst transforms him, enhancing his Normal Attacks, increasing his attack speed, and applying Electro damage.

Since this Burst significantly boosts his overall damage, investing in this talent is crucial.

However, because the Burst’s effectiveness is already notable at its base level, some might opt to prioritize Normal Attacks slightly higher due to the consistent DPS increase it offers.

Elemental Skill

While Razor’s Elemental Skill is important for generating Electro Sigils, which help in energy regeneration and triggering his Elemental Burst more frequently, its direct contribution to Razor’s damage is less compared to his Normal Attacks and Burst.

Therefore, after maximizing his Normal Attack talent, investing in Claw and Thunder is beneficial but not as immediately impactful.

Artifact Builds

in game razor artifacts details in genshin impact

Gladiator's Finale (4-Piece Set)

This set enhances Razor's Normal Attack damage significantly, offering a 35% increase.

Given Razor's reliance on Normal Attacks for the bulk of his damage, especially during his Elemental Burst state, Gladiator's Finale stands out as a highly effective choice.

Ideal if you prioritize consistent high damage output from Normal and Charged Attacks.

Pale Flame (4-Piece Set)

Pale Flame boosts Physical DMG by 25% with its 2-piece bonus, and its 4-piece effect doubles this bonus upon using an Elemental Skill, also increasing ATK by 9% for 7s.

This effect stacks up to 2 times.

This set complements Razor’s skill usage pattern, significantly amplifying his Physical DPS.

Ideal if you're looking to maximize Razor's Physical DPS, especially when using his Elemental Skill frequently to maintain the Pale Flame's 4-piece effect.

Main Stats Priority

Sands: ATK% or Energy Recharge (if struggling with energy management)

Goblet: Physical DMG Bonus (Primary choice to boost Razor’s physical DPS)

Circlet: CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG (Focus on balancing Razor’s CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG for optimal damage output. Aim for a CRIT Rate to CRIT DMG ratio of 1:2)

Sub-Stats Priority

CRIT Rate/CRIT DMG: Prioritize achieving a balanced CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG ratio to maximize damage output.

ATK%: After CRIT stats, additional ATK% further boosts Razor's damage.

Energy Recharge: Consider investing in Energy Recharge if Razor is not generating enough energy to consistently use his Elemental Burst.

Flat ATK: A lower priority compared to percentage-based increases but still contributes to overall damage.

Best Weapons

in game razor weapon choice details in genshin impact

Wolf's Gravestone

Wolf's Gravestone boosts ATK by a significant margin and further increases it for Razor and his teammates when attacking enemies with low HP.

This weapon's high base ATK and passive effect make it an excellent choice for maximizing Razor's damage output.

Ideal if you're seeking to maximize Razor's DPS and provide a supportive boost to the team’s overall damage.

Serpent Spine

Serpent Spine increases CRIT Rate and provides a damage bonus that stacks while Razor is on the field, at the cost of taking more damage.

Given Razor's role as a main DPS, he can easily maintain and benefit from the full stacks of this weapon's passive.

Ideal for Razor users who can consistently dodge enemy attacks or mitigate incoming damage with shields, maximizing the weapon’s damage potential without the drawbacks.

Prototype Archaic (formerly known as Prototype Aminus)

This craftable weapon has a high base ATK and a passive that can deal additional AoE damage on hit, making it accessible yet powerful for enhancing Razor's physical damage output.

Ideal for F2P players or those who haven’t secured a 5-star weapon, offering a reliable and potent option.

The Unforged

While The Unforged is geared towards shielded characters, its high base ATK and ATK% bonus passive make it a strong contender for Razor, especially if paired with a reliable shield provider.

The shielded condition enhances Razor's attack further, making it a formidable weapon choice.

Ideal for Razor users who frequently team up with shield-generating characters, maximizing both Razor's damage output and survivability.


Although not as directly beneficial to Razor's Physical DPS role, Rainslasher increases damage against enemies affected by Hydro or Electro, which complements Razor’s Electro abilities.

It's a situational choice that shines in elemental reaction-centric teams.

Ideal for teams that focus on Electro-Charged reactions, providing Razor with increased damage potential in those specific scenarios.

Team Compositions

in game razor team setup with fischl bennett and kaeya in genshin impact

Cryo Support for Superconduct

Superconduct Reaction reduces enemies' physical resistance, increasing Razor's physical damage.

Cryo characters are crucial for consistently triggering this reaction.

Kaeya: Offers frequent Cryo application with his Elemental Skill and Burst, helping maintain superconduct. Kaeya's passive energy regeneration from his Elemental Burst further aids Razor's energy needs.

Diona: Provides Cryo application, significant healing, and a protective shield, enhancing Razor's survivability. Her Elemental Burst also helps gather energy for Razor.

Electro Support for Energy Recharge

Generates additional Electro particles, facilitating Razor's Elemental Burst uptime.

Fischl: Her Elemental Skill summons Oz, who consistently deals Electro damage, helping in energy generation and maintaining superconduct. Fischl can significantly contribute to the team's overall damage output as well.

Support for Healing and Shielding

Healing and protection is essential for Razor's durability in battle, allowing him to stay on-field longer and maintain aggressive play.

Zhongli: Provides a strong shield with his Elemental Skill, mitigating damage Razor takes and enhancing overall team defense. Zhongli's Elemental Burst also offers crowd control, adding strategic value.

Bennett: Offers healing and an ATK boost with his Elemental Burst, significantly enhancing Razor's DPS. Bennett's energy regeneration from his Elemental Skill can also benefit Razor indirectly.

Constellation Breakdown

in game razor constellation overview in genshin impact

C1: Wolf's Instinct

Collecting an Elemental Orb or Particle boosts Razor's damage by 10% for 8 seconds.

This constellation significantly enhances Razor's DPS output, encouraging active energy collection to maintain the damage boost almost continuously.

C2: Suppression

Increases CRIT Rate by 10% against enemies with less than 30% HP.

Enhances Razor's ability to finish off weakened enemies more efficiently, synergizing well with his role as a main DPS by increasing his CRIT Rate when it's most needed.

C4: Bite

Claw and Thunder's press version decreases enemies' DEF by 15% for 7 seconds when it hits.

Significantly amplifies Razor's and his teammates' damage output against affected enemies by reducing their defense, benefiting both his physical and Electro damage.

C6: Lupus Fulguris

Every 10 seconds, Razor's next Normal Attack releases lightning, dealing 100% ATK as Electro DMG.

When not in Lightning Fang form, this attack grants Razor an Electro Sigil.

This constellation provides a consistent increase in Razor's Electro DPS and helps his energy recharge through additional Electro Sigil generation, further reducing the downtime of his Elemental Burst.

Gameplay Tips

in game razor combat in genshin impact

Normal Attack Optimization

Razor's primary source of damage comes from his Normal Attack combo.

To optimize DPS, practice dash or jump canceling after the third or fourth attack in his combo to reset the animation, allowing you to attack again without delay.

Skill and Burst Synergy

Razor's Elemental Skill, Claw and Thunder, generates Electro Sigils, which increase his Energy Recharge.

Use this skill frequently to build Sigils and decrease the cooldown of his Elemental Burst, Lightning Fang, which significantly boosts his attack speed and damage.

Burst Management

Razor's Elemental Burst transforms him, enhancing his physical prowess and applying Electro with each hit.

To maintain this form, avoid switching characters unless necessary, as doing so ends the Burst prematurely.

Plan your team's skill rotations before activating Razor's Burst to ensure he can remain on the field as long as possible.

Energy Management

Given Razor's high energy cost for his Burst, pair him with characters who can generate additional Electro particles (e.g., Fischl) or use weapons like the Favonius Greatsword to improve energy generation.

Keeping Razor's Energy Recharge stat from artifacts in a comfortable range (around 120-160%) helps maintain consistent Burst uptime.

Superconduct Reaction

Razor benefits greatly from the Superconduct reaction (Cryo + Electro), which reduces enemies' Physical RES.

Include a Cryo character in your team to trigger Superconduct and increase Razor's physical damage output.

Shield and Heal

Razor's aggressive playstyle can leave him vulnerable. Incorporate shielders or healers in your team to ensure his survivability.

Characters like Diona can provide both a shield and Cryo application for Superconduct, making her an ideal support for Razor.

Positioning and Enemy Management

Razor's attacks can knock back lighter enemies, potentially disrupting your combo flow.

Use terrain and positioning to corner enemies or group them together for more efficient damage.

Be mindful of Razor's self-inflicted Electro application during his Burst, as it can trigger unintended Elemental reactions.

Advanced Techniques

Take advantage of hitlag (the slight delay when hitting enemies) during Razor's Burst to extend its duration beyond the indicated 15 seconds.

Also, use Razor's Elemental Skill to cleanse negative Elemental effects, thanks to the Electro application to himself.

Final Thoughts on Razor

Razor's power as a physical DPS in Genshin Impact remains intact.

By understanding his talents, optimizing his build, and strategically composing your team, Razor can lead you to victory across Teyvat's challenges.

Whether he's your main carry or a beloved member of your roster, this guide ensures Razor is always battle-ready.