Ultimate Guide to Mastering Furina in Genshin Impact

Ultimate Guide to Mastering Furina in Genshin Impact
Last updated:
February 15, 2024

Welcome to our complete guide on Furina, the Hydro Archon and one of the latest five-star additions in Genshin Impact.

This guide goes deep into the best practices for maximizing Furina’s potential, including optimal artifact and weapon selections, team compositions, and her unique playstyles.

Let's dive in!

Ultimate Guide to Mastering Furina in Genshin Impact: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Understanding Furina's Unique Mechanics

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Dual Alignment System: Ousia and Pneuma

Furina’s unique ability to switch between two Arkhe alignments, Ousia and Pneuma, defines her versatility and tactical utility in combat.

Ousia Alignment: Offense-Focused

In Ousia alignment, Furina summons three aquatic creatures - an octopus, a seahorse, and an armored crab.

Each creature contributes to her Hydro damage output based on her maximum HP.

This alignment features an HP draining mechanic, where party members above 50% HP gradually lose health to increase these creature's damage output.

The summons persist even when Furina is off-field, ensuring constant Hydro damage and elemental reaction potential.

Pneuma Alignment: Healing and Support

Shifting to Pneuma alignment transforms Furina into a more supportive role, concentrating on single-target healing.

While this stance offers healing, it notably reduces Furina's damage potential and energy generation, making it less ideal for DPS-focused strategies.

Tactical Alignment Switching

Furina’s alignment switches upon performing a charge attack, toggling between Ousia and Pneuma.

This feature allows players to adapt her role mid-battle, based on the team’s immediate needs.

Primarily use Ousia for damage and Hydro application.

Switch to Pneuma for emergency healing or specific scenarios where sustained healing is required.

Elemental Burst

Furina's Elemental Burst induces the Universal Revelry state, increasing Fanfare stacks as party members’ HP changes.

These stacks translate into significant damage bonuses for the entire team and enhance healing effectiveness.

Ideal Artifact Sets

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Golden Troupe Four-Piece Set

Enhances Furina's Elemental skill damage significantly.

Since a major part of Furina’s damage output comes from her Elemental Skill, this set, which provides up to 70% skill damage bonus, is extremely beneficial.

Alternative Sets

Mix and Match Two-Piece Sets

Combine sets that offer HP%, Hydro damage bonus, or energy recharge, especially if a full Golden Troupe set isn't available.

Tenacity of the Millelith

For a more supportive role, this set can boost the team's overall attack, although it does not directly benefit Furina's damage output.

Selecting the Right Weapon

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Splendor of Tranquil Waters (Signature Weapon)

Offers significant crit damage, max HP boost, and also boosts Elemental skill damage.

This weapon is made to enhance Furina’s skill-based damage output, making it her best in-slot option.

Festering Desire

Provides energy recharge and increases Elemental skill damage and crit rate.

An excellent choice for players without access to her signature weapon.

It balances her energy needs and enhances her skill damage.

Fleuve Cendre Ferryman

Offers energy recharge and a boost to Elemental skill crit rate.

A solid free-to-play option that assists in energy management while still enhancing Furina’s damage capabilities.

Other Notable Weapons

Primordial Jade Cutter and Haran Geppaku Futsu

Provide crit rate, which can be beneficial depending on Furina's artifact substats.

Favonius Sword

An option for teams needing more energy recharge to ensure Furina’s burst is consistently available.

Weapon and Artifact Stats Priority

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Energy Recharge

Essential for Furina to maintain high uptime on her Elemental Burst.

Typically ranges between 160% to 200% for solo Hydro roles and can be lower with additional Hydro support.


Directly scales with Furina’s skill and healing effectiveness.

Preferably on Sands and Goblet, if not opting for Hydro damage bonus.

Crit Rate and Crit Damage

Achieve a balanced ratio for optimal damage output.

Crit rate or crit damage on the Circlet, depending on which stat is needed more based on other gear and weapon.

Hydro Damage Bonus

A Goblet with Hydro damage can be equally effective as HP%, especially when paired with high HP from other sources.

Team Composition and Synergy

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Core Team Building Principles for Furina

Healer Integration: Given Furina's HP-draining mechanic, incorporating a potent healer is crucial. The healer choice should ideally offer AoE healing to counterbalance the HP loss from Furina's skills.

Elemental Reaction Considerations: Furina's Hydro element enables her to be crucial in teams focusing on elemental reactions like Vaporize, Freeze, or Electro-Charged.

Balancing DPS and Support: While Furina can dish out considerable damage, her role often leans towards supporting other DPS characters by enhancing damage through Hydro applications and her burst’s buffs.

Ideal Team Compositions

Vaporize Focused Team

Setup: Furina (Hydro support), Pyro DPS (e.g., Hu Tao, Diluc), Sub-DPS/Enabler (e.g., Xingqiu, Bennett), and Healer/Support.

Furina enhances Pyro DPS through Hydro application for Vaporize reactions, amplifying damage significantly.

Freeze Composition

Setup: Furina, Cryo Main DPS (e.g., Ganyu, Ayaka), Cryo/Anemo Support, Healer (e.g., Diona, Jean).

Furina works alongside a Cryo character to consistently freeze enemies, enabling control and damage amplification.

Electro-Charged (Taser) Team

Setup: Furina, Electro DPS/Sub-DPS (e.g., Fischl, Beidou), Flex Slot (Anemo or additional Electro), and Healer.

Furina's Hydro application synergizes with Electro characters to continuously trigger Electro-Charged reactions, dealing sustained AoE damage.

Double Hydro Team

Setup: Furina, another Hydro character (e.g., Xingqiu, Mona), Flex DPS, and a Healer/Utility character.

This setup maximizes Hydro resonance for increased healing and energy regeneration, benefiting Furina's ability to maintain her burst.

Furina as a Sub-DPS

Furina can be paired with a variety of main DPS characters, providing Hydro application and burst damage buffs.

She complements well with characters like Childe, Razor, or Ningguang.

Selecting the Right Healer for Furina

High Synergy Healers: Jean, Diona, or Qiqi offer AoE healing and additional utility (e.g., shields, cleanse).

Focused Healers: Characters like Bennett and Kokomi can provide focused healing while offering additional benefits like attack boosts or sustained healing.

Constellations: Enhancing Furina's Powers

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C1: Initial Fanfare Boost

Immediately grants 150 Fanfare stacks when activating her Elemental Burst and increases Fanfare limit by 100.

This constellation offers a substantial initial boost to the team’s damage output.

It ensures that Furina's burst starts off strong, providing immediate benefits to her and her allies.

C2: Accelerated Fanfare Accumulation

Increases the rate of Fanfare stack accumulation by 250%.

Every Fanfare point above the limit increases Furina's max HP by 0.35%, up to 140%.

This constellation significantly speeds up the rate at which Furina can boost her team's damage, making it a crucial step for those looking to enhance her supportive capabilities.

C4: Improved Energy Recharge

Gains additional energy when her skill hits enemies or heals the active character.

This constellation alleviates some of Furina's energy demands, allowing for more flexibility in weapon and artifact choices, especially in teams where additional energy generation is needed.

C6: Transformative Final Constellation

Infuses her attacks with Hydro, scaling damage based on her max HP.

In Ousia alignment, heals party members; in Pneuma alignment, increases damage at the cost of party HP.

This constellation unlocks a new dimension to Furina’s playstyle, allowing her to take on a more active DPS role.

The added healing in Ousia alignment or the damage boost in Pneuma alignment provides tactical flexibility.

Mastering Furina: Playstyle and Tactics

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Understanding Dual Alignment: Ousia and Pneuma

Ousia Alignment (Offensive)

Prioritize this alignment for offensive play, using her summons to deal Hydro damage.

Use the HP draining feature strategically, ensuring your team's health is managed effectively by a reliable healer.

Keep her creatures active for consistent Hydro application and damage, essential for elemental reactions.

Pneuma Alignment (Defensive)

Switch to Pneuma for targeted healing in critical situations, especially when lacking other healing sources.

Use Pneuma alignment sparingly, as it reduces overall damage output and energy generation.

Maximizing Elemental Skill and Burst

Skill Usage

Deploy her skill regularly to maintain Hydro application on enemies, facilitating reactions like Vaporize or Freeze.

Manage the HP drain by coordinating with your team's healer, ensuring your DPS characters remain healthy.

Burst Deployment

Use her burst for its substantial team-wide damage and healing bonuses.

Aim to collect Fanfare stacks quickly by allowing controlled HP changes within your team.

Final Thoughts on Furina

Furina emerges as a versatile, strong Hydro support in Genshin Impact.

Her unique HP-draining mechanic and dual alignments offer a dynamic playstyle.

While she requires careful team planning and a reliable healer, her ability to enhance team damage and provide consistent Hydro application makes her a valuable addition to any team.