Ultimate Guide to Mastering Venti in Genshin Impact

Ultimate Guide to Mastering Venti in Genshin Impact
Last updated:
February 15, 2024

Venti, the bard of Mondstadt, remains a crucial character in Genshin Impact.

As one of the most versatile and powerful characters in the game, Venti has become a must-have for many adventurers.

This guide dives into optimizing Venti's build, including his talents, artifacts, and weapons, and combining him into effective team compositions.

Ultimate Guide to Mastering Venti: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Venti's Abilities and Playstyle

in game venti talent elemental burst details in genshin impact

Elemental Skill: Skyward Sonnet


Venti performs a quick Anemo attack, generating a small AoE damage effect.

This mode is preferred in combat for its low cooldown and efficient energy particle generation, allowing frequent use of his Elemental Burst.


Creates a larger AoE effect that lifts Venti and enemies into the air, creating a wind current.

While this mode has exploration benefits, like reaching high places or crossing gaps, its higher cooldown and situational utility in combat make the Press version generally more favorable for energy generation and consistent damage output.

Elemental Burst: Wind's Grand Ode

Venti's signature move, Wind's Grand Ode, showcases his full potential.

Upon casting, it creates a massive stormeye that sucks in enemies, dealing continuous Anemo damage and elemental absorption.

If the stormeye comes into contact with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro elements, it will absorb that element and deal additional elemental damage, making it incredibly versatile in elemental reaction-focused teams.

The burst's ability to gather enemies makes it unparalleled for controlling the battlefield and maximizing AoE damage from other characters.

Elemental absorption strengthens this by aligning with the team's elemental composition for enhanced reaction damage.

Venti's burst is particularly effective against smaller enemies, allowing for easy crowd control and damage maximization.

However, its effectiveness reduces against larger foes and bosses immune to its pull effect, though it still provides substantial damage and reaction potential.

Passive Talents

Embrace of Winds (1st Ascension Passive)

Holding Venti's Elemental Skill (Skyward Sonnet) creates an upcurrent that lasts for 20 seconds.

This passive enhances Venti's utility in both combat and exploration.

In combat scenarios, the upcurrent can be used to reposition or evade enemy attacks, offering a strategic advantage.

For exploration, it allows Venti and his party members to reach high places without the need for climbing, conserving stamina and accessing vantage points or hidden areas with ease.

Stormeye (4th Ascension Passive)

Regenerates 15 Energy for Venti after the effects of Wind's Grand Ode (his Elemental Burst) end.

Additionally, if an Elemental Absorption occurred, this also regenerates 15 Energy to all characters of that absorbed elemental type in the party.

Stormeye is a cornerstone of Venti's ability to sustain his Elemental Burst, ensuring it can be used more frequently in battles.

Windrider (Exploration Passive)

Decreases gliding Stamina consumption for your own party members by 20%.

While this passive might not directly influence combat, it significantly enhances exploration efficiency.

The reduced stamina consumption allows for longer glides over Teyvat's vast landscapes, making it easier to reach distant places or explore new heights.

This passive is universally beneficial, reflecting Venti's lore as the free-spirited Anemo Archon who traverses the skies.

Talent Prioritization

Elemental Skill

Prioritize this talent for its utility in gathering energy and controlling smaller enemy groups.

Elemental Burst

This ability is central to Venti's role in teams, enabling significant AoE damage, elemental reaction setups, and crowd control.

Upgrading this talent increases the DMG output and the overall effectiveness of your team's elemental reactions.

Normal Attack

As Venti is primarily used for his Elemental Skill and Burst, his Normal Attack chain is less critical.

These talents should generally be the last to invest in, as Venti's main contributions to the team come from his ability to generate energy quickly and control the battlefield with his Elemental Skill and Burst.

However, if you find yourself using Venti's normal and charged attacks often, especially in situations where his skills are on cooldown or when conserving energy for strategic Burst deployment, it can be worthwhile to upgrade this talent moderately.

Artifact Sets

in game venti artifacts details in genshin impact

Viridescent Venerer (4-Piece Set)

This set is designed for Anemo characters like Venti, enhancing both his personal damage output and his utility in a team.

The Viridescent Venerer set is the cornerstone of Venti's build, optimizing his role in assisting elemental reactions.

By lowering the resistance of enemies to key elements, Venti not only boosts his damage but significantly increases the overall DPS of teammates who capitalize on those elements.

This set is particularly effective in teams focused on elemental reactions such as Vaporize, Melt, Electro-Charged, or even additional Swirls.

Noblesse Oblige (2-Piece Set) + Viridescent Venerer (2-Piece Set)

For players who may not have access to a full 4-piece Viridescent Venerer set or are looking to enhance Venti's Burst DMG specifically, combining the 2-piece bonuses of Noblesse Oblige with the 2-piece bonus of Viridescent Venerer offers a balanced approach.

This combination boosts both Venti's Anemo DMG and his Elemental Burst DMG.

This hybrid set can be particularly useful in situations where Venti's role leans more towards maximizing the damage of his Elemental Burst without as much focus on assisting team elemental reactions.

It's a strong choice for domains or boss fights where Venti's crowd control and Swirl reactions are less crucial than direct Burst damage.

Instructor (4-Piece Set)

While less commonly used at higher levels of play, the Instructor set offers a significant boost to Elemental Mastery, making it a viable budget option for enhancing Venti's Swirl reactions.

This set is most effective in early to mid-game or when Venti is used in a team that heavily relies on elemental reactions for damage output.

It's a temporary solution until acquiring a full Viridescent Venerer set.

Main Stats Priority

Sands: Elemental Mastery or Energy Recharge (depending on Venti's energy needs).

Goblet: Anemo DMG Bonus.

Circlet: Elemental Mastery or Crit Rate/Damage (for a more DPS-oriented build).

Substats Priority

Focus on Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge, and Crit Rate/Damage as secondary priorities, adjusting to the specific needs of your build and team composition.

Weapon Choices

in game venti weapon choice details in genshin impact

The Stringless

The Stringless significantly enhances Venti's elemental skill and burst damage by 24% to 48%, depending on the refinement level.

This bow is particularly effective for Venti, as it directly boosts the two main parts of his kit—his Elemental Skill and Burst, both of which are crucial for crowd control and setting up elemental reactions.

Equip Venti with The Stringless when your focus is on maximizing his damage output through his abilities.

This weapon is ideal for teams that rely heavily on elemental reactions for DPS, as Venti can more effectively gather enemies and strengthen reaction damage with his enhanced abilities.

Skyward Harp

Skyward Harp offers a balanced increase in CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG, along with a high Base ATK, which universally boosts Venti’s overall damage output.

Additionally, its passive increases all DMG by 20% to 40% and has a chance to inflict a small AoE attack, adding to Venti's AoE capabilities.

Use Skyward Harp for a more DPS-oriented Venti build.

It’s especially effective in scenarios where Venti acts as a sub-DPS, contributing significant damage alongside crowd control.

Favonius Warbow

Favonius Warbow is an excellent choice for ensuring Venti can consistently use his Elemental Burst, thanks to its Energy Recharge sub-stat.

Its passive ability generates elemental orbs on CRIT hits, further helping energy regeneration for Venti and his team.

Opt for Favonius Warbow when Venti’s role is primarily to support and control, enabling him to use his Elemental Burst as frequently as possible.

This weapon is ideal in teams where Venti is not the main damage dealer but still contributes significantly through utility and elemental reactions.

Windblume Ode

Windblume Ode, obtainable from an event, provides a solid increase in Elemental Mastery, enhancing Venti’s Swirl reaction damage.

Its passive boosts ATK after using an Elemental Skill, offering a temporary damage increase.

Windblume Ode is suitable for players without access to premium bows, offering a balance between enhancing Venti's Swirl reactions and providing a moderate ATK boost.

It's most effective when consistently using Venti’s Elemental Skill to group enemies and trigger reactions.

Substitutes for Specific Situations

Elegy for the End: Enhances team utility by increasing Elemental Mastery and providing buffs upon achieving certain conditions with Elemental Skill or Burst.

Prototype Crescent: A craftable option that increases ATK upon hitting weak spots, useful for a DPS role or when other preferred options are unavailable.

Team Compositions

in game venti team setup with nilou ayato and yoimiya in genshin impact

Elemental Reaction Teams

Leverage Venti's Swirl reaction to increase elemental damage from teammates.

Composition: Venti (Anemo), Xiangling (Pyro), Ganyu (Cryo), Mona (Hydro).

Venti gathers enemies with his Elemental Burst, setting the stage for powerful AoE reactions like Melt and Vaporize.

Xiangling's Pyronado and Ganyu's AoE Cryo attacks can create consistent Melt reactions, while Mona increases damage with her Hydro application and Omen debuff, making this team formidable against groups of enemies.

Freeze Composition

Use Venti's crowd control to enable consistent Freeze reactions, immobilizing enemies.

Composition: Venti (Anemo), Kaeya (Cryo), Chongyun (Cryo), Barbara (Hydro).

With Venti pulling enemies together, Kaeya and Chongyun can apply Cryo efficiently, while Barbara ensures continuous Hydro application for Freeze.

This setup not only neutralizes enemy attacks but also sets up for Cryo DPS characters to deal increased damage to frozen targets.

Overload and Swirl Focus

Focus on triggering Overload with a Pyro and Electro composition, enhanced by Venti's Swirl.

Composition: Venti (Anemo), Fischl (Electro), Bennett (Pyro), Razor (Electro).

Venti's ability to group enemies allows for efficient Overload reaction triggering by Fischl and Bennett, dealing massive AoE damage.

Razor serves as a secondary DPS, benefiting from the energy generated by Venti and Fischl, while Bennett provides healing and an ATK boost with his Elemental Burst.

Anemo Resonance Exploration Team

Exploit Anemo resonance for reduced stamina consumption, increased movement speed, and skill cooldown reduction, ideal for exploration.

Composition: Venti (Anemo), Sucrose (Anemo), Razor (Electro), Qiqi (Cryo).

Venti and Sucrose provide crowd control and elemental debuffing, making fights against multiple enemies a breeze.

Razor acts as the primary DPS, with Qiqi ensuring team survivability through healing. The Anemo resonance enhances exploration efficiency.

Quick-Swap Burst Damage Team

Use characters with powerful Elemental Bursts in quick succession for high burst damage.

Composition: Venti (Anemo), Diluc (Pyro), Albedo (Geo), Jean (Anemo).

Venti opens with his Elemental Burst to group enemies, followed by Diluc and Albedo's Bursts for high AoE damage.

Jean acts as both a secondary Anemo support for Swirl reactions and a healer, ensuring team sustainability.

This team excels in quickly dispatching groups of enemies in domains and the open world.


in game venti constellation overview in genshin impact

C1: Splitting Gales

Fires two additional arrows per Aimed Shot, each dealing 33% of the original arrow's damage.

This constellation primarily benefits Venti's Aimed Shot, increasing his single-target damage output.

While not directly enhancing his support capabilities, it offers an alternative damage source when his Elemental Skill and Burst are on cooldown.

C2: Breeze of Reminiscence

Skyward Sonnet decreases opponents' Anemo RES and Physical RES by 12% for 10 seconds.

This constellation increases Venti's crowd control capabilities by weakening enemies' resistances, making them more susceptible to Anemo and physical attacks from the team.

It's particularly useful in compositions focused on physical DPS characters or in maximizing Swirl reactions.

C4: Hurricane of Freedom

When Venti picks up an Elemental Orb or Particle, he receives a 25% Anemo DMG Bonus for 10 seconds.

This constellation further increases Venti's damage output, especially when using his Elemental Skill and Burst frequently.

It ensures that Venti remains not just a crowd control tool but also a significant contributor to the team's overall DPS.

C6: Storm of Defiance

Targets who take DMG from Wind's Grand Ode have their Anemo RES decreased by 20%.

If an Elemental Absorption occurred, their RES towards the corresponding Element is also decreased by 20%.

This constellation maximizes Venti's utility in elemental reaction-focused teams.

It not only weakens enemies to Anemo damage but also to another element if his Burst absorbs it, paving the way for devastating combo attacks and significantly increasing the team's overall damage output.

Advanced Tips for Venti

in game venti elemental burst animation in genshin impact

Elemental Absorption Synergy

Venti's Elemental Burst, Wind's Grand Ode, can absorb Pyro, Hydro, Electro, or Cryo elements, increasing its damage and effects.

Timing your team's elemental attacks to infuse Venti's Burst maximizes AOE damage and elemental reactions.

Experiment with different elemental combos to exploit enemy weaknesses.

Animation Canceling

Mastering animation canceling with Venti can significantly increase your DPS output.

After launching Venti's Elemental Skill, Skyward Sonnet, quickly follow up with a Normal Attack or Elemental Burst to cancel the ending animation of the Skill.

This quick succession of attacks enhances Venti's overall damage and energy regeneration.

Energy Recharge Optimization

While Venti benefits from Energy Recharge, overinvesting in this stat can diminish returns on his damage potential.

Balance Venti's build to ensure his Burst is available on cooldown without sacrificing too much Elemental Mastery or ATK.

This involves a mix of artifact sub-stats, weapon choice, and team composition to ensure a steady flow of energy.

Swirl Reaction Maximization

Venti excels in triggering Swirl reactions, which scale off Elemental Mastery.

Equip Venti with artifacts that boost Elemental Mastery to enhance Swirl damage.

Position Venti to hit multiple enemies with his Swirl to exploit its AOE damage fully.

Remember, Swirl's damage also benefits from character level, so keep Venti leveled up alongside your main DPS characters.

Strategic Positioning

Venti's Elemental Burst pulls enemies towards its center but doesn't affect larger bosses.

Use environmental obstacles or corners to trap enemies, ensuring they remain within the Burst's AOE for its duration.

Position Venti and time his Burst to capture as many enemies as possible right when they spawn or are clustered.

Elemental Resonance and Team Synergy

Pair Venti with characters that can exploit the grouped enemies and absorbed elements.

For instance, pairing Venti with a Pyro character in a team with two Pyro members for the Fervent Flames resonance increases the team's ATK by 25%, enhancing damage output on Swirl-infused enemies.

Adjust your team composition based on the domain, Spiral Abyss floor, or open-world challenges to fully use Venti's crowd control and elemental reactions.

Skill and Burst Combo

Use Venti's Elemental Skill to gather minor enemies or generate energy before unleashing his Burst for maximum impact.

This not only ensures his Burst is ready sooner but also groups enemies for immediate crowd control upon activation of his Burst.


Venti's Burst snapshots buffs at the time of casting.

This means any ATK, Elemental Mastery, or Elemental DMG bonuses applied to Venti at the time of using his Burst will affect its entire duration, even after the buffs have worn off.

Coordinate with characters like Bennett or Sucrose to apply their buffs before casting Venti's Burst for amplified damage.

Final Thoughts on Venti

Venti's role in Genshin Impact as a crowd-control specialist and elemental amplifier cannot be understated.

Whether you're aiming for an Elemental Mastery build to maximize reaction damage or a Crit build for direct damage, Venti can significantly enhance your team's performance.

With the right build and team composition, Venti can turn the tide of battle, making him a worthy addition to any adventurer's roster.