The Ultimate Wriothesley Guide in Genshin Impact

The Ultimate Wriothesley Guide in Genshin Impact
Last updated:
February 14, 2024

Wriothesley, a five-star Cryo DPS in Genshin Impact, offers a unique playstyle revolving around his Cryo Catalyst abilities.

This comprehensive guide will cover everything from his best builds to team synergies.

Let's dive in!

The Ultimate Wriothesley Guide in Genshin Impact: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Wriothesley's Abilities and Playstyle

in game wriothesley talent elemental skill details in genshin impact

Core Mechanics

Cryo Catalyst DPS

Wriothesley is a five-star Cryo Catalyst user, meaning all his attacks inherently deal Cryo damage.

This elemental specialization shapes his role as a DPS in the team.

Normal and Charged Attacks

He primarily deals damage through his normal and charged attacks, similar to other Catalyst users but with a unique twist due to his Cryo alignment.

Elemental Skill: Icefang Rush

Chilling Penalty State: Activating this skill puts Wriothesley in a state where his normal attacks deal increased damage at the expense of his HP, provided he remains above 50% HP.

HP Consumption: Each normal attack hit consumes a portion of his HP, emphasizing a playstyle that juggles between high damage output and self-preservation.

Passive Talents

First Passive

Enhances his charged attacks when his HP falls below 60%.

These enhanced charged attacks deal increased damage, consume no stamina, and importantly, heal Wriothesley, making them crucial for maintaining his HP balance.

Second Passive

Provides additional attack power as his HP changes.

This passive synergizes with his HP fluctuation mechanics, rewarding careful HP management with increased damage.

Elemental Burst: Darkgold Wolfbite

Burst Mechanics

A straightforward attack dealing multiple hits of Cryo damage.

It is less central to his kit compared to normal and charged attacks but still contributes significant burst damage in combat.

Talent Priority

  • Focus on Normal Attacks: Given his reliance on normal and charged attacks for DPS, these should be the primary focus for talent upgrades.
  • Elemental Skill: This skill's upgrade boosts his normal attack damage further.
  • Elemental Burst: While still important, it's less of a priority compared to his other talents.

Artifacts for Wriothesley

in game wriothesley artifacts selection in genshin impact

Primary Set: Marechaussee Hunter

This set enhances Wriothesley’s core strength – normal and charged attack damage.

The two-piece set offers a 15% damage boost to these attacks, while the four-piece set adds up to 36% crit rate as his HP decreases, which synergizes well with his playstyle.

Alternative Set: Blizzard Strayer

Ideal for freeze compositions.

This set boosts Cryo damage by 15% and offers up to 40% crit rate against frozen or Cryo-affected targets.

While potent in freeze teams, the shattering effect of his charged attacks can disrupt freeze synergy.

Other Viable Sets

Shimenawa's Reminiscence

Offers a boost in attack but at the expense of energy, affecting burst frequency.

Echoes of an Offering

Similar to Martial Artist but less effective due to inconsistent activation, especially on higher ping.

Desert Pavilion Chronicle

Enhances normal attack damage but lacks the crit rate bonus of Marechaussee Hunter.

Stat Priorities

  • Sands: ATK%
  • Goblet: Cryo Damage Bonus
  • Circlet: Crit Rate or Crit Damage, depending on your overall ratio and artifact substats.
  • Substats: Focus on Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and ATK%. Elemental Mastery can be useful in Melt teams.

Weapons for Wriothesley

in game wriothesley signature weapon selection in genshin impact

Signature Weapon: Cashflow Supervision

Offers high base ATK, Crit Rate, and bonuses to normal attack damage.

Tailor-made for Wriothesley’s kit, enhancing both his survivability and DPS output.

Alternative Five-Star Weapons

Tulaytullah's Remembrance

Good for a DPS boost but less synergistic than Cash Flow Supervision.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Continuous DPS increase and crit rate, but its passive is less effective for switch-style play.

Four-Star and Free-to-Play Options

Flowing Purity

Available through crafting, offers solid ATK and Elemental Damage bonuses.

Ballad of the Boundless Blue

Event weapon, provides energy recharge and bonuses to normal and charged attacks.

Solar Pearl

A viable option, though its passive is less efficient for Wriothesley’s playstyle.

Other Notable Mentions

The Widsith

Can offer significant DPS boosts but is RNG-dependent.

Mappa Mare

Enhances elemental reactions, suitable for Melt-focused builds.

Team Compositions and Synergies

in game wriothesley party setup kazuha bennett yun jin in genshin impact

Reverse Melt Composition

Wriothesley, as a Cryo DPS, melts Pyro applications from teammates for enhanced damage.

Typical Teammates
  • Pyro Supports: Bennett and Xiangling for Pyro application, Bennett also provides healing and ATK buff.
  • Anemo Support: Kazuha or Sucrose for crowd control and elemental resistance reduction.
  • Cryo Support: Diona for additional Cryo resonance, shields, and healing.

Freeze Composition

Use Cryo and Hydro synergy to freeze enemies, enhancing Wriothesley's damage and survivability.

Hydro Enablers: Mona, Xingqiu, or Kokomi for reliable Hydro application.

Support Choices:

  • Anemo: Venti or Kazuha for grouping and debuffing.
  • Cryo: Ganyu or Rosaria for Cryo resonance and additional Cryo application.

Mono Cryo Team

Capitalize on Cryo resonance for increased Crit Rate against Cryo-affected enemies.


  • Cryo Sub-DPS: Chongyun or Rosaria for more Cryo application.
  • Healer: Diona or Qiqi for healing and shield.
  • Anemo Support: Kazuha or Jean for crowd control and debuffs.

Hybrid Elemental Reaction Teams

Melt-Focused: Pair with Pyro characters in a rotation that maximizes Melt procs.

Bloom Teams: In a Dendro-Cryo synergy, Wriothesley can trigger Bloom reactions for area damage.

Synergy with Specific Characters


Healer and buffer.

Provides ATK boost and healing, enabling Wriothesley to maintain optimal HP for his abilities.


Consistent Pyro application for Melt reactions.

Her Pyronado can work in tandem with Wriothesley’s Cryo skills for continuous Melt procs.


Enhances Wriothesley's Cryo damage with his Elemental Skill.

Helps in building Wriothesley's Gracious Rebuke stacks faster in Mono Cryo teams.


Crowd control and elemental debuffing.

Increases elemental damage through his passives, benefiting Wriothesley’s Cryo damage.


Shields and healing.

Increases crit rate against Cryo-affected enemies, complementing Wriothesley's playstyle.

Constellations Breakdown

in game wriothesley constellation details in genshin impact

C1: Gracious Rebuke Enhancement

Automatically triggers an enhanced charge attack after a 5-hit normal attack combo.

Heals Wriothesley for 30% of his Max HP, aiding in HP management.

Increases charge attack damage by 200%, significantly boosting DPS.

Lengthens 'Chilling Penalty' state by 4 seconds, allowing longer damage-dealing phases.

Encourages a rhythm of normal attack combos followed by a powerful charge attack, maintaining health balance and maximizing damage output.

C2: Burst Enhancement

Increases the damage of 'Darkgold Wolfbite' (Elemental Burst) by 40% for each stack of his passive talent, allowing up to 200% increased damage.

Makes Elemental Burst a more significant part of his damage profile, especially effective in short battles or burst damage scenarios.

C4: Enhanced Healing and Attack Speed

Increases healing from enhanced charge attacks to 50% of Max HP.

Grants 20% attack speed for 4 seconds when healing exceeds his Max HP threshold.

Provides 10% attack speed to off-field party members.

Enhances survivability and DPS output through faster attack sequences.

Offers a minor supportive role to the team with the attack speed buff.

C6: Dual Damage on Charge Attack

An extra icicle that deals 100% of the charge attack's base damage.

Adds 10% crit rate and 80% crit damage to the charge attack, significantly elevating the damage potential of charge attacks.

Encourages a crit-focused build to fully exploit the constellation's benefits.

Tactical Playstyle

in game wriothesley elemental burst animation in genshin impact

Combat Rhythm

Normal Attack Focus: Primarily use normal attacks to maintain a steady output of Cryo damage.

Charge Attack Integration: Weave in charge attacks strategically when HP falls below 60% for healing and extra damage.

Elemental Skill: Activate to enter 'Chilling Penalty' state, boosting normal attack damage at the cost of HP.

Elemental Burst: Use as part of the combo cycle for additional AOE Cryo damage, especially useful in group fights.

Advanced Techniques

Combo Continuation: Like Arataki Itto, Wriothesley can continue his normal attack combo after a dash, allowing for fluid and uninterrupted damage dealing.

Health Changes: Skillfully manage HP fluctuation to maximize the benefits of his passive talents, enhancing attack and potentially attack speed.

Situational Awareness: Be mindful of the battlefield, using his enhanced charge attacks for both damage and self-sustain.


Wriothesley stands out as a dynamic Cryo DPS with a unique playstyle centered around managing his HP to maximize damage output.

Whether in a melt-focused team or a control-oriented Freeze composition, Wriothesley can be a formidable unit on the battlefield.

With the right build and team synergy, he can effectively lead your team to victory in the diverse challenges of Genshin Impact.