The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Xiao in Genshin Impact

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Xiao in Genshin Impact
Last updated:
March 1, 2024

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on Xiao, the enigmatic Adeptus from Genshin Impact.

This guide covers everything from his abilities and playstyle to the best builds, team compositions, and combat strategies.

Let's dive in!

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Xiao in Genshin Impact: Best Build and Team Compositions

Xiao's Abilities and Playstyle

in game xiao talent elemental burst animation in genshin impact

Elemental Burst: Bane of All Evil

Transformative boost to Xiao's aerial and plunge attack capabilities.

Significantly increases jump height, infuses attacks with Anemo, and enhances attack damage.

Plunge attacks gain increased AOE and damage.

Continuous HP depletion, necessitating a healer in the team.

Elemental Skill: Lemniscatic Wind Cycling

Dash forward, dealing Anemo damage.

Comes with two charges, enabling rapid, consecutive use.

Crucial for gathering Anemo particles to recharge Elemental Burst.

Ideally used outside the Elemental Burst for energy generation.

Normal Attacks and Plunges

Xiao's primary damage output comes from high and low plunge attacks.

  • High Plunges: More damage and larger AOE; optimal in most scenarios.
  • Low Plunges: Faster execution but less damage; useful in quick combat situations.

Talent Priority

Normal Attack

Enhances plunge attack damage significantly.

Since Xiao's main damage output comes from plunge attacks during his Elemental Burst, leveling up this talent directly increases his core damage potential.

Directly improves both High and Low Plunge damage scalings.

Elemental Burst

Boosts attack damage and AOE of plunge attacks.

While also critical, it's slightly less impactful than normal attacks because the plunge attack damage scaling is more crucial.

Further enhances Xiao's attack power and Anemo infusion when active.

Elemental Skill

Used primarily for mobility and energy generation.

Although it deals decent damage, its primary function is not for damage output but for recharging the Elemental Burst.

If Xiao is at C6, this skill's priority might increase due to its enhanced utility and damage.

Building Xiao: Artifacts and Stats

in game xiao artifacts details in genshin impact

Vermillion Hereafter (4-Piece)

Boosts ATK significantly, synergizing with his burst-focused playstyle.

Exceptional if you can invest heavily in Xiao's artifacts, maximizing the attack bonuses.

Most effective when Xiao's Energy Recharge requirements are met through other means (team composition, weapon, etc.), allowing for a focus on ATK% and CRIT stats.

Mix and Match of 2-Piece Sets

Gladiator's Finale + Viridescent Venerer

A popular combination for Xiao.

Gladiator's Finale boosts ATK%, while Viridescent Venerer enhances Anemo DMG.

Alternative Mixes

Depending on available artifacts, combinations like 2-Piece Gladiator with 2-Piece Shimenawa's Reminiscence or Echoes of an Offering can also be effective.

Desert Pavilion Chronicle (4-Piece)

More suited for Xiao's charge attack-focused play, which is less common.

Its utility is situation-specific and generally not recommended as the primary choice.

Artifact Stats Priority

Main Stats
  • Sands: ATK% (primary) or Energy Recharge (if lacking sufficient ER).
  • Goblet: Anemo DMG Bonus.
  • Circlet: CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG, depending on ratio balance.

Substats Focus
  • CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG: Essential for damage maximization.
  • ATK%: Additional damage boost.
  • Energy Recharge: If below 120-140%, aim to enhance for burst uptime.

Weapon Choices

in game xiao signature weapon details in genshin impact

5-Star Weapons

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear (Signature Weapon)

Offers high base ATK and CRIT Rate, enhancing Xiao's overall DPS.

Increases ATK on hit, making it exceptionally crucial during Xiao's burst phase.

Staff of Homa

Provides a massive CRIT DMG boost, which is valuable if Xiao has a high CRIT Rate from other sources.

Increases Xiao's ATK based on HP, offering a significant damage boost, especially when Xiao's HP is below 50%.

Vortex Vanquisher

Best used when Xiao has a shield, granting additional ATK%.

Ideal in team compositions where Xiao is consistently shielded.

Skyward Spine

Useful if you're struggling to maintain Xiao's burst uptime due to its Energy Recharge secondary stat.

Offers a mix of CRIT Rate, Energy Recharge, and a boost to Normal Attack speed, balancing Xiao's energy and damage needs.

Calamity Queller

Provides a significant ATK bonus but requires an understanding of its unique passive to maximize effectiveness.

4-Star Weapons

Deathmatch (Battle Pass Weapon)

Offers CRIT Rate, making it an excellent choice for balancing Xiao's CRIT stats.

Increases ATK or DEF based on the number of enemies, versatile for different combat scenarios.

Blackcliff Pole (Starglitter Exchange)

Suitable if Xiao's CRIT Rate is already optimized.

Gains ATK after defeating an enemy, making it situationally powerful.

Lithic Spear

Provides bonuses based on the number of Liyue characters in the team.

Offers a good balance of offensive stats in the right team setup.

Favonius Lance

Helps with Xiao's burst uptime, especially in teams lacking a strong Anemo battery.

More suited for a support role or if other weapons aren't accessible.

Prototype Starglitter

Decent if no other options are available.

Provides Energy Recharge, helping with Xiao's burst uptime.

Dragon's Bane

Generally not recommended, but can be a makeshift option if absolutely no other polearm is available.

Xiao's Team Compositions

in game xiao team comp with sucrose bennett and zhongli in genshin impact

Damage Buffers

This composition is ideal for tackling high-level content, including challenging Abyss floors.

  • Faruzan: At C6, Faruzan becomes a powerhouse support for Xiao, offering Anemo resistance shredding and critical damage bonuses, significantly amplifying Xiao's damage output.
  • Xianyun: She enhances Xiao's plunge damage, which is the essence of his DPS. Her passive boosts plunge damage, making her invaluable for increasing Xiao's single-target and AOE damage.
  • Bennett: Offers healing and an ATK boost with his Elemental Burst.

Anemo Support/Battery

Essential for generating Anemo particles to sustain Xiao's Elemental Burst.

  • Sucrose: Offers crowd control and can buff Xiao’s Elemental Mastery for stronger swirl reactions.
  • Venti: Excellent for grouping enemies, facilitating AoE damage, and providing energy.
  • Jean: Serves as both a healer and Anemo battery, complementing Xiao's aggressive playstyle.


  • Bennett: Ideal for both healing and providing a significant ATK boost during Xiao's burst phase.
  • Diona: Offers a shield to reduce incoming damage and a Cryo resonance for increased CRIT Rate against frozen or cryo-affected enemies.
  • Zhongli: Provides a strong shield, reducing the need for a healer and allowing Xiao to maintain aggressive play.

Secondary DPS/Support

  • Xingqiu: Offers off-field Hydro application for constant Hydro-related reactions and additional damage.
  • Fischl: Provides consistent off-field Electro damage, which pairs well with Xiao's Anemo for Electro-Charged reactions.
  • Albedo: Delivers consistent off-field Geo damage, adding another layer of damage to Xiao's attacks.

Notable Synergies

  • Double Geo Composition: Zhongli and Albedo for added defense and damage; the Geo resonance increases shield strength.
  • Double Cryo Composition: Diona with another Cryo character like Ganyu or Rosaria for increased CRIT Rate.

Team Building Strategy

Energy Management: Xiao's team should ensure his Elemental Burst is ready as often as possible. Anemo supports play a crucial role here.

Health Management: Address Xiao's health drain from his Elemental Burst with either a healer or a strong shield.

Balanced Damage Output: While Xiao is the primary DPS, having secondary characters who can deal substantial damage during his downtime is beneficial.

Example Teams

Hypercarry Team: Xiao, Faruzan, Furina, Xianyun.

This team maximizes Xiao's DPS potential, using Anemo resistance reduction and damage enhancement.

Balanced Team: Xiao, Bennett, Sucrose, Xingqiu.

Balanced healing, energy recharge, and additional Hydro reactions for versatility.

Aggressive Team: Xiao, Zhongli, Fischl, Jean.

Focuses on maximizing Xiao’s damage output while mitigating his health drain with Zhongli's shield.

Freeze Team: Xiao, Diona, Ganyu, Venti.

Uses Freeze reactions for crowd control, enhancing Xiao's ability to deal AoE damage.

Geo Support Team: Xiao, Albedo, Zhongli, Bennett.

Combines strong defensive capabilities with consistent off-field damage and healing.

Constellation Impact

in game xiao constellation overview in genshin impact

C1: Dissolution Eon - Destroyer of Worlds

Increases Xiao's Elemental Skill charges by 1.

Enhances Xiao's mobility and energy generation, allowing for more frequent use of his Elemental Skill for damage and Anemo particle production.

This constellation is particularly beneficial for maintaining his Elemental Burst uptime.

C2: Annihilation Eon - Blossom of Kaleidos

When in the party but not on the field, Xiao's Energy Recharge is increased by 25%.

Moderately useful for quicker Elemental Burst regeneration.

However, given Xiao's on-field presence, this constellation's impact is often minimal.

C4: Transcension - Extinction of Suffering

When Xiao's HP falls below 50%, he gains a 100% DEF Bonus.

Provides a defensive boost in critical situations.

While it improves survivability, it doesn't directly enhance Xiao's offensive capabilities.

C6: Conqueror of Evil - Guardian Yaksha

While under the effects of Bane of All Evil, hitting at least two opponents with Xiao's plunge attack will immediately reset the cooldown of his Elemental Skill and refund 15% of its Energy Cost.

A significant power spike that highly enhances Xiao's damage output and mobility.

It allows for continuous Elemental Skill usage, leading to more damage and better energy management.

This constellation transforms Xiao's playstyle, making him more dynamic and effective in AoE situations.

Advanced Combat Strategies

in game xiao elemental burst animation in genshin impact

Plunge Attack Optimization

High vs. Low Plunge

Xiao has two types of plunge attacks: high and low.

High plunges deal more damage and have a larger AoE, making them preferable.

Master the timing to consistently perform high plunges for maximum damage.

Collision Damage

When plunging, aim to collide with larger enemies mid-air.

This collision triggers additional damage, which is especially effective against bosses or larger mobs.

Efficient Elemental Skill Usage

Pre-Burst Skill Use

Use Xiao's Elemental Skill, Lemniscatic Wind Cycling, twice before activating his Elemental Burst.

This approach generates additional Anemo particles, aiding in quicker Burst recharge.

Avoid using the Elemental Skill during the Burst unless necessary for repositioning, as it does not generate energy during this time.

Elemental Burst Management

Xiao's Burst has a high uptime due to a short cooldown.

Work towards ensuring that his Burst is available as soon as it ends.

This often involves managing energy and using his Elemental Skill effectively.

His Burst drains health, so maintain his HP either through a healer in the team or by careful gameplay to avoid enemy hits.

Animation Canceling

Integrate normal attacks between plunges for additional damage.

This technique involves quickly using a normal attack before initiating a plunge, enhancing overall DPS.

Final Thoughts on Xiao

Xiao’s playstyle revolves around high aerial mobility and rapid, powerful plunge attacks.

He is a character that can dominate the battlefield with the right setup, suitable if you enjoy a dynamic and engaging combat experience.

Remember, this guide serves as a starting point. Experiment with different builds and team compositions to find what works best for you and your playstyle with Xiao.