Unleashing Xinyan's True Potential in Genshin Impact

Unleashing Xinyan's True Potential in Genshin Impact
Last updated:
February 14, 2024

Xinyan, often overlooked by the Genshin Impact community, has gradually emerged as a more viable character than many realize.

With the release of new characters and equipment, Xinyan's capabilities have improved, positioning her as a more respectable four-star option than previously thought.

This guide will dive into how to optimize Xinyan for Genshin Impact, covering her abilities, constellations, gear recommendations, and team compositions.

Complete Xinyan Guide: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Xinyan's Abilities Explained

in game xinyan talent elemental skill details in genshin impact

Normal Attacks: Dance on Fire

Xinyan boasts one of the highest base ATK statistics among four-star characters, coupled with impressive scaling on her charged attacks.

This makes her particularly potent as a claymore wielder, capable of delivering significant physical damage.

Her normal attack sequence, while not her primary source of damage in most builds, serves as a reliable method of dealing consistent damage, especially when her abilities are on cooldown.

Elemental Skill: Sweeping Fervor

Xinyan's Elemental Skill is a key component of her kit, allowing her to unleash a pyro slash that generates a shield.

The effectiveness of this shield scales with the number of enemies hit, enhancing its damage absorption and introducing an AOE pyro pulse when hitting three or more enemies.

Notably, her first ascension passive reduces the requirement for achieving higher-level shields, making it easier to attain the AOE pyro pulse in combat.

This skill sums up Xinyan's split scaling challenge, as investing heavily in DEF to boost the shield's strength can detract from her damage potential.

Elemental Burst: Riff Revolution

Her Elemental Burst is where Xinyan's potential as a burst DPS shines.

It delivers an initial burst of high physical damage followed by a pyro damage over time effect in the surrounding area.

The physical damage portion of this ability benefits greatly from her high base ATK and scaling, making it an explosive component of her kit.

The burst's AOE pyro damage further complements her ability to contribute to pyro-based reaction setups, adding versatility to her role in a team.

Ascension Passives

The Show Goes On, Even Without an Audience... (A1)

This passive significantly lowers the requirement for Xinyan's Elemental Skill, Sweeping Fervor, to trigger its more powerful shield levels.

By reducing the number of enemies needed to hit, it becomes easier to generate her Level 3 shield, which not only provides better protection but also periodically pulses with AoE Pyro damage.

This improvement means that Xinyan can reliably generate stronger shields even in encounters with fewer enemies, enhancing her survivability and consistent damage output in smaller skirmishes or against single targets like bosses.

...Now That's Rock 'N' Roll! (A4)

This passive provides a substantial boost to physical damage for any character protected by Sweeping Fervor's shield, including Xinyan herself.

A 15% increase in Physical DMG is particularly significant, given that physical damage is a crucial part of Xinyan's kit and is highly beneficial in teams built around physical DPS characters.

This passive underscores Xinyan's utility in physical damage-centric teams, where she can bolster the output of characters reliant on physical attacks, making her an excellent support choice for such compositions.

A Rad Recipe (Passive Talent)

Though not directly related to combat, A Rad Recipe enhances Xinyan's utility outside of battles by providing a chance to double the output when cooking DEF-boosting dishes.

This passive is a nice bonus that can help sustain a team's defensive capabilities, especially if you frequently use food buffs to enhance your characters' performance in challenging content.

Talent Prioritization

Xinyan as Main DPS

Normal Attack

As a DPS, Xinyan's Normal and Charged Attacks are her primary source of damage.

Her charged attack, in particular, benefits from high scaling, making it a strong tool for dealing damage.

Prioritizing this talent ensures Xinyan can dish out consistent and impactful physical damage.

Elemental Burst

Xinyan's Elemental Burst offers significant AoE Physical and Pyro damage, making it a cornerstone of her DPS capability.

Its high scaling with her Attack stat means that prioritizing this talent can substantially increase her damage output during key moments in combat.

Elemental Skill

Although this skill provides Xinyan with a protective shield and an opportunity to deal Pyro damage, its primary role in a DPS build is to facilitate her Ascension 4 passive for a Physical DMG bonus and to activate her shield for its pulsing Pyro damage.

Thus, it's the last to prioritize for upgrades.

Xinyan as Support/Sub-DPS

Elemental Burst

Even in a support role, Xinyan's Burst remains a powerful tool for contributing to the team's overall damage.

Its ability to deal high Physical damage in an area makes it valuable for clearing mobs and supporting main DPS characters.

Upgrading this talent is crucial for maximizing her effectiveness as a burst support.

Elemental Skill

For support Xinyan, the shield generated by her Elemental Skill becomes more significant.

It not only protects the team but, with her Ascension 4 passive, boosts Physical DMG dealt by shielded characters.

Prioritizing this talent can enhance both her defensive utility and offensive support capabilities.

Normal Attack

In a support role, Xinyan's Normal Attack becomes less critical, as she spends less time on the field dealing direct damage.

Therefore, this talent is the lowest priority for upgrades when she's not the main damage dealer.

Best Artifacts for Xinyan

in game xinyan artifacts details in genshin impact

Xinyan as Main DPS (Physical Focus)

2-piece Pale Flame + 2-piece Bloodstained Chivalry

This combination provides a total of +50% Physical DMG Bonus, significantly increasing Xinyan's main source of damage.

It's an ideal choice if you're looking to maximize her Physical DPS potential.

4-piece Pale Flame

Although the 2-piece set bonus is identical to Bloodstained Chivalry, the 4-piece bonus offers an additional ATK increase and further boosts Physical DMG when Elemental Skill hits an enemy.

This set can be particularly effective if Xinyan can reliably trigger its effect, though it demands more strategic play to maintain the buffs.

Xinyan as Support/Sub-DPS

2-piece Noblesse Oblige + 2-piece Bloodstained Chivalry/Pale Flame

This combination boosts both her Burst DMG (from Noblesse Oblige) and her Physical DMG (from Bloodstained/Pale Flame), making her a valuable asset for increasing overall team damage.

The Noblesse Oblige set also enhances the team's ATK after using an Elemental Burst, further supporting her allies.

4-piece Noblesse Oblige

If another team member isn't already using this set, Xinyan can greatly benefit from the 4-piece bonus, enhancing the team's ATK stat after her Burst and ensuring more frequent use of her powerful Elemental Burst.

Main Stats Priority

  • Sands: ATK% for DPS build; Energy Recharge or DEF% for a more support-oriented build.
  • Goblet: Physical DMG Bonus for DPS; Pyro DMG Bonus if focusing on her Pyro abilities, though less common.
  • Circlet: CRIT DMG or CRIT Rate, leaning towards CRIT DMG if her C2 is unlocked and focusing on Burst damage.

Sub-stats Priority

Prioritize CRIT DMG, CRIT Rate, ATK%, and Energy Recharge.

DEF% is a secondary consideration for enhancing her shield's durability.

Weapon Choices

in game xinyan weapon choice details in genshin impact

For Main DPS Xinyan

Redhorn Stonethresher

This 5-star claymore is Xinyan's top choice as a DPS, offering CRIT DMG and a passive that boosts both her DEF and ATK, making her charged attacks particularly strong.

Its synergy with Xinyan’s kit, especially when considering her C6, is unmatched.

Prototype Archaic

A solid 4-star option that’s easily obtainable.

Its passive increases ATK and can deal extra DMG to enemies around the target, enhancing her AOE capabilities.

This weapon is a great choice if you haven’t acquired any 5-star claymores.

Serpent Spine

Available through the Battle Pass, this weapon increases CRIT Rate and DMG dealt, at the cost of taking more DMG.

With careful play, the DMG boost can be fully used, making it a strong choice for DPS Xinyan.

For Support/Sub-DPS Xinyan

The Unforged

If Xinyan is used in a shield-heavy team, The Unforged can increase shield strength and boost her ATK when shielded.

While more defensive, it still enhances her damage output significantly.

Sacrificial Greatsword

This weapon provides Energy Recharge, which helps Xinyan use her Elemental Burst more frequently.

Its passive can also reset the cooldown of her Elemental Skill, potentially allowing for more shields or pyro pulses.

Favonius Greatsword

Another Energy Recharge option that suits a support role.

Critical hits have a chance to generate elemental particles, further helping her and her team's energy needs.

Hybrid Role


This claymore increases Elemental Burst DMG based on the team's total Energy Cost.

It's particularly effective in teams with high-cost Bursts, increasing Xinyan's role as a Burst DPS in various compositions.

Luxurious Sea-Lord

This event-exclusive weapon boosts ATK and significantly increases Elemental Burst DMG.

The summoned tuna adds a fun and powerful AOE attack to Xinyan's arsenal, making it a versatile choice for both DPS and support roles.

Optimal Team Compositions

in game xinyan team setup with razor rosaria and fischl in genshin impact

Physical DPS Teams

Team Setup: Xinyan, Fischl, Rosaria, Bennett

  • Xinyan serves as the main physical DPS.
  • Fischl provides consistent off-field Electro support for Superconduct reactions, reducing enemy physical resistance.
  • Rosaria can further decrease physical resistance with her Cryo abilities and boost CRIT Rate for the team with her passives.
  • Bennett offers ATK buffs with his Elemental Burst and additional healing, enhancing Xinyan's damage and survivability.

Hybrid Pyro Teams

Team Setup: Xinyan, Xiangling, Bennett, Kazuha

  • Xinyan acts as a sub-DPS, providing shields and physical/pyro damage.
  • Xiangling and Bennett enhance Pyro damage and offer significant ATK boosts, respectively, capitalizing on Pyro resonance for increased ATK.
  • Kazuha increases elemental damage with his swirls and reduces enemy elemental resistance, benefiting both Pyro and physical damage outputs.

Shield and Support Teams

Team Setup: Xinyan, Zhongli, Albedo, Diona

  • Xinyan provides Pyro damage and shields, potentially acting as a secondary DPS.
  • Zhongli offers strong Geo shields and debuffs enemy resistance with his Elemental Burst.
  • Albedo provides consistent off-field Geo damage and boosts party's Elemental Mastery with his Elemental Skill.
  • Diona ensures Cryo application for Superconduct, additional shield support, and healing.

Burst DPS Teams

Team Setup: Xinyan, Raiden Shogun, Bennett, Sucrose

  • Xinyan focuses on maximizing her Elemental Burst damage.
  • Raiden Shogun enhances energy recharge and acts as a secondary DPS with her Elemental Burst.
  • Bennett boosts ATK and provides healing.
  • Sucrose offers crowd control, Elemental Mastery sharing, and can reduce elemental resistance with Viridescent Venerer set.

Mono Pyro Teams (C6 Bennett Required)

Team Setup: Xinyan, Bennett, Xiangling, Kazuha/Sucrose

  • This composition focuses on maximizing Pyro damage through resonance and buffs.
  • Bennett at C6 can convert attacks to Pyro, synergizing well with Xinyan’s physical attacks.
  • Xiangling increases overall Pyro DPS with Guoba and Pyronado.
  • Kazuha or Sucrose can increase Pyro damage through swirls and Elemental Mastery sharing.

Xinyan's Constellations

in game xinyan constellation overview in genshin impact

Constellation 1: Fatal Acceleration

Increases Xinyan's Attack Speed after landing a Critical Hit.

This constellation improves Xinyan's normal and charged attack efficiency, making her a more viable main DPS.

The attack speed boost complements her high-scaling charged attacks, allowing for faster and more frequent hits.

Constellation 2: Impromptu Opening

Makes the Physical DMG part of Xinyan's Elemental Burst (Riff Revolution) guaranteed to Crit, and generates a level 3 shield when the burst is used.

A game-changer for Xinyan, ensuring high burst damage output without the need for high CRIT Rate investment.

This allows for a heavier focus on CRIT DMG, significantly boosting her damage output.

Additionally, the guaranteed level 3 shield enhances her survivability and support capabilities.

Constellation 4: Wildfire Rhythm

Sweeping Fervor reduces opponents' Physical RES by 15% for 12 seconds.

Significantly amplifies physical damage dealt by Xinyan and her teammates to affected enemies.

This constellation binds her role as a powerful support in physical damage-centric teams.

Constellation 6: Rocking in Flaming

Xinyan's charged attacks gain an ATK bonus equal to 50% of her DEF, and her charged attack stamina cost is decreased.

Provides a significant damage boost to her charged attacks, bridging the gap between her DEF and ATK scaling.

This constellation makes DEF investment more rewarding by translating it into direct offensive power, especially benefiting her performance as a main DPS.

Advanced Tips for Xinyan Playstyle

in game xinyan elemental burst animation in genshin impact

Master Her Elemental Skill's Shielding Mechanics

Understanding the conditions for generating different levels of Xinyan's shield is crucial.

Remember that her Ascension 1 passive reduces the requirement for generating higher-level shields.

Position Xinyan strategically in combat to ensure you're hitting the required number of enemies to generate the strongest shield possible.

Optimize Energy Recharge

While Xinyan's Elemental Burst has significant damage potential, its 60 energy cost demands efficient energy management.

Aim for an Energy Recharge (ER) rate that allows consistent Burst uptime.

This may vary based on team composition and whether Xinyan is your primary or secondary DPS.

Use Advanced Combat Techniques

Practice canceling the animation of her charged attack into her Elemental Burst for a quick and efficient damage output.

This is especially potent with her C6, where DEF partially converts to ATK.

In situations where her shield's durability might be a concern, use her Elemental Skill strategically to ensure shield uptime, particularly before taking heavy damage.

Final Thoughts on Xinyan

Xinyan's journey from an underappreciated character to a versatile powerhouse in Genshin Impact showcases her hidden potential.

By carefully selecting her talents, constellations, gear, and team compositions, you can transform Xinyan into a formidable unit in battle, proving that she is more than just a niche character.