Advanced Gorou Guide for Genshin Impact

Advanced Gorou Guide for Genshin Impact
Last updated:
February 19, 2024

Gorou has established himself as a key character in Genshin Impact, especially for players focusing on Geo teams.

While he can significantly enhance a team's performance, the good news is that he doesn't require heavy investment like other characters.

His primary role is to boost Geo carries, making him an efficient support character in Geo compositions.

This guide dives into Gorou's best builds, team compositions, playstyle and strategies, and maximizing his potential as a Geo support.

Advanced Gorou Guide: Best Builds and Team Comps

Gorou's Role and Talents

in game gorou talent and skills details in genshin impact

Normal Attack: Ripping Fang Fletching

Mainly used to generate energy particles.

Not a primary damage source for Gorou, so lower priority for leveling.

Elemental Skill: Inuzaka All-Round Defense

Core talent for Gorou's support role.

Provides Defense and Geo DMG bonuses based on the number of Geo characters in the team.

Buffs scale with talent level, making this a priority for leveling up.

Generates Geo particles to aid in energy regeneration.

Elemental Burst: Juuga Forward Unto Victory

Expands on the buffs provided by the Elemental Skill.

Offers additional defense to the team and creates a Crystal Collapse for extra Geo DMG.

The burst moves with Gorou, continuously providing benefits to the team.

High energy cost requires good energy recharge.

Worth leveling up but secondary to the Elemental Skill.

Talent Prioritization

Elemental Skill: As the primary source of team buffs, leveling this up maximizes Gorou's support potential.

Elemental Burst: Enhances his support capability and provides additional Geo DMG.

Normal Attack: Since Gorou is primarily a support character, his normal attack isn't as crucial.

Building Gorou: Artifacts

in game gorou artifacts details in genshin impact

Support-Focused Build

Noblesse Oblige (4-piece)

Provides a 20% ATK increase to the whole team after using an Elemental Burst.

This set complements Gorou's role in buffing the team's overall damage.

Main Stats: Energy Recharge (Sands), Defense or Geo DMG Bonus (Goblet), Crit Rate or Healing Bonus (Circlet).

Sub Stats Priority: Crit Rate (to trigger Favonius Warbow effect), Energy Recharge, DEF%, and Crit Damage.

Energy Recharge Build

Emblem of Severed Fate (2-piece) + The Exile (2-piece) or another 2-piece set providing Energy Recharge

Maximizes Energy Recharge to ensure Gorou can consistently use his Elemental Burst.

Main Stats: Energy Recharge (Sands), DEF% (Goblet), Crit Rate (Circlet).

Sub Stats Priority: Similar to the Support-Focused Build.

Defense-Focused Build

Husk of Opulent Dreams (4-piece)

Increases Defense and Geo DMG Bonus, which enhances Gorou's shield strength and personal damage.

Main Stats: DEF% (Sands and Goblet), Crit Rate or Crit Damage (Circlet).

Sub Stats Priority: Crit Rate (for Favonius Warbow), DEF%, Crit Damage, Energy Recharge.

Weapon Options

in game gorou weapon option details in genshin impact

Favonius Warbow

Favonius Warbow's passive ability generates elemental particles on critical hits, which helps in energy regeneration for the team.

Ensure Gorou has enough critical rate to reliably trigger the weapon's passive.

Sacrificial Bow

Its passive can reset the cooldown of Gorou's Elemental Skill, potentially allowing more frequent use for energy generation and buffs.

More effective when Gorou’s skill is at a higher level for increased particle generation.

Elegy for the End

Provides an increase in Elemental Mastery and ATK through its passive, further boosting team support capabilities.

Gorou is in a team where additional buffs to Elemental Mastery can benefit reaction-based strategies.

The Stringless

Boosts Elemental Skill and Burst DMG, which can slightly increase Gorou's own damage output.

Suitable if Gorou's personal damage is a secondary consideration.

Energy Recharge Bows

Prototype Crescent or any other bow with an Energy Recharge sub-stat.

Increases Gorou’s Energy Recharge, ensuring more consistent use of his Elemental Burst.

Other 4-Star Options

Blackcliff Warbow for higher Crit DMG, though this is less optimal compared to energy and support-focused weapons.

Gorou’s Ideal Team Compositions

in game gorou team setup with ningguang bennett and zhongli in genshin impact

Triple Geo Composition

Core Characters: Gorou, Geo Main DPS (e.g., Itto, Albedo, Ningguang), and a third Geo character (e.g., Zhongli, Noelle).

Fourth Slot: This can be flexible, often filled with a healer or sub-DPS character like Bennett or Fischl.

Gorou’s buffs are maximized in a triple Geo setup, providing substantial defense and Geo DMG bonuses.

This composition is particularly effective with a Geo DPS that scales with defense, like Itto or Noelle.

Double Geo with Healer and Flex DPS

Core Characters: Gorou, a Geo DPS character.

A healer such as Bennett or Diona and a flex DPS or utility character like Xingqiu, Fischl, or Venti.

This setup offers more versatility, allowing for a balance between solid Geo damage, healing, and additional elemental reactions or crowd control.

Geo Main DPS with Gorou and Dual Support

Core Characters: Gorou, a Geo DPS character.

Two supports or sub-DPS characters that offer healing, shielding, or additional DPS.

Examples include Zhongli for shielding, Xingqiu for Hydro application, or Sara for ATK buffs.

This composition leans towards a balanced approach, ensuring sustained DPS, survivability, and utility.

Specialized Teams for Specific Content

In content where physical damage is favored, Gorou can be paired with a physical DPS character and an Electro character for Superconduct reactions, while still providing defense buffs.

Adjust the team composition based on the specific demands of the content, increasing Gorou's buffs in various contexts.

Gorou’s Constellations

in game gorou constellation overview in genshin impact

C1: Rushing Hound Swift as the Wind

Reduces the cooldown of Gorou's Elemental Skill, Inuzaka All-Round Defense, by 2 seconds whenever Geo DMG is dealt by other characters within the AoE of his banners.

Occurs once every 10 seconds.

Enhances Gorou's support frequency, allowing more frequent deployment of his Elemental Skill for defensive and offensive boosts.

C2: Sitting Hound Steady as a Clock

Extends the duration of General's Glory by 1 second each time a nearby character obtains an Elemental Shard from Crystallize.

Up to 3 seconds, with a trigger interval of 0.1 seconds.

Increases the uptime of General's Glory, ensuring longer buff periods and sustained support for the team.

C4: Lapping Hound Warm as Water

Heals active characters within the AoE of General's Glory by 50% of Gorou's DEF every 1.5 seconds when in "Impregnable" or "Crunch" states.

Adds a healing function to Gorou's kit, making him a more versatile support, especially in prolonged battles.

C6: Valiant Hound Mountainous Fealty

Significantly boosts the damage output of Geo characters, particularly enhancing their critical damage potential.

Playing Gorou: Key Mechanics

in game gorou normal attack animation in genshin impact

Combat Tips

Shield Generation: Use crystallize reactions frequently to keep your team shielded and protected.

Burst Management: Coordinate the use of Gorou’s burst with your main DPS’s high-damage abilities or bursts for optimal effect.

Positioning: Keep Gorou in a position where his skills and burst can affect as many team members as possible.

Final Thoughts on Gorou

Gorou's strength lies in his support capabilities and his efficiency with minimal investment.

He's a blessing for Geo-centric teams, offering substantial buffs and utility without demanding extensive resources.

Whether you're saving resources or just appreciate his character, Gorou can be a valuable addition to your team in Genshin Impact.