Comprehensive Lyney Guide for Genshin Impact

Comprehensive Lyney Guide for Genshin Impact
Last updated:
February 14, 2024

Lyney is a Pyro bow user known for his unique charge shots and ability to deal significant single-target Pyro damage. His playstyle revolves around managing his HP to maximize damage output.

This guide is tailored to explore the most effective strategies for increasing Lyney's strengths.

Let's dive in!

Comprehensive Lyney Guide for Genshin Impact: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Lyney's Abilities and Playstyle

in game lyney talent normal attack details in genshin impact

Charge Shot Mechanics

Lyney’s primary mode of attack is his charge shot, which functions at different levels.

Level 2 Charge Shot

This special arrow is crucial to his gameplay.

Upon reaching level 2, it consumes part of Lyney's HP to deal enhanced Pyro damage.

Players need to time and aim these charge shots effectively, as they are essential for maximizing Lyney's damage output.

Prop Surplus Stacks

When Lyney fires a level 2 charge shot while above 60% HP, it consumes 20% of his HP.

This trade-off grants a Prop Surplus stack.

Each Prop Surplus stack significantly amplifies the damage of his Elemental Skill, Bewildering Lights.

Managing HP levels becomes crucial.

You must balance between gaining stacks and maintaining sufficient HP for combat.

Elemental Skill: Bewildering Lights

This skill unleashes an area-of-effect Pyro damage, scaling with the number of Prop Surplus stacks Lyney has collected.

Besides dealing damage, it also recovers HP based on the consumed stacks, offering a self-sustain mechanism.

Using this skill strategically can maximize damage output while also providing a means to recover the HP spent on charge shots.

Elemental Burst: Wondrous Trick Miracle Parade

Lyney's Elemental Burst turns him into a cat, enabling a different form of mobility and attack.

As Lyney walks over enemies in this form, he deals AOE Pyro damage.

The ability concludes with a powerful Pyro explosion, offering a significant damage spike.

Timing and positioning are key.

You should navigate through as many enemies as possible before triggering the final blast for maximum impact.

Passive Talents

Lyney’s passive talents significantly boost damage against enemies affected by Pyro.

He excels in mono-Pyro teams.

The more Pyro characters in the team, the greater the damage increase, emphasizing team composition considerations.

Talent Priority

Normal Attack

Lyney's gameplay revolves around his charge shot mechanic.

Enhancing his Normal Attack talent directly boosts the damage of his charge shots.

Leveling up this talent increases the damage output of his prop arrows, a vital aspect of his combat strategy.

Elemental Burst

While the burst itself is brief, its damage potential is high, making it a valuable asset in his arsenal.

Leveling this talent can increase damage efficiency, especially important given the burst's energy cost and cooldown.

Elemental Skill

This talent increases the AoE Pyro damage and the healing received from the prop surplus stocks.

The effectiveness of this skill scales with the number of Prop Surplus stacks, making it a powerful tool in extended combat scenarios.

While important, this skill's upgrade comes after maximizing the charge shot and burst damage.

Ideal Artifacts for Lyney

in game lyney artifacts details in genshin impact

Primary Set: The Marechaussee Hunter Set

This set synergizes perfectly with Lyney's playstyle, where his HP is frequently consumed and replenished.

The significant crit rate boost complements his charge shot focus.

Alternative Artifact Sets

Lavawalker Set

Effective against Pyro-affected enemies, but less versatile.

Wanderer’s Troupe

Boosts charge attack damage.

Mix of 2-Piece Sets

For early game or if you lack a full Marechaussee Hunter Set.

Focus on sets that boost Attack or Pyro Damage.

Main Stats Prioritization

  • Sands: ATK%
  • Goblet: Pyro Damage Bonus
  • Circlet: Crit Damage or Crit Rate (depending on your crit ratio balance)

Substats Focus

  • Critical Rate/Damage: Balance these stats. Given the crit rate boost from the artifact set, you might lean more towards crit damage.
  • ATK%: Further enhances his charge shot damage.
  • Energy Recharge: Get enough to use his Elemental Burst consistently; typically around 120-140%.

Additional Notes

Elemental Mastery is less prioritized as Lyney benefits more from direct damage stats.

Avoid HP-focused stats since his damage scales off Attack and Pyro Damage, not HP.

Weapons Selection

in game lyney signature weapon details in genshin impact

Top 5-Star Weapon Choices

The First Great Magic (Signature Weapon)

Increases charge attack damage, provides bonus attack based on party’s elemental composition.

Enhances charge shot damage significantly and offers a substantial attack boost, especially in mono-Pyro teams.

Aqua Simulacra

High Crit Damage, boosts damage when nearby enemies.

Great stat stick; slightly behind First Great Magic in terms of synergy but still highly effective.

Thundering Pulse

High Crit Damage, boosts normal attack damage.

Very powerful, although its effect isn't fully optimized for Lyney’s playstyle.

Polar Star and Skyward Harp

Provide Crit Rate and additional damage bonuses.

Effective, but be cautious of overcapping Crit Rate due to Lyney’s inherent crit boosts.

Excellent 4-Star Options

Prototype Crescent (Free-to-Play Friendly)

Attack bonus, additional attack buff upon hitting weak points.

Accessible and highly efficient, especially in scenarios where hitting weak points is feasible.

The Viridescent Hunt and Scion of the Blazing Sun (Battle Pass Weapons)

Scion of the Blazing Sun is slightly better for single-target damage; both are solid choices.

Provide balanced stats and bonuses, good alternatives if 5-star weapons are unavailable.

Other Notable Weapons

Blackcliff Warbow and Song of Stillness

Offer Crit Damage and ATK respectively, plus additional damage boosts under certain conditions.

Decent alternatives, especially in specific team compositions or scenarios.

Amos’ Bow

Increases charge attack damage, benefits from arrow travel time.

A viable option, though its effect is somewhat less consistent for Lyney compared to others.

Constellations Breakdown

in game lyney constellation details in genshin impact

C1: Enhanced Charge Shot Efficiency

Allows two Grin-Malkin hats on the field simultaneously and grants an extra Prop Surplus stack when firing a Prop Arrow every 15 seconds.

Increases damage output from charge shots and Elemental Skill, but the once every 15 seconds limit means it's most beneficial once per rotation.

C2: Crit Damage Boost

Gains Crit Damage every 2 seconds on the field, stacking up to three times for a total of 60%.

Significantly enhances Lyney's critical hit damage, especially effective in longer fights where he remains on the field to stack the bonus.

C4: Pyro Resistance Shred

Reduces Pyro resistance of enemies hit by a charge attack.

Increases damage dealt not just by Lyney but also by other Pyro characters in the team, enhancing overall team synergy.

C6: Additional Pyrotechnic Strike

Every Prop Arrow shot also fires a Pyrotechnic Strike dealing 80% of its original damage.

Dramatically increases Lyney’s damage output, essentially doubling the damage of his charge shots.

This constellation solidifies his position as a formidable main DPS.

Best Team Compositions

in game lyney party setup with xiangling bennett diona in genshin impact

Mono-Pyro Team

Setup: Lyney, Bennett, Zhongli, Kazuha/Xiangling

Bennett offers attack boosts and healing, essential for maintaining Lyney's HP threshold.

Zhongli provides strong shields and resistance to interruption.

Kazuha enhances overall team damage with Anemo swirls, or Xiangling can add additional Pyro DPS and energy generation.

Pyro-Focused Team with Anemo Support

Setup: Lyney, Bennett, Kazuha/Venti, Shielder (Zhongli/Diona)

Anemo support with Viridescent Venerer set amplifies Pyro damage.

A shielder like Zhongli or Diona provides defense and interruption resistance.

This setup balances damage amplification with protection.

Pyro-Geo Synergy

Setup: Lyney, Bennett, Zhongli/Albedo, Xiangling

Zhongli for shields and Geo resonance or Albedo for off-field Geo damage.

Xiangling adds Pyro support and energy generation.

This team offers a balance of defense and offense.

High Energy Team

Setup: Lyney, Bennett, Xingqiu, Kazuha

Xingqiu provides off-field Hydro application for Vaporize reactions, boosting Lyney's damage.

Kazuha enhances elemental damage and crowd control.

Advanced Playstyle Tips

in game lyney combat gameplay in genshin impact

Managing HP for Optimal Damage

Always monitor Lyney's HP.

Use his charge shots effectively when above 60% HP to gain Prop Surplus stacks.

Use his Elemental Skill strategically to replenish HP lost from charge shots, maintaining a balance between damage output and survivability.

Charge Shot Mastery

Master the timing of Lyney's level 2 charge shot for maximum damage.

Position yourself to ensure uninterrupted charge shots.

Aim for enemy weak points when possible, especially if using Prototype Crescent, to maximize attack buffs.

Elemental Burst Optimization

Often, it's advantageous to cancel the Elemental Burst early for an immediate burst of damage, especially in crowded situations.

Deploy the burst strategically for crowd control or when additional AOE Pyro damage is needed.

Synergy with Teammates

Time your attacks post Bennett's Elemental Burst to exploit the attack boost fully.

Coordinate with Anemo users to swirl Pyro for increased damage, especially with Viridescent Venerer set.


Lyney excels as a Pyro DPS in the right team setup, particularly in mono-Pyro compositions.

While he requires careful management of HP and buffs, his damage output, especially with the right constellations and artifacts, is impressive.

Remember, current Abyss rotations may not favor his mono-Pyro setup, but in suitable scenarios, Lyney is a potent force on the battlefield.