Complete Guide to Mika: Genshin Impact's Cryo Support

Complete Guide to Mika: Genshin Impact's Cryo Support
Last updated:
February 15, 2024

Mika, a four-star Cryo character is known for his unique support capabilities and offers a fresh approach to team buffs and healing.

This guide dives deep into everything you need to know to maximize Mika's potential, from his strengths and optimal builds and team recommendations.

Complete Guide to Mika: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Mika's Unique Kit Explained

in game mika talent elemental burst details in genshin impact

Elemental Skill: Starfrost Swirl

Mika's Elemental Skill, Starfrost Swirl, can be executed in two forms: a quick press or a held aim, each serving distinct purposes but fundamentally aimed at buffing teammates and generating Cryo particles.

Quick Press: Performs a swift crossbow shot, dealing Cryo damage to enemies and generating Cryo particles, which aids in Elemental Burst recharge for the team.

Held Aim: Targets and fires a Rhinestar Shard at enemies, which upon impact, explodes to deal AoE Cryo damage. This mode ensures more precise targeting and is beneficial for hitting specific enemies or groups.

Elemental Burst: Skyfeather Song

Mika's Elemental Burst, Skyfeather Song, showcases his support capabilities by providing healing based on his Max HP to nearby allies.

Additionally, it empowers normal attacks of the active character with healing effects, underscoring his role as a healer in combat scenarios.

Immediate Healing: Upon activation, delivers an instant heal to nearby party members, scaling with Mika's Max HP.

Sustained Healing: For the duration of the burst's effect, normal attacks by the on-field character trigger additional healing, further emphasizing Mika's utility in prolonged engagements.

Passive Talents

Mika's passive talents enhance his support role, particularly increasing physical damage through unique buff mechanisms.

Suppressive Barrage: Increases attack speed of the on-field party member, facilitating quicker attack sequences and potentially higher DPS output.

Topographical Mapping: Provides a physical damage bonus to the active character after using Starfrost Swirl. This bonus scales with the number of enemies hit, encouraging strategic placement and timing to maximize its effect.

Talent Priority for Mika

Elemental Burst

Mika's Elemental Burst is central to his role as a healer and buffer.

It not only provides immediate healing to nearby allies but also continues to heal the active character with each normal attack made during its duration.

The healing scales off Mika's Max HP, making it particularly effective for sustaining your team in prolonged fights.

Since this talent directly impacts Mika's ability to keep your team alive while also subtly enhancing DPS uptime through healing, it should be your top priority for leveling up.

Elemental Skill

While Mika's Elemental Skill does offer Cryo damage and generates Cryo particles, its main utility comes from the buffs it provides.

The skill increases the attack speed of your on-field character and, through Mika's passive talents, can also enhance physical damage output under certain conditions.

Given its role in buffing and moderate energy generation, this skill should be your second priority.

Improving it enhances the reliability and effectiveness of the buffs provided, which can be crucial in optimizing your main DPS character's performance.

Normal Attack

Mika's Normal Attack chain is less critical to his primary functions as a support character.

Unlike traditional DPS characters, Mika's main contributions to a team come from his abilities to buff and heal rather than deal direct damage.

Therefore, leveling up his Normal Attack should be your lowest priority.

It's generally advisable to invest in this talent last, as resources might be better spent on enhancing the talents that contribute more significantly to his support


Recommended Artifacts

in game mika artifacts details in genshin impact

Primary Artifact Set Recommendations

Noblesse Oblige (4-Piece Set)

While Mika's burst doesn't deal damage and won't benefit from the 2-piece bonus, the 4-piece set effect is invaluable for any support character.

The ATK boost it provides enhances the overall DPS of the team, making it a top choice for Mika, whose role is to increase the team's physical damage output and provide healing.

This set ensures his burst contributes more than just healing by also boosting team offense.

Tenacity of the Millelith (4-Piece Set)

This set complements Mika's role as a healer and support by boosting his HP (which directly benefits his healing capabilities) and providing an ATK boost to the team similar to Noblesse Oblige.

Given Mika's potential to frequently use his Elemental Skill, this set can maintain high uptime on its bonuses, making it a strong contender for teams needing additional survivability alongside the damage boost.

Secondary Artifact Set Recommendations

For situations where the above sets may not be fully available or when building Mika with a more specialized focus, the following two-piece combinations can be considered:

The Exile (2-Piece) + Scholar (2-Piece)

Both sets provide an Energy Recharge bonus (20% each), totaling a 40% increase.

This combination is beneficial for ensuring Mika can frequently use his Elemental Burst, maintaining consistent healing and buff uptime.

It's particularly useful in teams where Mika's role leans heavily towards healing and energy support.

Emblem of Severed Fate (2-Piece) + Any HP% or Energy Recharge 2-Piece Set

The Emblem set increases Energy Recharge by 20%, which helps with Mika's burst uptime.

Pairing this with another set that offers HP% increases Mika's healing output or an additional Energy Recharge set enhances his support utility further.

Main Stat Priorities

Energy Recharge (Sands)

Given Mika's reliance on his Elemental Burst for healing and providing physical damage bonuses, energy recharge becomes a critical stat.

A higher energy recharge rate ensures his Elemental Burst, Skyfeather Song, is available as often as possible, maintaining consistent support through healing and buffs.

HP% (Goblet and Circlet)

Since Mika's healing scales off his Max HP, prioritizing HP% on both the Goblet and Circlet artifacts enhances his healing output.

This ensures that the heals from his Elemental Burst are substantial enough to maintain party health during prolonged engagements.

ATK% (Sands - Alternative)

If Mika's energy needs are comfortably met (through weapon choice, sub-stats, or team composition), opting for ATK% on the Sands can be a viable alternative to slightly increase the damage of his Elemental Skill, although this is generally less preferred compared to Energy Recharge or HP%.

Sub-Stat Priorities

Energy Recharge

Even if Energy Recharge is chosen as the main stat on the Sands artifact, additional energy recharge as a sub-stat remains highly beneficial for reducing downtime on Mika's Elemental Burst.


Additional HP% sub-stats further increase Mika's healing capability, making his support more robust.

Crit Rate/Crit Damage

While not a priority for Mika's support role, having some investment in Crit Rate and Crit Damage can be beneficial if using the Favonius Warbow, as its energy regeneration passive triggers on crits.

This can help in maintaining a healthy energy economy for Mika and the team.


Additional ATK% sub-stats can slightly increase the potency of Mika's attacks, but this should be considered a lower priority compared to the stats that directly enhance his support capabilities.

Weapon Choices

in game mika weapon choices details in genshin impact

Energy Recharge Weapons

Favonius Lance

Favonius Lance is an excellent choice for Mika due to its high Energy Recharge sub-stat, which ensures frequent use of his Elemental Burst for healing and buffs.

The weapon's passive ability, which generates elemental particles upon scoring critical hits, further helps in replenishing energy for Mika and his teammates.

Best for teams that rely heavily on Mika's Elemental Burst for sustained healing and buffs.

Prototype Starglitter

This craftable weapon also offers Energy Recharge, making it a solid choice for ensuring Mika can use his Elemental Burst regularly.

Its passive increases Normal and Charged Attack DMG after using an Elemental Skill, which, while not Mika's primary focus, can slightly enhance his damage output.

Best for players looking for an accessible weapon that supports Mika's role and provides a modest damage boost.

HP-Focused Weapon

Black Tassel

Black Tassel, with its HP sub-stat, directly amplifies Mika's healing output since his healing scales with his Max HP.

Though its passive, which increases damage against slimes, is niche, the HP boost is universally beneficial for his support capabilities.

Supportive Weapons

Engulfing Lightning (5-star option)

Though typically used by energy-hungry polearm DPS characters, Engulfing Lightning's substantial Energy Recharge bonus and ATK increase based on Energy Recharge can benefit Mika in a supportive capacity.

Its passive boosts Mika's attack, indirectly enhancing his utility in the team.

Team Compositions

in game mika team setup with razor fischl and kaeya in genshin impact

Physical DPS Teams

Mika shines brightest in teams centered around physical DPS characters.

His skills are tailored to boost physical damage and attack speed, making him an excellent companion for characters like Eula, Razor, or any other physical damage-focused character.

Eula Team

Mika can significantly increase Eula's physical damage output through his Elemental Skill and Burst, providing not only buffs but also healing to sustain her in prolonged battles.

Pairing Mika with Eula, a Cryo battery like Diona for additional shields and Cryo resonance, and a flex slot for elemental reactions or further support (like Bennett for ATK buff) creates a formidable team.

Razor Team

Similar to Eula, Mika's buffs enhance Razor's capabilities on the field, where Razor benefits from increased attack speed and physical damage.

A team could consist of Mika, Razor, a healer or shielder for added survivability, and an Electro character for resonance or an Anemo character with the Viridescent Venerer set to reduce enemies' physical resistance.

Hybrid Support Role

Mika can also fit into hybrid teams where his role isn't just about buffing physical damage but also providing Cryo applications for reactions and additional healing.

Freeze Compositions

While Mika's Cryo application is limited, he can still contribute to Freeze compositions by initiating Cryo before a Hydro character follows up.

His main utility in such teams would be his supportive buffs and healing, with a focus on enabling characters like Mona or Xingqiu to control the battlefield.

Superconduct Teams

Mika is a natural fit in teams aiming to use the Superconduct reaction, which reduces physical resistance.

In such compositions, Mika would pair well with an Electro character to consistently trigger Superconduct, enhancing the team's physical damage dealers.

Support for Fast-Paced Combat

In teams that benefit from rapid attack sequences, Mika's ability to increase attack speed can be particularly valuable.

Characters who rely on quick normal attacks to deal damage or generate energy quickly can find Mika's support enabling more fluid and efficient combat rotations.

Characters with Fast Attack Animations

Characters like Keqing or even Tartaglia (in his melee stance) can benefit from the increased attack speed, enabling them to weave more attacks into their rotations for higher DPS or faster energy generation.

Constellation Impact

in game mika constellation overview in genshin impact

Constellation 1: Factor Confluence

This constellation enhances the synergy between Mika's abilities, particularly focusing on improving the healing efficiency of Skyfeather Song by reducing the interval between healing instances.

This reduction is directly proportional to the ATK SPD increase provided by Soulwind, effectively making his healing more responsive during combat.

It ensures that characters in need of healing can recover more quickly, enhancing the team's overall survivability.

Constellation 2: Companion's Ingress

By automatically generating a Detector stack from the Suppressive Barrage passive talent upon hitting an enemy with either the first hit of Starfrost Swirl or its Rimestar Flare, Mika can more easily maximize his physical damage boosting potential.

This constellation eases the conditions required to maximize his passive talent's effectiveness, especially in single-target scenarios, making him more versatile across various combat situations.

Constellation 4: Sunfrost Encomium

This constellation addresses one of Mika's potential weaknesses: energy recharge.

By restoring energy to Mika each time his Skyfeather Song heals party members, it ensures a more consistent uptime of his Elemental Burst.

This frequent energy regeneration can be crucial in battles requiring sustained support, allowing Mika to use his burst more often for healing and buffs.

Constellation 6: Companion's Counsel

C6 is a game-changer for physical DPS teams.

By increasing the maximum number of Detector stacks and adding a significant 60% Physical CRIT DMG bonus,

Mika can drastically increase the damage output of physical DPS characters.

This constellation improves his role in physical damage-centric teams, making him an invaluable asset for maximizing DPS potential.

Advanced Tips for Using Mika

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Maximizing Passive Talents

Mika's passive talents provide significant buffs to physical damage and attack speed. To fully optimize these:

Aim to hit multiple enemies with Starfrost Swirl to stack Suppressive Barrage for the maximum physical damage bonus.

Practice positioning and timing to ensure you're engaging as many enemies as possible with each use.

Coordinate with teammates to time your attacks when Mika's buffs are active, especially in co-op play, to maximize the DPS window.

Strategic Elemental Burst Use

While Mika's burst provides healing, it doesn't offer Cryo application or damage. Use it wisely:

Activate Skyfeather Song during critical moments in combat to sustain your DPS characters, rather than using it immediately when it's off cooldown.

Pair Mika's healing with burst DPS characters who can take advantage of the healing window to unleash their full potential without the risk of being downed.

Energy Recharge Management

Given the importance of Mika's Elemental Burst for both healing and buffing, managing his energy recharge efficiently is crucial.

Equip Mika with the Favonius Lance or any other energy-recharge-focused polearm, ensuring he can frequently use his Elemental Burst.

Aim for crit rate sub-stats on artifacts to maximize the Favonius weapon passive, providing more consistent energy for Mika and the team.

Final Thoughts on Mika

Mika introduces a specialized role within Genshin Impact's diverse cast, offering unique support for physical damage dealers.

While his effectiveness may vary based on team composition and available constellations, Mika proves to be a valuable asset for players looking to enhance their physical DPS characters.

Whether you're battling through the Spiral Abyss or exploring Teyvat, incorporating Mika into your lineup can provide a new strategic layer to your gameplay.

For those invested in physical team compositions or seeking a new support character to experiment with, Mika is undoubtedly worth considering.

Keep in mind his niche role and potential constellation dependence when deciding to integrate him into your team.