A Complete Guide to Lisa in Genshin Impact

A Complete Guide to Lisa in Genshin Impact
Last updated:
February 15, 2024

Lisa, often underrated in the Genshin Impact community, has seen a resurgence in popularity and utility, particularly with the introduction of Dendro and its reactions.

This comprehensive guide will go deep into the best ways to build and use Lisa, highlighting her newfound versatility in Dendro teams and beyond.

Let's jump right in!

Complete Guide to Lisa: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Understanding Lisa's Role and Abilities

in game lisa talent elemental burst details in genshin impact

Normal Attack: Lightning Touch

Consists of a series of up to four lightning attacks, dealing Electro DMG.

Primarily used in on-field DPS roles for consistent Electro application.

Her charged attack releases a bolt of lightning, dealing AOE Electro DMG.

Elemental Skill: Violet Arc


Releases a homing Electro orb that deals Electro DMG and applies a conductive status to enemies.


After charging, releases an AOE Electro attack.

Damage and AOE size increase with the number of conductive stacks on enemies.

Up to three conductive stacks can be applied, enhancing the damage of the held skill.

Tapping for quick Electro application or holding for a potent AOE burst, especially useful in reaction-heavy teams.

Elemental Burst: Lightning Rose

Summons a Lightning Rose that unleashes continuous Electro DMG to nearby enemies.

Excellent for crowd control and setting up Electro-related reactions, especially in enclosed spaces or against multiple enemies.

Passive Talents

Induced Aftershock (1st Ascension Passive): Hits by charged attacks apply a stack of a conductive status. At three stacks, enemies have their defense decreased, significantly boosting overall team damage.

Static Electricity Field (4th Ascension Passive): Enemies hit by Lightning Rose have their DEF decreased, synergizing with her role as an Electro enabler.

General Pharmaceutics (Unlocked Automatically): Enhancement of potion crafting is more of a utility outside of combat.

Talent Prioritization

Main DPS Lisa

Elemental Skill: Prioritize this if Lisa is your main Electro DPS. The skill's ability to stack conductive status and deal significant AOE damage makes it central to her damage output.

Normal Attack: Next in line, as her primary source of consistent damage and Electro application when on the field.

Elemental Burst: Although powerful, it serves more as a supplementary damage and crowd control tool in this role, so invest in it last.

Support or Burst DPS Lisa

Elemental Burst: Prioritize this for a support role. The burst provides continuous Electro application, enabling reactions and offering crowd control.

Elemental Skill: Important for its defense reduction capability and additional Electro application. Invest here after the burst.

Normal Attack: Least important for a support role. Only invest if you have spare resources or if she occasionally takes an on-field DPS role.

Mixed Role (Balanced Between DPS and Support)

Elemental Skill & Elemental Burst: Balance investment between these two. Violet Arc for its versatility in both offense and debuff, and Lightning Rose for consistent Electro application and AOE control.

Normal Attack: A lower priority but can be leveled moderately for situations where Lisa stays on-field longer.

Building Lisa: Artifacts and Stats

in game lisa artifacts details in genshin impact

Main DPS Lisa

Thundering Fury (4-piece): Enhances Electro DMG and reduces skill cooldown, perfect for frequent skill usage.

Alternate Option: 2-piece Thundering Fury (for Electro DMG Bonus) + 2-piece Gladiator's Finale/Shimenawa's Reminiscence for increased overall DPS.

Main Stats

  • Sands: ATK% or Elemental Mastery (EM) if focusing on reaction damage.
  • Goblet: Electro DMG Bonus.
  • Circlet: Crit Rate or Crit DMG, aiming for a balanced crit ratio (1:2 rate to damage ideally).

Sub Stats

Focus on Crit Rate/Damage, ATK%, Elemental Mastery, and some Energy Recharge (ER) for burst uptime.

Support/Burst DPS Lisa

Noblesse Oblige (4-piece): Increases Elemental Burst DMG and buffs team's ATK.

Gilded Dreams (4-piece): Teamwide buffs and extra Elemental Mastery.

Thundersoother (4-piece): Increases overall damage against enemies affected by Electro.

Alternate Option: 2-piece Noblesse Oblige + 2-piece Thundering Fury for a mix of burst damage and Electro DMG Bonus.

Main Stats

  • Sands: Energy Recharge or ATK%.
  • Goblet: Electro DMG Bonus.
  • Circlet: Crit Rate/Damage, leaning more towards Crit Rate for consistency.

Sub Stats

Prioritize Energy Recharge to ensure frequent burst usage, followed by Crit Rate/Damage and ATK%.

Mixed Role Lisa

Balanced Approach: Mix and match Thundering Fury and Noblesse Oblige or Gladiator's Finale sets for a combination of skill/burst damage and Electro DMG Bonus.

Main Stats

  • Sands: ATK% or Energy Recharge, depending on energy needs.
  • Goblet: Electro DMG Bonus.
  • Circlet: Crit Rate or Crit Damage, based on existing crit stats.

Sub Stats

A balance of Crit Rate/Damage, ATK%, Energy Recharge, and Elemental Mastery for reaction enhancement.

Weapon Selection

in game lisa weapon selection details in genshin impact

Main DPS Lisa

Ideal Weapons

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds: Offers Crit Rate and a DMG bonus that scales with time on the field.

The Widsith: Provides Crit DMG and a dynamic buff that can significantly boost Lisa's damage.

Mappa Mare: A craftable option that enhances Elemental Reaction DMG, beneficial for a reaction-focused Lisa.

Alternate Weapons

Solar Pearl (Battle Pass): Boosts both normal attack and Elemental Skill/Burst DMG.

Blackcliff Agate (Starglitter Exchange): Increases ATK after defeating an enemy, useful for continuous fighting.

Support/Burst DPS Lisa

Ideal Weapons

Skyward Atlas: Provides a significant ATK boost and increases Elemental DMG.

Favonius Codex: Excellent for Energy Recharge, ensuring more frequent use of her Elemental Burst.

Alternate Weapons

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers: Great for a supportive role, offering a massive ATK boost to the next character.

Prototype Amber: Another craftable option that offers Energy Recharge and healing, adding to team sustainability.

Mixed Role Lisa

Versatile Weapons

Eye of Perception: Offers ATK bonus and additional AOE DMG, suitable for both DPS and support roles.

Wine and Song (Event): Provides a balance of Energy Recharge and movement speed, enhancing mobility and skill uptime.

Team Compositions

in game lisa team setup with xingqiu sucrose and fischl in genshin impact

Electro-Charged Team (Lisa as Main DPS or Sub-DPS)

  • Lisa: Main Electro application for Electro-Charged reactions.
  • Hydro Support: Xingqiu or Mona for consistent Hydro application.
  • Anemo Support: Sucrose or Kazuha for Swirl and Elemental Mastery buffs.
  • Flex Slot: Another Electro like Fischl for resonance and additional Electro application, or a shield/Healer like Diona or Bennett for survivability.

Overload Team (Lisa as Sub-DPS)

  • Pyro Main DPS: Diluc, Klee, or Hu Tao for primary damage.
  • Lisa: Electro application for Overload reactions.
  • Anemo Support: Venti or Kazuha for crowd control and Swirl.
  • Healer/Shield Support: Zhongli for shields or Bennett for healing and ATK boost.

Aggravate/Quicken Team (Post Dendro-Release, Lisa as Support)

  • Dendro Character: Nahida or Collei for Dendro application.
  • Lisa: Frequent Electro application for Aggravate or Quicken reactions.
  • Electro Sub-DPS: Fischl or Beidou for additional Electro damage.
  • Flex Slot: A healer like Barbara or a character for utility like Albedo.

Superconduct Team (Lisa for Physical DPS Support)

  • Physical Main DPS: Razor, Eula, or a Cryo bow user like Ganyu.
  • Lisa: For Superconduct reaction to reduce enemy physical resistance.
  • Cryo Support: Diona or Rosaria for consistent Cryo application.
  • Healer/Utility: Bennett for healing and ATK boost or Zhongli for shields.

Mixed Element Burst Team

  • Lisa: Providing Electro application and Burst damage.
  • Hydro Sub-DPS: Mona or Tartaglia for high Burst damage.
  • Pyro Support: Bennett for healing and ATK boost.
  • Anemo Support: Venti or Jean for crowd control and additional Swirl damage.

Constellation Breakdown

in game lisa constellation overview in genshin impact

C1: Infinite Circuit

Lisa regenerates 2 Energy for every opponent hit while holding her Elemental Skill.

Improves Lisa's energy regeneration, allowing for more frequent use of her Elemental Burst.

C2: Electromagnetic Field

Holding Lisa's Elemental Skill increases her resistance to interruption and defense by 25%.

Offers greater survivability and stability when charging her Elemental Skill, especially useful in crowded combat situations.

C4: Plasma Eruption

Increases the number of lightning bolts released by Lisa's Elemental Burst by 1-3.

Significantly boosts the damage output of her Elemental Burst, particularly useful against groups of enemies.

C6: Pulsating Witch

When Lisa takes the field, she applies 3 stacks of Violet Arc's conductive status onto nearby enemies.

Greatly increases her initial damage output when switching to her, allowing for immediate high-damage combos with her Elemental Skill.

Advanced Play Tips

in game lisa idle animation in genshin impact

Mastering Elemental Skill Usage

Lisa's Elemental Skill applies conductive stacks to enemies.

Maximizing these stacks before using her held Elemental Skill is crucial for maximizing damage.

Quick Tap vs. Hold

Use quick taps of her skill to rapidly apply Electro and build up conductive stacks.

Reserve the hold version for when maximum stacks are achieved or when needing a burst of AOE Electro damage.

Animation Canceling

After using her Elemental Skill, immediately use a dash to cancel the animation, allowing for quicker follow-up actions.

Optimizing Elemental Burst

Defense Reduction

Lisa's passive talent, induced Aftershock, reduces the defense of enemies hit by her Burst.

Time her Burst just before high-damage attacks from your team for maximum impact.

Field Control

Her Burst creates an AOE that continuously deals Electro damage.

Use it to control battlefield areas, especially against groups of enemies.

Strategic Positioning

Despite being a catalyst user, Lisa's skills benefit from being close to the enemy, especially when unleashing her held Elemental Skill.

Use her Burst in conjunction with crowd control abilities from other characters to maximize the number of enemies caught in the AOE.

Energy Management

Her Elemental Skill generates a significant amount of Electro particles, especially when held.

Use this to feed energy to other Electro characters in the team.

Pairing her with another Electro character can help lessen her energy needs, ensuring more frequent use of her Burst.

Synergizing with Elemental Reactions

Pair her with Hydro characters like Xingqiu or Mona for consistent Electro-Charged procs.

Use her Electro abilities to trigger Overload with Pyro characters or Superconduct with Cryo characters, depending on the team's focus.

Final Thoughts on Lisa

Lisa’s recent rise in greatness within Genshin Impact is a testament to her versatility and effectiveness, especially in Dendro-centric teams.

This guide serves as a comprehensive resource for players looking to maximize Lisa’s potential, whether as a primary damage dealer or a supportive element in their team.

With the right build and team composition, Lisa can be a top-tier choice on any battle.