Comprehensive Guide to Yaoyao: First Dendro Healer

Comprehensive Guide to Yaoyao: First Dendro Healer
Last updated:
January 30, 2024

Yaoyao, introduced in Genshin Impact's patch 3.4, is a remarkable addition as the game's first Dendro healer.

She brings a unique blend of healing, Dendro application, and reaction facilitation, making her a versatile four-star support character.

This guide goes deep into optimizing Yaoyao's build, including her best artifacts, weapons, team compositions, and constellations.

Comprehensive Guide to Yaoyao: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Abilities and Playstyle

in game yaoyao talent elemental skill details in genshin impact

Elemental Skill: Raphanus Sky Cluster

Summons a Yuegui rabbit that launches radishes periodically (every second for 10 seconds).

Radishes explode upon contact, either dealing Dendro damage to enemies or healing allies.

Below 70% HP, the radishes prioritize healing the active character.

Above 70% HP, they target enemies.

Radishes can both heal and apply Dendro in combat.

If no enemies are around, it focuses on healing allies up to 100% HP.

Positioning is crucial.

Stay close to enemies during combat to simultaneously deal damage and receive healing.

Elemental Burst: Moonjade Descent

Transforms Yaoyao, allowing up to three Yuegui bunnies on the field for 5 seconds.

Both healing and damage scalings are increased during the burst.

Provides a movement speed boost and Dendro resistance increase.

Encourages constant movement (running, jumping) to maximize radish deployment.

Talent Priority

Elemental Skill

This skill is central to Yaoyao's kit, providing continuous healing and Dendro application.

Enhances both the healing output and Dendro damage, making it beneficial for most team compositions.

Leveling up this talent increases the efficacy of her healing and damage, making it a top priority.

Elemental Burst

While powerful, the burst is more situational, offering burst healing and Dendro application.

Particularly useful in scenarios requiring rapid healing for the entire team.

Depending on your reliance on her burst for healing, this could be your second priority.

Normal Attack

Yaoyao's normal attacks are less crucial since her primary role is not as a main damage dealer.

Generally, her auto-attacks are less impactful compared to her skills.

These talents can be upgraded last or remain at a lower level without significantly impacting her performance.

Best Artifacts for Yaoyao

in game yaoyao artifacts details in genshin impact

Deepwood Memories (4-Piece Set)

Enhances Dendro application and reaction damage.

Reduces Dendro RES of enemies by 30% for 8s when hitting them with an Elemental Skill or Burst.

Teams focusing on Dendro reactions like Quicken or Bloom.

Tenacity of the Millelith (4-Piece Set)

Boosts team's overall performance.

Increases HP by 20% and provides an ATK bonus to all party members when Elemental Skill hits an enemy.

Teams where additional ATK benefits other members, especially in an Aggravate setup.

Gilded Dreams (4-Piece Set)

Maximizes personal reaction damage.

Grants Elemental Mastery and boosts ATK or EM for each party member of a different element.

Teams where Yaoyao contributes significantly to reaction damage, such as in Bloom or Hyperbloom compositions.

Instructor (4-Piece Set)

Supports team with Elemental Mastery.

Increases EM by 80; triggers an additional 120 EM to the team after using Elemental Skill.

Low-investment build or if Yaoyao is the primary source of Elemental Mastery in reaction-based teams.

Maiden Beloved (4-Piece Set)

Enhances healing.

Increases healing effectiveness by 15% and healing received by all party members by 20%.

Teams requiring more substantial healing output from Yaoyao.

Main Stats Priority

  • Sands: HP% or Elemental Mastery (based on role).
  • Goblet: Dendro DMG Bonus or HP% (focus on Dendro reactions or healing).
  • Circlet: HP%, Healing Bonus, or Crit Rate (if using Favonius Lance).

Sub-Stats Priority

  • Focus on HP%, Elemental Mastery, and Energy Recharge.
  • Crit stats are useful if using Favonius Lance for energy generation.

Optimal Weapon Selection

in game yaoyao weapon selection details in genshin impact

Favonius Lance

Energy recharge and particle generation.

Generates Elemental particles on CRIT hits, enhancing team energy regeneration.

Teams where Yaoyao's burst is crucial for sustained healing or Dendro application.

Moonpiercer (Free-to-Play)

Dendro application and ATK support.

Generates leaves that boost ATK when picking up, aiding main DPS.

Teams benefiting from additional ATK buffs and requiring consistent Dendro application.

Dragon's Bane

Reaction damage enhancement.

Increases damage against enemies affected by Hydro or Pyro.

Teams focused on Dendro reactions like Bloom or Hyperbloom.

Black Tassel

Healing enhancement.

Boosts HP, directly enhancing Yaoyao's healing output.

Teams needing more substantial healing from Yaoyao.

Kitain Cross Spear

Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge.

Provides Elemental Mastery and restores energy upon using Elemental Skill.

Teams where Yaoyao contributes to reaction damage, especially in Bloom or Hyperbloom setups.

Team Compositions

in game yaoyao team setup with xingqiu kazuha and fischl in genshin impact

Bloom Teams

Core Characters: Yaoyao, Nilou (or other Hydro DPS)

Additional Characters: Another Dendro support (e.g., Nahida), additional Hydro support (e.g., Xingqiu).

Yaoyao's role is to ensure consistent Dendro application for Bloom reactions, triggered by Hydro characters, while also providing healing.

This team excels in AOE damage and sustainability.

Hyperbloom Teams

Core Characters: Yaoyao, Electro DPS (e.g., Fischl), Hydro Enabler (e.g., Kokomi)

Additional Characters: Anemo support (e.g., Kazuha) or another Electro character for resonance.

Yaoyao provides Dendro application for Hyperbloom reactions, supported by Hydro and Electro characters.

Anemo character enhances reaction damage and spreads elements.

Quicken Teams

Core Characters: Yaoyao, Electro DPS (e.g., Raiden Shogun)

Additional Characters: Hydro or Anemo support for additional reactions or buffs.

Yaoyao’s main role is Dendro application for Quicken and Aggravate reactions, supporting the Electro DPS.

This team focuses on sustained damage output with healing support.

General Healing Support

Core Characters: Yaoyao, Main DPS of any element

Additional Characters: Flexible choices based on the main DPS element and team needs.

In this composition, Yaoyao acts mainly as a healer, providing passive healing while the team focuses on damage output.

Ideal for teams needing a healer without specific reaction focuses.

Dendro Resonance Teams

Core Characters: Yaoyao, another Dendro character

Additional Characters: Characters based on the desired elemental reactions or team synergy.

Takes advantage of Dendro resonance for additional Elemental Mastery, enhancing reaction damage.

Yaoyao’s role includes healing and Dendro application, supporting the team’s overall elemental reactions.

Constellation Impact

in game yaoyao constellation overview in genshin impact

C1: Adeptus' Tutelage

When White Jade Radishes explode, they grant the active character a Dendro DMG Bonus and restore Stamina.

Enhances the support utility by boosting Dendro damage of the active character, beneficial in Dendro-centric teams.

The stamina restoration is a nice bonus for characters with high stamina consumption.

C2: Innocent

Generates additional Energy when using the Elemental Burst.

Crucial for teams where Yaoyao is relied upon for frequent Burst uptime.

Significantly reduces Yaoyao’s energy requirements, making it easier to consistently use her Elemental Burst.

Essential for teams where rapid healing or Dendro application is necessary.

C4: Winsome

Increases Elemental Mastery based on a percentage of Yaoyao’s Max HP when using the Elemental Skill.

Strengthens reaction damage potential, especially useful in teams focusing on Dendro reactions like Bloom or Hyperbloom.

C6: Beneficent

Introduces Mega Radishes that have increased AoE and healing/damage based on Yaoyao's Max HP.

Transforms her playstyle by providing much stronger healing and AoE Dendro application.

It dramatically increases her utility in both support and healing roles.

Playstyle and Advanced Strategies

in game yaoyao idle animation in genshin impact

HP Management

Managing team HP below 70% can maximize her healing efficiency since the Yuegui prioritizes healing over attacking when characters are below this threshold.

Energy Recharge Balance

If relying heavily on her Elemental Burst, optimize Energy Recharge without sacrificing too much healing power or Elemental Mastery for reaction damage.

Reaction Maximization

In teams focused on reactions like Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Quicken, position her Yuegui strategically to ensure it targets multiple enemies for widespread Dendro application.

In such teams, her Elemental Mastery build becomes more valuable.

Constellation's Role

If you have her constellations, adjust her playstyle to strengthen them.

For instance, C6 significantly boosts her AoE healing and damage, altering her role in combat.

Field Time Optimization

In Bloom teams, keep her on the field longer during her burst to maximize Bloom reactions.

In other teams, use her primarily off-field for passive healing and Dendro application.

Shield and Healer Combo

Pairing her with a shield character like Zhongli can lessen the need for constant active healing, allowing more focus on reaction setups and damage.

Weapon Choice Strategy

Choose her weapon based on team needs: Favonius Lance for Energy Recharge, Moonpiercer for Attack buffing, or Elemental Mastery weapons for reaction teams.

Final Thoughts on Yaoyao

Yaoyao stands out as a flexible support character, good at both healing and enabling Dendro reactions.

Her versatility allows her to fit into various team compositions, making her a valuable addition to any adventurer's roster.