Complete Chiori Guide in Genshin Impact | GachaGuru

Complete Chiori Guide in Genshin Impact | GachaGuru
Last updated:
March 19, 2024

Chiori is the new Geo addition to Genshin Impact's already huge character roster.

This guide will dive into her abilities, artifact and weapon recommendations, optimal team compositions, and gameplay tips to maximize her potential.

Complete Chiori Guide: Best Builds and Team Compositions

GachaGuru's Infographic Chiori Build and Team Comps

Chiori's Combat and Abilities Overview

in game chiori talent details in genshin impact

Normal Attack

Initially dealing physical damage, her attacks can morph into Geo damage through her Elemental Skill.

This Geo infusion aspect is crucial, especially when considering artifact set bonuses and team compositions that amplify Geo damage.

Elemental Skill

The skill has two modes—tap and hold—each with different uses. Both of them summon a doll called Tamoto that deals AoE Geo damage.

Tapping targets the nearest enemy with a Geo damage dash, while holding allows to adjust the direction.

If there are nearby Geo constructs when Tamoto is active, an additional Tamoto doll will be summoned next to your active character. You can only have 1 additional Tamoto active at the same time.

Elemental Burst

Chiori's burst is straightforward yet effective, doing an AoE Geo damage attack with a low energy cost.

This makes it a key part of her combat rotation, offering consistent damage output and synergy with her Elemental Skill.

Passive Talents


Gains one of these 2 effects depending on what you do after her Elemental Skill:

  • Tailoring Effect: Activating by either using a normal attack after her Elemental Skill or by default if no action is taken, this effect infuses Chiori's sword with Geo, turning her into a temporary on-field Geo DPS. This infusion enhances her ability to deal sustained Geo damage, pivotal for teams that leverage Geo reactions or require a consistent source of Geo damage.
  • Tapestry Effect: Triggered by using her Elemental Skill again after the initial sweep, Tapestry switches to the next character in the roster and grants Seize The Moment effect. This not only facilitates smooth character rotation but also boosts team damage output. The Seize the Moment effect synergizes with the Tamoto doll to perform coordinated Geo attacks, adding layers of Geo damage to your active character's attacks.

The Finishing Touch

The Finishing Touch talent provides a 20% Geo damage bonus for 20 seconds when a nearby party member creates a Geo construct.

It synergizes well with team compositions that include multiple Geo characters, especially those who frequently create Geo constructs.

Brocaded Collar's Beauteous Silhouette

Increases movement speed by 10% for all party members, provided at least one member is wearing a non-default outfit or a special wind glider other than Wings of First Flight.

This bonus is particularly useful for exploring Teyvat, making it easier to move faster through the world. It does not trigger in Domains or the Spiral Abyss.

Talent Priority

Elemental Skill

Her skill is the cornerstone of her gameplay.

It not only deals immediate Geo damage but also summons the Tamoto doll, a Geo construct that provides consistent off-field Geo damage.

Given its versatility and the substantial portion of her damage output it provides, especially with the potential to summon a second doll, her Elemental Skill should generally be the first talent to prioritize for leveling up.

Elemental Burst

Chiori’s Elemental Burst has a low energy cost and a relatively short cooldown.

It complements her skill rotations and provides consistent Geo damage in fights.

Given its role in her damage rotation and the synergy it offers with her Elemental Skill, leveling up her Elemental Burst should come next.

Normal Attack

While Chiori’s normal and charged attacks can be infused with Geo, turning her into a temporary on-field DPS, their primary utility comes into play if you choose to use her as an on-field DPS more frequently.

If Chiori is mainly an off-field support or burst DPS in your team composition, you should prioritizing her normal attack talent last, or not at all.

Best Artifacts

in game chiori artifacts details in genshin impact

Husk of Opulent Dreams

Given Chiori's significant defense scaling, especially on her Elemental Skill, the DEF bonus from the 2-piece set directly enhances her overall damage output.

The 4-piece bonus not only further boosts her defense but also her Geo damage, aligning perfectly with her role as a Geo damage dealer.

While Chiori benefits from being on the field to maximize stack accumulation, the off-field stack gain ensures she remains effective even when swapped out, making this set ideal for various playstyles.

Golden Troupe

Given that Chiori's Elemental Skill summons Tamoto dolls that deal AoE Geo damage, an increase in Elemental Skill DMG directly boosts her main source of off-field damage.

The additional 25% damage increase when off-field aligns perfectly with her ability to contribute significantly without needing to be the active character.

While this set boosts Elemental Skill DMG substantially, the additional bonus clearing 2 seconds after taking the field means that Chiori's on-field DPS wouldn't benefit as much from the 4-piece set bonus.

However, her initial skill activation and any skill damage done in the first 2 seconds would still have a significant boost.

Main Stats Priority

Sands: Defense% (DEF%) is generally the most recommended main stat for Chiori’s Sands artifact. Given her significant scaling from DEF, this stat directly boosts the damage of her Geo-infused attacks and Elemental Skill, making it a top priority.

Goblet: Geo Damage Bonus% is the optimal choice for the Goblet. This stat amplifies all of Chiori’s Geo damage output, synergizing well with her skill set and enhancing her role as a Geo damage dealer.

Circlet: Crit Rate% or Crit Damage% (CRIT DMG%), depending on which stat your substats are lacking. Achieving a balanced Crit Rate to Crit Damage ratio (ideally around 1:2) is crucial for maximizing damage output. Prioritize Crit Rate if under 50%, then focus on Crit Damage once a satisfactory Crit Rate is achieved.

Substats Priority

Crit Rate% and Crit Damage%: These are universally valuable for increasing damage output on all characters, including Chiori. Since she can act both as a primary and secondary DPS, optimizing these stats is crucial for her to deal competitive damage.

Defense% (DEF%): Additional DEF% substats improve Chiori’s damage output due to her defense scaling, making her Elemental Skill and Geo-infused attacks even more potent.

Attack% (ATK%): While not as critical as DEF% for Chiori, ATK% still contributes to her overall damage, especially for her normal and charged attacks. Having some investment in ATK% can ensure her non-Geo damage remains relevant.

Energy Recharge% (ER%): This is a lower priority stat for Chiori, given her relatively low energy needs for her Elemental Burst. However, a modest investment in ER% can help ensure her Burst is available more frequently, especially in teams without strong energy generation.

Recommended Weapons

in game chiori weapon details in genshin impact

Uraku Misugiri (Signature Weapon)

Uraku Misugiri, Chiori's signature weapon, perfectly complements her dual role as both a Sub-DPS and Main DPS by enhancing her Normal Attack and Elemental Skill damage.

The weapon's unique ability to double these bonuses after dealing Geo DMG ensures Chiori can consistently deliver high damage output.

Its significant CRIT DMG substat allows for optimal artifact stat distribution, making it easier to achieve the ideal CRIT Rate to CRIT DMG ratio.

Additionally, the increase in DEF not only boosts her survivability but also enhances her defense-scaling damage.

Harbinger of Dawn

As a 3-star weapon, the Harbinger of Dawn stands out for its accessibility and its crit-focused stats.

With Chiori's gameplay potentially keeping her off the field, maintaining the weapon’s HP threshold for increased CRIT Rate is manageable.

The CRIT DMG substat synergizes well with builds aiming to maximize her damage output, particularly when Chiori can safely attack without taking damage.

Cinnabar Spindle

An event exclusive and limited in availability, the Cinnabar Spindle's effectiveness is based in its DEF% substat and its ability to increase Elemental Skill DMG based on DEF.

This weapon directly complements Chiori’s defense scaling, making it particularly potent for her Elemental Skill and the damage dealt by her Tamoto dolls.

Best for Chiori builds focused on maximizing the damage potential of her Elemental Skill. Most effective in team compositions where Chiori is relied upon for her Geo damage contributions, both off-field and during brief on-field appearances.

Primordial Jade Cutter

With a CRIT Rate substat and an ATK% increase based on HP, this 5-star weapon offers a balance between survivability and offensive power.

Though not directly enhancing her Geo or defense-scaling abilities, the weapon's stats contribute to a higher overall damage output and consistency in landing critical hits.

Optimal Team Compositions

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Geo Synergy Team

Composition: Chiori, Zhongli, Albedo, Ningguang/Bennett

This team leverages the Geo resonance for increased shield strength and damage.

Chiori and Albedo provide consistent off-field Geo damage through their constructs, while Zhongli enhances team defense with his shield and increases Geo damage with his debuff.

Ningguang can serve as an additional Geo DPS or Bennett can provide healing and an ATK buff, further amplifying Chiori's damage output.

Chiori's ability to summon Tamoto dolls complements Albedo's Elemental Skill, creating multiple Geo constructs that can deal continuous damage.

Zhongli’s shields and debuffs ensure the team's survivability and damage enhancement, making this composition ideal for tackling high-difficulty content.

Crystallize Support

Composition: Chiori, Navia, Xiangling, Bennett

In this composition, Chiori acts as a Sub-DPS, laying down Geo constructs and enhancing Geo damage.

Navia, as the main DPS, optimizes Geo resonance for increased damage and shield stability.

Xiangling, another Sub-DPS, introduces Pyro into the mix, enabling potent Crystallize and Overloaded reactions.

Bennett rounds out the team as a Support, offering healing, ATK buffs, and additional Pyro for reaction setups.

Exploration and Speed Team

Composition: Chiori, Klee/Venti, Kazuha, Jean

Geared towards exploration and speed, using Chiori’s exploration passive to increase movement speed.

Klee or Venti can provide AoE damage and additional exploration benefits, while Kazuha and Jean enhance team mobility and provide crowd control and healing.

Beyond combat, this team composition maximizes movement speed for efficient exploration, with each character bringing unique exploration-related abilities.

The focus is on fast traversal and gathering, with the capability to handle combat effectively when needed.

Constellation Breakdown

in game chiori constellation overview in genshin impact

C1: Six Paths of Sage Silkcraft

This constellation amplifies the AoE of Chiori's Tamoto dolls by 50% and summons a second Tamoto when she has another Geo party member. However, you can only have 2 Tamotos max at the same time.

It also activates her Finishing Touch passive, enhancing her synergy with Geo teams.

C2: In Five Colors Dyed

Introduces Kinu, a simplified automaton doll that provides additional AoE Geo damage following the use of her Burst.

Kinu's damage, scaling off Chiori’s Elemental Skill, adds more Geo damage to her kit.

C2 enhances Chiori’s off-field damage potential, making her an even more valuable Sub-DPS. Kinu’s automatic summoning ensures consistent Geo damage, complementing Chiori's existing abilities.

C4: A Tailor's Three Courtesies

Expands on the Tailor-Made passive, allowing Kinu dolls to be summoned up to 3 times with normal, charged, or plunging attacks of any active character after triggering the passive’s follow-up effects.

This constellation maximizes the potential of the Seize the Moment and Tailoring effects.

C6: Sole Principle Pursuit

Dramatically reduces the cooldown of Chiori's Elemental Skill after triggering any follow-up effect of Tailor-Made, enhancing her damage output.

Additionally, it boosts Chiori's normal attack damage by 235% of her own DEF.

C6 enables more frequent use of her Elemental Skill and subsequent damage abilities.

This constellation is a game-changer, especially for players who use Chiori as their main damage dealer, as it allows for rapid deployment of her Geo constructs and skills.

Gameplay Tips and Strategies

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Maximizing Tamoto and Kinu Dolls

Positioning is key to maximizing the Tamoto dolls' damage output.

Ensure Chiori's Elemental Skill is used in enemy-dense areas to take full advantage of the AoE Geo damage.

Remember, the placement of these dolls can be influencial, directing enemy movement and enabling better control.

After unlocking C2, Chiori gains the ability to summon Kinu dolls, which deal extra AoE Geo damage.

Elemental Skill Usage

Chiori's skill allows for a targeted dash, which can be used for mobility or to reposition.

This can be particularly useful for avoiding damage or strategically placing Chiori within or away from combat zones.

Deciding between tapping the skill again for the Tapestry effect or using a normal attack to trigger Tailoring is crucial.

Use Tapestry when you need to switch to another character for a burst of coordinated attacks or when you need to activate Chiori's Seize the Moment passive.

Tailoring should be used when keeping Chiori on the field longer, allowing her to benefit from Geo infusion.

Elemental Burst Considerations

To maximize DPS, use Chiori's Elemental Burst before her Skill.

This allows you to benefit from the burst's damage before switching to another character.

Chiori's burst has a relatively low energy cost and cooldown, making it a versatile tool in her kit.

Ensure you're consistently generating enough energy to use her burst whenever it's off cooldown to maintain high damage output.

Final Thoughts on Chiori: Should You Pull for Her?

Chiori's unique mix of Geo constructs and ATK/DEF scaling make her a valuable suub-DPS addition to any adventurer's roster in Genshin Impact.

So, should you pull for her? Honestly, I'd say go for it, but it really depends on what your roster looks like.

Chiori's banner is pretty cool for beefing up Noelle's triple Geo squad (and for mono Geo comps too). Even if Chiori can't summon her second doll at C0, her damage is right up there with the best Geo units Navia & Albedo. Plus, it's the first time Gorou's popping up in a banner with a limited 5-star that's a good match for Noelle's team.

But, if Noelle's not your only focus and you're eyeing Furina, who's rumored to return in 4.6, could be wise to skip. Furina's a beast in tons of different setups, Noelle or no Noelle. If your wishes are running low and you're not all in on the Geo mono team, maybe skipping Chiori for Furina could be the smarter play.