An In-Depth Guide to Mastering Sucrose in Genshin Impact

An In-Depth Guide to Mastering Sucrose in Genshin Impact
Last updated:
February 15, 2024

Sucrose, the Junior Alchemist from Mondstadt, is a character known for her utility and support abilities in Genshin Impact.

As a catalyst user with an Anemo affinity, Sucrose excels in grouping enemies, enhancing team elemental reactions, and providing buffs.

In this guide, we'll dive into her talents, artifacts, weapon choices, constellations, and team setups.

Mastering Sucrose: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Sucrose's Talents Explained

in game sucrose talent elemental burst details in genshin impact

Normal Attack: Wind Spirit Creation

Sucrose performs up to four Anemo attacks in a sequence.

Not a priority for Sucrose as her role centers on support rather than direct damage.

Elemental Skill: Astable Anemohypostasis Creation - 6308

This skill targets enemies automatically, creating an AOE Anemo damage effect and pulling opponents towards the center.

It's essential for grouping enemies, and its utility outweighs the need for high talent levels.

Elemental Burst: Forbidden Creation - Isomer 75 / Type II

Similar to her Elemental Skill but with an enhanced pull effect.

It absorbs Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro elements, amplifying damage.

Ascension Talents

Catalyst Conversion (1st Ascension Passive)

Grants 50 Elemental Mastery to all party members (except Sucrose) when she triggers a Swirl reaction.

Enhances the elemental reaction damage of the team, making it a core aspect of her support role.

Mollis Favonius (4th Ascension Passive)

Increases all party members' EM by 20% of Sucrose's EM for 8 seconds when her abilities hit an opponent.

Stack EM on Sucrose to maximize this passive’s effectiveness, boosting team damage.

Astable Invention (Utility Passive)

10% chance to double the product when crafting character and weapon enhancement materials.

Passive benefit for resource management, not directly impacting combat.

Talent Priority

Elemental Burst: Sucrose's main damage and utility tool, investing in this talent enhances team damage output significantly.

Elemental Skill: While damage increases with level, the primary utility is the pulling effect, which is effective even at lower levels.

Normal Attack: Not a priority for Sucrose as her role centers on support rather than direct damage.

Artifacts Build

in game sucrose artifacts details in genshin impact

Primary Artifact Set: Viridescent Venerer (4-Piece)

Enhances Sucrose's primary elemental reaction.

Lowers enemies' resistance to elements involved in Swirl, increasing overall team damage.

Boosts Sucrose's Anemo abilities.

This set is a top choice for Sucrose, amplifying her role in elemental reaction teams, particularly useful in Swirl-centric compositions.

Alternative Sets

Instructor Set (4-Piece)

Increases team's Elemental Mastery after triggering an elemental reaction.

Elemental reaction-heavy teams. However, less impactful compared to Viridescent Venerer for higher-level content.

Mixed Sets for Specific Roles

Two-piece sets that boost Elemental Mastery (e.g., Wanderer's Troupe) and Energy Recharge (e.g., Scholar or Exile).

Balances Sucrose's role in triggering reactions and maintaining skill uptime.

Main Stat Priorities

  • Sands: Elemental Mastery or Energy Recharge.
  • Goblet: Anemo Damage Bonus.
  • Circlet: Elemental Mastery, or Crit Rate if using Favonius Codex for energy regeneration.

Substats Priorities

  • Primary: Elemental Mastery (to maximize reaction potency).
  • Secondary: Energy Recharge (for skill frequency).
  • Additional: Crit Rate/Damage and ATK% (beneficial but secondary to Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge).

Optimal Weapons for Sucrose

in game sucrose weapon choice details in genshin impact

Top Weapon Choices

Sacrificial Fragments

Elemental Mastery as the main substat.

Chance to end Elemental Skill cooldown after use, allowing for more frequent skill casting and reaction setups.

Maximizing swirl reactions and enhancing team damage through Elemental Mastery.

Favonius Codex

Energy Recharge substat.

Generates energy particles on crit hits, helping in faster burst recharge.

Suitable for teams needing more frequent use of Sucrose's burst for crowd control and reactions.

Three-Star Alternative

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Provides a significant ATK boost to the next character switched in.

Best for teams that rely on a main DPS character following Sucrose's setup.

Not focused on Sucrose's damage but on enhancing the main DPS.

Additional Weapon Options

Mappa Mare

Increases Elemental Reaction damage after triggering a reaction.

A balanced approach to increase Sucrose's reaction damage and support capabilities.

The Widsith

Randomly boosts ATK, Elemental DMG, or Elemental Mastery.

More RNG-dependent but can provide substantial buffs during its active period.

Special Mention

Hakushin Ring (Craftable)

Specifically good for Electrocharged teams

Enhances Electro and Hydro damage under specific conditions, making it a niche but effective choice in electro-focused teams.

Team Composition Strategies

in game sucrose team setup with xingqiu bennett and xiangling in genshin impact

Elemental Reaction-Focused Teams

Hydro/Electro (Electro-Charged Teams)

Pair Sucrose with characters like Fischl, Beidou, Mona, or Xingqiu.

Sucrose can enhance electro-charged reactions by sharing her Elemental Mastery.

Pyro/Hydro (Vaporize Teams)

Combine with Pyro characters like Diluc, Klee, or Xiangling and Hydro supports like Xingqiu or Mona.

Sucrose's swirl can spread Pyro or Hydro for more frequent vaporize reactions.

Crowd Control and Area Denial Teams

Anemo Resonance

Pairing Sucrose with another Anemo character (like Venti or Kazuha) can provide additional cooldown reduction and stamina benefits.

Ideal for controlling large groups of enemies.

Freeze Teams

In a team with Ganyu or Ayaka as main DPS and a Hydro enabler like Mona, Sucrose’s Anemo abilities can group enemies effectively for consistent freeze control.

Burst DPS Support

Sucrose can be paired with characters who have powerful Elemental Bursts, like Hu Tao, Albedo, or Ningguang.

Her Elemental Mastery sharing boosts their burst damage output.

Specialized Elemental Teams

Pyro-Electro (Overload Teams): With characters like Bennett and Razor or Lisa, Sucrose enhances Overload damage while controlling enemy positions.

Dendro Synergy: For teams focusing on new Dendro reactions like Bloom or Hyperbloom, Sucrose can effectively swirl Dendro elements for expanded reaction coverage.

Constellations: Enhancing Sucrose's Abilities

in game sucrose constellation overview in genshin impact

C1: Clustered Vacuum Field

Increases the number of charges for Elemental Skill.

Allows Sucrose to cast her skill more frequently, enhancing crowd control and reaction setups.

C2: Beth Unbound Form

Increases the duration of Forbidden Creation - Isomer 75 / Type II (Elemental Burst).

Longer burst duration means more crowd control and reaction opportunities, especially beneficial in prolonged combat scenarios.

C4: Alchemania

Using an Elemental Burst reduces the cooldown of Elemental Skill.

Syncs her skill and burst for more efficient use, ensuring more consistent crowd control and elemental reactions.

C6: Chaotic Entropy

If Forbidden Creation - Isomer 75 / Type II triggers an elemental absorption, all party members gain a buff for the absorbed element.

Greatly enhances the team's elemental damage, particularly useful in mono-element or dual-element teams.

Final Thoughts on Sucrose

Sucrose is a character that offers immense utility, especially for players who don't have access to other premium Anemo supports like Venti or Kazuha.

Her ability to group enemies and enhance elemental reactions makes her an asset in various team compositions.

While she's straightforward to build, focusing on EM can significantly boost her and her team's performance.

Whether you're new or a veteran, Sucrose is a character worth investing in for her unique support capabilities.