Ultimate Ningguang Guide for Genshin Impact

Ultimate Ningguang Guide for Genshin Impact
Last updated:
February 19, 2024

In the ever-evolving world of Genshin Impact, the Geo element has seen a significant boost in utility, especially with the introduction of challenging new enemies in the Spiral Abyss.

Ningguang, a formidable Geo DPS character, has risen in popularity due to her ability to exploit Geo weaknesses effectively.

This comprehensive guide dives into Ningguang's optimal DPS build, covering the best artifacts, weapons, and team compositions.

Ultimate Ningguang Guide: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Ningguang's Kits Explained

in game ningguang talent elemental burst details in genshin impact

Elemental Skill: Jade Screen

Ningguang's Elemental Skill, Jade Screen, creates a Geo construct that not only blocks enemy projectiles but also deals Geo DMG to enemies upon its formation.

Beyond its defensive utility, the Jade Screen serves as a catalyst for Ningguang's DPS output.

Positioning the Jade Screen between Ningguang and her targets can increase her damage, as her attacks can pass through the screen, while also providing a strategic barrier against incoming attacks.

The initial cast of the Jade Screen generates Geo particles, helping in the quicker recharge of Ningguang's and her team's Elemental Bursts.

This aspect is crucial for maintaining high uptime on her powerful Elemental Burst.

Elemental Burst: Starshatter

Upon activation, Ningguang launches a series of gem projectiles at her target, dealing substantial Geo DMG.

The number of gems fired increases if the burst is used in the presence of a Jade Screen, as the screen shatters to increase the attack with additional gems.

To maximize the damage output of Starshatter, always ensure a Jade Screen is active before unleashing Ningguang's burst.

This tactic not only enhances the burst's damage but effectively uses the Jade Screen's offensive capability.

Normal and Charged Attacks: Sparkling Scatter

Normal Attack: Ningguang's normal attacks hurl gem projectiles at enemies, dealing Geo DMG. Each hit generates a Star Jade.

Charged Attack: Consumes stamina to fire a more powerful gem projectile. If Ningguang has any Star Jades, the charged attack will consume them, launching one additional gem per Star Jade at no extra stamina cost.

The interplay between Ningguang's normal and charged attacks forms the core of her DPS cycle.

Weaving normal attacks between charged attacks ensures a consistent output of Star Jades, enabling high-damage charged attacks frequently without depleting stamina.

Passive Talents

Backup Plan: Ningguang possesses Star Jades, her Charged Attack does not consume Stamina.

Strategic Reserve: Characters passing through the Jade Screen gain a Geo DMG Bonus, reinforcing Ningguang's role as a Geo support in addition to her DPS capabilities.

Trove of Marvelous Treasures: Displays the location of nearby ore veins on the mini-map, a quality-of-life passive that benefits resource gathering.

Talent Priority

Main DPS Ningguang

Normal Attack

As the cornerstone of Ningguang's DPS, her Normal and Charged Attacks should be the first priority.

This talent increases the damage of both her Normal Attacks and her Charged Attacks.

Since Ningguang's gameplay loop involves generating Star Jades with Normal Attacks and then consuming them with powerful Charged Attacks, enhancing this talent directly boosts her overall DPS.

Elemental Burst

Next in line is Ningguang's Elemental Burst, which can deal massive Geo damage to a single target or multiple targets if positioned correctly.

Since the burst's damage scales well with levels and is a significant part of her damage output, especially when used in conjunction with the Jade Screen for additional projectiles, it should be leveled up second.

Elemental Skill

While also important for Ningguang's damage output, the Jade Screen's primary function is defensive and to increase the burst ability.

Its damage does increase with leveling, but since Ningguang's main DPS comes from her Normal and Charged Attacks, and her Elemental Burst, this skill is a lower priority compared to the other two.

Support/Burst DPS Ningguang

Elemental Burst

For a burst DPS Ningguang, her Elemental Burst is the top priority.

Maximizing the damage of Starshatter allows Ningguang to enter the battlefield, unleash a devastating attack, and then switch out to another character, making it the most important talent to level for this role.

Elemental Skill

The Elemental Skill becomes more important in this context as it not only provides a Geo DMG bonus when passing through it but also increases the damage of the Elemental Burst when the Jade Screen is present.

Enhancing this skill ensures Ningguang's brief appearances on the field are impactful.

Normal Attack

Even though Ningguang's Normal and Charged Attacks are less emphasized in a burst DPS role, leveling this talent can still be beneficial for the moments she is on the field, ensuring her basic attacks remain relevant.

However, it's the least priority compared to her Burst and Skill in this role.

Artifact Recommendations

in game ningguang artifacts details in genshin impact

Recommended Artifact Sets for Main DPS Ningguang

For Ningguang serving as the primary damage dealer, focusing on artifacts that boost her Geo damage and critical stats is crucial.

The goal is to maximize her damage output through her Normal, Charged, and Burst attacks.

Archaic Petra (4 pieces)

This set is ideal for increasing Geo damage.

The 2-piece bonus grants a 15% Geo DMG Bonus, and the 4-piece bonus increases damage with the corresponding elemental type by 35% for 10 seconds when picking up a crystal created through a Crystallize reaction.

While the 4-piece bonus doesn’t directly benefit Ningguang unless she’s paired with another elemental character to create crystallize reactions, the 2-piece set combined with another set can significantly boost her DPS.

Gladiator's Finale (2 pieces) + Archaic Petra (2 pieces)

This combination provides a balanced boost, with Gladiator's Finale offering an 18% ATK bonus and Archaic Petra adding 15% Geo DMG Bonus.

It's a straightforward choice for enhancing Ningguang's overall damage output.

Retracing Bolide (4 pieces)

Especially effective if Ningguang frequently benefits from shields (either from her Jade Screen crystallize reactions or team support like Zhongli).

The 4-piece set boosts shield strength by 35% and increases Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 40% when protected by a shield, significantly enhancing Ningguang's survivability and DPS.

Main Stats Priority

Sands: ATK% or Geo DMG Bonus (if using a 2-piece Petra and another set that doesn’t boost Geo DMG directly).

Goblet: Geo DMG Bonus is essential here, as it directly boosts Ningguang's main damage output.

Circlet: CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG, depending on what your sub-stats provide. Aim for a CRIT Rate to CRIT DMG ratio of 1:2 for optimal damage output.

Sub-Stats Priority

Focus on CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, ATK%, and Energy Recharge. Energy Recharge is particularly useful for ensuring Ningguang can frequently use her Burst.

Recommended Artifact Sets for Support/Burst DPS Ningguang

When Ningguang is used more for her Elemental Burst in a burst DPS or support role, artifact sets that enhance her Burst damage and Energy Recharge become more valuable.

Noblesse Oblige (4 pieces)

Ideal for boosting Ningguang’s Elemental Burst DMG by 20% and providing a team-wide ATK bonus after using her Burst.

This set complements her role in providing significant burst damage followed by a supportive boost to her allies.

Archaic Petra (2 pieces) + Noblesse Oblige (2 pieces)

This combination boosts both Ningguang's Geo DMG and her Burst DMG, making it a versatile option for enhancing her support capabilities while still allowing her to deal respectable damage.

Main Stats Priority

Sands: ATK% or Energy Recharge, depending on Ningguang’s needs to frequently cast her Burst.

Goblet: Geo DMG Bonus remains crucial for maximizing her Geo attack effectiveness.

Circlet: CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG, aiming to balance Ningguang’s critical hit capabilities.

Sub-Stats Priority

Prioritize CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, Energy Recharge, and ATK%.

Energy Recharge becomes more critical in this role to ensure Ningguang can use her Elemental Burst as often as possible.

Weapon Selection

in game ningguang weapon selection details in genshin impact

Main DPS Role

For Ningguang in a main DPS role, weapons that enhance her attack power, increase her Geo damage, or improve her charged attack efficiency are ideal.

Memory of Dust

Significantly boosts Ningguang's ATK and Shield Strength.

Its passive increases ATK by a percentage when shielded, making it exceptionally powerful for Ningguang, especially when paired with characters who can provide reliable shields, such as Zhongli.

Main DPS Ningguang who can maintain shield uptime to maximize the weapon's ATK bonuses.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Provides a critical rate increase and continuously increases movement SPD and DMG when Ningguang is on the field.

These buffs stack over time, making it particularly effective for prolonged engagements where Ningguang remains active.

Players who keep Ningguang on the field for extended periods to fully optimize the stacking DMG bonus.

Solar Pearl (Battle Pass Exclusive)

Boosts Ningguang's critical rate and increases her Elemental Skill and Burst DMG after using Normal Attacks, and vice versa.

This cyclic buff pattern suits Ningguang's combat rhythm of weaving Normal and Charged Attacks with her Elemental Skill and Burst.

A balanced playstyle that frequently cycles through Ningguang's abilities for sustained DPS.

Burst DPS Role

In a burst DPS role, where Ningguang's objective is to deal significant damage in short periods before swapping out, weapons that enhance her Elemental Burst damage or provide immediate boosts to her ATK or Geo DMG are preferable.

The Widsith

Offers one of three random buffs upon entering the field: increased ATK, increased Elemental DMG, or increased Elemental Mastery.

The potential for a substantial DMG increase makes it a potent choice for burst-focused Ningguang.

Teams where Ningguang is rotated in primarily for her Elemental Burst, exploiting the momentary buffs for maximum impact.

Eye of Perception

Provides ATK bonus and a chance for Normal and Charged Attacks to fire a bolt that bounces between enemies, dealing AOE Geo DMG.

This enhances Ningguang's ability to deal damage to multiple targets.

Adding splash damage to Ningguang's kit, making her more effective against groups of enemies.


Increases ATK and, upon hitting enemies with Normal and Charged Attacks, has a chance to deal AOE DMG.

While not Geo-specific, its ATK bonus and craftability make it an accessible option for enhancing Ningguang's damage.

Players without access to higher-tier weapons or those looking for a reliable, easily obtainable option to boost Ningguang's DPS capabilities.

Team Synergy

in game ningguang team setup with gorou bennett and zhongli in genshin impact

Geo Support for Resonance and Protection


As a Geo support, Zhongli is arguably one of the best partners for Ningguang.

His shield from Dominus Lapidis is one of the strongest in the game, significantly increasing Ningguang's survivability.

Additionally, Zhongli's Planet Befall provides crowd control and an additional layer of Geo DMG.

The Geo resonance triggered by having two Geo characters in the team enhances Ningguang's damage output and reduces the Geo resistance of enemies, further increasing the team's overall Geo damage.


Another excellent Geo companion, Albedo's Solar Isotoma can consistently generate Geo particles, helping Ningguang in getting her Elemental Burst ready more frequently.

Albedo's Elemental Skill also deals substantial off-field damage, complementing Ningguang's playstyle.

The added Geo resonance benefits are a bonus, strengthening Ningguang's damage and defensive capabilities.

Elemental Supports for Utility and Shields


As a Geo character, Noelle can fulfill the dual role of healer and additional DPS.

While Noelle's healing is dependent on her DEF and the amount of damage she deals, she can provide a consistent source of healing and shielding, making the team more resilient.

Her sweeping attacks can also help in clearing mobs that Ningguang might struggle with due to her more single-target focused damage.


Offering both healing and cryo shields, Diona is an excellent non-Geo support choice for Ningguang.

Her cryo application can trigger the Frozen reaction with Hydro enemies, providing crowd control.

Additionally, Diona's shield can absorb damage for the team, and her Elemental Burst can heal, ensuring Ningguang stays in the fight longer.

Flexible Slot for Adaptability


As one of the most versatile characters in the game, Bennett can offer substantial ATK buffs with his Elemental Burst, Fantastic Voyage, which also heals characters standing in its AoE.

This ATK buff directly increases Ningguang's DPS, making Bennett an invaluable asset to any team.


For teams needing more Hydro application, Xingqiu is a great choice.

His rain swords provide additional damage reduction and healing, while his Hydro application through his Elemental Burst can set up for Frozen reactions with a Cryo character or boost reaction damage with Vaporize if paired with Pyro.

Ningguang's Constellations

in game ningguang constellation overview in genshin impact

C1: Piercing Fragments

When Ningguang's Normal Attack hits enemies, it deals AoE Geo DMG.

This constellation significantly enhances Ningguang's ability to deal with groups of enemies, making her Normal Attacks much more effective in crowded combat scenarios.

It turns her from a single-target damage dealer into one capable of handling multiple foes, improving her utility in domains and the Spiral Abyss.

C2: Shock Effect

Ningguang's Jade Screen, when destroyed, will reset the cooldown of her Elemental Skill.

C2 is a game-changer for Ningguang, allowing for more frequent placement of her Jade Screen.

This not only provides consistent defensive utility but also enables Ningguang to more reliably activate the Geo DMG bonus from passing through the Jade Screen.

Additionally, it synergizes well with her Elemental Burst, which consumes the Jade Screen for increased damage, essentially allowing for a burst-skill-burst combo that can significantly ramp up her DPS output.

C4: Exquisite be the Jade, Outshining All Beneath

Jade Screen makes nearby units get an additional 10% Elemental RES.

This constellation further solidifies Ningguang's role as a Geo support in addition to her DPS capabilities.

C6: Grandeur be the Seven Stars

When Ningguang's Starshatter is used, it grants 7 Star Jades.

C6 dramatically increases Ningguang's damage potential by ensuring her next Charged Attack after using Starshatter is maximally empowered.

This constellation transforms her into an even more formidable DPS, allowing her to unleash a devastating combo of Elemental Burst followed by a powerful Charged Attack.

Advanced Tips

in game ningguang elemental burst animation in genshin impact

Animation Cancelling

Ningguang's attack animations, especially for her Charged Attack, can be lengthy.

By moving slightly or jumping right after initiating a Charged Attack, you can cancel the tail end of the animation, allowing you to initiate another attack sooner.

This technique boosts your DPS by fitting more attacks into the same timeframe.

Strategic Jade Screen Placement

The Jade Screen not only blocks enemy projectiles but also buffs Ningguang’s Geo DMG when she attacks through it.

Place it strategically to ensure that Ningguang can continuously fire through it without repositioning herself too often, maintaining a steady output of enhanced damage.

Maximizing Starshatter

For her Elemental Burst, Starshatter, ensure a Jade Screen is always active before casting for maximum damage output.

Positioning is key to ensure all the projectiles hit your target, especially in crowded combat situations where you want to focus down a specific enemy.

Final Thoughts on Ningguang

Ningguang's status as a top-tier Geo DPS in Genshin Impact is undeniable.

By optimizing her unique abilities, optimizing her build with the right artifacts and weapons, and embedding her within a synergistic team, you can unlock her full potential, making her an invaluable asset in conquering the game's toughest challenges.