Ultimate Wanderer Guide: Artifacts, Weapons, and Strategies

Ultimate Wanderer Guide: Artifacts, Weapons, and Strategies
Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Wanderer, previously known as Scaramouche, presents a unique playstyle as an on-field DPS, excelling in mid-air combat through his Elemental Skill.

This guide dives into the details of building and maximizing his potential.

Ultimate Wanderer Guide: Artifacts, Weapons, and Team Compositions

Abilities and Playstyle

in game wanderer talent elemental skill details in genshin impact

Elemental Skill: Hanega Song of the Wind

Transforms Wanderer's normal and charged attacks to Anemo-infused attacks while he hovers in mid-air.

A special 100-point stamina system governs his duration in the air, with points depleting through actions or over time.

In this stance, normal and charged attacks gain additional scaling, making them significantly more powerful.

A relatively short cooldown of 6 seconds.

Elemental Burst: Kyougen Five Ceremonial Plays

Wanderer unleashes a multi-hit Anemo attack, dealing substantial AOE damage in front of him.

With a 15-second cooldown and a 60-energy cost, it's potent but secondary to his Elemental Skill.

Passive Talents

Randomly grants a free dash that doesn’t consume stamina points, shooting Wind arrows for extra damage.

Contact with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro elements during his Elemental Skill grants specific buffs (e.g., Hydro increases point cap, Pyro boosts attack, Cryo enhances crit rate, and Electro aids energy restoration).

Talent Priority

Normal Attack

Upgrading this talent is crucial as Wanderer's primary damage output comes from his normal and charged attacks during his Windfavored stance.

Enhances the damage of both normal and charged attacks while floating, making him more effective against various enemy types.

Elemental Skill

This skill is the core of Wanderer's kit, transforming his combat style to aerial mode where he excels.

Upgrading this skill increases the damage of the initial activation hit and improves the overall efficiency of the Windfavored stance.

Elemental Burst

While powerful, the Elemental Burst is less central to Wanderer's playstyle compared to his normal attacks and Elemental Skill.

Serves as an additional burst damage tool, especially useful in clearing groups of enemies or delivering a final blow.

Best Artifacts for Wanderer

in game wanderer artifacts details in genshin impact

Desert Pavilion Chronicle Set

This set is made for Wanderer, enhancing his aerial attack capabilities.

Boosts both attack speed and damage output, perfectly complementing Wanderer's playstyle.

Gilded Dreams Set

Ideal for teams focused on elemental reactions.

Works well in teams with diverse elemental compositions, enhancing both Wanderer's damage and reaction potential.

Echoes of an Offering Set

Great for enhancing Wanderer’s normal attack sequences.

Its viability depends on the player's ability to consistently land normal attacks.

Shimenawa's Reminiscence Set

Amplifies Wanderer's damage at the cost of energy.

Effective for players who can manage the energy cost and prefer burst damage playstyle.

Main Stats Priority

  • Sands: ATK% or Elemental Mastery (depending on team composition and reaction focus).
  • Goblet: Anemo DMG Bonus.
  • Circlet: CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG (based on CRIT ratio optimization).


  • Focus on CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, ATK%, and Elemental Mastery.
  • Energy Recharge as a supplementary stat for more frequent burst usage.

Optimal Weapons for Wanderer

in game wanderer signature weapon details in genshin impact

Signature Weapon: Tulaytullah's Remembrance

High base ATK and increases CRIT DMG.

Boosts normal attack speed and damage after normal attacks.

Enhances Wanderer's aerial attack capabilities, making it the top choice for maximizing his damage output.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Provides CRIT Rate and increases Movement SPD and continuously increases Elemental DMG.

Excellent for sustained on-field time, augmenting Wanderer's damage over longer battles.

Skyward Atlas

High base ATK and increases Elemental DMG Bonus.

Adds additional ATK DMG through its effect.

Works well for enhancing overall Elemental DMG, suitable for a variety of team compositions.

Wandering Evenstar (4-Star Option)

Increases Elemental Mastery and boosts Elemental DMG Bonus based on Elemental Mastery.

A strong 4-star choice, especially in Elemental Reaction-focused teams.

Dodoco Tales (Event Weapon)

Increases ATK and enhances Charged Attack DMG significantly.

Particularly effective for charge attack playstyles, adds substantial burst damage.

Solar Pearl (Battle Pass Weapon)

Increases CRIT Rate and boosts skill and burst damage after using normal attacks.

A balanced option for players focusing on a mix of normal and skill/burst attacks.

The Widsith

High CRIT DMG and randomly boosts ATK, Elemental DMG, or Elemental Mastery.

Highly effective in short battles or situations where quick bursts of damage are needed.

Team Compositions

in game wanderer team comp with faruzan bennett and zhongli in genshin impact

Elemental Reaction-Focused Team

Composition: Wanderer, Hydro Support (e.g., Xingqiu), Cryo Support (e.g., Rosaria), Anemo/Pyro Support (e.g., Kazuha/Bennett)

Use Hydro and Cryo for Freeze reactions, enhancing Wanderer's control and DPS.

Anemo support like Kazuha can boost Elemental DMG, while Pyro support like Bennett provides ATK buffs.

Swirl and Anemo Resonance Team

Composition: Wanderer, Anemo Support (e.g., Faruzan, Venti or Sucrose), Electro/Pyro/Hydro/Cryo Support, Flex Slot (Utility or DPS)

Focus on Swirl reactions to reduce enemy resistances, paired with a flexible slot for additional DPS or utility.

Suitable for AOE damage and crowd control.

Taser (Electro-Charged) Team

Composition: Wanderer, Electro Support (e.g., Fischl), Hydro Support (e.g., Mona or Xingqiu), Flex Slot (Shield or Healer)

Combine Electro and Hydro for continuous Electro-Charged reactions, maximizing AOE damage.

The flex slot can be used for additional protection or healing.

Hyper Carry Team

Composition: Wanderer, Geo Support (e.g., Zhongli for shields), Bennett (for ATK buff and healing), Flex Slot (Additional DPS or Elemental Support)

Focus on bolstering Wanderer's personal DPS with shields from Geo support and ATK buffs from Bennett.

The fourth slot can be adapted to specific needs or elemental reactions.

Mono Anemo Team

Composition: Wanderer, Anemo Supports (e.g., Jean, Sucrose, or Kazuha), Flex Slot (Utility or Elemental Support)

Exploit Anemo resonance for reduced stamina consumption and increased movement speed.

Additional Anemo characters can enhance elemental absorption and provide utility.

Constellation Analysis

in game wanderer constellation overview in genshin impact

C1: Shoban:Ostentatious Plumage

Increases attack speed of Normal Attacks inside the Windfavored state and grants a Wind Arrow when dashing.

Boosts DPS by speeding up attack animations, allowing more attacks within the Windfavored state.

The Wind Arrow adds extra damage without consuming stamina points.

C2: Niban Moonlit Isle Amidst White Waves

Enhances Elemental Burst based on the stamina consumed in Windfavored state.

Significantly increases Burst damage, especially effective when timed towards the end of the Windfavored state.

This constellation elevates his burst DPS, making it more impactful in rotations.

C4: Yonban Set Adrift into Spring

Grants an additional Elemental Infusion from his passive talent, allowing three infusions simultaneously.

Enhances flexibility and elemental reaction potential.

The ability to hold three elemental infusions concurrently opens up diverse team compositions and reaction setups.

C6: Shugen The Curtains' Melancholic Sway

Adds an extra attack to Normal Attacks in the Windfavored state and regenerates stamina points under specific conditions.

Greatly enhances overall DPS by adding another layer of attack while extending the duration of the Windfavored state.

This constellation maximizes his on-field time and damage output.

Advanced Combat Strategies

in game wanderer elemental burst animation in genshin impact

Maximizing Windfavored State

Carefully manage the stamina points in Windfavored state.

Avoid unnecessary movements or actions that deplete stamina quickly.

Focus on a mix of Normal and Charged Attacks.

Use the third Normal Attack for its dual hit and high scaling, mixed with Charged Attacks for AOE damage, especially effective against groups.

Elemental Infusion Optimization

Elemental Synergy: Pair Wanderer with teammates who can consistently apply Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro for infusion benefits. This enhances Wanderer's damage output and can trigger powerful elemental reactions.

Infusion Strategy: Aim to maintain at least two elemental infusions simultaneously to maximize the buffs provided by Wanderer's passive talent.

Elemental Burst Usage

Use the Elemental Burst strategically, preferably when the stamina in Windfavored state is low to benefit from C2 or as an initiation move to deal immediate AOE damage.

Quickly transition back to Normal and Charged Attacks after using the Burst to maintain damage output.

Positioning and Movement

Use Wanderer's aerial agility to reposition effectively during combat, avoiding enemy attacks while maintaining offensive pressure.

Use the verticality provided by Windfavored state to hit multiple enemies with AOE attacks and stay clear of ground-based hazards.

Team Composition and Reaction Setup

Build a team that complements Wanderer's Anemo element, focusing on reaction setups like Swirl with Hydro/Electro/Cryo/Pyro supports.

Coordinate the use of support abilities to precede Wanderer’s active phase, ensuring maximum damage and elemental reaction potential.

Final Thoughts on Wanderer

Wanderer offers a distinct and enjoyable playstyle with considerable versatility in team compositions.

While he excels with specific artifacts and weapons, various builds can bring out his strengths, making him a flexible and potent Anemo DPS character in Genshin Impact.