Complete Guide to Mastering Kaveh in Genshin Impact

Complete Guide to Mastering Kaveh in Genshin Impact
Last updated:
February 14, 2024

Kaveh, a long-awaited character in Genshin Impact, brings a unique kit that can be used in various ways.

This guide will explore Kaveh’s playstyle, abilities, and best practices for building and using him effectively in your team compositions.

Let's dive in!

Complete Guide to Kaveh: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Kaveh's Playstyle and Abilities

in game kaveh talent elemental skill details in genshin impact

Elemental Skill: Artistic Ingenuity

Kaveh's Elemental Skill emits a Dendro radar-like pulse, dealing Dendro damage in a radius around him.

Crucially, this skill instantly pops any Dendro core in its range, triggering immediate Bloom reactions.

This is particularly useful in teams focused on Bloom synergy.

A short cooldown of 6 seconds makes this skill highly spammable, allowing Kaveh to maintain steady Dendro application and control over reaction timing.

Elemental Burst: Painted Dome

On activation, Kaveh's Elemental Burst infuses his attacks with Dendro, converting his damage output to this element.

The burst not only causes immediate bursts of any Dendro cores but also enhances their damage, making Kaveh an effective catalyst for Bloom-based team strategies.

The burst grants Kaveh resistance to the self-damage typically incurred from Bloom reactions, enabling him to maintain field presence without significant health depletion.

The burst provides additional buffs to Kaveh, including resistance to interruption and a boost in Dendro core damage when Bloom reactions are triggered.

With a 20-second cooldown and an 80 energy cost, strategic use of this burst is crucial for maximizing its benefits.

Passive Talents

An Architect's Undertaking (A1)

This passive activates when Kaveh takes damage from a Dendro core explosion caused by Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Burgeon reactions.

Kaveh receives healing based on a percentage of his Elemental Mastery.

The healing occurs once every 0.5 seconds when damage is taken from these reactions.

This passive makes Kaveh somewhat self-sustaining, particularly in teams where Bloom reactions are frequent.

The reliance on Elemental Mastery for healing further encourages building him with this stat, enhancing both his reaction damage and survivability.

Bloodline of the Crimson Oni (A4)

When Kaveh's Elemental Burst is active, he gains a stackable Elemental Mastery bonus with each normal, charged, or plunge attack.

Each attack grants 25 Elemental Mastery, stacking up to four times for a total potential boost of 100 Elemental Mastery.

This passive further improves Kaveh's role in Bloom-centric teams, as the additional Elemental Mastery directly increases the damage of Bloom reactions.

Talent Priority

Elemental Skill: Given its role in consistently triggering Bloom reactions, prioritizing Kaveh's Elemental Skill can be advantageous.

Elemental Burst: To increase the full potential of Kaveh’s Dendro-infused attacks and enhanced Bloom reactions, investing in his Elemental Burst is also critical.

Normal Attacks: If Kaveh is used as an on-field character, leveling his normal attacks ensures his regular damage output remains competitive.

Artifact Sets for Kaveh

in game kaveh artifacts details in genshin impact

Deepwood Memories (4-Piece)

This set is ideal for maximizing Kaveh's Dendro damage and enhancing the team's overall Dendro reaction output.

The 4-piece effect is particularly beneficial for teams that rely heavily on Dendro reactions.

Gilded Dreams (4-Piece)

Suitable for teams that focus on Elemental Reactions, especially Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon.

The bonus Elemental Mastery from this set can significantly increase the damage of these reactions.

Flower of Paradise Lost (4-Piece)

This set further enhances Kaveh's role in reaction-based teams, especially for maximizing reaction damage.

It's particularly effective for players focusing on Kaveh's Elemental Mastery build.

Instructor Set (4-Piece)

A budget-friendly option for enhancing reaction damage.

The 4-piece effect can significantly boost the team's reaction potential, although it may not be as effective as the aforementioned sets for endgame content.

Ocean-Hued Clam (4-Piece)

An interesting choice if focusing on Kaveh's healing capabilities, especially in Bloom reaction teams where he can self-heal.

This set can turn his healing into an additional damage source.

Main Stats Priority


  • Elemental Mastery (EM): Primary choice for enhancing Dendro reaction damage, especially for Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon teams.
  • ATK% or Energy Recharge (ER): Alternative options if focusing on Kaveh's personal DPS or ensuring frequent use of his Elemental Burst.


  • Dendro DMG Bonus: Optimal for boosting Kaveh's Dendro damage output. Essential for DPS-focused builds.
  • Elemental Mastery: Another viable choice for reaction-focused builds, though Dendro DMG Bonus is typically more impactful.


  • Crit Rate/Damage: If focusing on Kaveh's personal DPS, balancing Crit Rate and Crit Damage is crucial.
  • Elemental Mastery: Ideal for reaction-based builds to maximize reaction damage.
  • Healing Bonus: For a supportive build, particularly when using the Ocean-Hued Clam set.

Substats Priority

Elemental Mastery: Top priority for reaction-based builds. It significantly enhances the damage of Dendro reactions.

Energy Recharge: Important to ensure Kaveh can frequently use his Elemental Burst, especially if not using an ER-focused weapon.

Crit Rate and Crit Damage: Key stats for a DPS build, ensuring Kaveh's attacks hit harder and more consistently.

ATK%: Useful for increasing overall damage, particularly for a DPS build.

Weapon Choices

in game kaveh weapon choice details in genshin impact

For Reaction-Based Builds

Favonius Greatsword (4-star)

Offers Energy Recharge, enabling more frequent use of Kaveh's Elemental Burst.

Its passive, which generates energy particles on CRIT hits, further assists with energy management, making it an excellent choice for ensuring skill and burst uptime.

Sacrificial Greatsword (4-star)

With Energy Recharge as its main stat and a passive that can reset the cooldown of Kaveh's Elemental Skill, it's perfect for builds focused on reaction setups.

It allows Kaveh to more frequently apply Dendro for reactions.

Forest Regalia (4-star, Free-to-Play)

This weapon enhances Kaveh's ability to sustain Dendro application by providing Elemental Mastery and an interesting passive that boosts EM further upon picking up an Elemental Particle, thus strengthening his reaction damage.

For DPS-Focused Builds

Mailed Flower (4-star, Free-to-Play)

This claymore, obtainable from events, boosts Elemental Mastery and Attack, aligning well with Kaveh's dual role of dealing damage and triggering Dendro reactions.

The Unforged (5-star)

If aiming for a more DPS-centric approach, The Unforged offers a significant Attack boost and increased shield strength.

Its passive enhances attack further when shielded, fitting well in teams where Kaveh can benefit from shield support.

Hybrid Utility/DPS

Serpent Spine (4-star, Battle Pass)

Provides CRIT Rate, increasing Kaveh's overall damage output and reaction damage.

Its passive boosts damage dealt and increases damage taken, which pairs nicely with Kaveh's passive healing from Dendro reactions.

Team Compositions with Kaveh

in game kaveh team setup with xingqiu kuki shinobu and kazuha in genshin impact

Bloom Reaction Teams

Core Members: Kaveh, Hydro applicator (Xingqiu or Kokomi), Nilou (for enhanced Bloom damage)

Fourth Slot: Flexible; Anemo support (Kazuha or Sucrose) for crowd control and Elemental Mastery buff or a second Dendro character (Collei or Dendro Traveler) for increased Dendro application.

Use Kaveh to apply Dendro and trigger Bloom reactions with Hydro characters.

Nilou enhances the damage of Bloom reactions, making this team composition highly effective against groups of enemies.

Anemo support can group enemies and boost reaction damage, while a second Dendro character ensures constant Dendro application when Kaveh's skills are on cooldown.

Hyperbloom and Burgeon Teams

Core Members: Kaveh, Electro applicator (Fischl or Beidou), Hydro character for Hyperbloom; Pyro character (Xiangling or Bennett) for Burgeon.

Fourth Slot: Anemo support for grouping and buffing, or a healer if additional sustain is needed.

Kaveh's role shifts slightly depending on the reaction focus.

For Hyperbloom, he works with Electro and Hydro characters to trigger explosive reactions, ideal for single-target damage.

In Burgeon teams, Kaveh pairs with Pyro and Hydro to create area-of-effect damage zones.

Anemo characters enhance reaction damage and group enemies, while healers address the team's survivability needs.

Quicken Aggravate Teams

Core Members: Kaveh, Electro applicator (Raiden Shogun, Kuki Shinobu or Lisa), Hydro or Pyro for additional reactions.

Fourth Slot: Anemo support for debuffing and enemy grouping or a second Dendro character for more consistent Dendro application.

This team focuses on using Kaveh to maintain the Quicken state on enemies, allowing the Electro character to Aggravate the reaction for increased damage.

The Hydro or Pyro character adds versatility to the team, enabling additional reaction chains.

Anemo support can further enhance damage through debuffs and improve crowd control.

Sustain and Utility Teams

Core Members: Kaveh, Healer or Shielder (Zhongli or Diona), Flexible DPS character.

Fourth Slot: Based on needs; could be an additional DPS, a support character for buffs/debuffs, or an Anemo character for utility.

In teams where Kaveh's healing from passive talents is leveraged for sustainability, pairing him with a shielder or healer enhances the team's survivability.

Kaveh's consistent Dendro application supports the main DPS character, while the fourth slot is adjusted based on the encounter's demands or the team's weaknesses.

Kaveh's Constellations

in game kaveh constellation overview in genshin impact

C1: Sublime Salutations

Increases resistance to interruption and boosts healing when taking damage from Dendro cores, allowing Kaveh to sustain himself better in the frontline.

This constellation is particularly useful in Bloom teams where self-damage from reactions can be significant.

It ensures Kaveh remains a resilient on-field presence, reducing the need for additional healing sources.

C2: Grace of Royal Roads

Boosts normal attack speed, enhancing Kaveh's DPS potential.

This constellation is crucial for teams where Kaveh is a primary damage dealer, allowing him to apply Dendro more frequently and ensuring consistent reaction triggers.

It's especially beneficial in Quickened Aggravate or Hyperbloom setups, where rapid Dendro application is key.

C4: Feast of Apadana

Enhances Bloom damage, making Kaveh an even more formidable force in Bloom-centric teams.

This constellation directly increases the potency of Dendro Cores' explosions, making each reaction more impactful.

In Nilou teams, where Bloom reactions are a primary damage source, this constellation elevates Kaveh's role from support to a key contributor to the team's DPS.

C6: Pairidaeza's Dreams

Transforms Kaveh's playstyle by providing continuous Dendro core explosions and additional damage during his Burst.

This constellation solidifies Kaveh's role in any team composition focused on Dendro reactions, particularly enhancing his effectiveness in Hyperbloom and Burgeon strategies.

It ensures that Kaveh can maintain high Dendro application and reaction rates, making him invaluable in sustained combat scenarios.

Advanced Tips

in game kaveh elemental skill animation in genshin impact

Maximizing Dendro Core Explosions

Strengthen Kaveh’s Elemental Skill for instant Dendro core explosions, particularly in Bloom-centric teams.

Timing is crucial; deploy it when cores are densely populated to maximize AOE damage.

Activate Kaveh’s Elemental Burst together with high-density enemy areas.

Its ability to infuse attacks with Dendro and instantly trigger core explosions increases crowd control and damage, especially effective in Hyperbloom or Burgeon teams.

Elemental Mastery Optimization

Focus on stacking Elemental Mastery (EM) for Kaveh when he’s used in reaction-heavy teams.

EM not only enhances the power of Dendro reactions but also boosts the healing from his passive talent when taking self-damage from blooms, making him a formidable force in sustained engagements.

Navigating Self-Damage in Bloom Teams

Kaveh's unique passive allows him to reduce self-damage from Bloom reactions.

When positioning, ensure Kaveh is within the explosion radius to benefit from the healing aspect.

This self-sustain capability allows for aggressive playstyles, pushing the boundaries of Bloom team compositions.

Energy Recharge Management

Balancing Energy Recharge (ER) and EM is crucial.

While EM boosts reaction damage, enough ER ensures Kaveh's Elemental Burst is available when needed.

In teams lacking Dendro energy particles, lean towards ER-focused builds or use Favonius weapons to maintain burst uptime.

Advanced Cooldown Management

Rotate Kaveh’s Elemental Skill and Burst efficiently to maintain constant Dendro application and core explosions.

Understand the rhythm of your team’s rotation—use Kaveh’s skill to fill in gaps of Dendro application or as a setup for other characters’ abilities.

Final Thoughts on Kaveh

Kaveh, while not the meta-defining character, offers a unique and enjoyable playstyle with his Dendro abilities.

He fits well into various Dendro-centric team compositions and can be a valuable asset in Bloom reactions.

Whether used as a primary Dendro driver or in a supportive role, Kaveh's versatility makes him a worthwhile addition to any Genshin Impact roster.