The Best Paths in Honkai: Star Rail's Simulated Universe

The Best Paths in Honkai: Star Rail's Simulated Universe
Last updated:
March 27, 2024

The Simulated Universe requires a detailed understanding of the paths available.

This comprehensive guide ranks the playable paths, offering insights into their performance across various Simulated Universe challenges, including regular encounters, Swarm Disaster, and Gold & Gears.

The Best Paths in Honkai: Star Rail's Simulated Universe

Understanding Path Tiers

in game path selection for simulated universe in honkai star rail

The paths are categorized into four distinct tiers, ranging from C to S tier.

This tier system helps differentiate the paths based on their effectiveness in clearing Simulated Universe content.

The highest tier, S, is reserved for paths that excel across all forms of content, offering versatility and strength even for free-to-play teams.

As we move down the ranks, each tier represents a slight dip in universality and performance, with C tier paths being competent yet overshadowed by their more stronger counterparts.

S Tier

in game hunt path icon in honkai star rail

Hunt Path

Focus on Speed and Critical Hits

The Hunt Path caters to players who prioritize speed and precision, enhancing characters' abilities to deliver rapid, critical strikes.

This path is all about maximizing damage output in short bursts, making it ideal for quickly dispatching enemies and moving through content at a brisk pace.

Ideal for Hyper-Carry Characters

Characters like Seal and Welter find a natural home within the Hunt Path, where their attributes and abilities are increased.

Seele, for example, benefits from increased damage over turns, while Welt can effectively stun lock enemies under the right conditions.

This path enhances these characters' roles as hyper-carries, focusing on their ability to deliver decisive blows that turn the tide of battle.

in game nihility path icon in honkai star rail

Nihility Path

Damage Over Time (DoT) and Balance

The Nihility Path distinguishes itself through its reliance on DoT effects for damage output.

This approach provides a steady stream of damage that is less susceptible to the fluctuations and resistances that can hinder other damage types.

The path's blessings are meticulously balanced to offer damage, survivability, and utility, making it a well-rounded choice for various content types.

Enhanced DoT Application

Key to the Nihility Path's success is an enhancement to the base chance of applying DoT effects, coupled with blessings that reduce enemy resistance.

This makes DoT effects more consistent and reliable, especially compared to crowd control effects that may struggle against bosses with high resistance.

Kafka's Synergy

Kafka, a character that can detonate DoT for substantial damage, demonstrates the Nihility Path's potential.

Her abilities, when combined with the path's focus on DoT, create devastating damage loops that can decimate even the toughest opponents.

While Kafka is a standout, the path's inherent strength and consistency make it a top-tier choice even for those without her in their roster.

A Tier

in game erudition path icon in honkai star rail

Erudition Path

The Erudition Path, a recent addition to the Simulated Universe's arsenal, caters specifically to the utilization of ultimate abilities.

It's a path that synergizes perfectly with characters like Argenti, enhancing the frequency and impact of ultimates across the battlefield.

Designed for Ultimate Ability Optimization

Erudition's design idea revolves around maximizing the use of ultimate abilities, providing characters the opportunity to unleash their most powerful attacks with increased regularity.

This focus on ultimates allows for explosive damage potential, particularly in characters equipped with impactful ultimate abilities.

Exponential Power Growth with Character Investment

The path's effectiveness is directly proportional to the base power level of the characters, meaning that players with well-invested characters will see a significant return on their path choice.

Characters such as Jing Yuan and Himeko, known for their powerful ultimates, can dramatically benefit from this path, turning them into relentless forces on the battlefield.

Strategic Considerations for High-Stakes Gameplay

Much like the Elation Path, Erudition leans heavily towards a "glass cannon" approach, prioritizing immense offensive output at the expense of defensive stability.

This characteristic makes it crucial for players to consider their overall team's resilience and strategic approaches to sustain through encounters, especially when facing enemies capable of punishing vulnerabilities.

in game elation path icon in honkai star rail

Elation Path

The Elation Path in Honkai: Star Rail's Simulated Universe is uniquely designed to increase the potential of follow-up attacks, making it an exceptional choice for characters like Topaz and Dr. Ratio, who excel in this combat style.

This path stands out for its ability to significantly boost damage output, primarily through the mechanism of aftertaste damage.

Unleashing the Power of Aftertaste

The core appeal of the Elation Path lies in its transformation of all ultimate abilities into potent follow-up attacks, courtesy of the three-star blessing "Champion's Dinner: Cat's Cradle."

This transformation allows virtually any character to deal aftertaste damage, engaging in rapid-fire attacks that swiftly deplete enemy HP.

The capacity to turn the tide of battle with relentless assaults makes this path a formidable choice for aggressive playstyles.

High Damage Output with a Fragile Defense

However, the Elation Path's strength in offense comes with a notable vulnerability in defense.

Its specialization in enhancing follow-up attacks means that if players cannot secure enough aftertaste or defensive blessings, they might find themselves at a disadvantage in tougher Simulated Universe content.

This fragility underscores the importance of strategic blessing selection and team composition to mitigate risks while exploiting the path's offensive capabilities.

in game elation path icon in honkai star rail

Destruction Path

Low HP, High Reward

The Destruction Path offers a playstyle that might seem counterintuitive at first—flourishing when characters are at low health.

This unpredictable balance is carefully managed through blessings that not only mitigate incoming damage but also provide various buffs that highlight the team's damage output and resilience.

The path's design encourages a daring approach to battles, where the risk of low health is counterbalanced by significant rewards.

Synergy with Characters

Characters like Jingliu and Blade are the keystones of the Destruction Path's strategy.

They not only benefit from the path's focus on low health but also contribute to activating and enhancing the path's blessings.

For instance, Blade's talent, which accumulates stacks and boosts his abilities whenever the path's resonance consumes health, demonstrates the strong relationship between character abilities and path mechanics.

Versatility for General Use

Despite its seemingly niche strategy, the Destruction Path is praised for its versatility.

It can complement various team compositions, making it a solid choice for players seeking a path that provides both a unique playstyle and the adaptability to fit into multiple strategic frameworks.

This path is particularly recommended for players who enjoy managing risk and reward dynamics, offering a fulfilling experience as they navigate the challenges of the Simulated Universe.

in game propagation path icon in honkai star rail

Propagation Path

Unmatched Damage Amplification

The Propagation Path stands out for its exceptional ability to boost damage output, making it the essential choice for players looking to maximize their offensive capabilities.

Its blessings are designed to move teams forward, with an emphasis on accelerating action and enhancing skill effectiveness.

This path prioritize overwhelming offensive power to quickly dispatch enemies.

Essential for Specific Characters

Imbibitor Lunae and Qingque are the best choice for the Propagation Path, benefiting immensely from the path's blessings.

The path's design complements their abilities, allowing them to exploit every opportunity to advance and unleash skills more frequently and with greater impact.

For players with these characters, the Propagation Path is a gateway to achieving some of the fastest clear times in the game's content.

High-Risk, High-Reward

While the Propagation Path offers significant advantages, it does come with a trade-off: a lack of defensive blessings.

This makes teams more susceptible to damage and potentially increases the difficulty of sustaining through prolonged or particularly challenging encounters.

Players embracing this path must be prepared to adopt a high-risk, high-reward strategy, focusing on eliminating threats before they can exploit the path's defensive vulnerabilities.

B Tier

in game remembrance path icon in honkai star rail

Remembrance Path

Freezing Mechanism

At the heart of the Remembrance Path's dominance is its ability to freeze enemies, rendering them incapable of action.

This freezing effect is not just about crowd control; it sets the stage for the application of the dissociation debuff.

When enemies thaw, they suffer ice damage equivalent to a significant percentage of their maximum health, bypassing most defenses and resistances.

This mechanic provides an unparalleled blend of offensive power and defensive utility, keeping enemies at bay while steadily depleting their health.

F2P Friendliness

What elevates the Remembrance Path further is its accessibility to all players, including those who prefer not to invest in microtransactions.

The path's effectiveness is significantly enhanced by March 7th, a character whose abilities synergize perfectly with the path's mechanics.

This synergy allows for the deployment of powerful strategies without the need for a highly specialized or rare roster, making it an attractive option for the broader player base.

Weakness: Dependency on Freezing

Despite its formidable strengths, the Remembrance Path does have a limitation: its reliance on freezing.

If enemies are not frozen, the critical dissociation effect cannot be applied, diminishing the path's effectiveness.

Players need to strategically manage their abilities and team composition to maintain the freezing effect, ensuring the path's full potential is realized.

in game preservation path icon in honkai star rail

Preservation Path

Quake Damage and Defensive Utility

The Preservation Path is distinguished by its focus on defense, offering a strong shield-based mechanic that doesn't sacrifice offensive potential.

This path excels in creating an almost impenetrable defense through its shield generation capabilities, simultaneously enabling Quake damage to chip away at enemies' health.

This dual focus allows teams to maintain a strong defensive stance while ensuring that they can still deliver impactful damage.

Best with Specific Characters

Gepard shines as the exemplar character for the Preservation Path, demonstrating the path's potential when paired with the right units.

His abilities, particularly those that generate shields, are in perfect harmony with the path's mechanics, enhancing both its defensive and offensive capacities.

However, the path's reliance on Quake damage and specific synergies means that its effectiveness can vary significantly based on team composition and the presence of key characters like Gepard.

High Potential with Right Setup

The Preservation Path's performance can swing dramatically based on setup and in-game conditions.

With the correct arrangement and strategic use of abilities, it can unleash devastating Quake damage, rivaling the output of more directly offensive paths.

This makes it a path of high potential but one that requires careful planning and execution to unlock its full power.

C Tier

in game preservation path icon in honkai star rail

Abundance Path

Unparalleled Healing and Revival Capabilities

The essence of the Abundance Path is its exceptional focus on healing and cleansing, providing players with a lifeline in the face of overwhelming odds.

This path is especially beneficial in situations where sustained health recovery and status effect management are critical to enduring challenging battles.

The ability to revive fallen team members further accentuates its role as a safeguard against defeat, making it a valuable asset in ensuring team longevity.

Synergy with Healing-Focused Characters

Characters who excel in passive healing, such as Luocha and Huohuo, are essential to maximizing the Abundance Path's efficacy.

Their innate healing abilities complement the path's focus, creating a synergy that enhances the team's resilience.

Blade also merits mention due to his unique capacity to trigger Abundance blessings through his talents, offering a strategy for utilizing this path to its fullest potential.

A Double-Edged Sword: Healing vs. Damage Output

While the Abundance Path shines in its defensive capabilities, its major drawback lies in its comparatively low damage output.

The reliance on healing and the gradual accumulation of Dew Drops for additional damage means that, despite its potential for survivability, it often results in slower clear times.

This trade-off between defense and offense is a critical consideration for players, as it may impact the efficiency of progressing through content, especially in higher difficulty levels where time is of the essence.

Choosing the Right Path

While this tier list provides a structured overview of the available paths in Honkai: Star Rail's Simulated Universe, it's crucial to remember that personal preference and playstyle play significant roles.

Each path has the potential to enhance your gaming experience, and the best choice varies from player to player.

Experimentation and adaptation to your unique situation are key to unlocking the full potential of these paths.