Your Ultimate Guide to Simulated Universe Swarm Disaster

Your Ultimate Guide to Simulated Universe Swarm Disaster
Last updated:
September 11, 2023

The game is back with another exciting update, and we're here to break down all the details.

Introducing the Simulated Universe Swarm Disaster—a new gameplay mode that is as challenging as it is rewarding.

Let's get into it!

The In-Depth Guide to Mastering Simulated Universe Swarm Disaster in Honkai: Star Rail

What is Swarm Disaster and How to Unlock It

Swarm Disaster Simulated Universe New Gamemode Honkai Star Rail

Swarm Disaster is a newly added gameplay element in the Simulated Universe of Honkai: Star Rail.

To unlock it, you'll need to complete World 5 in the Simulated Universe.

Simple enough, right?

The 12 Steps to Navigating Swarm Disaster

1. Learn About the Propagation Aeon

This is your briefing stage.

You'll undertake a special mission to learn about the Aeon of Propagation.

Think of it as your tutorial mission to discover how to play this new mode.

2. Start your Run

Swarm Disaster Entrance Honkai Star Rail

Once you're in the Simulated Universe, look for the world globe that represents the Swarm Disaster.

Click on it, and you'll get into this new, exciting world.

3. Pick Your Path

Here's where strategy comes in.

You'll choose between the usual paths you're familiar with and a brand-new one called the Path of Propagation.

Each path has its own resonance and Audience Dice, so choose wisely.

4. Find Yourself in the Map

Swarm Disaster First Plane Map Honkai Star Rail

Upon entering the Swarm Disaster, you'll have access to a tile map.

This map displays tiles that represent various domains you can enter.

A larger symbol indicates the domain type, and smaller ones show the beacons within it.

5. Move Forward

Swarm Disaster Tile Map Movement Honkai Star Rail

Once you conquer a domain, use the Communing Device to move to the next.

The path you chose earlier might affect how you can move, so remember that!

6. Roll the Dice

Swarm Disaster Audience Dice Roll Honkai Star Rail

This is the fun part.

The Audience Dice will give you random buffs that change every time you hop to a new domain.

The trick is these buffs align only with the path you initially chose.

7. Watch the Planar Disarray Countdown

Swarm Disaster Planar Disarray Effect Honkai Star Rail

You'll see a countdown in the tile map screen.

This is your time limit for how many domains you can explore before triggering something called Planar Disarray.

Once this mode is active, every move you make will buff the enemies.

8. Conquer Three Planes

Swarm Disaster Plane Boss Selection and Effects Honkai Star Rail

Each stage within the Swarm Disaster has three different levels, or planes.

As you go along, the enemies get tougher, just like Simulated Universe.

You'll also get to choose a boss at the end of the first two planes.

9. Beat the Boss

Swarm Disaster True Sting Boss Fight Honkai Star Rail

Here's the run climax.

At the end of the three planes, you'll face the Swarm True Stings Boss.

Defeat it, and you've effectively cleared the challenges of the Swarm Disaster!

10. Boost Your Buffs

Swarm Disaster Communing Trail Honkai Star Rail

After you've either won or lost, you'll gain points in the Communing Trail.

This is basically your affinity meter for the different paths in Swarm Disaster.

The higher your affinity, the better the buffs.

11. Complete the Chapters

Swarm Disaster Chapters Honkai Star Rail

As you go along, you'll unlock something called Swarm Disaster Chapters.

These chapters give you specific paths and events to encounter and, of course, come with their own set of rewards.

12. Unlock the New Path

By completing all the chapters in the Swarm Disaster, you can unlock a brand-new path called the Path of Propagation, run by Tayzzyronth.

This path centers around skill points usage and is the final reward in your Swarm Disaster journey.

Choose the Right Path: The Secret to Survival

The Abundance Path

This is your go-to for staying alive, especially when facing the boss True Sting.

The Anicca blessing under this path will remove nasty debuffs like Wind Shear and Outrage.

The Remembrance Path

If you're looking to freeze your enemies, this path is a solid choice.

The final boss won't resist Freeze effects, so go ahead and stop those Swarm enemies with this path.

Best Blessings to Aim For

Stock up on defensive blessings like Abundance and Preservation to resist True Sting's attacks.

Best Characters for Swarm Disaster

Top Characters

  • Imbibitor Lunae: Hands down, the MVP for Swarm Disaster. Collect Propagation blessings to enable his Fulgurant Leap.
  • Seele: Exceptional at wiping out True Sting's minions thanks to her Resurgence ability.
  • Luocha: The healer you need. He can remove Wind Shear debuffs, and his passive healing is a life-saver.
  • Gepard: Stellar at defensive support. His shield is the best in the business, and he can even Freeze enemies.

Free-to-Play Gems

  • Trailblazer (Fire): A remarkable F2P shielder who can distract enemies from your main squad.

Best Team Combinations for Swarm Disaster

Free-to-Play Teams

Standard DPS Team: Qingque, Yukong, Trailblazer (Fire), Natasha. Best Path & Blessings: Abundance, Propagation, Preservation, Hunt

Optimal Teams

Dan Heng IL Team: Imbibitor Lunae, Tingyun, Luocha, Trailblazer (Fire). Best Path & Blessings: Abundance, Propagation, Preservation, Hunt

Seele Team: Seele, Bronya, Gepard, Bailu. Best Path & Blessings: Abundance, Hunt, Preservation, Destruction

Swarm Disaster Optimal Team Composition Honkai Star Rail

Boss Battle: How to Beat the Swarm Disaster Boss

Wave 1 Tips

  • Target Juvenile Stings: They'll do big damage on you if left unattended. Killing them first will also apply Vulnerability debuffs to other enemies.
  • Cleanse Wind Shear: Use skills or blessings like Anicca to nullify this DoT effect.

Wave 2 Strategy

  • Prioritize Lesser Stings: They can apply the Outrage debuff, which blocks skill usage. Take them out ASAP.
  • Use Weakness Break: This will cancel the True Sting's devastating Swarm Onslaught attack.

Wave 3 Game Plan

  • Eliminate the Smaller True Sting: Has a lower health bar. Target it to minimize damage to your team. Keep targeting extra stings as they appear.


So here's your step-by-step guide to mastering the Swarm Disaster in Honkai: Star Rail.

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