Gold and Gears in Honkai Star Rail: A Comprehensive Guide

Gold and Gears in Honkai Star Rail: A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
March 27, 2024

Welcome to the definitive strategy guide for conquering the Gold and Gears mode in Honkai: Star Rail.

This guide provides a free-to-play (F2P) friendly approach to effortlessly clear all conundrum levels, leveraging the game's mechanics to your advantage.

The method focuses on high survivability and damage output without the need for critical stats, making it accessible to all players.

A Comprehensive Guide to Gold and Gears: Best Paths and Team Comps

The Keystone of Strategy

in game gold and gears remembrance path details in honkai star rail

The Remembrance Path

The Remembrance Path, highlighted for its effectiveness in the Swarm mode, is also one of the best in Gold & Gears due to its inherent advantages.

Ice Elemental Weakness

With all four potential end bosses naturally vulnerable to ice, the Remembrance Path's synergy with ice-based attacks and debuffs becomes a crucial aspect of this strategy.

This elemental predisposition allows you to exploit these weaknesses systematically, enhancing your damage output significantly.

March 7th's Crucial Role

The character March 7th, essential for her AoE freeze capability, becomes the keystone of this approach.

Her ultimate ability not only disrupts enemy actions but also sets the stage for high-damage combos through the application of freeze debuffs.

Even without her Ascension Trace, March 7th’s freeze chance is sufficiently impactful, making her really valuable in this strategy.

Blessing Optimization

Key blessings such as Perfect Experience for dissociation damage and Ultimate Experience Melancholia for its ability to trigger multiple dissociation instances without waiting for unfreezing, leverage the path's strengths.

These blessings enhance the path's natural advantages, allowing for a more aggressive and sustained damage phase against enemies.

Custom Dice: Adjusting Your Journey

in game pursuit custom dice details in honkai star rail

The Pursuit Dice

The pursuit dice, renowned for its utility in both speed farming and navigating through the game's difficulties, bypasses non-essential encounters while still collecting key blessings.

This is key in streamlining the path to victory, ensuring a balance between progression and resource accumulation.

Strategic Domain Selection

By enabling players to copy domains and selectively engage in battles, the pursuit dice mechanism allows for a targeted approach to blessing acquisition.

This strategic selection process ensures that players can optimize their journey towards obtaining critical blessings, such as "Perfect Experience" and "Ultimate Experience Melancholia," essential for the later stages of the game.

Customization and Adaptability

The ability to customize dice faces offers unparalleled adaptability, allowing players to adjust their strategy to their current needs and objectives.

Whether focusing on reward domains for blessing acquisition or optimizing adventure domains for additional resources, the custom dice system provides a versatile toolset for navigating Gold & Gears.

Advanced Path Bans and Pathing Strategies

in game banned path details in honkai star rail

Understanding Path Bans

Path bans are a critical tactical decision at the start of your journey through the conundrum levels.

Choosing which paths to ban can significantly impact your ability to navigate the game efficiently.

Bans should be strategically selected based on their potential to hinder your progress or dilute the effectiveness of your chosen strategy.

Common Ban Choices

Paths that offer little synergy with your team's composition or the specific blessings you aim to acquire might be prime candidates for banning.

In the strategy outlined, paths like Propagation, Destruction, or Abundance may be less favored due to their lack of direct contribution to the freeze and dissociation-based tactics central to this approach.

Pathing Strategies

Early Game Pathing

Initially, your pathing strategy should focus on securing essential blessings, particularly those that enhance your team's ability to control and damage enemies, such as Perfect Experience for dissociation.

Prioritizing reward domains early on can provide a significant boost, offering the blessings needed to enhance your team's capabilities.

Mid to Late Game Adjustments

As you progress, adapt your pathing to prioritize adventure domains or transaction domains, depending on your current needs for blessings, upgrades, or cosmic fragments.

This shift is crucial for accumulating the resources and power-ups necessary to tackle the increasing challenges of higher conundrum levels.

Optimizing Custom Dice

Custom dice configurations play a pivotal role in executing your pathing strategy effectively.

Dice that allow for domain duplication, increased movement, or enhanced resource acquisition can be invaluable for navigating the game's map strategically, ensuring you can access the domains most beneficial to your progression.

Tactical Pathing

Domain Selection and Duplication

Make strategic decisions about which domains to engage with and when to duplicate certain domains for maximum benefit.

This includes balancing the pursuit of blessings with the need for cosmic fragments and other resources.

Adjusting to In-Game Dynamics

Stay adaptable, ready to adjust your pathing based on the evolving dynamics of each level and the changing needs of your team.

This might involve shifting focus between different types of domains or altering your path to avoid particularly challenging encounters.

Optimizing for Blessing Acquisition and Upgrade

Focus your pathing strategy on optimizing the acquisition and upgrade of key blessings, ensuring that your team is continually strengthening its ability to face the challenges ahead.

Building Your Team

in game gold and gears team selection in honkai star rail

Core Team Composition Elements

Balancing DPS and Control

Your team should have a solid foundation of damage-dealing characters (DPS) capable of sustained and burst damage outputs.

Equally important is incorporating characters with control abilities (freeze, stun, etc.) to manage enemy actions, allowing your team to dictate the battle's pace.

Sustain and Healing

Characters that offer healing and sustain ensure your team's longevity in prolonged battles.

This includes both direct healers and those providing shields or buffs that mitigate incoming damage or enhance survivability.

Specialist Roles and Niche Picks

Depending on the specific challenges of a level, including enemies with unique vulnerabilities or mechanics, incorporating specialist characters that can exploit these weaknesses or counteract enemy strengths can be crucial for success.

Character Role Synergies

AoE vs. Single-Target

A mix of characters who excel in area-of-effect (AoE) damage and those who can focus high damage on single targets ensures versatility in handling different enemy configurations, from large groups to bosses.

Buff and Debuff Strategists

Characters that can buff team abilities or debuff enemies enhance overall team effectiveness.

Strategic use of these characters can amplify damage, reduce incoming harm, or weaken enemy defenses.

Turn Order Manipulators

Characters that can influence turn order, either by hastening your team's actions or delaying enemy turns, offer strategic control over combat flow, providing critical advantages in both offense and defense.

Equipment and Relics

in game relic stats details in honkai star rail

Understanding Equipment Dynamics

Equipment in Honkai: Star Rail plays a crucial role in defining your characters' strengths, survivability, and overall effectiveness in battle.

Each piece of equipment offers unique bonuses that can complement your team's strategy and individual character roles.

Effect Hit Rate (EHR) and Speed Boots


Essential for characters whose abilities rely on applying status effects or debuffs, such as freeze.

A higher EHR ensures that these effects successfully land on enemies, critical for strategies centered around control and debilitation.

Speed Boots

Speed determines the turn order in battle, allowing faster characters to act more frequently.

Equipping speed boots enhances your team's agility, enabling quicker responses to threats and more opportunities to apply strategic maneuvers.

Survivability and Speed Enhancement

Prioritizing equipment that boosts survivability (through increased health, defense, or damage mitigation) ensures that your characters can withstand enemy attacks, particularly in higher difficulty levels where enemies hit harder.

Balancing speed enhancements with survivability is key.

While speed allows for more frequent actions, robust defense ensures your team remains standing to take those actions.

Selecting Relics for Strategic Synergy

Synergistic Relic Selection

Choose relics that complement your characters' roles and abilities.

For DPS characters, focus on relics that enhance damage output.

For support or control characters, look for relics that increase the effectiveness of their buffs or debuffs.

Adaptation to Conundrum Levels

The unique challenges presented by the conundrum levels may require a reevaluation of your relic choices.

Adapt relics to counter specific enemy mechanics encountered in these levels, such as relics that reduce the impact of enemy debuffs or enhance your team's resistance to control effects.

Navigating High-Difficulty Levels

in game level gold and gears level selection in honkai star rail

Adaptive Strategies

Dynamic Team Adjustments

Be prepared to adjust your team composition based on the unique requirements of each level.

Flexibility in character roles and the ability to pivot strategy based on enemy composition are critical.

Blessings Reevaluation

Continuously assess the effectiveness of your blessings as you progress.

The utility of certain blessings may diminish in later stages, necessitating a strategic shift to maintain optimal performance.

Proactive Resource Management

Manage your resources wisely, especially when it comes to upgrading equipment and optimizing blessings.

Strategic resource allocation ensures that your team remains potent against increasingly formidable foes.

Tackling Conundrum Levels

Analyzing Opponent Weaknesses

Success in Conundrum levels often hinges on the ability to identify and exploit specific opponent weaknesses.

This includes selecting fights against enemies with lower freeze and control resistance, allowing March 7th and the team to maximize their control and damage potential.

Adapting to Enhanced Enemy Stats

As enemy stats increase in higher Conundrum levels, players must adapt their strategy to maintain effectiveness.

This may involve refining the team composition, further optimizing blessings, and employing tactical retreats and engagements to manage difficult encounters.

Survival and Damage Balance

Balancing survival with damage output is key.

Players should ensure their characters are equipped to withstand enemy attacks while still being capable of exploiting the strategic advantages provided by freeze effects and dissociation.

By following this comprehensive guide, you're well-equipped to face the challenges of Gold and Gears in Honkai: Star Rail.

Remember, patience, strategic planning, and adaptability are your greatest tools.

With perseverance and a keen understanding of the game's mechanics, you'll be well on your way to reaping the rewards and enhancing your overall gaming experience.