Ultimate Guide to Simulated Universe in Honkai Star Rail

Ultimate Guide to Simulated Universe in Honkai Star Rail
Last updated:
April 3, 2024

Simulated Universe offers both challenges and rich rewards like planar ornaments, making it an essential aspect of Honkai Star Rail.

This comprehensive guide provides tips into navigating the early worlds, optimizing team compositions, and securing the best rewards the Simulated Universe has to offer.

Let's dive in!

Simulated Universe Guide: Best Paths and Tips

Introduction to the Simulated Universe

in game simulated universe option in honkai star rail

At its core, the Simulated Universe is Honkai: Star Rail's version of a roguelike adventure, where you go through a series of increasingly challenging worlds, each presenting its unique enemies and gimmicks.

It’s a virtual battleground that simulates different fights, pushing you to adapt your strategies and refine your teams.

SU is a crucial source of experience points (XP) and exclusive rewards that can't be found elsewhere in the game, like Sphere and Link Rope relics.

Unlocking SU's Potential

World Progression

The Universe is divided into eight worlds, with each presenting a higher level of difficulty.

Access to these worlds is sequentially unlocked through story progression and character leveling, ensuring you are prepared for the challenges ahead.

Planning and Strategy

Before diving into each world, you can preview the major enemies you will face.

This feature is invaluable for tailoring your team composition to exploit enemy vulnerabilities and prepare for the final battles.

Rewards and Currency

The Simulated Universe's offers several rewards, offering not just in-game items and enhancements but also a unique currency—Herta Bonds.

These bonds can be exchanged for high-tier rewards, including 5-star light cones and items that enhance these LC's abilities.

Early Progression Tips

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Prioritize Stat Enhancements

In the early phases of the Simulated Universe, where access to high-tier relics is limited, focusing on stat boosts through blessings is key.

This approach helps in compensating for the gaps in your team and ensures a smoother progression.

  • Critical Rate and Energy Recharge: Enhancing critical hit rates can significantly increase your team's damage output, making it easier to defeat enemies. Similarly, improving energy recharge rates ensures that your characters can use their ultimate abilities more frequently.
  • Defense Stat Boosts: Don't overlook the importance of defense. Boosting your team's defense through blessings can make them more resilient against tough opponents, reducing the need for constant healing and allowing you to focus on offense.

Understanding Game Mechanics and Terminology

Familiarity with Honkai: Star Rail's unique terminology and game mechanics is crucial for making informed decisions in the Simulated Universe.

Knowing what each term represents can help you choose blessings that truly benefit your team's composition.

Shields, Follow-Up Attacks, and Damage Over Time (DoT): These are examples of mechanics referenced in blessings. Select blessings that align with your team’s strengths and strategies. If your team is focused on applying DoT, prioritize blessings that enhance them.

Focus on Elemental Weaknesses

The key to efficient progression in the early worlds is to exploit the elemental weaknesses of your enemies.

Understanding and targeting these vulnerabilities can drastically increase your success rate.

Analyze the major enemies in each world and adjust your team composition to counter their specific weaknesses.

Unlocking the Ability Tree

Shortly after starting your journey in the Simulated Universe, you'll unlock an ability tree.

This feature allows you to boost your team's performance in subsequent runs, even when facing level caps due to the equilibrium system.

Investing wisely in this tree can provide a significant power boost, helping in overcoming challenging levels.

Navigating the Worlds

in game worlds in simulated universe in honkai star rail

World 1: The Beginning

Bosses: Blaze Out Of Space and Ice Out Of Space

In World 1, you'll find the elemental duo Blaze Out Of Space and Ice Out Of Space.

Characters recommended for this world specialize in Quantum damage, exploiting the elemental weaknesses of these bosses.

The Path of Remembrance plays a crucial role here, allowing to freeze your enemies, significantly reducing the threat level and facilitating an easier engagement.

Units such as Seele are top-tier in dealing Quantum damage, while Sparkle provides effective support, boosting the team's overall damage output.

World 2: The Automaton Challenge

Bosses: Automaton Grizzly and Automaton Direwolf

This pair of bosses demands a balanced approach, needing both Lightning and Ice types to counteract their AoE and single-target damage skills, respectively.

The Hunt and Destruction Paths are particularly beneficial in this world, boosting your team's offense and defense.

Characters such as Jingliu, Kafka, and Serval are crucial, providing the necessary Weakness break to navigate through this world successfully.

World 3: Gepard

Boss: Gepard

Facing Gepard means breaking his shield to be able to defeat him.

The Hunt and Remembrance Paths are essential choices, offering the damage boosts and freezing effects needed to penetrate Gepard's defenses.

Lightning and Imaginary types are especially effective, targeting Gepard's vulnerabilities.

Characters like Argenti and Clara also shine.

World 4: Svarog

Boss: Svarog

The battle against Svarog in World 4 presents a complex challenge, requiring to deal with multiple summon phases.

The Nihility and Destruction Paths provide the advantage needed to survive Svarog's damage, enhancing your team's damage output at low health and boosting DoT attacks.

Fire and Lightning damage dealers such as Himeko and Jing Yuan are crucial in this fight, offering the DPS necessary to defeat Svarog and his minions.

World 5: Kafka

Boss: Kafka

The Path of Abundance is key to surviving her attacks, offering crucial healing and damage through Dewdrop mechanics.

Wind and Imaginary types are recommended, with characters like Blade or Sampo and Welt.

World 6: Bronya + Cocolia

Boss: Cocolia & Bronya

The Abundance Path, along with Preservation or Destruction Blessings, equips your team with the healing and damage redistribution necessary to withstand Cocolia's powerful AoE attacks.

Lightning and Quantum combat types, including Jing Yuan and Seele, play crucial roles in targeting Cocolia's elemental weaknesses and dealing with her summons efficiently.

Mastery of these paths and blessings, combined with effective summon management, is essential for triumphing over Cocolia.

World 7: The Deer

Boss: Abundant Ebon Deer

The Hunt and Remembrance Paths offer diverse strategies to tackle this encounter, with a focus on damage output, freezing capabilities, and enhanced skill use.

Ice characters like Jingliu become crucial, exploiting the deer's weaknesses while managing the Twig Summons effectively.

Assembling a team with a strong Ice DPS focus, supported by characters that can enhance break efficiency or remove buffs, is key to navigating this world.

World 8: The Sword Master Yanqing

Boss: Yanqing

The final challenge in World 8 revolves around defeating Yanqing and his Flying Swords.

The Hunt and The Propagation Paths stand out, with the former enhancing skill-based attacks for characters like Imbibitor Lunae, and assisting in destroying Yanqing's swords.

Imaginary and Lightning types are highly effective, with characters such as Dr. Ratio and Jing Yuan providing the DPS needed to break through Yanqing's defenses.

World 9: Memory Zone Meme

Boss: Memory Zone Meme

The Hunt path shines as the premier choice for DPS teams, offering powerful buffs and Path Resonance that effectively counter Sombrous Sepulchers.

Key characters like Imbibitor Lunae excel in delivering potent Imaginary damage, essential for tackling the unique challenges of this world.

Overcoming the challenging Memory Zone Meme - Something Unto Death boss depends on managing the Morbid Dream debuff, utilizing targeted damage and Path Resonance to dismantle Sombrous Sepulchers, ensuring victory.