Melania Complete Guide: Builds, Team Synergy, and Psychubes

Melania Complete Guide: Builds, Team Synergy, and Psychubes
Last updated:
February 12, 2024
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Welcome to your comprehensive guide to mastering Melania in Reverse: 1999.

We'll go through her abilities, compare her to Centurion, and explore the synergy she offers your team.

Let's dive in!

Melania Complete Guide: Optimal Builds, Team Synergy, and Psychubes in Reverse: 1999

Melania Character Summary Reverse 1999

Melania's Skill Set

Single-Target Ultimate: Deals 650% Mental Damage to a single enemy, making her a great DPS in boss fights.

Thief Master: Every time Melania uses her ultimate, she gains a stack of Thief Master, which enhances her next incantation, and adds new effects to her other skills.

Exploit Opening: This skill synergized with the Thief Master mechanic. It inflicts mental damage and reduces the target's Moxie while increasing yours at the highest skill level. With Thief Master active, it steals additional Moxie.

Clockwork Rats: This mass attack not only deals damage but also recovers a portion of Melania's HP. Under the influence of Thief Master, Melania gets extra Moxie and Leech Rate.

Maximizing Damage Output

Melania's Insight passive gains "Fixed Plan" stacks after using her ultimate, boosting damage by 72% when fully stacked.

These stacks cannot be dispelled, offering a continuous buff in battle.

Maximizing Thief Master

Melania Ultimate Ability and Passive Thief Master Reverse 1999

Strategic Ultimates: Using Melania's ultimate at the right time is key. It's the trigger for Thief Master, so timing it to maximize the buff on the next incantations is critical.

Continuous Damage Increase: Her 'Insight' skill pairs well with Thief Master. This results in a compounding effect where her ultimate becomes progressively more devastating.

Enhanced Incantations: With Thief Master, the goal is to create a loop where each ultimate leads to an enhanced incantation, and each enhanced incantation sets up the next powerful ultimate.

Psychube Selection for Melania

When building Melania, consider the 'Luxurious Leisure' Psychube, providing ultimate might and global damage buffs. This Psychube is introduced in version 1.1.

Other Psychubes that pair well with her are Brave New World for extra ultimate and skill damage bonuses, and His Bounden Duty for extra self-healing.

Synergizing with Melania: Choosing the Best Teammates

Melania and Pickles Reverse 1999

Selecting the best teammates for Melania revolves around enhancing her strengths and compensating for her weaknesses.

Here’s a deeper look into the ideal allies to maximize her potential:

AP Generous Characters

Since Melania is AP (Action Point) hungry, pairing her with characters that can provide AP or reduce the cost of abilities is crucial.

Pickles: A versatile character that complements many playstyles, including providing AP benefits (not acting during a turn) to sustain Melania's ability usage.

Mental Damage Amplifiers

Teammates that boost mental damage or reduce mental resistance in enemies can amplify Melania’s impact.

An-an Lee: Despite the incantation power buff being only for herself, An An Lee's universal debuffs can still indirectly benefit Melania by weakening enemies, making them more vulnerable to her attacks.

Sonetto: Known for buffs, Sonetto can offer additional support to Melania’s damage-dealing capabilities.

Pickles: Again, as a flexible character, Pickle can not only provide AP support but also boost damage, further empowering Melania.

Control and Debuff Specialists

Characters who can manipulate combat through control effects or debuffs can create openings for Melania to exploit.

Diggers: Applies the Nightmare status, which can be used strategically with Melania’s single-target focus. By incapacitating a certain enemy, Melania can focus on dealing with the others.

Baby Blue: Offers debuffs and the Nightmare status, though less effectively than Diggers. If you already have Baby Blue, you can save pulling on Pickles banners and still achieve a similar control effect.

Supportive Healers

Melania will benefit from healers who can also offer buffs or additional control, extending her longevity in battle.

Medicine Pocket: Provides a global damage taken debuff and can apply Sturdiness, which can be key in hard content.

Dikke: She’s a free character that offers healing and single target damage, synergizing well with Melania's skillset to not awake enemies with Nightmare status.

Should You Pull for Melania?

Melania Rate-Up Banner Pop is Everything Reverse 1999

You could pull for Melania if you lack a strong DPS or don't plan to build a poison-focused team. Her banner also features Balloon Party, which is a great option if you lack healers.

However, with future updates bringing game-changing characters, weigh your options carefully.

If you're a Melania enthusiast, pulling for her makes sense; otherwise, consider saving your resources for upcoming banners like Pickles later in 1.1 or Tooth Fairy in 1.2.

Remember, the decision to include Melania in your crew is dependant on your overall unit pool. Evaluate your current roster and future game updates before making your move.

Comparing Melania to Centurion

Is Melania a better pick than Centurion? Well, it depends.

While Centurion offers immediate damage and self-healing, Melania's potential damage output might surpass her, especially if she's at Portrait 2 (P2) for the extra Thief Master stack.

However, both characters have their pros, and your choice should be based on your team's needs.

Concluding Thoughts

Melania offers a robust set of skills that can significantly enhance your team's damage output.

With the right strategy and team composition, she can be an invaluable asset.