Stamina Guide for Reverse 1999: Maximize Your Efficiency

Stamina Guide for Reverse 1999: Maximize Your Efficiency
Last updated:
February 13, 2024
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Mismanaging stamina is a regret many new players have to deal with.

With this guide, we aim to help you maximize your stamina usage.

So, let's dive into the most efficient ways to use it in Reverse 1999.

The Complete Stamina Guide for Reverse 1999: Maximizing Your Stamina Usage

Activity (Stamina) in Reverse: 1999

In-game, you'll find a finite stamina pool (called Activity).

At level 1, you start with a max of 160, but it will cap at 200 once you level up, enough to do 4 runs of high tier materials. You'll be recovering 1 stamina point every 6 minutes.

But, is it necessary to hit that cap as soon as possible?

The answer is no, you shouldn't rush to raise your level. Instead, focus on building your main team first.

Character Management

Your main goal is to build up a solid team to unlock as many content as possible.

Main DPS: Get your DPS to Insight 2 Level 50 (I2 L50), higher if you're not free-to-play.

Support and Healers: Keep them at I2 L30.

How to efficiently upgrade characters? Level first, then tackle insights, psychubes, and resonance.

Material Farming: Strategic Approach

Material Farming in Reverse: 1999

Thanks to this detailed guide about Insight material farming, we can better understand what stages are the best to farm each piece of material and what materials should be crafted instead of farmed.

To recap:

  • Bifurcated Skeleton: Worth farming, best stages to do so are 4-20 Hard and 3-7 Hard.
  • Biting Box: Crafting recommended, best stage to farm if you plan to do so is 4-10 Hard.
  • Clawed Pendulum: Worth farming, best stage to do so is 3-11 Hard.
  • Holy Silver: Worth farming, best stages to do so are 2-3 Hard and 3-8 Hard.
  • Prophetic Bird: Worth farming, best stages to do so are 2-6 Hard and 3-9 Hard.
  • Salted Mandrake: Worth farming, best stages to do so are 3-13 Hard and 4-21 Hard.

Prioritizing Wilderness Upgrades

Dust Bell Tower Wilderness Reverse: 1999

The Wilderness' Dust Bell Tower upgrades are worth your attention, but don't rush.

Upgrade moderately until your team hits an average level of I2 L30—that's when the need for dust spikes.

Remember, overcommitting early on can drain your resources.

When to Upgrade

Dust Bell Tower: Upgrade all to level 5? Hold off. Get the substantial boost at level 4 first.

Wishing Spring: Upgrading is great for crafting, but the last upgrade can wait. It's costly and the materials are rare. Aim for this when you're ready to Insight 3 your characters.

Candy Refreshes

Hold onto your candies for upcoming events, but don't let them expire.

Don't rush into refreshes, especially if you're free-to-play. You'll spend crystals that are essential for pulling new characters.

The game's not going anywhere, and there's no leaderboard rush.

Personal Experience

In my time managing resources in gacha games, I've learned that patience pays off.

I've experienced the temptation to rush progress, but I've found more success in strategic planning and efficient use of resources.

For example, focusing on a core team first and expanding as my material reserves grow has served me well.

I've also learned to keep a close eye on event calendars for those special materials that are too good to pass up.

Final Thoughts on Stamina Management

Out of Stamina in Reverse: 1999

Efficiency is key, but don't let FOMO dictate your gameplay.

Make smart choices, use resources wisely, and remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint!