The Ultimate Guide to Lilya: Builds, Teams, and Psychubes

The Ultimate Guide to Lilya: Builds, Teams, and Psychubes
Last updated:
February 28, 2024
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Dive deep into the world of Reverse: 1999 with our comprehensive guide to mastering Lilya.

Whether you're a beginner looking to look at her power or an experienced player aiming to optimize her performance in combat, this guide is your one-stop resource for everything you need to know about building and using Lilya effectively.

Let's jump right in!

The Ultimate Guide to Lilya  in Reverse 1999: Skills, Best Teams, and Psychubes

Lilya Character Details Reverse 1999

Who Is Lilya?

Lilya stands out as one of the best DPS characters in Reverse: 1999, rivaling the likes of Centurion and Charlie (after Portrait 3).

With her exceptional damage output and unique ultimate to heal upon critical hits, she's a powerhouse designed for late game content.

Lilya's Skill Set

  • Ultimate Attack: Lilya's ultimate deals 700% Reality Damage, and if it crits, Lilya self-heals, enhancing her survivability.
  • Critical Hit Mechanism: Her skill Crosswind Takeoff is linked to her critical hit rate. A successful crit triggers 1 additional attack—an extra layer of damage.
  • Single Target and AOE attacks: She has a single target and an AOE attack that makes her effective in most combat scenarios.

Insight Levels: Unlocking Lilya's True Power

Lilya Inheritance Vehicle Control Insight Levels Reverse 1999

  • Insight Level 1 (I1): Grants a 20% increase in critical rate post-ultimate, a boost that's beneficial but not amazing by itself.
  • Insight Level 2 (I2): Provides an additional 10% critical rate when entering battle, improving her chances to land those crucial critical hits with card skills and her ultimate.
  • Insight Level 3 (I3): The game-changer for Lilya. At I3 her psychube's basic critical rate bonus doubles, improving her chances to trigger critical hits and unleash her full damage potential.

Best Psychubes for Lilya

Thunderous Applause Best in Slot Psychube for Lilya Reverse 1999

  • Thunderous Applause: This six-star Psychube is the best in slot for Lilya, maximizing her critical rate. It’s a must-have for any serious Lilya build.
  • Tomorrow Also: A suitable alternative if Thunderous Applause is out of reach. It provides critical damage as a base stat and a critical rate as an amplification, making it a strong choice.
  • An Afternoon Nap: A budget-friendly option that gives a critical rate boost, serving well until you can obtain Thunderous Applause or Tomorrow Also psychubes.

Other Viable Psychubes

Apart from Thunderous Applause, Psychubes like "Hopscotch" and "Brave New Word" offer substantial buffs to Lilya's ultimate and skill damage.

When selecting Psychubes, consider the synergy with your team's abilities and the specific needs of your playstyle.

Best Stats for Lilya

Critical Rate Focus: Since her extra attacks and healing proc on crits, Psychubes and Resonance that enhance her critical rate are invaluable.

Critical Damage Amplification: Once Lilya’s critical rate is enough, boosting her critical damage will significantly increase her DPS capabilities. Keep in mind that Lilya's excess Crit Rate doesn't convert to Crit Damage like Regulus does.

Team Synergy: Characters to Pair with Lilya

  • 37: An amazing support DPS that synergizes extremely well with Lilya's follow-up attacks,
  • Tooth Fairy: As a top-tier healer, Tooth Fairy (who will be release in patch 1.2) provides passive healing and reduces the enemies' critical resistance, making her an ideal partner for Lilya.
  • Voyager: Offers debuffs and control abilities that can silence and confuse enemies, enhancing Lilya’s damage output by reducing enemy critical resistance.
  • An-an Lee: She can buff damage dealt and damage taken, allowing Lilya to deal more damage with her crits.
  • Sonetto: Offers buffs and debuffs that synergize well with Lilya’s need for high critical rate and damage.
  • Bkornblume: She can debuff enemy resistance to reality damage, synergizing well with Lilya's kit.
  • Matilda: Provides confusion, which decreases enemy critical resistance, complementing Lilya’s crit-based attacks.

Crafting the Ultimate Team for Lilya

  • Critical Rate Debuffs: Any character that can lower the enemy's critical resistance will be amazing for Lilya, as it increases her effective critical rate.
  • Healers and Buffers: Characters that can heal Lilya or buff her stats are also vital, ensuring she stays active to continuously deal damage.
  • Damage Synergy: Units that can complement her damage with their own or provide setups for her to capitalize on are excellent choices.

Final Thoughts

Lilya is a character with immense potential in Reverse: 1999.

By focusing on her critical hit rate, team synergy, and appropriate Psychubes, you can unlock her full damage-dealing power.

Remember to balance your team with the right mix of supports and debuffers to ensure that Lilya can perform at her best.