Complete Guide to Mastering An-an Lee in Reverse 1999

Complete Guide to Mastering An-an Lee in Reverse 1999
Last updated:
February 12, 2024
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Welcome to the ultimate guide on An-an Lee in Reverse 1999, a character known for arguably the best ultimate in the game.

This guide will cover her skills, best Psychube and Resonance builds, and optimal team compositions.

Let's dive in!

Complete Guide to An-an Lee in Reverse 1999: Maximizing Your Gameplay

An-an Lee Character Details Reverse 1999

An-an Lee: The Versatile Powerhouse

An-an Lee is a six-star top-tier plant support character with significant DPS capabilities.

Her universal buff makes her adaptable to various units.

Key Abilities and Skills

  • Scientific Ghost Buster (Ultimate): Mass attack that delivers 400% reality damage to all enemies and grants Empower Incantation status, enhancing a random incantation of her own at the start of each round (2 rounds).
  • Taoist Rune (Single Target Attack): At level three, deals 350% reality damage and inflicts Daze status, stunning the target for 1 turn.
  • Lily Nectar (Mass Buff): Increases damage dealt by 15% and reduces damage taken by the same percentage for two rounds. This buff strengthens with card leveling.

Insights and her Passive

An-an Lee Inheritance Levels Reverse 1999

An-an Lee's insights add 2 new passives to her kit: Break Time and Exorcism Time.

Every round, she switches between them. When she switches to Exorcism Time, her right-most skill card levels up by 1.

At Insight 3, Exorcism Time increases her damage bonus and penetration rate by 15% each, while Break Time reduces damage taken by 15% (10% at Insight 1).

You should master her passives to get the most of An-an Lee. Buff cards should be applied in a Break Time round, while damage cards should be applied in an Exorcism Time round for maximum efficency.

Resonance and Psychube Builds

Resonate Path

Damage Reduction Resonance 10 Build An-an Lee Reverse 1999

Opt for the support path to enhance defense and survivability.

Customize according to the enemy type (reality or mental defense).

Psychube Selection

An-an Lee Best Psychube Brave New World Reverse 1999

  • Her Second Life: For added healing based on her attack.
  • Brave New World: Enhances her ultimate and damage output, ideal for a DPS route.
  • His Bounden Duty: Offers self-healing and damage bonuses when defeating enemies.
  • Footloose: A versatile five-star option.

Team Composition Strategies

As a universal buffer, An An Lee complements almost any team with her damage buff.

Ideal for pairing with reality damage characters like Centurion or Eternity, and can also work well with other DPS like Melania, A Knight, or even Regulus/Lilya.

Pair them with a top-tier healer like Medicine Pocket or Tooth Fairy, and you'll have an amazingly solid team.

Conclusion: An Essential Addition to Your Team

An-an Lee Banner Midnight Movie Party Reverse 1999

An-an Lee stands out as a versatile and powerful character in Reverse 1999.

Whether as a primary DPS, sub-DPS, or support, her universal appeal makes her a valuable addition to any team.

While similar to other characters like Sonetto, An An Lee's universality and unique abilities makes her a worth unit to build for any type of content.