Diggers Full Guide: Best Psychube, Resonate Build & Team

Diggers Full Guide: Best Psychube, Resonate Build & Team
Last updated:
February 12, 2024
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Diggers, the mysterious plant character in Reverse 1999, has caught the attention of players worldwide by being featured alongside Pickles banner.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Diggers, from understanding his abilities to building the perfect team around him.

Let's dive in!

Diggers Full Guide: How to Play, Best Psychube, Resonance Build, Team Comps

Diggers infographic details on Reverse: 1999

Who is Diggers?

Diggers is a 5-star plant character renowned for his unique debuffing abilities.

In this guide, we'll explore his skills, upgrades, and insights to help you maximize his potential on the battlefield.

Diggers' Abilities

diggers in game abilities icons on reverse: 1999

Ultimate - Sweet Dreams For You

  • Skill Type: Active
  • Target: Single Enemy

Diggers' ultimate ability, "Sweet Dreams For You," is a single-target attack that deals mental damage.

The base damage percentage is 450%, making it a impressive skill on its own. The damage percentage will vary based on character portraits.

However, what sets this skill apart is its unique debuffing effect:

Nightmare Debuff: If the enemy is under negative status or control statuses, this skill inflicts 2 rounds of Nightmare on the target (just 1 if the target is not debuffed).

The Nightmare debuff is a game-changer, effectively disabling the target, making Diggers a valuable asset in debuff-focused teams.

Peace Above All

  • Skill Type: Active
  • Target: Single Enemy

"Peace Above All" is another single-target attack in Diggers' abilities.

Initially, it deals 200% mental damage, making it a moderate-damage skill.

However, it comes with a crucial debuff:

Weakness Debuff: This skill inflicts one stack of Weakness on the target. Weakness reduces the target's damage bonus by 25%.

While not a heavy-hitting skill, "Peace Above All" shines in single-target fights, where weakening the enemy's damage output can make a significant difference.

It complements Diggers' role as a debuffer and damage mitigator.


  • Skill Type: Active
  • Target: All Enemies

"Bubblism" is a mass debuff skill that affects all enemies on the battlefield.

It serves as a universal debuff, reducing both reality defense and mental defense by 15% for two rounds.

Terror Debuff (Upgrade): When upgraded, this skill inflicts Terror on the main target for one round.

Terror is a debuff that lowers the target's Moxie by 1 per round.

Diggers can unleash this debuff effectively in a multi-target scenario when his skill is upgraded.

"Bubblism" is a versatile skill that benefits both offensive and defensive strategies.

It weakens the enemy's defenses while potentially disrupting their ultimate.

In mixed-team compositions, it can shine as a valuable utility skill.


Diggers' character inheritance further enhance his capabilities.

Let's take a closer look at these insights:

Insight 1: Max HP Shield

Effect: When entering battle, Diggers gains a shield equal to 33% of his Max HP.

This shield lasts for three rounds and triggers only once.

Note: While the shield offers protection, it has a limited duration.

Insight 2: Bonus Damage

Effect: Diggers deals 8% bonus damage when entering battle.

Note: This bonus damage boosts his offensive capabilities.

Insight 3: Ally Shield

Effect: When entering battle, Diggers provides other allies with a shield equal to 33% of his Max HP.

This shield lasts for three rounds and triggers only once.

Note: This insight enhances his supportive role by protecting the entire team.

Understanding these insights allows you to optimize Diggers' role in your team composition.

Whether you prioritize offense, defense, or support, these insights offer valuable benefits.

Best Psychube for Diggers

in game psychubes for diggers on Reverse: 1999

Luxurious Leisure

Luxurious Leisure is a Psychube made for Diggers when it comes to boosting his damage output.

Diggers casts a single-target ultimate, making this Psychube a natural fit for his kit.

This additional damage amplification allows Diggers to hit even harder, ensuring that his he can debuff and deal a solid amount of damage too.

Brave New World

Brave New World is a versatile Psychube that benefits characters who frequently use their skills, and Diggers is no exception. Diggers relies on his skills to apply debuffs and control the battlefield.

It buffs his ultimate and the next incantation after casting an ultimate, making it a solid choice for him and for most support units.

This Psychube not only improves his overall performance but also enhances his utility within your team.

His Bouden Duty

While not the primary choice for Diggers, the His Bouden Duty Psychube offers a unique benefit.

If you're looking to provide Diggers with a bit of sustain to complement his debuffing role, this option can be considered.

For each enemy defeated by Diggers, he recovers HP based on his ATK.

It might not be the first choice for him, but it can be a viable option if you want to make him more resilient in battles.

Resonance Build

in game resonance stats on Reverse: 1999

Investing in Diggers' Resonance

Diggers' resonance investment is a critical aspect of maximizing his potential.

Here are some general guidelines to consider:

Balancing Health and Damage
Hybrid Resonance 10 Build Diggers Reverse 1999

If you want Diggers to be more resilient on the battlefield, consider adding resonance pieces that boost his HP.

A tanky Diggers can absorb more damage and stay in the fight longer, which is especially valuable in prolonged battles.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more damage-focused Diggers, prioritize resonance bonuses that increase his ATK or other offensive attributes.

Experimentation and Adaptation

Keep in mind that resonance is not set in stone.

You can experiment with different resonance configurations based on your evolving needs.

In some situations, you may want a tanky Diggers, while in others, a high-damage setup might be more advantageous.

Pay attention to how Diggers performs in various scenarios and adapt his resonance accordingly.

This flexibility allows you to adjust his attributes to match the challenges you face.

Teaming Up with Diggers

in game diggers details and voice line on Reverse: 1999

Complementary Roles

When forming a team with Diggers, consider the roles that each character plays.

Here are some key roles to include for a well-rounded team:

Diggers (Debuffer): Diggers' primary role is to debuff enemies and mitigate damage.

He excels at reducing enemy damage, reducing enemy defense and inflicting debuffs like Nightmare and Weakness.

Maximize his debuff potential by building around his strengths.

Healer/Support: Include a character with healing abilities or support skills.

This role is crucial for keeping your team alive, especially during prolonged battles.

Damage Dealer: To secure victory, you need characters capable of dealing damage.

Choose characters with high damage output, either through single-target or area-of-effect (AOE) abilities like Melania, Eternity, Centurion or any other DPS.

Adapt to Enemy Teams

Lastly, adapt your team composition and strategy based on the enemy team you're facing.

Different opponents may require different approaches, so don't hesitate to make adjustments between battles.

Final Thoughts on Diggers. Should You Pull for Him?

Diggers is a valuable addition to your Reverse 1999 roster. With his unique debuffing skills, he can turn the tide of battles in your favor.

Experiment with team compositions and strategies to fully unlock his potential.

Whether you're a fan of his style or his gameplay mechanics, Diggers is a character worth exploring in the world of Reverse 1999.