A Comprehensive Guide to the 1.1 Update in Reverse: 1999

A Comprehensive Guide to the 1.1 Update in Reverse: 1999
Last updated:
February 12, 2024
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The 1.1 update in Reverse: 1999 introduces the UTTU system alongside an engaging event revolving around a historical World Cup theft.

This articles goes into the event's mechanics, the UTTU system, and the rewards you can anticipate.

Let's dive in!

Everything You Need to Know About the 1.1 Update in Reverse: 1999

Patch 1.1 Event The Theft of the Rime Cup Reverse 1999

UTTU System: FAME Cards and Mechanics

What is UTTU?

UTTU is a fresh endgame feature set to return with each new patch.

It revolves around FAME cards, which add new mechanics and power-ups to the game.

How to Progress

Daily Tickets: You'll receive five tickets daily, capping at ten. These should be used quickly to avoid wasting them. There's a total of 20 stages plus 10 extra hard stages.

Spawning Encounters: Using a ticket spawns an encounter, potentially rewarding additional fate cards.

FAME Cards: Boost Your Strategy

Rarities: Cards range from Green to Gold, with increasing benefits.

Categories: Cards are classified into Ultimate Bonus, Incantation Bonus, and more, allowing for tailored tactical setups.

Special Passives for Vertin: Unique cards that benefit the entire team.

The Event: Stages and Rewards

Event Details and Duration

  • Dates: Nov 9 - Dec 4, 2023, for the event; Nov 9 - Dec 7, 2023, for shop exchanges.
  • Inspiration: The event draws from the real-life 1966 theft of the Jules Rimet Trophy, with an in-game twist featuring Melania and Pickles.
  • Prerequisites: Clear Main Story Chapter 1 to participate.

Event Overview

  • 16 Stages: Includes pure plot and combat levels.
  • Difficulty Levels: Suitable for characters of Insight one at level 30 (Story), I2 level 20 (Arduous), and I2 level 40 (Crisis).
  • Character Preferences: Beast, plant, and Mental Damage characters shine here.
  • Rewards: You can get up to 1320 Clear Drops by completing all stages.

Crisis Mode

  • Unlock: Post clearing Stage 16 of Story Mode.
  • Gameplay: No Activity cost, offers 60 Clear Drops each for first clears, and provides a challenging 'Hard Mode' experience.

Event Shop Insights

Shop Strategy

  • Full Clear Amount: To fully clear the shop, players will need between 67,635 to 80,535 Puppy Coins, depending on whether you opt for Wilderness tiles.
  • Farming Focus: The recommended stage for farming is stage 14 on Arduous difficulty, balancing stamina cost and Puppy Coin rewards.
  • F2P Consideration: Free-to-play players can still get all items with careful management of bonus candies and weekly event rewards.

Item Prioritization

The shop within the event offers plenty of rewards, and you should focus on:

  • Luxurious Leisure Psychube: A new psychube focused on DPS units with a single-target ultimate, like Melania.
  • Unilogs and i3 materials: Get more pulls and upgrade your character to their late game potential (Insight 3).
  • Resonance Materials: Upgrade your characters' Resonance level.
  • Wilderness Tiles: To enhance your island resource generation.

Additional Patch Content

Patch 1.1 Event Thief of the Thieves Reverse 1999

Thief of the Thieves Event

  • Dates: Nov 9 - Nov 23, 2023.
  • Unlock: Clear main event stage 5.
  • Gameplay: A logic-based mini-game with rewards tied to performance.

Bio of the Great Thief Event

  • Dates: Nov 9 - Nov 23, 2023.
  • Gameplay: Puzzle stages requiring stealth and strategy.

The Puppy and the Hippie Event

  • Dates: Nov 23 - Dec 7, 2023.
  • Gameplay: A tabletop mini-game with the narrative of Pickles.

Pickles’s Free Translation

  • Dates: Nov 23 - Dec 7, 2023.
  • Tasks: Complete tasks to collect “Acoustic Components”.

Other Anticipated Updates

Wilderness Update

A new Wilderness update will allow players to get the new Themed Pack "Where Fog Remains" to enhance your island.

You'll be able to purchase some tiles through the Event Shop via Puppy Coins and others through the usual Wilderness Shells.

New Skins

The Universal Star Centurion Skin Reverse 1999

Three new skins will be introduced:

  • Afro Apple: Obtainable for free from the UTTU shop.
  • Fierce Fan Regulus & Universal Star Centurion: Paid skins available for purchase.

Conclusion: Preparing for the Update

You should keep those stamina candies and prepare for an exciting journey that the 1.1 update promises.

With the introduction of the UTTU system and a lot of new content, Reverse: 1999 will continue to offer an engaging and immersive gaming experience for us.