Is Dikke Worth Building in Reverse: 1999?

Is Dikke Worth Building in Reverse: 1999?
Last updated:
February 12, 2024
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Welcome to the definitive guide for Dikke, the versatile healer from Reverse: 1999.

With a free copy available for global launch starters, the question pops up: should you invest in building Dikke?

Let's dive in!

Should you Build Dikke in Reverse 1999? The Definitive Guide

Dikke Character Screen Reverse 1999

Dikke's Skill Breakdown

  • First Skill Card "Power": A single target attack that ignores defense at higher levels (deals Genesis DMG).
  • Heal Efficiency via "Justice" Skill: Based on Dikke's ATK, it's more effective on allies below 50% health.

Damage Comparison: Dikke's damage is front-loaded, contrasting with other characters like Balloon Party's defensive edge.

La Source vs. Dikke: Dikke's healing surpasses La Source's when allies are under 50% health.

Ultimate, Insights and Resonance Priority

Ultimate Move: A powerful mental damage attack with self-cleansing and immunity.

Insights: Dikke's insights boost her attack, enhancing both her healing and damage capabilities.

Resonance Attack Focus: Early game strategy centers on increasing Dikke's attack for improving her healing and damage.

Psychube Recommendations

Laughter and Laughter Psychube Reverse 1999

  • Laughter and Laughter: Offers damage reduction and increased healing—ideal for early game.
  • Brave New World: A balanced option that may could reserved for your primary DPS.
  • Inquisitive Deer: A decent choice if available, especially for a healing-focused Dikke. However, she won't be able to use the amplification bonus due to her lack of debuffing skills.

Team Composition and Playstyle

Buffer Synergy: Pair Dikke with buffers like An-an Lee or Sonetto for defensive and offensive balance.

Damage Dealers: Integrate any solid damage dealer into the team with Dikke, like Melania.

Avoid Reality Damage Amplifiers: Choose supports that complement Dikke's mental damage.

Build Recommendation: When to Invest in Dikke

Existing Healers: If you already have two built healers, Dikke may not be a priority for you. However, if you're a Dikke fan, feel free to build her regardless.

Team Composition: Your first six units should ideally be two damage dealers, two healers, and two supports. If you don't have 2 better healers, Dikke is a great option for the healer role.

As a Subunit: Dikke shines as a subunit with her dual ability to heal and deal damage.

Final Thoughts

Dikke features one of the game's coolest art style and offers flexibility in team roles.

Build her as a primary healer if needed, or hold off if your team already includes two strong healers.

With her balanced skill set, Dikke is a fantastic addition to any roster.

Before making a decision, assess your current team setup and priorities. If Dikke fits into your strategic needs and you enjoy her character, she's a worthwhile investment.

Otherwise, prioritize her later in your team development.