Comprehensive Character Guide to Baby Blue in Reverse: 1999

Comprehensive Character Guide to Baby Blue in Reverse: 1999
Last updated:
February 12, 2024
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Welcome to the ultimate guide on Baby Blue, a 5-star character from Reverse: 1999.

This article goes deep into her abilities, recommended Psychubes, Resonance Builds, and provides insights for maximizing her potential in your gameplay.

Let's jump right in!

Our Full Guide to Baby Blue in Reverse: 1999

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Baby Blue is an Arcanist with a unique affliction known as Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.

Her abilities echo the fantastical elements of Alice's story, making her a compelling character in the game.

Key Abilities

in game baby blue tea with friends skill in reverse 1999

Tea Party - Single-Target Mental Debuff

Function: Deals Mental damage to a single enemy.

Upgrade Impact: At 2 or 3 stars, it significantly weakens the enemy's mental defense, making them more vulnerable to subsequent mental attacks.

Strategic Use: Ideal for initiating attacks on high-value targets, especially those with a strong mental defense.

Cough Syrup - The Debilitating Mass Debuff

Function: Applies a debuff to all enemies, reducing their damage output and increasing the damage they receive.

Tactical Advantage: This ability is crucial in weakening the entire enemy team, particularly in battles where you're outnumbered or facing powerful bosses.

Synergy: Combining this with 'Tea With Friends' can lead to devastating effects on the enemy.

Tea With Friends - Ultimate Mental Onslaught

Function: A mass attack causing extensive Mental damage to all enemies.

Nightmare Status Trigger: Most notably, if enemies are already suffering from debuffs like 'Stats down,' 'Neg Status,' or 'Control,' this ultimate inflicts the 'Nightmare' status.

Nightmare's Effect: It disrupts the enemy's normal incantations, essentially nullifying their attack capabilities for a round.

Strategic Deployment: You should pre-condition the battlefield with debuffs (like 'Cough Syrup') to maximize this ultimate's impact. Timing is key; use this skill when most enemies are debuffed for optimal results.

Insights for Enhanced Performance

in game baby blue insights in reverse 1999

First Insight: Enhanced Mental Resilience

Reduces the impact of Mental damage taken.

Increases her critical defense, making her more resilient against critical hits.

This insight is vital for long battles, especially against opponents who specialize in Mental damage.

It ensures that Baby Blue can sustain herself longer, maintaining her debuffing and attacking capabilities throughout the fight.

Second Insight: Augmented Critical Resist

Significantly increases her Critical Resist.

By boosting her resistance to critical hits, Baby Blue becomes tougher to take down in scenarios where critical hits are frequent.

Third Insight: Counterattack with Wonderland Visitor

When Baby Blue takes Mental damage, she inflicts the attacker with a 'Wonderland Visitor' debuff. It reduces the attacker's damage, and can stack.

This insight turns Baby Blue into a more dangerous opponent.

Each time she's hit with Mental damage, she weakens her attacker, diminishing their effectiveness in battle. This makes her particularly troublesome for enemies who rely heavily on Mental attacks.

Over time, Baby Blue can significantly reduce the offensive capabilities of key opponents, shifting the balance of power in prolonged encounters.

Recommended Psychubes

in game her second life psycubes in reverse 1999

6-Star Psychubes

Her Second Life

Transforms Baby Blue into a dual-role character: a debuffer and a support. It activates team-wide healing upon using her ultimate, 'Tea With Friends'.

Specially beneficial in prolonged battles where sustained team health is crucial. It strengthens her utility beyond just dealing damage and debuffing.

His Bounden Duty

Increases her self-healing whenever she defeats an enemy.

Ideal for scenarios with multiple weaker enemies, as each defeat boosts her resilience.

Best used in wave-based battles or against summoned minions, where she can secure multiple kills to maintain her health.

Brave New World

Significantly enhances the damage output of her ultimate and 'Tea Party' ability.

Shifts her role towards being a heavy hitter, particularly effective against tough opponents.

Perfect for boss fights or high-value targets where maximizing damage is critical.

5-Star Psychubes

Yearning Desire

Grants a damage bonus when enemies are under any debuff.

Works seamlessly with her 'Cough Syrup' and 'Tea With Friends' abilities, which apply various debuffs.

Effective in both single-target and multi-target scenarios, as it strengthens her debuff-centric skillset.

The Footloose

Provides bonus damage against enemies with more than 50% health.

Maximizes her impact in the initial phases of combat, where most enemies are likely to have higher health.

Ideal for early elimination of key targets or softening up enemies for follow-up attacks.

Resonance Builds

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Understanding Resonance Levels

Resonance levels, ranging from 5 to 10, offer different builds focusing on attack, survivability, and critical hits.

Each level unlocks new potentials and should be chosen based on your gameplay style and the challenges you face.

Attack Build (R10)

Attack/Damage Resonance 10 Build Baby Blue Reverse 1999

Boosts Baby Blue's offensive capabilities.

Increases her damage output, making her more effective in taking down enemies quickly.

Suitable for battles where a strong offense is needed to overpower enemies rapidly.

Critical Hit Build (R10)

Crit Hit Resonance 10 Build Baby Blue Reverse 1999

Focuses on increasing the chances and impact of critical hits.

Critical hits can turn the tide in tough battles, making this build valuable in high-stakes encounters.

Optimal for players who rely on critical hits for dealing massive damage in short bursts.

Survivability Build (R10)

Survivability Resonance 10 Build Baby Blue Reverse 1999

The most common build for Baby Blue, as it improves her defense and HP.

If you use her mainly as a debuffer, you'll want to keep her alive as long as possible to keep applying mass and single target debuffs.

Portray Levels and Their Impact

in game baby blue portray info in reverse 1999

Level 1: Boosting Ultimate Damage

Increases the damage of her ultimate ability, 'Tea With Friends'.

This enhancement makes her ultimate more formidable, particularly useful in dealing with groups of enemies or in boss fights where high damage output is crucial.

Level 2: Enhancing 'Tea Party'

Amplifies the damage of her 'Tea Party' ability.

Improves her efficiency in targeting and weakening individual enemies, making it easier to take down high-priority targets.

Level 3 and 4: Further Ultimate Enhancement

Continues to increase the damage of 'Tea With Friends'.

These levels make her ultimate increasingly powerful, solidifying her role as a significant damage dealer in mass combat situations.

Level 5: Upgrading 'Cough Syrup'

Increases the damage taken by enemies affected by her 'Cough Syrup' ability.

This upgrade turns 'Cough Syrup' into a more strong debuff, making enemies more vulnerable to subsequent attacks from Baby Blue and her allies.

Pros & Cons

in game baby blue gameplay in reverse 1999


Excellent Mental Damage Support: Her abilities, particularly 'Tea Party' and 'Cough Syrup', are key at weakening enemies' mental defenses and increasing the damage they receive.

Effective Debuff Capabilities: 'Tea Party' significantly reduces enemy Mental DEF, and 'Cough Syrup' reduces their overall damage output while increasing the damage they take.

Potent Ultimate Ability: This skill inflicts massive Mental damage and can get enemies incapacitated with the Nightmare status.

Self-Survivability with Insights: Insights that reduce mental damage taken and increase critical defense and resist.


Ultimate Dependency on Enemy Status: Her ultimate's full potential is only unleashed when enemies have pre-existing debuffs, adding a layer of complexity to her usage.

Dependency on Ability Upgrades: The effectiveness of 'Tea with Friends' is significantly enhanced with upgrades, making it less consistent in its base form.

Divided Focus Between Skills: Her mental debuffs are distributed across two different skills, which can limit her flexibility in combat.

Mid Damage Output: While capable, her damage output isn't as high as some other 5-star characters.


Baby Blue offers a unique blend of support and debuff capabilities, making her a valuable addition to any team focused on Mental Damage.

While she does require strategic planning and investment, her abilities can significantly impact any battle you bring her into.