Full Centurion Guide in Reverse 1999: Best Build and Teams

Full Centurion Guide in Reverse 1999: Best Build and Teams
Last updated:
February 13, 2024
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Here it is—a complete guide on Centurion, the game-changing character in Reverse: 1999.

Centurion is the powerhouse DPS you've probably rerolled for, and for good reason.

From her damage output to self-sustain, she's arguably the best in her class.

Let's dive in into her best build, psychubes and teammates!

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Centurion in Reverse: 1999

Centurion Character Details Reverse 1999

Centurion's Kit: A Closer Look

Ultimate: Damage & Debuff

What it does: Her ultimate, Reality Show Premier, hits all enemies with 300% Reality Damage and applies one stack of "Weakness".

Why it matters: This sets the stage for consistent damage while making enemies more susceptible to further attacks.

Card Skills: All About Moxie

Scaling with Moxie: Her Victorious General attack effectiveness scales with the amount of Moxie she has.

Self-Moxie Buff: Her other skill, Outdoor Superstar, can even increase her own Moxie, further boosting her damage output.

Centurion Outdoor Superstar Skill Details Reverse 1999

Inheritance Insights: The Game Changer

Insight 1: For each Moxie, you get a damage bonus of 6%.

Insight 3: Losing Moxie results in getting back 20% of her Max HP.

These insights make Centurion versatile.

You can either focus on spamming your ultimate to keep her HP topped up, or keep her Moxie high for more consistent damage.

Team Building: Who Pairs Well with Centurion?

Six-Star Choices

An-an Lee
Best Centurion Support An An Lee Reverse 1999

Role: Support/Damage Enhancer

What They Do: Buffs the whole team, deals a good amount of damage, and inflicts Daze to enemies (they cannot act for 1 turn).

Why They're Great: She complements Centurion because you'll be boosting her damage and making her ultimate even more lethal.


Role: Support

What They Do: Buffs the whole team with his ultimate and can deal a decent damage output.

Why They're Great: Buffs Centurion damage and is AP generous, letting her use more skills.

Medicine Pocket

Role: Healer

What They Do: Best healer in the game, provides healing based on attack stats.

Why They're Great: Keeps Centurion alive longer, allowing her to dish out more damage over time.

Five-Star Options


Role: Debuffer/Support

What They Do: Applies reality debuff and seals enemy ultimates.

Why They're Great: The reality debuff amplifies Centurion's reality-based damage, and the seal prevents enemies from countering with their ultimates.


Role: Damage Booster + Damage Mitigator

What They Do: Grants up to a 25% damage boost for all allies when her skill card buff is at max level.

Why They're Great: A straight-up damage booster for Centurion, making her even more of a DPS monster.


Role: Damage Booster

What They Do: Grants up to a 50% damage boost for all allies when fully upgraded (Portray 5).

Why They're Great: Another straight-up damage booster for Centurion, making her even more of a DPS machine.

Balloon Party/Dikke

Role: Healer

What They Do: Provide top tier healing and other utility.

Why They're Great: Keeps Centurion alive longer, allowing her to dish out more damage during the fight.

Budget Choices


Role: Support/Debuffer

What They Do: Silences enemies and offers a 25% damage buff.

Why They're Great: The silence can be crucial for stopping enemy supports or healers, and the damage buff is always a plus.

La Source

Role: Healer

What They Do: Provides healing based on attack stats.

Why They're Great: Keeps Centurion alive longer, allowing her to dish out more damage over time.

Pairing Strategy

  • Balanced Team (for a Whale): An An Lee + Medicine Pocket + Centurion
  • High-Damage Team: Bkornblume + Necrologist + Centurion
  • Budget Team: Sonetto + La Source/Dikke + Centurion
  • Self-Destruction Team: Centurion, Door, Necrologist. A niche team focused on sacrificing and reviving Door to get Centurion's ultimate faster.

Pro Tip: Team Rotation

Don't just stick to one team setup.

Depending on the enemies you're facing, be prepared to rotate team members to exploit weaknesses and maximize strengths.

Best Psychubes: Maximize Centurion’s Potential

Best Centurion Psychube Hopscotch Reverse 1999


Type: Ultimate Power Boost

Why It's Great: Enhances your ultimate ability's might the more you defeat enemies. It's a top pick for a reason—especially if you're focusing on ultimate-spamming gameplay.

Brave New World

Type: Incantation Boost

Why It's Great: Increases damage for your skill attacks after you use the ultimate. A solid choice for skill-focused playstyle.

His Bounden Duty

Type: Healing

Why It's Great: Heals 60% of your attack every time you defeat an enemy. This is particularly beneficial because Centurion's attack stats are often high, meaning more healing for you. It's almost like having a secondary healer on the team.

Thunderous Applause

When to Use: If you can make Centurion crit.

Why It's Great: Future potential, but use cautiously.

Blasphemer of Night

When to Use: If your team has multiple debuffers.

Why It's Great: Increases both incantation might and damage dealt by 12%. However, this requires consistent debuffing, so consider your team composition carefully.

Why Five-Star Psychubes are Still Relevant

Don't listen to the naysayers—five-star psychubes have their place.

They're especially useful for supporting your secondary team in Limbo.

The currencies for five and six-star psychubes are different, so you're not sacrificing one for the other. Examples of good five-star psychubes include "Afternoon Nap" and "Her Bright Future."

Conclusion: Should you Pull for Centurion?

If you've rerolled for Centurion or plan to pull on her new banner Focus of the Lights, you're making a good move.

She's a well-rounded DPS with little to no downsides. Pair her with the right team and equip her with the right psychube, and you’re looking at a character who can carry you through most of the game's challenges.

Don't sleep on this one; Centurion is worth every bit of your attention in Reverse: 1999.